Cullen's Hound

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AN: After reading the suggestions you all left on Seeds, I will be writing all of those stories eventually. Cullen's Hound and Sun and Moon will be the first two stories worked on. There will also be a third story that I hadn't added to Seeds.

You will note that Edward doesn't exist in this story. Instead, his place is taken by Dina Cullen. Unlike Eddie, Dina is a true telepath. Hope you enjoy the story.

Ch. 1: Defective


It was our first day at yet another high school and we were once more the center of attention. Per our usual, we quickly closed ranks so the hormonal teens knew how it was. Dina and Jasper locked hands while Emmett picked up pixie-like Alice and kissed her passionately. When he put her down, she cuddled into his side as we made our way to the Office. I was a few paces off to the side, ever vigilant for any threat to my family.

As the only member of my family without a mate, I had become overly protective of them.

Being the only single vampire in a house with three loving couples was a bit much at times. That's why I enjoyed school so much; there were other things to distract me. The gasps of shock from our fellow students, as well as their expressions, were almost funny. We all paused for effect and that was when I noticed her.

A slender girl stood upon a hill to the left of the campus and practiced Tai Chi. She wore traditional Kung Fu attire, black silk pants and matching shirt with white cuffs and ivory buttons down the front. Her long brown hair had been pulled back into a messy ponytail. My vampire enhanced vision had taken in her flawless porcelain skin and stunning chocolate eyes. Her expression was peaceful as she moved through the different positions with fluid grace.

The breeze picked up from behind us and the beauty on the hill paused. She sniffed as if scenting the air and smiled then returned to her exercise. Every part of me was drawn to the mysterious girl. Without warning, lust and protectiveness welled up inside of me. Jasper's gift allowed him to sense these new emotions, so he followed my gaze.

By now, the others had picked up on our distraction and there was suddenly a conference in my head courtesy of Dina.

What's going on, Sissy? – Dina

Nothing. – Me

Rose has the hots for the brunette up on the hill. – Jasper

Does this mean we'll get to see some hot girl on girl action? – Emmett

Screw you Em. – Me

That's my job. – Alice.

We know, Ali. Why don't you go up and introduce yourself, Rose? - Dina

Just leave me alone. – Me.

I spun on my heel then stormed off in the direction of the car. No matter how much my temper shouted at me to leave them, I couldn't go far. My concern for their safety kept me close. Leaning against the Volvo, my gaze swept over the assembled humans in search of any potential threat before being drawn back to the girl on the hill. It wasn't long before Dina joined me.

"Sorry I ran off," I apologized.

"Emmett was an ass; I shouldn't have brought him into the conversation. Jazz told me a bit about what you had felt. Want to talk about it," she responded and draped an arm around my shoulders.

"I don't know what happened. One minute everything was business as usual then I saw her and everything flipped upside down on me. At first I was simply admiring her technique. When I really looked at her, everything happened at once. First came a surge of lust and protectiveness, but there was something else there as well that I can't put my finger on.

"The next thing I knew, you were all in my head and I wanted to kill Em for that stupid comment. In my mind, he was disrespecting her; I just couldn't let it slide. At the same time I didn't want to lash out at my family. What's wrong with me," I explained, my voice rising a bit on the question at the end.

A twenty-something male exited the side of the school and walked over to the brunette on the hill. He stopped in front of her and a growl escaped me as I watched one of her hands reach up to cup his neck. Jealousy made my vision turn red; I was going to kill the bastard. The only thing that stopped me from doing it was Dina's hands on my shoulders and the timely arrival of my other siblings.

Jasper sent an extra powerful wave of calm at me that caused my knees to buckle. He toned it down a notch and I was able to stay on my feet. Dina and Alice both giggled and shared a knowing look while the boys just shook their heads.

"I'm sure you'll figure it out, Sissy," my older sister commented as my sibling turned around and walked back toward the Office.

I followed behind them. During the time Jasper calmed I had lost track of the girl. Being a vampire had quite a few perks, one of which was an enhanced ability to multi-task. While I had been focused on my "twin" brother, my ears and picked up the teacher telling the girl that her father would be late picking them up. Apparently the news hadn't upset her because she made no comment about it.

At the Office, an older red headed woman looked up when we entered. She was stunned by our good looks for a few minutes then snapped out of it and approached the counter.

"I'm Mrs. Cope, can I help you," the secretary asked.

"Yes, we're the new students; Emmett and Dina Cullen, then Jasper and Rosalie Hale, and Alice Brandon," Dina replied.

Mrs. Cope turned back to her desk then returned came back with our schedules and slips that the teachers needed to sign. Dina, Jasper and I were posing as Seniors. The three of us had the same schedule. Emmett and Alice posed as Juniors; the story was the Em had been held back a grade. They shared a schedule as well. The only period we all shared was lunch.

We left the Office and split off into our separate groups. Em and Ali headed off to English while the rest of us went U.S. History. All the way down the hall, I tried to locate the exotic brunette but she was nowhere to be found. I sighed then returned to my sentry duty.

Mr. Franks, our teacher, made us introduce ourselves. Dina, being the oldest, had taken the lead and introduced us. We were directed to seats at the back of the class. Once safely ensconced, Mr. Franks began class. Every now and then I noticed my siblings tense up and I sent a death glare around the class.

Class passed by with agonizing slowness. There was nothing the teacher offered that we hadn't learned at least fifty times before. Our parents, Carlisle and Esme, and Dina and Emmett had all been changed in their twenties; therefore they could actually function in the outside world. Alice, Jasper and I were turned when we were eighteen, which meant we hardly ever got to leave academia.

A blonde, baby faced boy came up to me with an over eager expression. His breath hitched as spoke, "Hi, I'm Mike Newton. I was wondering if you needed help finding any of your classes."

"My family and I can find our own way, but you could tell me who the girl doing Tai Chi was," I responded almost too quickly.

"That defective is nobody. You'd do well to steer clear of her," he snapped and fled with a dejected expression.

My first response was to beat the crap out of Newton for saying such a hateful thing about the girl. Jasper sent me another wave of calm and I was able to refrain from chasing the little shit down. Alice bounced up and down in the hallway as she and Emmett waited for us.

"Her name is Bella Swan and she's the Police Chief's daughter. That was all anyone would say when I asked. The girl seems to be very unpopular," my pixie sister commented when we joined them.

Bella, Italian for beautiful; the name fit her perfectly. My heart ached at the thought of her surrounded by such hateful students. I needed to protect her.