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Previously-Brennan-"I need to show you something, but you have to promise me, that you won't leave the apartment"…

Booth weighed up the pros and con's then nodded

"Say it Booth"

"I promise, I won't leave Bones"

She nodded then turned, her back now facing him. Crossing her arms over her waist, she pulled her shirt up revealing bruises all over her skin, she heard him gasp

"Bones… Wha… Jesus… Did Sul…Oh God"

She watched as he slowly took a step toward her, his eyes dropping to the skin she revealed to him. She noticed the way his jaw pulsated, the way he gritted his teeth to keep the rage inside. She flinched slightly, when his fingertips ran the length of her back, just under her shoulder blade down to her hip. He walked in a slow circle around her, his fingers trailing across her ribs, round to her abdomen. He looked up into her eyes and she held his gaze, seeing the pain behind his eyes, he lowered his sight back to her stomach. She felt his fingers take hold of the hem of her shirt lifting the material to just under her breasts. Tempe watched his eyes grow wide, as he noted the large hand print across the top of her ribcage. He looked back into her eyes, tears showing in his eyes

"Take… it off"

Temperance heard the pleading command in his voice and she obeyed, lifting the shirt over her head with his help, he continued examining her torso touching her tenderly


She didn't need any clarification to his question

"Five days ago"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Tempe could hear the hurt in his voice

"I ...I was ashamed, I should be able to defend myself, he's your friend, you shouldn't have to choose"

Booth looked up at her, taking her face in his hands.

"I choose you Bones, a thousand times over… I choose you"

His fingers went back to tracing her midsection, and he didn't miss the tears in her eyes as he spoke again a gentle command


She stood side on to him, despite being sore she couldn't remember the last time she had been touched so gently, he took the shirt from her hand dropping it to the floor. Booth took her wrist and raised her arm slowly, although she was still wearing a bra she had never felt more naked in her life. His eyes continued to roamed her torso checking her, cataloguing how much damage was done to her, satisfying his alpha male side

"How many times Bones?"


She watched him inhale, trying to calm himself


His eyes wandered back to her gaze

"Seeley, I don't want you to go after him"

"Temperance you can't ask that, I..."

He noted the use of his first name, letting him know she was serious

"Yes I can Seeley, I have please, just leave him"

Booths breath hitched

"Temperance how can I? Look what he did to you, how can I let that go?"

Bones lay her hand on his forearm

"You can, because I asked you too"

Temperance watched her partner, his jaw still firmly set in anger

"I wish you had of told me earlier Bones… What happened? Why did he.."

Booth straightened up taking in her appearance, her shoulders were slumped eyes down and she twisted her fingers in a nervous action

"Booth I…I…"

Booth raised his eyebrows and looked at her incredulously

"… I understand why he got mad"

"Bones don't defend him. I don't care what happened he has no right, to mark you like he has"

Booth stood watching her; she was clearly struggling with her own thoughts, and he hated to think he was upsetting her further.

"Bone's I… I'm sorry… why did... I mean what... hap..."

She lowered her gaze to the floor, and picked up her shirt replacing it on her body. Turning to walk away from him

"Hey Temp…"

"I'm sorry Booth, I can't..."

"Yes you can… please"

She looked away again, not wanting to give him eye contact, years of working with him, had taught her if she wanted to hide something from him, her mistake, but as was the case usually she was drawn to his eyes, and couldn't help the quick glance.

"Hey… come sit"

Booth took her gently by the elbow, leading her to the couch. Brennan sat first, and then Booth sat down beside her facing her slightly. He was happy when she moved closer again, closing the gap between them allowing their knees to touch softly.

"I umm... have been gaining a lot of perspective of late, at least in the relationship department, over the last few months, I've come to realise… that maybe my views on love and such are a little… off…"

Booth frowned, not entirely sure where this conversation was going

"Bones, do you love him?"

He held his breath hoping for a negative answer, and watched as her eyes grew wide

"What No! Just the opposite… I don't want to be with him, but he won't take no for an answer and…"

Booth exhaled suddenly, a little more relieved

"Bo… Temperance I know you will get to it eventually… but did he hit you because you wanted to split?"

She looked him in the eye

"Not exactly no..."

