Mistaken Identity

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Genin Exam

Ninja Academy

It has finely come the day of the Genin Exam and all the children were there, well all but one, who decided to do the ultimate prank as a way to end out his Academy days, one that would go in the history books until the day comes that someone can outdo the prank. What he is doing you might be wondering? Why painting the Hokage Monument of course, which he had managed to get some color photos of all the Hokage's and as such he used his skills to paint the faces in exact colors which must say is not an easy feat but few people can do what Uzumaki Naruto can do even when they try.

He had started early before school even started as it was a large project to do, but you would think that someone be it Shinobi, or Civilian would have noticed something like color appearing on the faces.. Sadly not, makes you wonder how a Hidden Shinobi Village could become so lax in their security that some kid could pull the pranks he does and not get caught until the prank is over and done with. So as the genius of a boy is painting the monument students and staff are getting up and getting ready for their last exams at the Academy which allows them to become Genin of Konoha.

Tamako was up bright and early, more so then what she normally was. But she was not worried about the exam, well OK maybe a little nervous it is to be expected really, and just hoped that Naruto would be alright, because that Prank he had been planning with everyones help. Sure the boy had brains but he can get a bit overly hyper when comes to his so called great plans. Luckily for him she was able to look in the clan archives to get perfectly preserved images of the Hokage's which did take a little bit of work to find just the right ones to get the right coloring and wrinkles and all that such detail, after all if going to do it good might as well do it right. Thankfully because of her bloodline and a clan jutsu along with a few scrolls she was able to make exact replicas of the images for Naruto to use.

But now that she was dressed and heading down to get breakfast she passed a window in the hall which she looked out and could see least part of the Monument, and what she saw was the face of the Shodai Hokage's face in perfect color, which told her that Naruto had already started working, and made her wonder how far along he was. Sadly she will not be able to look when she leaves as that could draw attention to it, and given how much work everyone had done on this project she was not going to have it ruined because she looked.

So with a regret filled sigh that she had not taken up the offer to help him pull off this stunt she went down the steps and could smell someone cooking, which was not an uncommon thing in the compound that someone was in the kitchen doing breakfast as most of the clan would dine together for better part of the time. Sadly however she would have to skip out on family breakfast as she wished to get to the Academy early to get everything in order, not to mention figure out what 'extra' jutsu she would use when came to the Nin-jutsu part of the test.

Tamako shook her head to clear her thoughts as she walked into the kitchen and was rather shocked actually that she saw her brother Akira, there making breakfast "Aniki, you are up earlier then normal, do you have a mission?" she asked with surprise clearly showing in both her voice and on her face. Which as Akira turned around he could not help but smirk and comment playfully "Of course not Imouto, I was just making the Princess a breakfast so she can not complain about not being served.." he said to her which caused her to roll her eyes "That is so not nice Akira-nii-san, but anyways if you do have a mission mind sharing breakfast because I need to be heading to the Academy within the next half hour." she said to her older brother.

Akira sighed shaking his head "Fine Tamako-chan, sit down I will dish you out some but how about I walk out least part the way to the Academy today since I will be heading out on a mission for about a week" he said as he turned back to the stove and was turning off the scrambled eggs and rice and lightly stir-fry vegetables, which he split up between two plates versus the one he was going to be doing but never hurts to share more so with family. He soon sat them both on the table and was about to get some juice when Tamako was sitting a tray with two glasses of juice on the table which they shared a smiled about as they sat down.

Once they got settled they did their normal routine of thanking the Gods and Goddesses for the blessings of food and for a good day, not to mention a safe journey to and from the mission for Akira. They then started eating so they could head out as soon as they got done, but Tamako wanted her brothers opinion on what to do about the exam today "Akira-nii-san what should I do for the exam part when they ask me to perform a not taught at the Academy?" she asked her brother who looked at her before he went into deep thought because back when he passed the exam he used one of the clan jutsu like most the students that come from clans.

Tamako let her brother think while she kept eating, and as she reached over for her juice her brother came up with an idea "Well how about Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Clone Technique)? It is good clone jutsu, though it is C-rank, or how about the D-ranked Kirigakure no Jutsu (Ninja Art: Hidden Mist Jutsu)?" he asked his little sister who stared at him for moment, "You know that could work, but wouldn't I get in trouble for using the later one?" she asked her brother who shook his head "Not if you shorten the name to Kiri no Jutsu that way it is not exact and as you know Kiri means Mist, not to mention that Uzu was using that jutsu as long as Mist was." he said to her which she nodded.

"Alright I will decide on one of the two when it comes my turn." she said and quickly finished up her breakfast before getting up and placing her dishes in the sink "I am going to go grab my stuff, you better finish up and grab your gear Aniki, you don't want to be late again..." she said with a giggle and ran out of the room and up the steps to her room, while Akira growled and chuckled before finishing his breakfast and placing the dishes in the sink to be washed by someone later, and headed over to the coat hook by the door and grabbed his Chunin vest and slipping it on as his sister came down with her black leather backpack that matched the standard Academy solo kunai/shuriken pouch which he knew once she became a Genin and joined a team she would get a custom set of pouches that hold everything that she will need.

Akira soon smiled at his sister "Alright ready to go Princess?" he asked her even though he knew she hated the nickname even if she is technically the Princess of the Clan as she if the daughter of the clan head but it kinda stuck least with a few, though only a couple the ones her age use it as an insult.. Anyways once she got done glaring at him she nodded "Hai I am ready to go." she said and Akira placed a hand on her shoulder and used a Konoha Shunshin no Jutsu to get outside the clan compound so they could skip having the clan members slowing them down.

