Mistaken Identity

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Summery: Naruto Uzumaki is hated because of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, but there is a problem with that. He does not hold the Kyuubi within him, so why does everyone think that? Well would you believe a simple typo followed by rumor? Well it is true, some idiots and their rumors have ruined this boys life for no reason and he does not even know why. As Sarutobi Hiruzen passed laws that was to stop people from spreading that rumor but sadly that did not stop them...

So the boy grows knowing hatred and ignorance when comes to the village and sadly even some ninja who mistakenly believed the rumors. Though the boy has had little issues, but he does get into trouble on his birthday, but he is always saved before he gets to badly injured. But beyond that he has made a few friends once he got into the Academy.

Pairings: Naruto/OC, Asuma/Kurenai, Itachi/Ayame, Shikamaru/Temari These I know are for certain.

October 10th

Konohagakure no Sato

It was about 10:45pm and all was not peaceful in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Why you may be wondering is it not peaceful? Well simplest answer would be to state that the Kyuubi no Kitsune was attacking the village for unknown reasons. And so the whole ninja force is out battling to try to force the Kyuubi back but their attacks do little good against this massive Chakra monster. Which as far as anyone knows you cannot kill a Demon of the Kyuubi's stature.

But you can Seal it into something or in this case someone, the problem lies in that you cannot seal it within an Adult or even a Child, but rather a Infant recently born... And only one was being born at this particular moment in time. A boy, whose parents are none other then Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage or The Yellow Flash and Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, known as Konoha's Red Death. Quite the couple those two make, and their children are sure to live up to.

Inside a room of the hospital in the heart of Konoha was a beautiful red haired woman who was giving birth to her first son, and she was holding the hand of her husband to try and stem the pain, as the stress from the attack caused her to go into labor two weeks early. It was not long till there was a relieved sound coming out of Kushina has they were able to extract the young Namikaze from the womb. But a matter of moments that happiness turned into sorrow as it was found that the boy was brain dead... Only thing can think of is that it was because of the Kyuubi's waves of Chakra and Killing Intent that caused it.

Sadly this did not derail the plan that Minato was going to do, so after a minor fight with Kushina over the matter he left with his son, who they named Nerato, after Kushina's father who died when Uzugakure and Uzu no Kuni fell, but he died protecting his home, and it seems that Nerato Uzumaki Namikaze would be following in his Grandfathers footsteps.

After Minato left with their first born son, Kushina was resting best she could but the prognosis of what has happened so far is not good, for one she was bleeding still for unknown reasons and so her health was failing, and none the Doctors or the Nurses could heal her. If Tsunade of the Sannin had been here they could saved her but as it is she will not last the night.

But something odd happened not 10 minutes later, she knew her Husband and Son was dead or would be shortly, when she started having labor pains again, which confused her and those attending to her for as far as they knew she was not having twins, but as the pain grew it was proved that she was indeed about to give birth to another child, one they did not know about. It took a few minutes but by 11:00pm Minato and Kushina's second Son was born.

With only minutes left in her life Kushina named her son, giving him the name that his father wanted to give his son to start with, that being Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Sadly shortly after she named him Kushina finely fell to the trauma of the attack and blood loss from giving birth to not one but two sons..

By Midnight of October 11th Sarutobi Hiruzen was sworn back in as Hokage and was now having to figure out what to do with the young Namikaze that laid on his desk asleep not knowing that he has lost his entire family in one night. The old Hokage was leaning back sighing when his old student Jiraiya came in through the window and they shared a look. Sarutobi watched him and got a nod in return to the silent question.

The answer being that Minato was successful in what he planned.. Kyuubi was sealed with the body of Nerato and then minutes after Minato died so did his first born son, for without a brain the body could not contain essence that is Kyuubi. But with his death so goes the Kyuubi. A hollow victory if there ever was one. Many lives lost and once again another child has been orphaned, but this one was for his parents and sibling being Hero's of the village.

Jiraiya looked at Sarutobi and then looked to the boy "You know you will have to change his last name now that he has no other family." he said to him and Sarutobi nodded his head "I am aware of that Jiraiya, for if I don't he will have Iwa after him and most likely Kumo." he said to the white haired man as he leaned forward and picked up a scroll and handed it to Jiraiya to look at, it was two birth certificates, one with the name Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and the other Naruto Uzumaki, the name he will have till he becomes strong enough to take his name and learn of his family.