Brennan could see her partner's fists clenching then releasing then clenching again, she dropped her eyes to her lap once again taking to wringing her fingers. Booth noticed the action and reached out taking her hands and effectively stopping her nervous ministrations

"Don't do that Bones you'll make your hands sore"

She frowned


"Sully said I did something really bad, I didn't mean too… it just sort of happened… and he got so mad, I've never seen him like that, and he pushed me to the floor after he hit me. I couldn't breathe Booth, but he kept hitting and kicking me and I couldn't fight back because my ribs are broken and I couldn't move, I yelled at him to stop but he was just so mad…"

Booth's heart broke seeing her crying
"Bones, Bones… nothing you could have done warrants him laying into you NOTHING!"

He cupped her cheek in his hand as he kneeled on the floor, positioning himself between her knees and looking her straight in the eye

"Nothing gives him the right to hurt you, I don't care how mad he is or what you've done…"

She wore a worried expression

"Booth I'm not sure you'll see it that way, when you know what I did..."

Booth waited on his knees in front of her

"Temp I'm sure, you didn't do it on purpose"

"No, that's what made it worse I umm... I…"

They both flinched when there was a loud knock at the door. Brennan sighed and got up walking over slowly, her breath hitched when she looked through the peep hole and saw Sully. Despite what he had done she didn't think he was a bad person, he had always been very sweet to her, since they decided to give thing another try. She knew Booth though, and he would not see it that way. Booth heard the faint yelp and looked to her

"Bone's are you…"

"I'm fine"

She opened the door just a little, looking at Sully

"Tempe I brought us some dinner"

"Sully now is not a good time. I told you I don't want to see you anymore"


Booth heard Sully's voice and got up, he could only see the back of Brennan as she stood in the opening of the doorway, His anger began surfacing, and he wanted to rush in there. Going against everything she had made him promise, but he stayed motionless, he stayed loyal and true to 'his' Bones… Until Sully called Bones a bitch and he heard what he assumed was Sully's fist hitting the door, sending it slamming into the wall behind it. Booth jumped clear over the couch and walked quickly to Tempe's defence, Sully saw him approach and screamed


Brennan's mouth dropped and Booth had, had enough



Booth stood looking incredulous he wondered, how he could be blamed for Sully hitting his girlfriend. Sully saw the lack of understanding in Booths eyes and smiled, he looked to Bones an evil smile on his face. Booth looked to her as well gaining her attention with his eyes, told her to move back. Which to her credit she did without protest catching him a little off guard.


"Stay out of it Seeley, she's my girlfriend and…"

Sully wasn't prepared for Booths hands to close around his throat as he backed him into the wall. His voice a growl

"Listen to me pal, you EVER come near her again, if I EVER see bruises on her like the ones she has all over her now. I WILL kill you… you get me? You understand? I will KILL you"

He slammed him hard, Sully's breath hitched as the wind was knocked out of him, but he dared to go on

"Did she tell you why I got mad at her? Did she?"

Booth was looking at him like he was trash

"It doesn't matter…"

"Oh yeah it does, we were…"

Booth looked to Bones she looked frightened, as tears ran down her cheeks

"We were having sex... and who does she call out to… YOU, fucking you Booth that's who she calls to…"

Sully's voice took on a mocking tone

"Oh Booth yes, Booth oh"

Booth stomach recoiled watching him make fun of her. Sully looked to Tempe who was crying now, every now and then small sobs escaping her lips as she tried desperately to hold it in. The only thing she cared about was how Booth would react, would he be disgusted, or think it was a joke. Would he laugh at her, hate her, or split their partnership. Sully scoffed at her state

"Didn't ya... did you tell him I caught you in the tub as well, finger fucking yourself and imagining him, did ya? your fucking pathetic Temperance, your worthless an.."

That was all it took

"Son of a fucking bitch…"

Booth saw red as his fist collided with Sully's cheek sending his head back into the wall, Booth watched satisfied when Sully slid down to the floor. He bent down, taking him by the scruff of his shirt dumping him in the hall

"Stay away from Temperance or I will hurt you Sullivan"

Booth slammed the door locking it in place. He turned to Bone's who was now on the floor, knees to her chest sobbing and mumbling something Booth couldn't understand. He rushed to kneel in front of her taking her hands in his

"I'm so… sorry Booth, so sorry"

Booth frowned

"Hey, what for?"