Tamako smiled as they came out of the Shunshin "I cannot wait till I can do that as it is really useful." she said and Akira could not help but smile "I know you know how to do it Tamako-chan, your just not allowed to do it till you are an 'Official' Leaf Genin." he said to her adding a bit of inficis to the word Official to give her a slight clue that passing the exam is not enough. Mean while Tamako sighed "I know Aniki it is just that I cannot wait, not to mention I hope to be on a team with some friends, like maybe Hinata-chan and Naruto-kun." she said to him and he could not help but notice the suffix that she used on Naruto's name.

He looked at his sister a moment as they walked into the village center where the market was and Tamako picked up a few items for lunch, which he could not help but notice that she picked up enough for an army, thank goodness she gets a decent allowance and she rarely splurges on useless items like most girls her age. Sadly they reached the point where they needed to split up as the Academy is in the opposite direction of where he needed to go. "Well my little Princess have a good day and good luck on your exam, I know you will do the clan proud, just remember deception is a Shinobi's best weapon, so try not to give away clan jutsu or our bloodline ability as I am sure that snout nosed Uchiha gaki would love to find a way to copy them all, but thankfully he does not have his activated yet..." he said to his sister and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

Tamako groaned "I will and you be careful to, come back in one piece and another successful mission under your belt." she said grinning to her brother who bowed fluidly in a playful manner "Of course Princess." he said and as Tamako was giggling at him he turned and headed to meet his team at the main gate so they could go and try to make a copy of scrolls from another village as they cannot take them, which is where Akira came in, given their bloodline and family jutsu.

While Akira headed off to his mission, Tamako headed off to the Academy and even though she said she would not do it she did glance off in the direction of the Monument and her eyes widened at how good they looked, but since she could tell they were just about done she knew that part two of the plan be coming as soon as class starts, so she ran off at a decent jog to reach the Academy in time to get her place before to many others took it.

Mean while Naruto was putting the final touches on the Yondaime Hokage's face when the ninja of Konoha finely noticed that there was something wrong with the Hokage Monument, which if you were to ask him that was really bad, I mean he could have been doing something Really bad instead of just pulling the best prank of all time, like maybe setting it to explode, or even setting various buildings to explode including the Hokage Tower, so the fact that he is just now getting noticed is rather scary. But he does not have any real time to worry about that as he has to make a run for it, which is perhaps second favorite part of the pranks which is the escape.

Very few people can say they can catch Naruto Uzumaki after he is caught doing a prank, in fact only one can truly claim that title and that is Iruka Umino, his Academy Sensei who is perhaps one of the first if not the few people who see him for who he is, a young boy trying to get attention, even if it is bad attention. But really the boy does it as a way of training which everyone unwittingly becomes a training partner to him or for him when he does his pranks as they help train his Stealth, Strategy, Cunning, Evasion Tactics, Agility, Stamina, and Speed.

And with the help of Tamako was able to place a few seals to help him such as Gravity Seals which are a bit safer then actual weights unless going over 10X Gravity, but he is currently only at about 3X on it since he has had them for about a year now, one the best Birthday gifts could ask for, and better still no one knows he has them which given all the issues he has for whatever reason that these idiotic villagers and shinobi think of him, would make it worse in the long run given they would demand them removed and given to that teme Uchiha Sasuke.

That was one thing that he hated was that everyone was blaming Itachi for what happened to the clan, but it was not his fault, why you may ask he knows that? Easy he was with Itachi at Ichiraku Ramen Bar where he was talk and flirting with him and Ayame, flirting with the latter, but her father Teuchi did not mind the boy or rather young man as he was nothing like the rest the clan. But he got the brunt of the claim even though it was false, so the Hokage sent him off on a mission to infiltrate some group, and Naruto missed him a lot as few people cared about him and he always helped in fixing what the Academy taught him as being wrong, which spanned the whole Academy learning, he might as well have been assigned as a tutor given how much time it took.

So needless to say he has been without one of the people that cared for him for couple years now and seriously hopes he can see him again in the future, which he knows Ayame misses him as well but she holds to the knowledge that Itachi is innocent no matter what others say. So Naruto uses the skills that Itachi taught him to the best of his ability, which is one the reasons he is able to outrun the ANBU every time, in fact Itachi was one the ones that helped him put this whole training strategy together to start with.

With all that in mind Naruto made run for it to try and get away and get to the Academy as he did not want to be overly late for the exams and so he was about half way there when he was suddenly wrapped in ninja wire which caused him to crash to the ground, and he managed to rollover when he heard footsteps... When he looked up he saw Iruka Umino standing over him looking rather disapointed in what he had done "Naruto! What are you doing pulling a prank today of all day, let alone defacing the Hokage Monument?" he asked as he hualed the boy up and slung him over his shoulder before Shunshin to the Academy entrance and walking inside and heading to his classroom, all the while those watching snickering at the blond being tied up..

