I am so, so sorry, honestly! I don't think anything I say can apologize enough. Firstly, let me explain. Real life got hectic, and then I changed fandoms. I'm part of the Final Fantasy 7 one now, and I am quite amazed at it, so that's where I've been. Secondly, I've tried for months to write this, and I've finally pushed it out. I've lost interest, but I WILL finish it, even if it kills me. I will NOT leave you hanging, I could never do that. Not anymore. But updates WILL be longer to arrive, as I'm working on 4 other stories, and I have my Deviantart account I'm working on.
That said, please enjoy this, and I promise to never leave it that long again without some kind of warning. Honestly. And this will seem really disjointed and weird, because my writing style has completely changed. I tried to revert back to the original style of this, but I don't think I succeeded. So... Sorry x a bajillion!


"Ahh, hello my dear. Asleep once again, are we?" Cyclonis greeted me casually, inspecting her nails half heartedly.

"What is it now?" I sighed, folding my arms tightly against my chest, trying to reduce the amount of coldness affecting me.

"Oh, nothing... Just seeing how you're doing," she said seriously, before bursting out into unsuppressed cackles of witch-like laughter.

"What, no nightmares, horror, gore...?" I asked in surprise, wondering why she hadn't already plunged me into my own special word of darkness, created by her own twisted imagination.

"Oh no, not yet Pipey. I have something special for you this time," she grinned slowly, her eyes lighting up with violent delight. "To be honest, I was growing bored with the usual form of torture, so I've decided to go for something a little more... interesting," her voice hardened at the end, malice seeping through her words like poison.

"You know what, Cyclonis? I don't care. Nothing you do can make me care anymore. Every night, you come up with some new sick, demented way of hurting me, and I just don't care anymore. You can keep your filthy imagination to yourself," I spat at her, sitting on the ground to partly add a little drama, but mainly so I could endure her new form of amusement a little better than I had been enduring the last few forms of horror from her.

"Now now, Piper. You might actually enjoy this!" she exclaimed, faking hurt at my cruel words.

"I doubt it," I muttered under my breath, but she still heard. She smiled with sick joy, pulling another picture out from under her cape. This time I couldn't see the picture, so I automatically grew nervous, but I tried my hardest to keep her from seeing it.

As soon as she touched the page with her finger, a sense of unease spread through my stomach like wildfire, burning all the butterflies that were in there, replacing them with a sick feeling.

"H...Hello?" a small voice called out tentatively, their footsteps echoing in a hesitant fashion.

I could feel the sinking sensation in my stomach increase, and I fought a shiver of fright. I would not, could not let Cyclonis see me like this. Not anymore.

Her grin – if it's possible – widened even more, her eyes alight with morbid anticipation. I kept my head facing away from her and the small voice though, I really didn't want to see what she conjured up this time.

"Is this... where am I?" The voice, slightly stronger now asked, and I could hear her walking closer. My head shifted slightly towards the left and I caught a glimpse of blue boots.

"Piper? Aren't you going to greet your new guest?"

I lifted my gaze to hers, and I could practically see my hate burning into her.

"No. I don't care anymore, Cyclonis. I just don't care."

She shook her head at me, tutting. "Now now, Piper, don't say things you don't mean," she grinned again, setting her eyes alight with vindictive joy. "I'm sure you're going to love this just as much as I am."

"Uhm... Pardon me, but where am I?" The voice was hesitant yet polite, tugging at the corner of my memories. Just where had I...

"Piper, I'd like you to meet Equa. I'm sure you two will recognise each other," her voice was sugar sweet honey, but it held a note of savage enjoyment.

I heard a polite gasp, and a small hand clamped down on my shoulder, but it was feather light. Her hand was delicate, one could say.

"Is it really..." the voice trailed off weakly, and I felt sick, right to my core. I know where that voice was from. I know who that voice was from... and it scared me, because I thought...

"...Mom?" It escaped as a whisper, but it held every emotion I had ever felt towards that woman. Love, hate, resentment, hurt, hope.

"Please... let me see you," she asked quietly, and I instantly turned around. I could never... when had I last seen her? Not for years – eight years, to be exact. Eight whole years, and not a single word from her. I didn't know what to say... how to act...

I suppose I should be pleased to say that she looked exactly like I remembered, but that would be a lie.

Her hair was in the same style as before – long, lusciously flowy, the exact shade of the night sky. Her blue dress hugged her body, flaring out as a pair of tights covered her long legs. Delicate hands were wrapped in black gloves, with a pearl bracelet hanging off her left wrist.

She was beautiful. But, the implications of this was not lost on me. I knew what this meant.

She was dead. She had to be.

"I don't... I'm so proud," she whispered, pulling me into a gentle hug. It took me a few moments to respond, my arms suddenly feeling heavy as lead.

"It took me a while, but I think it was worth it. You know, considering what I can do now," Cyclonis spoke up, walking towards us. I instantly took a step back, and was surprised when I saw my mother glaring at Cyclonis with what could only be described as pure, utter hate.

"You," she whispered harshly, pointing a dainty finger at her, "are going to regret everything. You think you can get away with what you've done? You can't. You aren't God. You think that no one will know that you –"

"Piper? Come on, time to wake up. We had some news," A voice broke through the haze of my mind, clearing up what fog there was. I hastily opened my eyes, eager to get away from the darkness that had just swallowed me – body and soul.

"News?" My voice sounded hoarse, not just from sleep, but I didn't want to dwell on that.

Aerrow nodded at my response, before gesturing to Stork who was standing next to him.

"Where's Finn?" I was genuinely confused, surely Finn managed to stay out of trouble.

"Well... that's the problem. To cut a long story short, he's at the safest place in the world for him. We just don't know where that is," Aerrow surmised sadly, rubbing the back of his neck.

I looked at Stork for confirmation, and he nodded with a rather pessimistic sigh. Of course Finn couldn't stay out of trouble. He never could.

"But, we have some help," he smiled a little, before pointing at the other end of the room. My gaze followed the path of his finger, before they landed on the figure of a somewhat whimsical looking figure.

"I have some rather valuable information that you might like to know, Piper," she stood up slowly, straightening up before gracefully walking towards me.

I looked at her with a weary smile. If Stork and Aerrow trusted her, then surely I could too. Just as I was about to ask her about Finn, the room started spinning sickeningly before I fell into complete darkness.

"Did you really think you could get away so easily, dear Piper?"