"I was going… to tell… you but… but... I didn't kn… know how…"

Booth smiled, he could imagine it being a tough conversation to break into

"Hey, hey, hey shhh"

Reaching out he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear causing her to smile slightly

"I really am sorry"

Booth pulled her to her feet slowly

"Temperance. Why are you crying?"

She let her gaze slowly find his eyes

"I don't… don't want… want you to... to… to hate me"

Pulling her against his chest he whispered in her ear

"And why the hell would I hate you?"

"For doing what I did"

Booth smiled, he knew exactly how to alleviate her concerns, but it meant he had to give away a large part of him self. Looking at those big blue eyes he made his decision, she was worth the risk. Booth figured 'in for a penny in for pound'

"Do you know how many times I've woken up screaming your name, ask Cam, ask Tessa how many times I called her Bone's or Temperance while we were…"

He gestured with his hands making her smile

"I'm sure my neighbours are very well acquainted with your name through my shower wall as I collapse on the floor each morning..."

Tempe giggled; Booth raised his hands to her face gently wiping away her rolling tears

"So do you hate me?"

Tempe shook her head


He smiled

"And I don't hate you, not even close; in fact you couldn't be further from the truth Bones"

Booth pulled her back against his chest hugging her again, and then slowly walked them both back to the couch. Booth sat in the corner of the lounge with Tempe cradled to his side his arm protectively round her waist. They sat watching the TV for a bit until Booth decided it was ice-cream time making Bone's smile and sit up a little. Booth went to the kitchen only to return with instead of two bowls. He sat down in his original position with the small tub of Brennan's favourite cookies and cream, with his arm back around her. He held the tub in the hand resting on her stomach, while the other controlled the spoon as it headed straight to her mouth. She smiled before taking the goo off the spoon she knew there would have been a time, when just the thought of having someone feed her would have been enough to send her into a rant about not being a child. Pointing out the fact she was quite capable of feeding her self, but right now in this moment with Booth she enjoyed the intimacy that came with Seeley Booth feeding her, then himself only to return another spoonful back to her lips once he had taken some for him self.


He looked down at the woman lying against his chest

"Yeah Bone's"

She was silent a moment, and he knew she was thinking

"Booth do you think Sully was lying, when he said he loved me"

Booth smiled sadly

"I can't answer that Bone's, maybe in his own way he did but nothing excuses what he's done Temperance nothing. Whether he loved you or not, is not the issue you don't deserve to be treated like he treated you"

Tempe frowned

"He wasn't always like that Booth"

Booth put the spoon in the tub, and placed it on the coffee table next to him before returning his attention back to his partner

"Bone's I saw him on more than one occasion grab you roughly or push you too hard into something before kissing you"

"But Boo..."

"No buts Temp there's no reason for it"

She was silent a moment again, before looking up

"Booth I've never been with a man who isn't like that"

Booth's jaw hung agape

"Wha... what you've never had a guy be gentle with you?"

Booth was stunned

"Well Michael was to begin with, but then if I talked too much he got rougher or if I showed him up in something, but I didn't think too much of it, I never really did till I started working with you"

Booth looked sadly at her, realising for the first time exactly how much damage was done to her by not having a loving environment to grow up in. She missed out on so much that most people took for granted. Like the understanding that she deserved to be treated like a queen, instead of an object for the men who came into her life to take their frustrations out on. He silently cursed her parents again for leaving her, and her brother for giving up on her. Unconsciously Booth's fingers gently ran over the bare skin on her hip where her shirt had again ridden up a little

"Why Bone's?"

"Coz I saw you with Tessa and Cam, you were kind to them and held their hand if they were upset and spoke to them gently. I never saw you grab them hard it was just different to what I know. I started watching others too, like Hodgins is really sweet to Ange and Sweets to Daisy and I guess I realised maybe I wanted that too"

Booth nodded, and more so than ever he wanted to be the one to give it to her

"Bone's what made you call out to me… when you were with Sully?"

She lowered her eyes to his hand that had linked with hers somewhere during their conversation

"I umm, I umm... well I guess..."