Naruto sighed "But Iruke-Sensei, today is the Genin Exam and I intend to pass, so that is why I did it, as a farewell to being an Academy Student..." he said in a slightly whining tone of voice yet he did sound serious when he said he would pass the exam. Iruka sighed "I understand how you feel Naruto but this looks bad on your records, no Jonin Sensei will take you seriously what with your record and all your pranking." he said just before he walked into the classroom to see everyone sitting down waiting for them, many smirking or laughing at the blond as he was plopped down into a seat before Iruka went back to the head the class, but Naruto was going to have final word since this be last time he plays the Dobe mask.. "I will pass and then I will become Hokage, Dattebayo!" he yelled making most everyone cringe at the loudness he reached with his voice.

Iruke sighed and decided to ignore him this time and move on since they are late as it is. "Well class today is the day that you will have the chance to become Genin of Konoha, but first you must pass the Genin Exam, so without further ado let us get started." he said and walked over to the desk and picked up a stack of papers and started passing them out to the students, and once he got to Naruto he untied him and gave him his paper which caused the boy to groan at seeing it was a written test so he was very nervous to say the least.

Now Naruto is not stupid not in the least, but his papers always seem to be very hard when it comes to tests yet he can never break whatever Genjutsu is on them, which means they most likely used Fuinjutsu, which is vastly harder to break more so if one does, that or a B-rank or higher Genjutsu.. But since there is nothing he can do he just bucks up and answers the questions even if they are higher, way higher but he does enjoy such things so he ignores it thinking maybe the others are the same this year.

Tamako was sad yet glad when Naruto had been caught, she had hoped that he would make it to class on time, but that was not meant to be, for as usual Iruka tied him up and brought him in, which on one side is funny yet on the other it is not as none of them can figure out how the Academy Teacher who is a Chunin can find and capture the boy when ANBU cannot do that, rather annoying if you think about it. But bright side the class did not get punished this time around.

So she sat up in her seat as she was given her paper and looked at the back of it before waiting for the go ahead to start, but she quickly got board of staring at the back her paper and looked over at Naruto to tell that he was not feeling very confident about this test. How she knew what the way he was holding himself as he looked at his paper, and she wondered if he will do good on the test or not...

Sadly there was no more time in which to worry about that as she had to turn her paper over as Iruka and Mizuki said to start the test, and they set out to get the next test set up. So after she turned her paper over she looked at the test which seemed pretty straight forward as it covered everything that they did in the class. But like always she used her bloodline to make a mental copy of the blank test and then started filling out the test answers, and once she was done she would take another look at the test to get a copy of the completed test so she can go over it later to ensure she got it all right, which was what she has always done.

The rest the class did the test as well many having slight trouble but managing to fill it out for the most part, though there were a handful that had no issues in doing so, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Shikimaru Nara, just to name a few that did not have issues in filling out the test, but those three are kind of to be expected really, given they were the geniuses of the class when it came to book smarts.

Hinata Hyuuga, Ino Yamanaka, Choji Akimichi, Shino Aburame, did well on their tests and finely Kiba Inuzuka did ok, a step up from Dead Last, which had Naruto's tests not been rigged would have been the Dead Last of the class but as it is he comes out second to last place. Not very fair if you think about it, but very little can do about it when you have a Sensei who believes rumors that are not true.

Once the written portion of the test is done the two teachers go around picking up everyone's papers before taking them up to the from and placing them on the desk in a seal folder so no one can tamper with them save for a Teacher so it can be graded later after everything is complete. "Alright class, everyone head out to the yard and we shall move onto Kunai and Shuriken Targeting and Taijutsu Matches." Iruka said and had Mizuki pick up the box of weapon pouches that the students would be using, and they all headed outside where Mizuki sat the box down on a table so they can be passed around.

Many of the students looked nervous as this was their chance to shine so to speak but they also knew that it would be impossible to beat the Rookie of the Year, Sasuke Uchiha cause he was just the best at everything. "Alright first one up going in order is Shino Aburame." Iruka called out as they were going to go in order of last name, and so Shino walked over and was given a pouch by Mizuki and he strapped it on before taking up his stance and glanced over at the Sensei's "Whenever your ready Shino" Iruka stated with a small smile to the boy, who then went about planting the Kunai, followed by the Shuriken into the targets getting about 6 of each of then on the tagets and only a couple of them hitting near center, but pretty good really.

Once Shino was done he unstrapped the pouch and handed it back which Mizuki then tossed into a box for the used, and the helpers removed the weapons from the targets after Iruka took down the scores before returning to start the next round, which was painstakingly slow really as they worked through all the members of the class and they managed to get to Tamako finely so she was called up "Fukayuna Tamako, if you will come and take your turn." Iruka called out and Tamako jogged lightly over and took up the pouch and strapped it on and took up her stance and took aim at the targets and let fly when she got a nod from Iruka.

She did really well surprisingly since Kunai and Shuriken are not her weapon of choice, yes she can use them proficiently but they just do not suit her hence why once she passes she will only be carrying a handful of each with her in her pouch. She got 7 out of 10 on each of them, and after her score had been talied she was handing her pouch over and when Iruka was about to call the next student she spoke up "Sensei, may I use a weapon of my choice for this now that I have used the standard weaponry?" she asked them which surprised the two sensei's greatly.

Iruka looked at her and looked to Mizuki who shrugged his shoulders "Don't see why not, it will just give her a bit of extra credit that could make up for the misses she made with her Kunai and Shuriken." he said to Iruka who sighed and nodded his head "Very well, what weapon do you have in mind for this task as it must be something that can be thrown?" he asked Tamako who smiled slightly "Senbon Needles." she stated confidently and everyone's eyes widened and a few eyebrows rose a bit at her request.