Jiraiya looked at the papers and nodded "Good idea, and it is a simple change." he said and gave them back to Sarutobi who proceeded to seal them separately one in Naruto's file the other into a Namikaze family scroll which would go in the vault. "Yes I thought it fitting he take his Mothers maiden name as few people knew that she and Minato were even married." he said and got up and put the Namikaze scroll in the vault before returning to his chair.

Sarutobi sighed as he sat back down, "The is one good thing, if you can call it that, only myself, you and Doctor and nurses that were tending to Kushina even know that little Naruto-chan here even exists as being a Namikaze, and I have sworn them just as I am you to not tell anyone as this is now a S-rank secret to protect Naruto from enemies be they outside the village or within the village." he said and got a shocked look from Jiraiya but after a few tense minutes he finely nodded "Very well but I want to train the boy when he gets older." he said and looked at the time and sighed, "What will you do with him now?" he asked Sarutobi.

Sarutobi looked at the infant and sighed before looking back at Jiraiya "He will be put in the Orphanage where he will grow up around others that lost their families this day." he said and stood up and gathered the files into the folder labeled Naruto Uzumaki that had all his info, well alright all the non-S-ranked info, name, age, gender. The basic info, sadly he will never be able to be adopted because of his family lineage but he can grow like an ordinary child.

Jiraiya nodded "Alright, but I will check in on him from time to time, I would take him if was not for my Spy network that I need to run." he said and leaned over the bassinet and held the little hand as the boy slept soundly, one might think the boy would wake up with a couple old men talking. But guess he just a tired little baby. He soon let go and used his Kakuremino no Jutsu(Cloak of Invisibility Technique) to hide as he sensed a woman coming.

Moments later the head of the Orphanage knocked on the door and was called in by Sarutobi calling out "Come in" and soon enough in stepped a older woman who would place age as about mid 40's give or take a few years "Ah Ms. Soto, thank you for coming so late and after what has happened. I imagine you have been very busy." he said to her and she smiled for a moment before it became serious "Yes it is a trying time, we are struggling to handle the inflow of Orphans, it will be weeks before we can sort it all out." she said to him and then looked at the desk and saw a bassinet so she stepped over and saw a small infant sleeping.

Ms. Soto looked from the baby to Sarutobi "I assume that this is about this infant that is on you desk right?" she asked Sarutobi which gained her a nod of his head "I see, do you have the info ready for this little one? If so I can take him now, but given how adorable he is, it is unlikely he will stay long, bet he gets adopted with the year." she said with a smile which faded with what Sarutobi said next "He is not eligible for Adoption, he will remain a orphan." he said to her which stunned the woman "You would deny the child the chance at having a loving family?" she asked him shocked.

Sarutobi nodded with a sigh "I do but not for any reason you may be coming up with, it has to do with who his parents were, and no I won't tell you as I do not intend to tell you for the sake of his safety. He will have a hard enough life as it is, more so being the second child born last night, the first being Nerato Namikaze who died after birth. And the mother of Naruto here named him in honor of the family." he said and looked at Naruto who was starting to wake a bit "You could say he is the living legacy of the Namikaze, perhaps not by blood but by spirit." he said and looked at Ms. Soto "So you can imagine what people might think, more so when his mother was ANBU so no one would know her anyways." he said which killed him to say it but was needed.

Ms. Soto nodded as there has been more then a few children that have been orphaned because their parents died on missions. "I understand Hokage-sama." she said and stepped over and took the file for the boy, then picked up the child out of the bassinet and held him "We will take good care of to the best of our ability." she said to him and Sarutobi smiled and nodded slightly "That is best I can ask for at the moment. You may go Ms. Soto, and take care of our young children in your care." he said and Ms. Soto bowed "Of course Hokage-sama, this is my life's work. Good day Hokage-sama" she said and quickly left the room and headed off out of the tower to the Orphanage to get the boy checked in and a bed given.

Once the woman left Jiraiya dropped the cloak and looked at Sarutobi "I hope we are doing the right thing here Sensei." he said and to Sarutobi who sat back down in his chair and sighed as he looked at the door "I hope we are as well, but there is no one else that will not run a blood test on him to see who he is, and I fear for him should Danzo ever learn of his lineage.. For he could be the next Sannin or even Hokage..." he said and he picked up his pipe and lit it before take a couple puffs on it "Guess we better get to work, we have a lot to do and little time to do it in." he said and started on that which is the bane of all Kages, Paperwork....

