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"You don't know how much this means to me," She whispered in a grateful murmur, her lips slightly parting as she spoke. His efforts to smile were great, and it was difficult to suppress the heart wrenching pain that was threatening to take over.

But she was happy, and wasn't that what counted? It didn't matter whom she was with or where she was, only that she was happy.

Today she was the most beautiful he had ever seen her. She appeared to be radiating, glowing with such ecstasy you couldn't help but return her smile. Her brown curls were fixed into an intricate bun, a lone wisp of hair resting delicately beside her face. Her lips were parted slightly in a jubilant smile, and her hands were clutching a bouquet of roses. Her white dress complimented her small frame perfectly, starting out hugging her upper body, and then ballooning into a fairytale-like gown. Her veil was hanging over her face, and she was ready for the moment she had waited for her entire life.

As Christine caught the eye of her soon to be husband, standing proudly at the end of the aisle, she took the hand of the man who stood beside her. Once again he tried to smile.

She may never know how much this hurts me… He thought as they took their first step behind the petite flower girl who was showering the aisle with rose petals.

He may never know how much this means to me… She smiled to herself.

They slowly began their journey down the long aisle. He savored each second, dreading the moment it would be over. He reflected on the past, remembering the days when she was just a little girl, alone, frightened, and in need of his protection. How she had grown over the years… from him teaching her to her teaching him. Now an independent woman, their story was finally drawing to a close.

They slowed to a stop in front of the alter and turned to each other. He delicately lifted her veil, and her eyes met his.

At that moment, he knew he was loved. The pure adoration in her eyes told him so. With a feeling a bittersweet joy and tears settling in his eyes, he enclosed her in a hug. It was the last time Christine would be in his protection, and sadly, the hug finally seized.

"I love you…" He whispered in a quavering voice.

With one last glance at his beloved, the masked man gave his angel away…