It was now Mizuki's turn to be a bit on the downer side of things "Are you sure, Senbon are far hader to use then both Kunai and Shuriken put together." he said to her and she nodded "Yes, Senbon are my weapon of choice when it comes to thrown weapons." she stated to them and so Mizuki dug into the box as they had a few other pouches they held Senbon and other various throwing items just in case a student asks for them, "Well here you go then, show us what you can do." Mizuki said to her as he handed it over in that sexist tone of voice the sets most if not all girls off...

Tamako narrowed her eyes and made a "Hmph" type of noise and took her stance and within seconds let fly all ten of the Senbon, landing them all in dead center of the targets, and then turned and looked at everyone's faces in a "There you go" kind of look and yet it faded as she saw the look on everyone's faces which was one of shock and everyone's jaws were on the ground, even Sasuke was shocked by what he saw.. Needless to say she gained a fairly deep red blush on her cheeks from their looks.

Luckily she was saved further embarisment when Naruto yelled "Way to go Tamako-chan, looks like you hit the targets dead center." he said loudly which broke everyone out of their shock, and the teachers shook their heads and cleared their throats "Uh right, great job there Tamako, we can safely say you managed to save a few points on this using Senbon, which is a dificult weapon to use because of it's size and weight." Iruka said to her and jotted down the new score for her and Mizuki just stared at the girl wondering where she learned to get that good..

Iruka then went on to call the next person and Tamako went over and leaned against a tree to relax a bit from what just happened, but a minute after she did Uchiha Sasuke came stomping over to her "I should be the one doing that, so you will teach me how to use Senbon." he demanded of her and she looked at him and she crossed her arms, "No, I will not teach you because you demanded I teach you.." she said to him and like normal he got mad but then his Number One fan got involved "YOU WILL TEACH SASUKE TO USE SENBON, FOR HE NEEDS IT MORE THEN YOU, I MEAN YOU DON'T COME FROM A CLAN AS HIGH RANKING AS SASUKE." Sakura yelled as she stomped over to stand near Sasuke and yell at Tamako.

Tamako was about to reply when Sakura's name was called but she did not seem to even be paying attention as she was staring daggers at Tamako so Iruka had to walk over and tap her on the should which she responded by yelled at him as she turned around, at which point her face drained of color "I have been calling you for your turn for the past five minutes Sakura, so I will have to make a note of it on your record, but now will you please get your pouch and proceed with the test?" he asked her with a pointed glare to get her attention, which caused the girl to nod slowly and walk over to Mizuki to get a pouch, and once she strapped it on she fired off the kunai and shuriken and got 5 shuriken on target and 7 kunai but none near center.

Mizuki could not help but smirking slightly at what he just saw as he took the pouch back and handed a new pouch to the next student as they continued on down the names. But over with Tamako and Sasuke she looked at Sasuke and sighed "Listen Uchiha, I 'can' show you how to use them." she said and Sasuke smirked but Tamako shook her head "But it is not that simple, you not only have to learn how to throw them but you need to have extensive knowledge of the Human and sometimes Animal anatomy, so you know where to strike the body other wise your just turning your enemy into a pincushion, which will allow them to attack you while your wasting your energy." she said to him.

Sasuke looked at her while he was listening and could now sort of understand why she would not teach him, but he still thought that he should know how but Tamako spoke up again "You Uchiha are not a Senbon user, your talents lay in Kunai, Shuriken, even Fūma Shuriken. So focus on those aspects not on something you have to gain extensive Medical knowledge on.." she said and looked over to the three other heiress in the class "Senbon are better for females, though some males use them, one such male is Genma Shiranui, he is a Jonin and always has a Senbon in his mouth, don't know why but he does. So you see your just not the right type to use Senbon Needles" she said to him

Needless to say Sasuke was not happy but he now understood what she meant, and he looked at her as she took a Senbon out of her pouch on the back of her hip and handed it to him "Tell me, does it feel natural to hold this? Or does it feel natural to hold this?" she asked pulling out a kunai from another part of the same pouch for him to hold each, which he did reluctantly, and she smiled as he picked the kunai and took both weapons back "As I expected, I can teach you Senbon but you would naturally gravitate to Kunai or Shuriken for that is what your clan as a whole used most, I do not remember there ever being mention of Senbon using Uchiha." she said and smiled brightly to him "Now your turn is coming up and I don't need to wish you luck for you are one of the best in the class so my wish would be useless on you." she said and walked away to go stand with her friends and left Sasuke to think.

Was not long till Sasuke was called and as he shook his head and walked over to Mizuki and got his pouch of Kunai and Shuriken and strapped it onto his thigh and stepped up to the line and got out the kunai and readied to throw and rolled his eyes when he heard his fangirls screaming and yelling he can do it and all that such nonsense that was rather distracting but he soon enough threw all ten kunai either on or close to the bullseye. He then took a deep breath and took out the shuriken and repeated the process and half were on the bullseye and the other half were just off center, pretty good really for an Academy student even though the breeze is what threw most them off course.

Among the yelling a few students were plugging their ears and rolling their eyes as they knew he would do good, he was the Rookie of the Year so far, so not much changed since last time they practiced, if anything he got better so most did not understand why those fangirls have to be so loud.. So Iruka had to yell to get their attention "ENOUGH! Thank you, good job as always Sasuke, now we will move on to Naruto Uzumaki." he said with a smile and Naruto jumped and ran over to the table with Mizuki was and if one looked carefully they could see Mizuki sneer a bit at the boy but changed it to a tight smile as he handed the puch over to the boy who strapped it on and stepped over to the line.