Jiraiya nodded and started out of the office "I will talk to you later Sensei." he said and after getting a nod and wave he left out through the window, but once he was a ways away he started thinking on that little boy he just saw and hoped he would grow big and strong just like his parents. But he shook his head to clear his thoughts for he had much work to do.

5 Years Later

October 10th

Konohagakure no Sato

This was a day where everyone celebrated and remembered the death and loved ones and of the Kyuubi no Kitsune at the hands of the Yondaime Hokage. But there was another reason to celebrate for some. One of the villages Orphanages was closing for various reasons, one being to old so it needs a new building if it was to stay open, two all the children have either moved on or been adopted, so as to celebrate the children, their new parents, and staff of the orphanage were all going to the festival to have fun and get to know their new family.

Well it should be said all but one orphan, this one orphan boy by the name of Naruto Uzumaki was not going to the festival or getting adopted, it was something that no one either did not know or refuse to tell him.. All but a scant few ever paid him any attention no matter how hard he would try to be friends with them, but when your the longest remaining child you tend to pick up a stigma of being a bad kid or something, so most the kids avoided him just in case what ever kept him from getting adopted would rub off on them.

So here Naruto was alone in his room, he had packed everything he owned up into a backpack, after all he did not have near as much stuff as the other kids, mostly clothes some books and such. But the pack was light because one of the things he enjoys is seals, so he was able to seal his belongings into scrolls.. He has no idea what will happen to him now, will he be transferred to one the other homes or what so he just sits and waits for Ms. Soto to return as everyone else will go home with their new family.

As Naruto was sitting on his bed looking out the window at the fireworks going off and sighed "Happy Birthday Naruto... Least for couple of hours.." he said mournfully as he thought of the past 5 years and how lonely it has been, but he hopes that the next year will be better. Unknown to anyone a few the older kids who were moving on as no one wishes to adopt them so they going into Ninja force or civilian life, they decided to play a prank and cover the building in silly string.. Where they got it or how they managed to cover the house windows and all in a matter of minutes no one knows.

It was rather shocking to Naruto who had stood up on the bed to look out at the mess of strings when it started to blocked his view and saw about 3 of the older boys doing it, but he just sighed, as he knew they would be ending the fireworks shortly anyways so he did a last minute sweep of the room. He knew all the files and the other kids stuff had already been moved out, save his own stuff much to his surprise, so only took him a moment to make sure everything was packed and ready to go.

As the boys outside were celebrating the best prank they looked into the sky when they heard and saw the finale of the fireworks display, which drew their attention as they were in awe of the beauty of it, sadly Naruto could only listen to it as the windows were covered, other wise he might have seen the embers from the very last firework that lit up the sky, come raining down everywhere and the trio ran for cover. Which happened to be a tree in the front of the orphanage, and they were safe as it was a large tree that was still green for most part do the leaves were not dead yet.

Their attention was quickly caught however when embers hit the silly string on the house and burst into flames as if someone had hit them with a powerful Katon blast, needless to say this quickly got everyone who was in the areas attention. Of the ninja that were around that knew Suiton Jutsu's could not use any as there was no water around large enough, and the are was dryer then normal for this time of year.

When Ms. Soto and the others who were out celebrating came running up they were upset but not overly much as they had nothing inside, nor did they have to live there any more, but still sad to see your once home up in flames. "Well not how it was supposed to be gotten rid of but suppose it saves money and man power having it burn down..." she said before sighing she had hoped to least recycle the building for other purposes so it did not go to complete waste but now that was not possible.

While these people were outside gawking young Naruto was freaking out inside the building, smoke already filled the home as he had his pack on his back and shoes on his feet not to mention a horrendous orange and blue getup that Ms. Soto gave him, about the only thing he liked about it was the Uzumaki swirl that was on it. But right the moment he was going down the stairs coughing and could hardly see, trying to get to the front door or one the doors. He knew the door was about 10 feet from the base of the stairs so if he could get to it he could get out.

