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"-And this is the face of Boe, he will be your patient to care for at all times," Proclaimed the matron as she lead their newest nurse, Novice Haim, through ward 26. The white of the walls of the hospital seemed to glow and the city of New New York was resplendent over the water. This, thought Novice Haim, was what she had been waiting for, ever since she was a kitten. The Face was sleeping, but still looked as wise and benevolent as she had always hoped.

"Your duties will include maintaining his smoke and taking daily scans to ensure his good health. To be honest," She continued leading her aside, out of earshot although he probably couldn't hear anyway, "We don't know what we can do for him."

"But we can cure anything!" argued Novice Haim, stunned, "Our research labs are the best in the galaxy!"

"The Face of Boe is older than anyone knows, and he delights in not telling himself" The matron replied with a somewhat tired smile on her face, "Some of his past carers have claimed to hear him singing, in their heads. He's telepathic, you see, but that is probably nonsense, the songs they hear don't even exist. More of them were admitted to the psychiatric ward than to new new Fiji. But let us know if you believe he is singing, we may be able to work out this enigma once and for all."

Months past, then years, and novice Haim never heard the Face of Boe's songs. When she visited the past nurses of the great face, they all claimed that the songs they heard were ancient, from the lost times, from Earth, so far away, and long burnt to ashes.

There was only one time she heard his song. It was the day the Doctor arrived and closed down the hospital. She didn't know that at the time, of course, it was just another day until she heard the voice in her head.

It was beautiful.

The voice of a saint, it must have been. It was a female, that much was for sure. But such a pure voice. Novice Haim could not understand the words, the lost language of Earth. But years later, when all had gone to the motorway forever, the song stayed with her.

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