There were a couple people watching him closely the Sensei's for their own reasons, and his close friends who were hoping that he will do really good on this test, so once he took a deep calming breath and let the Kunai fly and all of them hit half on and half off of the bulls eye, he then waited for Iruka to get those scores and for the helpers to gather the kunai, before he did the same thing with the shuriken much to the shock of most those there save a handful, and after the score was tallied Mizuki bristled slightly 'He had to have cheated there is no way he could have improved so much.' he thought and was about to comment on that very fact when Tamako smiled and spoke cheerfully, "Well looks like all that practicing has finely paid off eh Naruto?" she said to him which got a foxy grin in return from said boy.

Iruka could not help but smile given his adopted little brother had worked hard to pass these tests, though even at that he was mildly surprised to hear he had been practicing so much that he improved his accuracy in such a short time. But once the class had settled down after everyone had finished taking their turn at throwing their weapons both Sensei's put their scores together on the weapons on the table they had gathered before getting the classes attention "Alright class, we will now be moving on to the Taijutsu portion of the test, so if everyone will head over to the rings will will begin." Iruka said to the class and they all started to trickle over to the fighting ring.

Sasuke of course had his fangirls hanging off him as he headed over to the ring and tried to throw them off but him but like always they cling like that errant hair never seems to stay out of ones face, short of pulling it out... But they like everyone else knew that Sasuke would come out on top in this portion of the test, given he beats everyone in his matches so beating their Sensei should be an easy feat.. But few knew that he had simply been handed the wins, least when he faced off against the adults, because he is the 'Last Uchiha' after all, which was not true but he was the only one in the village at the moment.

Soon Iruka stepped into the ring and cleared his throat to get their attention "Alright, here is how it is going to go, I will be going against the first half the class and Mizuki will be facing off against the other half and we will be judging each match, but worry not, just because you lose a match does not mean you cannot gain enough points to pass this portion of the exam." he said and Mizuki soon stepped forward "That is correct, these will be timed matches and two ways of passing, either getting three hits in within the five minute time allowed or lasting the full five minutes without getting hit or in least amount of hits in that time." he explained and many of the students were smirking like they had this in the bag, while others were a bit worried given they had few options for winning against either of the two Chunins.

It took little time before the students started their matches against Iruka, some did ok like Sakura and Ino, while others did well, such as Shino, Hinata, Tamako, Choji, Kiba *Though he was a bit cocky and nearly failed*, Shikamaru. But almost an hour later a slightly tired Iruka called for the switch with Mizuki so that he could take over and while Iruka was getting a drink of water he was going over the scores that Mizuki had posted and matching them up with what he himself was using and they were close, though a few of the scores were either higher or lower then he had given, so those would have to be split in the middle to get the child's overall score for this round.

Once Iruka got into position he called out the first name for the second round and the matches started and went very much the same way as the ones before and the rest the students who came from either non-clan families or small clans did well enough they could barely pass this portion of the exam, but once they pair up the scores with the others portions of the exam they might just pass, if not then they will have to try again next term or quit depending how their resolve, after all not many out there that have the never fail attitude that Naruto has.

The remaining matches that everyone was look forward to seeing was Sasuke and Naruto's matches, one of which was a rather loud affair given all the blasted 'fan-girls' that were screaming and swooning after their 'Sasuke-kun' which had all those not worshiping the ground the Uchiha walked on to groan either mentally or physically depending on who they were like a particular Nara muttering 'Troublesome' given they girls and a couple boys were disturbing his cloud watching. But as eeryone watched the fight between Sasuke and Mizuki it was easy to see *least to those that could tell the difference* that the Chunnin was leaving opening intensionally, so Sasuke's match ended fairly quickly, and sadly Iruka either did not notice or ignored the fact it was an easy match just marked down the needed scores whither the boy deserved the score or not.

So while Mizuki rested a minute and they wrote out the scores Sasuke was being his arrogant self while the fan-girls and fan-boys fawned over him, and the other groaned as many of them knew the truth that Sasuke had pretty much been handed the match, but sadly nothing they can do about it because after all Sasuke is the last loyal Uchiha in Konoha, but does not stop any of them from liking it.. After a few minutes Mizuki got back in posistion and they went through a couple more students who did not do very well sadly, but most just not cut out to be a Shinobi or a Kunochi...

It was finely Naruto's turn at which point once his name was called he smiled and jumped up with a yell "Yatta!" as he jogged over to the circle and stepped into the circle and gave a stretch to crack the bones in his back and arms loose as Mizuki sneered at him which Naruto promptly ignored after all he has been doing that since the first day of the academy year that he was a teacher, none of the group of friends could figure out what the heck was his problem with Naruto, sure he played pranks so did many of them but they never got that reaction.. But he was not going to worry about that right now, as he was focusing on getting through his match against Mizuki and knew the teacher was not going to be going easy on him at all, in fact he was certain he would try and cheat him out of points..

Naruto bowed to Mizuki who reluctantly bowed in return, after all he cannot openly resent the boy, not that he has not been since first day he saw him, so both took a deep breath and got into their Taijutsu stances that they were going to use, Mizuki got into a standard stance and Naruto got into his personal style which very few had ever seen unless they knew the Yellow Flash of Konoha and his fighting style or that of the Red Death of Konoha, given this is one of their stances, for Naruto had done the imposible he had mixed the two styles to create his own.

