The Hidden Land. A Pokémon/Spore Crossover

Chapter 1 Introduction

The following story is based on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness, the Hidden Land Adventure (Creator: MCS13) and the Wingmaer Search and Rescue Adventure (Creator: MCS13) on Spore Galactic Adventures.

These events take place while Team FlameTail are in the future.

Disclaimer: I do not own Nintendo, Maxis or EA.

Jack slowly started waking up.

It was morning; he could see the sun shining through the window of the Crew Room. He slowly stood up, stretched his arms and yawned.

Just by looking at him, you wouldn't be able to figure out that anything was different or strange about him, except for the green human hair on his head.

Yes, Jack was a Hybrid, 97% Grovyle DNA, 3% human DNA, but he has never known his parents.

In his Crew Room was a 100% DNA Chatot named Joshua.

Like Jack, Joshua was different. Not different as in different colouring, different DNA or different strange.

No, Joshua had a dark past. He used to be an outlaw, a master thief, until Jack stopped him one day, but that's another story.

Anyway, back to this story.

Joshua woke up around the same time as Jack. But, before he could move, Loudred ran into the room and shouted "WAKE UP, BOTH OF YOU! YOU'RE LATE AGAIN, ROOKIES!"

Loudred then ran out of the room, leaving Jack and Joshua with fresh headaches.

"Every morning...That's why I don't like sleeping here...And we aren't rookies! We're a Platinum Rank Exploration Team!" Jack mumbled.

"Yeah, well it's better than sleeping out in a cave..." Joshua said, remembering where the two had to camp the night before.

A few minutes later, the two had run out of their Crew Room into the Wigglytuff Guild's Assembly Area.

Every member of the guild was lined up as always at Assembly, along with a few famous Exploration Teams, including Team Charm, Team WaterFin, and even the oldest team still alive, Team A.C.T (Alakazam, Charizard, Tyrannitar).

Chatot walked up in front of the group, along with Guildmaster Wigglytuff.

"You're all probably wondering why you've been called here. Three Pokémon and a dinosaur, all guild recruits, have disappeared through a Dimensional Hole. We're hoping that they're still in the present time, but we aren't sure where they are. We are hoping that you will all help us search" Chatot said.

Guildmaster Wigglytuff stepped in front of Chatot.

"Sunflora, Bidoof and Corphish are Team 1. Dugtrio, Diglett and Croagunk are Team 2. Loudred and Chimecho are Team 3. Team 1 will explore Crystal Cave, the Desert Region and Amp Plains. Team 2 will explore Treeshroud Forest, Foggy Forest and Labyrinth Cave. Team 3 will explore Mt. Bristle, Craggy Coast and Drenched Bluff. Everyone else can search wherever they want. Everyone! Let's get to work!" Wigglytuff shouted.

"HOORAY!" everyone shouted, before all charging outside, running to their destinations.

Joshua and Jack were left behind.

"So, where should we start looking for Team FlameTail?" Jack asked.

Chatot walked over to the two.

"If you can't decide where to look, then I suggest looking in Oran Woods. No one's been there since Char and Yoshi were attacked there..." he said.

"Oh yeah. I heard about that. But, they survived the attack, right?" Joshua asked.

"Yes, don't worry. The attacker, Sylux as Charlotte told us, disappeared. So Oran Woods is safe now" Chatot said.

"Well then, we'll go check there then. If Team FlameTail is there, then we'll find them" Jack said.

"Excellent! I hope you will find them" Chatot said, walking off.

"Yeah, we hope to find them as well..." Joshua said, before perching on Jack's shoulder.

Jack then ran out of the guild, heading towards the Oran Forest.

Meanwhile, on another planet in the same Solar System...

A golden spaceship had taken off from a large battle, and was still under attack.

A group of blue dinosaur-like creatures wearing all sorts of machinery were on the ship's exterior, using Lightning Blades to try and cut into the fuel tank.

'Grrr...Darn Tyrannos! Why can't they just leave the Wingmaer alone?!' the pilot of the ship (who was also wearing lots of machinery) thought, pressing a button on the ship's control panel.

A Mega Auto Blaster appeared out of the hull of the ship.

It locked onto the Tyrannos and fired at them.

They were all blasted off of the ship, although not before one of them shot the main engine on the back of the ship with a Level 3 Missile Flinger.

'No! Now I'm going to have to land! But, not back there...Oh well, hopefully I can land on that other T-3 planet in this Solar System without being attacked by the natives...' the pilot though, before steering his damaged ship towards the Pokémon inhabited planet.