"Bone's just say what's in here"

He indicated to her heart. She took a deep breath

"Well… I don't really know I..."

Booth smiled thinking of a different approach

"When did you start thinking about me?"

She smiled

"As in while I was with Sully or general fantasies"

Booth chuckled


"General stuff about six months after our first case, with Sully about a month after we got back together"

"What brought it on?"

Temperance tilted her head with a smile

"You know, I hope your going to return the favour here, me telling you all this"

Booth smiled and gave a single nod of his head to confirm, making Bones nod in reply and continue her story

"Well umm… he stopped caring if it felt good for me and my mind just started to wander I didn't mean to think of you but when I did I got…"

Booth filled in for her


She smiled

"That word doesn't really do it justice… but ok"

Booth laughed pulling her a little closer to his body

"So will you tell me, what did you imagine?"

He watched her duck her head shyly and loved the idea of her being a little embarrassed around him

"Just the normal stuff..."

He tilted his head listening to her

".. I just imagined what it would be like to be held or touched the way you touched them, or what it would be like to make love the way you describe it, you know slow and gentle, or to be able to be with someone I trust completely that's when I.."

Booth turned her a little so he could look at her, seeing her eyes full of unshed tears

"… I started thinking how it would feel to have you touch me and hold me, you're the only man I've trusted and…"

Her sentence was cut off as Booth laid a gentle kiss against her lips, then on each of her eyes then her cheeks and one on her nose, before pulling back and looking at her with a small smile

"Temperance you don't have to imagine what that would be like"

She frowned

"I don't understand"

Booth smiled at the genius

"Temperance I want that with you, all of it. I wanna go to sleep next to you each night and wake next to you each morning. I wanna be able to hold your hand when we go to the diner for Saturday brunch then to the movies. I wanna be able to hug you just because I can, touch you because it makes you shiver. I wanna be able to stare into your eyes, because no matter how bad my day is, when I look at you I feel like I can do anything, I wanna make love to you because I cant think of anything more amazing than you under me, I wanna be able to tell you that I love you then scream it from the roof tops because nothing would make me happier than belonging to you, I wanna protect you from everyone and show you everything and make you believe how special you are. I want you to let me love you the way I've wanted to for so long now"

Temperance didn't bother trying to stop the tears that were rolling down her cheeks as she listened to him


He chuckled before he cupped her wet cheeks

"Yeah really baby"

She nodded as he smiled. Booth tilted her face up to place a tender and passionate kiss on her lips, before standing up tugging her to her feet

"Come on… time for sleep"

She nodded

"Will you stay?"

Booth place his arms around her waist placing his hands over her stomach as he walked behind her

"Of course"


Temperance was just starting to relax, when she caught a shadow in her peripheral vision as she sat at her work station. Looking up as the door to her office was closed

"Sully! Why are you here? leave now"

Sully walked over to her

"Listen Tempe this is crazy, we belong together and we both know it, I didn't mean to hurt you, so why do…"

Brennan walked to the door opening it again, and stood in the frame

"Leave Sully I mean it"

He walked hurriedly to her, grabbing her upper arms hard she winced

"Ouch! Let go!"

The squints that were standing on the platform looked up. Angela began walking toward her best friend in concern, followed closely by Hodgins

"Listen to me Tem..."

"Everything ok Bren?"

Temperance looked to the artist, then back to her former boyfriend

"Yes thankyou, Sully was just leaving"

She glared at him, hoping she was getting her point across but instead he pushed her into the office and closed the door locking it


Angela looked to the others, who were bashing on the door, pulling out her cell she hit speed dial 4

"Hey Ange what's up"

"Booth you have to come quick, Sully just lock…"

"I'll be there in a minute"

He hung up running out of his office and through the FBI halls. It only took two minutes with the sirens on to reach the Jeffersonion, then another minute to run up to the lab. Booth stormed in going straight to Bone's office, he could see Angela and the other squints plus a few security guards, around the door looking worried. Ange looked up seeing him

"Oh thank God Booth, he's really yelling at her, and I can hear her crying"

Booth looked as mad as hell,

"Stand back and do not rush in there"