How Naruto knows either style is a bit of a secret, for he knows a lot more then he should, but the reason he knows shall be kept secret for the moment but let us say he has family in Konoha though no one knows of the connection not even the Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen. But they keep it secret for the safety of the clan and Naruto as a whole.. "Ready when you are Mizuki-sensei" Naruto says to Mizuki who sneers before giving a strained smile "Of course Naruto-kun" he said motioned for Naruto to start them off which he did after a moment of analyzing the stance that Mizuki was in and could tell it was a bit on the basic side though he was certain he had adapted it to suit himself, if not he was not much of a shinobi...

So with that he quickly ran towards Mizuki and threw a punch at Mizuki who went to block it when Naruto kicked out with his left leg which was his plan the whole time, and managed to hit Mizuki in the ribs for a one point shot before he jumped back before Mizuki could retaliate against him and got back into position to be able to either block or attack. Which Mizuki became rather angry that the 'Demon Brat' as he liked to call the boy even though there was no reason for it save for the rumors that started when he was younger involving his Healing ability which seems to have been started by Kyuubi, hence why many made the wrong connection...

Given how angry Mizuki became because of the single action that he went on the attack without even thinking, so that Naruto was able to go on the defence and surprisingly land three more hits on Mizuki, the last of which sent him flying across the ring to land just inside the ring on his back with a groan since he had been kicked in the gut pretty hard, and most people would have continued attacking but Naruto knew that this was just a spar and not a fight to the death so he stood back waiting to give Mizuki time to recover, sadly by the time Mizuki started to recover the five minute mark had come to pass.

Iruka smiled at Naruto "Alright enough, good job Naruto, since your the last one which is good since you did a pretty good job on Mizuki, so will everyone return to the classroom and we will be there shortly." he said to them and Naruto nodded and bowed slightly to Mizuki as he left the ring and all the students headed to class as Iruka made his marks before helping Mizuki but he was sure not to say anything for he knew his friend would not take anything he said at face value at the moment so all he did was help him up and to the nurse to get looked at before continuing the exam.

Back inside while Iruka took Mizuki to the Nurses office, the kids were all talking among their little groups which included all the Fan-Girls and Boys hounding Sasuke for a date or to compliment him on his match which after the first could people saying in a dreamy voice how great the boy was everyone else focused on ignoring him and his hoard of fans, not an easy task but not impossible.

Naruto sighed as he sat among his group of friends who all glanced at him "Was it just me or did Mizuki-sensei seem a bit more bloodthirsty then normal against me today?" he asked his friends who looked at each other before the unoffical genious of the group spoke "Troublesome.." the Nara boy Shikamaru then sighed and held his head up off the desk using his hand under his chin and elbow supporting his arm as he look over at Naruto "Yes he did, still cannot figure out why though, for as far as I can remember you have not done any pranks against him to the extent to warrant such behavior, best idea can say is just ignore him." he said to him and laid his harm back down on the table then rested his head on said arm and closed his eyes.

Kiba smirked "Lazy bones over there is right, just forget about him, after today you may never see him again, if can help it that is, so I assume you have worked out your Bushin problem, cause if not then no way you will pass, then you really will be a 'Dobe' if know what I mean." he said to him getting bit of his arrogant tone there at the end which had several of the group sighing, but before Naruto could answer Tamako spoke up "Yes he can make Bushin's I should know as does Hinata both of us and my family has been training his control, he now has a solid Chunin to Low Jonin control of his chakra, and has made three bushin about 96% of the time, the other 4% is when he is distraced by something like a fight for instance." she said quite proud of her friend has he has been working on all the Academy Jutsu's for a while now, herself included.

Naruto nodded with a true smile on his face "Yeah if I mess up you can bet something interfered cause I can do all the E-rank Jutsu and a couple D-rank ones without seals, which as you know can be very difficult save those who master them which I have, one the reasons did not bother even trying to graduate early was so had time to practice everything, but for the exam I will use the seals, after all an Academy student should not know how to do jutsu without seals.." he said confident that he will pass as he has worked to hard not to pass, not to mention the help of his friends.

Hinata nodded with a smile "Very true, a few of us got together last night to have a review of the Jutsu that we knew and he was able to do them flawlessly each time, not to mention there is no reason to be worried cause you know the jutsu inside and out, I am just glad that we were able to get you started on Chakra Control early on other wise you would not be able to control your chakra near as easy as you do now given you have about 3 times as much as any of us here have if not more.. And as you start doing missions and training your reserves will grow over time." she said as she leaned back in her chair as the others looked at her and those they could guess was present at the training.

It was no surprise really given everyone knew that two of their group liked Naruto, how far they liked him no one was really sure, so they can only guess that it is just of the crush variety, so they just smiled and Choji was next to speak in between munching on his chips to keep his strength up "Then you *munch* have nothing *munch* to be worried about." he said and continued munching his chips which few people ever got to have but for those in the group knew these were not ordinary chip but special as they were created by the clan for their younger members to eat when not on missions to keep up their strength, which a handful of chips were the equivalent of a sugar boost, yet the entire bag is about one Soldier pill worth of energy which is then stored in their muscles.