As soon as his feet his base of the stairs he ran to the door and as soon as his hands touched the doorknob he had to let go same time as letting out a scream as the metal knob was hot enough to burn his small hands, which now caused him to start shaking in a bit of shock from the sudden pain and now knowing he was locked in because the knob did not give at all which means it was locked and he knows he cannot break any of the windows, as nothing to break them with. He tired to yell and pound on the door but all it caused was coughing more and his hands to hurt even more. So he ended up right next to the door hoping maybe someone will bust it open and get him.

Mean while back outside everyone was watching it all when some ANBU arrived to find out what was going on and could tell instantly that no one that was here had been inside so safe to say everyone was fine they quickly learned how the fire started and no charges will be pressed since just freak accident spawned from a prank, nothing really to do and the building was going to be torn down anyways in about 2 weeks so not much lost there.

A Weasel masked ANBU stepped over to Ms. Soto and the group "Ms. Soto, I trust that everyone is accounted for and unharmed." he said in a stern voice yet could sense care in the voice if you took the time to find it, and Ms. Soto nodded "Of course they are ANBU-san we were all out celebrating the closing and everyone moving on or getting adopted, this is just unfortunate that the building is burning or rather fortunate as now it won't need to much to tear it all the way down when time comes." she said and the Weasel masked ANBU nodded and turned away to see if could find a way of putting the fire out.

But as he was turning he heard one of the older kids of about 7, speak up and ask a question that caused him to stop "But what about that Uzumaki kid, he did not come with us on this celebration as he did not get adopted." the young girl asked and the other kids were looking at her and then to themselves as if just now noticing that the outcast of the group was not present, and the adults were looking from the kids to Ms. Soto wondering who this Uzumaki kid was and why he was not least allowed to come unless he ran off while they were out.

What Ms. Soto says though stuns everyone there "Who?" she asks them looking confused even though she told the kid to stay and she figure out what to do with him later. At this it is one of the trio that did the prank that steps up in front of her and glares at her "Naruto Uzumaki, 5 years old, today in fact is his birthday... I had hoped you would at least take him along so he have a decent birthday but guess that to much to hope for.." he said to her. He and the other two just graduated the Academy and were placed on a team so they were going to be getting a place together so they could all cover the costs least till they reach Chunin or Jounin rank.

It took a minute but Ms. Soto seemed to finely remember who they were talking about and she paled to the color of freshly fallen snow "Oh no... I told him to stay and I would figure out what to do with him when I returned tonight..." she said shocked and could just barely remember that she even locked the building up tight when they all left so the kid could not have gotten out even if he wanted to.

Needless to say as Weasel ran to the burning building Ms. Soto had every adult that was there ganging up on her about the right and wrong thing to do when comes to children.. Weasel would have just Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique) in but he did not know the layout or how bad the fire was within the building so he ran right at the front door and quickly kicked it in knocking it off it's hinges with the force and the heat. As he then ran in to avoid the flames to looked around but it was filled with smoke. So he did next best thing he could think of, he activated his kekkei genkai, the Sharingan, and he looked around looking for chakra signature that would belong to a child.

While he was doing that Naruto who was barely conscious at this point from all the smoke reached out blindly from tear fill eyes to find who came in, he would have called out but his throat was sore from the smoke and yelling. So when he managed to touch the leg of the one who came in he jumped weakly from his spot on the floor next to the door to wrapping himself around the person, who his mind could tell was a male and given the armor was an ANBU member but he did not care at all, all he cared about was someone came for him.

Weasel was not often surprised by things but as he was about to walk deeper into the building despite the creaking he was starting to hear, now would be it, why is he surprised? Because the very object he came looking for just attached himself suddenly from out of no where to his leg, which really could not blame the kid, so he quickly bent down and extracted the 5 year old and quickly Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique) out of the building seconds before it collapsed in on itself, meaning great timing on the boys part.

Once he got out of the building he looked at Ms. Soto with his eyes still activated "Rest assured that the Hokage will be hearing about this." he said and turned to his team "Clean up and take statements and whatever else is needed, I will be at the Hospital with the boy." he said and Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique) to the Hospital where they were both admitted though Weasel only needed some Oxygen to clear his lungs of what little got in it. But little Naruto needed more work, burns on his hands and smoke inhalation.

An hour later and the Hokage was there, because it seems that Naruto was healing quickly.....


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