Hey everyone! Before you read I would like you to know that I dislike Merlin. This story is written for CONLEY, who wrote an awesome story in the Ranger's Apprentice section. It's a complete Crack!Fic, but it's awesome. I encourage you to read it.

Anyway, read this fic first....ENJOY!!

Merlin snuck quietly into his master's chambers. He smirked at the sight of Arthur spread out on the bed, the thick sheets hanging off his hips and revealing tight, black sleep-pants. Merlin's smirk widened as he thought about what he was planning. However, he still jumped as Arthur rolled over and murmured incoherently in his sleep.

Shaking his head in hopes to clear his paranoia, Merlin muttered an incantation that would ensure the other male remained sleeping while he carried out his plan.

He carefully pulled the sheets to the end of the bed before stripping Arthur of his sleep-pants. He pointedly looked away from the other man's nether regions as he tied ropes around Arthur's wrists and ankles, successfully binding Arthur to the bed. Merlin's smirk returned and he clambered on the bed, standing over Arthur triumphantly. He pumped his fist in the air.

"Yes!" He shouted. "You are at my mercy!"

Grinning sheepishly as he realized that Arthur was still asleep, he released the spell. The other male blinked tiredly and tried to rub his eyes. He was stopped by the ropes around his arms. Alarm showed in Arthur's eyes as he realised his predicament. Anger quickly replaced the shock as he focused on Merlin.

"What are you doing?!" He shouted at his smug manservant. The brunette continued to stand with his feet either side of Arthur, his fist raised in the air. An infuriating smirk adorned his face as he looked down at Arthur, who was helpless to do anything other than glare back.

Merlin jumped off the bed, landing lightly before turning back to the bound blonde. He stood still, his arms crossed loosely across his chest. A thoughtful expression replaced the smug one and Merlin rested his chin in his hand as he surveyed Arthur.

"I quite like you like that," Merlin mused.

"Untie me!" Arthur ordered. "Now!" Merlin laughed in reply.

"I don't think so," He answered cheekily, leaning over Arthur's face. His face lost all of its humour as he regarded the helpless male with slight contempt. "Remember last week?" He asked rhetorically, venom lacing his words. "You knocked me unconscious, stripped me bare and tied me to a column in the courtyard. I was starkers for the world to see and even though I pleaded for you to let me go, you refused." Merlin's usual smile reappeared. "I have chores to do so I had better get going. I'm sure someone will find you soon enough."

And with that, Merlin straightened and left the room, an excited bounce in his step.

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