Naruto nodded with a smile and glanced to the door followed shortly by Kiba and Akamaru as they heard Iruka and Mizuki coming "Well soon we will all be Genin of Konoha and can start going on missions, even if they will be those lame D-ranks, if there is we have perfect way of covering that don't we?" he asked the group as he was kind of the unofficial leader with Shikamaru as the strategist of the group. He was glad to hear the next words to his question as each of them including the lazy Nara answered at the same time "Teamwork" before the group busted out laughing as Iruka and Mizuki walked into the room at the same time as they had said that so needless to say they were being stared at, one with a shocked smile the other with barely concealed hatred for the 'leader' of the group.

After everyone settled down once they saw the teachers "Alright everyone we are now moving onto the final part of the exam, so when we call your name you are to go into the room next door and perform the required Ninjutsu and Genjutsu before we can pass you to be a Genin." Iruka stated and walked back out of the room and into the next room where it is all setup and had Mizuki call in the first student to try their hand at the exam.

(Please note that the Exam follows as it does in cannon save for my OC's)

Hour Later

Only a handful of Students left.

Mizuki opened the door and called out the next name "Mutsuki Minase" and a orange brown haired girl dressed in a revealing battle kimono walked down the steps, making certain to go nice and slow not to mention sway her hips as she walked past a certain raven haired boy that had a permanent scowl on his face, and also paid no attention to the girl trying to get his attention, but she did get the attention of many the other boys not to mention the hatred of the other fangirls who were shooting dagger like glares at her as she finely headed out the door.

Which left quite a stir in the room among the girls fuming at Mutsuki for what she did, regardless if it even worked or not, though the bloody noses on a few the boys can tell you that it worked just not on Sasuke, which one would think that he was gay, which who knows if he is or not....

It was a few minutes later that Mutsuki returned with herhitai-ite tied around her neck and was grinning as she walked back up to her seat strutting all the way, much to the annoyance of many in the room Sasuke included.. Soon enough Iruka stepped in and called out the next name "Ayame Futaba" he said and headed back to the other room not staying to watch the coming nosebleeds of his soon to be former students. Which might have been a good idea as she outdoes her friend as she walks down the steps an as she reached Sasuke's desk she some how slipped one her bracelets off and dropped it right in front of his desk on the stairs which she then proceeded to feign embarrassment as she bent at the waist with her butt in the air right in front of Sasuke, which caused her dress to ride up showing her tight white panties.

As she picked up her bracelet and put it back on she glanced at Sasuke who seems to be immune to such acts as he was just glaring at her before he "hn'ed" before ignoring her, so she huffed slightly and walked out of the room the same way her friend had, what she failed to notice was that about 90% of the boys in the room were all passed out with nosebleeds from her little show, so needless to say many of the girls were glaring at her and at the boys for acting the way they did, however they were rather giddy that Sasuke did not pay her attention. Oh how naive and clueless are these girls?

Mean while as they waited for next person which really only one left now was Naruto, as guess they were going by grades through the year or something, but Tamako and Hinata were both fuming at what the girls were doing in trying get the attention of the Emo King, and so it had the boys sighing and Naruto looked at them "You two need to relax, they are his fangirls so just ignore them." he said to them to try and get them to calm down, but did not work 100% but they did settle down a bit, just in time to see Ayame waltzing into the room with her hitai-ite around her neck as well and Mizuki followed her a minute later and called out for Naruto, "Naruto Uzumaki" well more like snapped at him which set not only Naruto on edge but also most everyone else, even Sasuke was slightly confused why Mizuki called out the name like that, not that he focused on it long as he went back to brooding, while Naruto got up and walked out with silent 'Good Luck' from his friends as he followed Mizuki out of the room and into the next room.

Mizuki took his seat rather stiffly while Naruto stood in front of the two teachers and Iruka smiled slightly before he started talking "Alright Naruto, on this table in front of you is what looks like three Kunai, but one of them is really a Shuriken, it is your job to find it and dispel the illusion to show the real weapon" he said to Naruto who nodded and stepped closer to the table and took a good look at the weapons on the table, he then pointed to the middle kunai before focusing his chakra on that kunai and performing the Dispel technique "Kai" he said in a natural indoor tone of voice, and sure enough the one he picked had been the correct one.

Iruka smiled as did Naruto after he got it right "Nicely done, next we would like you to use Kawarimi no Jutsu(Body Replacement Technique), if you will use that chair that is against the wall over there, switch places with it and then switch back please." he asked Naruto who glanced out of the corner of his eye at the chair before performing the necessary handseals to perform the jutsu, which he did flawlessly, and when he switched back he placed the chair back in the exact same spot as it had been in when he first moved it, which Iruka noted down on his test sheet.

Mizuki sighed inwardly as the boy was doing well so far and he knew the next one the boy knew inside and out given how often the boy used it in his pranks "Next please use Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique), but please do not use that perverted version you created, if you do I will dock you points regardless of how imaginative it is." he stated to the boy which he was surprised to see both Iruka and Naruto nodding their heads at what he stated, and Naruto just smiled slightly and used the jutsu to turn himself into Minato Namikaze in all his glory, much to the surprise of both teachers, though Mizuki was seething inside at the nerve of this boy taking on the form of their Former Hokage..