They all nodded taking a few steps back and watching as Booth shouldered the door forcing it open, immediately he could see Sully with his knee between Brennan's thighs, as she cried her breathing was shallow, while he had her pinned to the wall, instantly his gun was out and a single shot was fired, the bullet making contact behind Sully's knee cap, there were screams all round mainly from Sully him self who crumbled to the floor. Booth holstered his weapon and caught Bones as she flew into his embrace. He walked her over to the couch sitting her down, before he walked back to Sully picking him up by his shoulders. He smiled at the sense of 'déjà vu'

"I warned you to stay away from her. I told you I would shoot, if you hurt her. I told you not to fuck around with her. She's my partner. She's my best friend, and she's my family…"

"I seem to remember we were friends once, what happened there Booth?"

Booth looked to him with no remorse in his eyes

"She comes first. Always"

"You let a chick wreck a friendship?"

"She comes first, don't ever doubt that Sully, I'll always pick her, now get out your making a mess on her floor"

Booth's voice was little more than growl but they all heard his words, and watched on stunned, as he literally threw Sully into the main area of the lab, where Ange 'accidentally' kicked his shot knee

"Oops sorry"

They all entered the office closing the door. Booth was back sitting down beside his partner

"Did he hit you?"

"No just grabbed me"

She pulled up her short sleeves showing him the bruises already colouring her arms, Booth's jaw clenched. The others sat around checking on their boss and friend until Booth said he was going to take her home, Cam nodded and they each hugged one another, Brennan thanking them all as Booth guided her out with his hand on her back.


Brennan walked around her home turning off the hall and kitchen light making the TV easier to see, before she joined Booth on the couch. Sitting she lay her head back in Booth's lap, a position that was fast becoming a habit. His fingers instantly taking up residents in her hair stroking and combing through her still wet hair from and earlier shower, they had been watching a movie for about 45 minutes when she turned onto her back looking directly up at him

"He raped me you know, the night you were away"

Booths hand stilled against her scalp, she could see his jaw pulsing as he fought to control his anger again

"I wanted to tell you but I was scared what you would do, I don't want to visit you in prison, I need to see you everyday, I have to be able to work with you, I want you to be around and if you kill him you won't"

Booth bit his bottom lip hard drawing blood, he watched her continue to stare at him

"Come here, sit up"

She sat up slowly caught off guard as he pulled her onto his lap cradling her against his body

"Your assuming I'd get caught Bones"

She looked into his eyes knowing he would kill for her, and he wouldn't feel guilt for it



"Seeley no, I need you…. I love you"

Booth sat stunned hearing her speak those three little words for the first time was a gift. He pulled her once again tightly against his body

"Oh god, I love you too"

He kissed the top of her forehead, repeating his sentiments

"I love you too Temperance. So much"

He continued showering small kisses on her face making her giggle, she snaked her arms around his neck hugging him to her

"Am I your girlfriend now, or do we need to date first?"

Her voice was soft and unsure making Booth smile

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

He felt her nod against his shoulder and he exhaled a breath he didn't know he had been holding

"Then Miss Brennan considered your self off the market"

She frowned

"I don't know what that means"

He smiled

"It means your taken we are in a relationship, yes you're my girlfriend and only mine"

She smiled knowing he was referring to being in a monogamous relationship

"I don't share well Bones, and although I know your not property I do consider you mine..."

Tempe raised her fingers to his lips to quieten him

"I've been only yours for a while now, I was just scared to admit it Booth. I don't want anyone else, just you and only you"

Booth smiled and kissed her lips softly

"Promise me you won't go after him or hurt him or have someone else do it"

Booth smiled she knew him so well

"I promise, I wont risk losing you I've waited too long to have you"

She smiled content that he would let it go

"Will you stay the night again, just to sleep?"

Booth flicked off the TV and stood scooping her up in his arms, she yelped as she buried her face in his neck. Booth stood for a moment captivated by the feeling, of having her in his arms without protest

"Do you have any idea how much I love you Bones?"

She smiled

"About the same as I love you"

Booth couldn't help the tears in his eyes hearing her say the words so unashamed and without hesitation. He slowly walked with her down the hall and into the bedroom, knowing that he finally had 'his' Bone's.

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