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My Imaginary Ex

by: LiL sPoIlEd BrAt

Chapter 1: Let's Not Bring The Past Back

Shizuka was one of those friends who never called.

It was a normal thing though, cause 5 years after graduation, people start to move on with their own lives. She only kept in touch with her classmates on AB Psychology.

Shizuka and Tenten never did share the same course, organization nor the same circle of friends, so this is very...unusual, to say the least, for the lavender haired lady to contact Tenten at a time like this.

Based on what she can remember, her name always brought stress and nervousness. That's because of a friend, Neji. Yeah, Neji. Shizuka is the ex girlfriend of Tenten's friend.

As a matter of fact, Shizuka was one of the patrons of a lie Tenten lived up for the past, I don't know, 10 years? Sometimes she can't even make out a straight story branching out of the many stories,lies, she's been telling Shizuka. So as much as possible, Tenten tries to avoid her.

Tenten, Starbucks Coffee, 6 tonight. Pls. drop by even if you have other plans for tonight. I urgently need to talk to you.

That was the text message Tenten got from her. Weird. Just plain wierd. And she can feel her stomach starting to do those backflips again.

Back on her freshman years in college, Tenten managed to tell Shizuka that Neji Hyuuga, the handsome and striking guy who asked her to some party back at college, was her high school boyfriend. In all honesty, what she said wasn't true. But she never confessed to anyone.

As the brunette made my way to the said coffee shop, she tried to recall all possible memories that she had made up to prove the story true, as it was supposed to be a lie.

And seems that she can't recall each of them anymore. Hey, it's been ten years, right? Anyone could forget what they have made up within such a span of time, right? So Tenten came to a decision to tell Shizuka the truth. After all, she and Neji had broken up for quite a good few years already.

"Tenten! I thought you're not going to show up." Shizuka smiled a brilliant one while she offered Tenten some tea.

"Chai tea latte?"

"Sure." Shizuka then placed a somewhat Yoga mat under our table after which she made her way to the counter.

Shizuka was still the petite and slim girl with those perfectly round green orbs. Her long curly violet hair, that once reached until her waist, was now trimmed until her shoulders.

After a while, she returned with a tea latte on a venti size. Tenten usually had hers on just a large size.

Uh-oh. I sense that this talk is going to take much longer than I have expected.

Again, with those backflips.

"Haven't seen you in a while. You look terrific!" she said in manner that portrayed a role of a very close friend, which she wasn't on their case.

"Really, Tenten you should've done this at college, I mean letting your hair flow freely."

You mean detangling my hair from those nasty buns?

Back in college, Tenten always had her hair on those panda buns to stop them from hindering her from her activities. But after college, she decided to let go of her hair on its usual buns and try some experimenting. It felt kinda weird to let go of something you have been accustomed for quite some time, but it did felt actually great. Her chocolate brown hair was now layered until past her shoulders.

At least Shizuka noticed.

"Thanks Shizuka. You look as if you haven't change at all."Shizuka smiled, taking Tenten's statement as a compliment, well it was intended to be one anyway.

"So, how have you been?" she started a light conversation that Tenten knew would end up after a few hours or so.

"I'm good. I'm actually working on the HR department for a Business firm."

"Night shifts?"


"I thought you worked on a pharma company after college."

"Well, I moved. I've been working on this company for at least 3 years now." Tenten suddenly remembered her tea and sipped on it. A sudden aura of awkwardness enveloped them.

"Ok let's stop hearing about me. How about you Shizuka, where are you working again?"

"I kinda quit on my job recently. I was planning to start a small business myself."

Shizuka then told stories about herself and this business she was planning to start. It was, if Tenten heard it correctly, an accessories shop. To assure her that the brunette was listening, which was hard by the way, Tenten started to ask a few questions. And maybe to let her just talk about herself. Tenten felt it was less awkward than she herself talking about her life.

Who knows maybe we'd end up on that lie she believed in for the past ten years.

And that's bad. For Tenten, at least.

Shizuka suddenly stopped, leaving her sentence in mid-air, when she checked her watch. She held a frustrated frown on her face.

"I can't believe it, I clearly remember I said 6 o'clock."

"Shizuka? What's wrong?"

"Tenten, I think we should start with the main agenda as to why I wanted to talk to you. Are you in a somewhat relationship right now?"

"Uhm, no. Why?" A sigh made its way out of her, letting her tensed shoulder relax a bit.

"Oh, that's just great."

Ok, something's up. And I'm not looking forward to it.

Tenten had this suspicion that Shizuka's trying to hook her onto some blind date. And honestly, she doesn't do those kinds of things.

"You're not trying to set me up with someone, are you?" she chuckled at the brunette's question. Tenten knew that this meeting just got weirder with every moment passing.

"No. Not really. Hey, listen, have you talked to Neji lately?"

Uh-oh, I smell trouble.

"Nope, not yet. It's been 3 months since I last heard from him."

"You did receive an invitation at his wedding, right?"

"Well yeah. Did you?" this topic is driving Tenten to the edge.

"No. We never got this 'just friends' thing after we broke up. Have you met his fiancee, Mitsuki?"

"Well we met, but I have to say we're not really that well acquainted." another sigh, but this time out of disappointment.

"So this is gonna be harder than I have I thought. Tenten, I was planning on, you know, do some intervention for our dear Neji."

Ok, I've decided that I don't like that intervention she was asking from me.

"What is this 'intervention' you're telling me?"

"I want you to let him break this engagement he managed to put himself to. Stop the wedding. Do anything, just stop him from marrying that girl."

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