Iruka smiled "Very impressive Naruto, this is perhaps the best version I have ever seen of someone Henging into the Yondaime Hokage, given you have every detail, which shall be noted down on the sheet that you performed a complex Henge of someone you have only ever seen pictures of." he said to the boy who was grinning as he released the Henge to wait for the next stage which was one he used to have difficulties with some time ago, "Alright Naruto, time for the final test, please create three Bushin using, Bushin no Jutsu (Clone Technique)." he asked Naruto though he was very worried as he knew the boy has always had issues with this jutsu so he hoped the boy could do it.

Naruto soon nodded and concentrated his chakra to perform the jutsu as he put his hands into the needed handseals and as he started creating them he noticed something wrong when he got to the second and third clone, which caused the second to come out looking ill and the last looking dead, and he could not figure it out and as he looked over at his teachers he noticed Mizuki releasing a single handed seal, just as Iruka sighed and yelled "You fail.." he said before motioning for him to leave without his hitai-ite, which hurt his pride but he knew he was cheated so he returned to the room.

And obviously the first to say anything was Sasuke "Hn, Dobe bet you could not do anything save Henge..." he said to him which caused most the class save his friends to bust out into laughter, but Naruto ignored him and returned to his seat and semi ignored his friends trying to console him, but he signaled to them via ANBU code which they learned thanks to both Tamako and Shikamaru, that his Bushin test had been compromised by Mizuki, which had all their eyes narrowing as said teacher and Iruka returned to the room.

Once everyone settled down Iruka cleared his throat "Well I wish to congratulate all those that have passed these exams, and hope that once you leave here you all will have long and successful careers as Shinobi or Kunochi." he said and glanced around the room resting on Naruto for a moment before continuing "As for those that did not pass, I wish you all luck as well, be it you decide to try again next semester or you go into learning how to live as a Civilian, I am sure you to will have long and productive lives." he said to those who had not passed, among them he felt the worst for Naruto as this will be his last chance to become a Genin and he failed and sadly not much he can do to help him now.

Iruka then looked down at the sheets of paper in his hands and got everyone's attention "Those of you that passed, please return here tomarrow at 10:00am to be assigned to your respective teams and your team Sensei's which once you are placed will find out what happens once you meet him. So with that said you are all dismissed." he said and headed out of the room with Mizuki following with a grin on his face as he watched the little gang try to console the boy or Demon Brat according to him, so he went to get ready to leave the village tonight..

Mean while the kids were not so much consoling as finding out what happened and what to do about it which Tamako was the one who had the plan "Alright here is the plan everyone goes home and tells their families they passed and let me and Naruto handle Mizuki, after all you guys are all part of large clans, no reason to get you into trouble, me I am from a small clan that few even seem to know exists in the village, so I will help him." she said and some started to protest till Naruto spoke up "No, Tamako is right, you guys cannot get involved in whatever it is that Mizuki has planned, so head home, I will see what he wants and meet you Tamako up on the Monument to discuss what is going on and plan from there." he said to them.

They all relented seeing the truth in what they had to say so they nodded and headed home and Tamako headed home as well to see her family and plan for anything given who knows what Mizuki is up to.. And Naruto went out to the lone swing set in the playground that is set under a tree and brooded about failing, no really he was brooding because he was so sure he would pass but because of Mizuki he failed..

It was only about half an hour later when everyone had gone home that Mizuki appeared walking up to Naruto who was slumped down on the swing, just rocking back and forth on the swing "Hey Naruto." he said in a caring sounding voice and Naruto turned his head to look at him "Hey Mizuki-sensei." he said in a sad yet upbeat voice and wearing a fake smile on his face, "You know Iruka did not mean to fail you, in fact if he could he would have passed you, one the reasons is because he see's himself in you for he to was an orphan, his parents were killed when the Kyuubi attacked the village." he said to the boy who actually looked rather shocked as he had not known that Iruka knew what it meant to be alone.

Naruto looked sad at hearing that but he knew he spoke the truth "I know he would, but I really wanted to pass because I worked really hard to try and pass the exam, but all because I failed to do that stupid Bushin jutsu, which I doubt I would use all that often, but if I became a shinobi I am sure I could get the jutsu down with enough training..." he said and pouted sadly which Mizuki smiled happily at seeing the boy walk into his trap. "Well then Young Uzumaki, what if I told you there is a makeup test you can take in which to get extra credit in order to pass?" he asked the boy whose face lit up like a Christmas tree at that offer.

The boy practically jumped off the swing and looked at Mizuki happily "Really? What do I have to do?" he asked all but yelling in his excitement which had Mizuki grinning and took out a small scroll with instructions written inside it, "Just follow what this scroll says and I will see you later tonight at the location listed on the scroll once you have completed the Extra Exam." he said to the boy who quickly snatched the scroll and opened it quickly and read it, which had the boy being internally shocked at what Mizuki wanted, but externally he grinned "I will do it Mizuki-sensei just you wait, I will be a Genin before you know it." he said and bounced off to run home, well Mizuki would think it was home.

Mizuki grinned "I know you won't fail Naruto." he said and internally smirked and walked off thinking how he will gain power and favor before the day was out, little did he know that Naruto was not going home but to the Hokage Monument to plan the nights actions, but can bet Mizuki will not like what will be in store for him...


Well I gotta say I am not that pleased with this chapter but if I try to rewrite it, it will just get worse so, hope it is an OK chapter but the Genin Exam is such a boring part of the story and there is only so far one can go in exploring that portion of the story, but now that it has been done we can move on to the first Real plot part of the story, the part where Naruto steals the Scroll of Seals or the Forbidden Scroll.

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