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Merlin was annoyed. The insufferable arse of a prince had been twice as insufferable since Merlin had lost the abacus war. The prince now made certain to slow Merlin down at every single opportunity. It took him three times as long to do any chore since Arthur had decided that it was his most important duty to interfere in every way humanly possible.

In return, Merlin was no fighting back, using his magic in small, unnoticeable ways every time that he saw the trademark smirk cross the heir's face. So far Arthur had been hit in the face with at least eight times – all of these objects miraculously missing his oh-so-perfect nose – and hit in the groin at least twenty times. If Merlin was annoyed, Arthur was downright outraged. He wanted to be a father one day and at this rate he would be forcibly unable to reproduce. He knew Merlin had something to do with it all. He couldn't work out how, but with the stupid smirk on his face every time that Arthur received some kind of injury he could not be innocent. And so, Arthur conducted an evil plan.

The plan would involve injury, but Arthur decided it was worth it to catch out the little imp. He carefully practiced his 'idea-smirk' and used it around Merlin whenever he could. He experimented and found, after a week, that whenever he smirked something painful would happen. He also tried the plan when Merlin wasn't around, receiving no injury whatsoever. Arthur had now determined that Merlin was the centre of his pain. And that left him with the need to do something about it.

Merlin was happy. He had successfully thwarted all of Arthur's would-be pranks for the past week and was feeling quite good about out-smarting the future king. It was his obliviousness that led to his hanging.

As he took a step into Arthur's chambers, his whistling was cut-off mid-note and the laundry basket he was holding went flying. This was how Merlin ended up in Arthur's room hanging from the ceiling and his happy-mood ruined.

He spluttered and tried to push his shirt back up over his stomach without much success. He heard the door close near his head and reached out blindly.

"Arthur?" he asked in a slightly shaky voice. His response was a chuckle and hands lifting his shirt and tucking it haphazardly into his pants. He shook his head, trying to focus on the prince. "Arthur, why are you doing this?"

He could see the blurred outline of the prince. The blood was rushing to his head and pounding, making it hard for him to concentrate. He could see the tell-tale stance – arms folded, body leaning back slightly and surveying his 'prize' with a posture that showed the young prince was smirking. The prince moved closer and Merlin felt himself start to swing as a boot pushed firmly yet gently into the centre of his chest.

"How do you do it?" Arthur asked his captive.

"How do I do what?" Merlin asked incredulously.

"Do what you do!" Arthur yelled, hoping to scare his helpless manservant into a quick submission. Merlin still looked confused, though it was hard for Arthur to tell since the other male's face was so red. "How do you make things hit me?" He questioned, his voice a little softer.

"What are you talking about, Arthur?" his manservant cried. "I don't do anything to hurt you!"

Arthur glared at Merlin.

"Yes, you do. All those things I run into or that hit me; it only happens when I'm around you. Now explain that."

"Complete coincidence. Now let me down! This is ridiculous."

"No, it's not. You're not coming down until you tell me the truth."

This time, Merlin could tell that Arthur meant it. And so, with a deep breath he murmured the truth.

"What was that, Merlin? I missed it. You'll have to speak up a little louder."

"I'm a wizard."

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