This is the third fic in the Impmon Saga/series, it will be the longest and the first two were leading up to finding hope. I won't explain the title, it will be explained much later in the series.

Finding Hope

By Firehedgehog

Chapter One

Impmon narrowed his eyes as he watched the newest Tamers and there Digimon, he would never admit it but he was jealous of them. He also hated them for having the bond he once had with Raimu, it hurt him.

Since he had met them he had made it his duty to remind them that everyone had there boundaries and in there fight against the other Digimon they could die by going over there's, of course all they knew was that he was taunting them... they hadn't seen his message yet.

Of course he also called the other Digimon Digi-slaves, they worked hard for there partners and he wanted them to be treated equals. It had taken awhile for the female tamer to treat her partner as... well a equal partner.

'Its strange, its been eight years since Raimu died and I've finally found them.. the humans and Digimon from my dreams' Impmon thought closing his eyes, he sighed and leaned back against a large tree.

"Impmon, why won't you come down and play?" a child like voice asked from down below, looking down Impmon saw a certain red Digimon with large golden eyes.

"Why would I want to play with a bread brain digi-slave like you," he sneered at the other rookie Digimon, Guilmon tilted his head confused at the answer.

"Okay, see you later," Guilmon said cheerfully, then he happily ran to where Calumon was giggling.

"I have got to teach him not to take everything for granted," Impmon thought with a very large sweatdrop, he sighed and shook his head sadly. He actually liked the other virus type Digimon, they had a lot in common... at least in how they had been created.

He had been created by a child's dream, Guilmon had been created by Takato's imagination... but Guilmon also been created using data in the digital world.

"So innocent, but they will learn there is more danger for them then a few petty battles with bio-emerging Digimon," he said with a sigh, he looked at the deep blue sky above and wondered what his own fate was to be.

'Its almost time... tonight the curse it gave me will activate, I'll have to make sure they aren't near when it happens' Impmon thought sadly, he knew that if the tamers and there partners knew of his curse he would be more of an outcast then he was.

"You have a shadow curse, don't you?" a controlled voice asked, startled impmon jumped up to see a certain fox Digimon on the tree branches above.

"How do you know?" he growled, Renemon looked at him her slim tail swishing behind her.

"I can smell it on you... I wondered why you won't let anyone close to you, what curse did the shadow Digimon give you?" she asked with narrowed eyes, Impmon sighed and hugged himself tightly.

"I'd rather not talk about it okay, I've lived with it for seven years... and it activates tonight," he said angrily, her face showed amazement.

"You've been in the human world for seven years, I've only been here six months and the longest I've heard a Digimon been here is a year," she said with awe, he groaned and rolled his eyes.

"You mean the losers stayed that long, I've actually been here nine years," Impmon said, Renamon face faulted.

"How is that possible, and why are you still a rookie after all this time?" she asked, Impmon for once decided to tell someone.

"Its part of my shadow curse, no matter what I'll never Digivolve... even if I load enough data I won't. What's worse is that I found the cure for the curse years, I have to Digivolve," he said with a sneer, the sneer was for himself knowing that no matter what he was stuck with the curse for eternity.

"So that's why your always trying to find away to Digivolve, I'm sorry I intruded," Renamon said bowing her head slightly, she then disappeared as she always did.

'Was that respect, that was the first time anyone gave me respect since Raimu' Impmon thought in shock, he blinked not knowing how to react.

'Can I trust her enough to tell her what my curse is?' he thought to himself, with a tired sigh he rubbed his tired green eyes with his red gloved paws.

Rika sat on the porch of her large family home, the garden was beautiful.. not that she would admit it to anyone. As usual she wore her broken heart T-shirt, tight jeans, D-Arc, sneakers and the thing she kept her cards in.

"There hasn't been a new digimon to fight in a week," she muttered bored, Renamon was about she knew but where she didn't know where exactly.

"Renamon?" she asked, there was a distortion in the air in front of her and a second later Renamon stood there her fox face showing no emotion.

"Yes Rika, is there something I can do for you," she asked going to her knees, Rika looked at her partner glad that she knew Renamon was more then Data and was flesh and blood like herself.

"Have you seen anything that would give me a clue on the next Digimon that will appear, anything... anything interesting at all?" she asked, she would give a yell of joy if she found anything interesting.

"No there is no clues on what the next Digimon will be or when Rika, I have failed," the data type Digimon said lowering her head, Rika sighed.

"No its okay Renamon, it just gives me and the other tamers time to do our homework and plan for the next Digimon," she said, Rika looked at her Digimon again and noticed that her partner seemed trouble.

"What is it Rika?" Renamon asked noticing her tamers look, Reka decided to ask what was wrong.

"Renamon, what's troubling you?" she asked, Renamon gave her a surprised look... Rika knew she had never asked this to her Digimon before.

Renamon gave a start, Rika had noticed her mood. She had been thinking of Impmon and his shadow Digimons curse, she had met a digimon with a curse before and it had been terrible.

She was also shocked at how long Impmon had been in the human world, she wondered what had made the other rookie Digimon like he was... he seemed to hate humans.

'I wonder who his tamer was... I know he had one, it's a gut instinct as Rika calls it' Renamon thought, she wondered what she could tell her tamer.

"I am sorry Rika, but it isn't something you can deal with," she said, she then did a 'fade out' as Terriormon had nicknamed it.

"Renamon?" she heard Rika's surprised voice, even though she had kept Impmons curse a secret she felt bad for not telling Rika.


Well this is a little longer then the other stories of the series, I hope you enjoy it. Next chapter Impmon's curse finally activates and the Tamers find out, I also have planned a side-story of the day he got the curse. As for the dream... well he was created by dreams so why can't he at least have one dream of the future. No flames please.