Pirate Uzumaki Chapter 1

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"Hey." Talking

"Hey." Thinking

"Hey." Talking on a Den Den Mushi.

What would happen if Naruto was captured during his battle with Nagato and the Akatsuki took the Kyuubi out of him? What if he died and was giving a second chance in another world? What would happen if a Shinigami gave him new powers? This is a cross over between One Piece and Naruto.

Naruto woke up in a strange place. He saw a camp fire and two logs. There was some sitting on one of the logs.

"It's about time kid. Get over here and sit down. I'm on a tight schedule here." Complain the person.

Naruto sat down on the other side of the person and noticed that this person was a woman. She had long black hair that was in a ponytail and had blue eyes. She also had a white robe on and a book in her hand that she was reading over.

She looked over at him. " Uzumaki Naruto. If you haven't figured it out already you died fighting Pein or his real name Nagato. The Kyuubi's power was sealed by the Akatsuki. In other words you're dead."

Naruto jaw hit the floor. "What? Who are you!"

She sighed at him. "Why can't you humans just listen to us and not ask the same questions all the time."

Naruto glared at her.

"Fine, fine. I'm an Angel."

Naruto had a question mark appear above his head.

She laughed. "Humans. I forgot that all of you have different names for us. Does the Grim Reaper ring any bells?"

"What's that?" Questioned Naruto.

"Oh I see now. How about a Shinigami?"

He widens his eyes. "You're a Shinigami!"

"Yes I am. I prefer to be called a...

Naruto cut her off. "But I heard that they were ugly and had horns or something like that."

"Enough. I don't have time to explain everything to you."

"Fine. Are you going to take me to heaven?" He asked.

She laughed at that. "You are a special case Uzumaki Naruto. The future needs your help."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at that. "Future?"

"That's right. You will be sent to another time or should I say world. The Lord decided that he needed you there rather than in the ninja world."

"You are confusing the hell out of me. I have to stop the Akatsuki!" Yelled an angry Naruto.

" Listen...

Naruto stood up in anger. "I don't care what you say. I need to save Sakura...

He was cut off as she lifted him up by the throat. "We are giving you another chance boy! Are you going to listen or must I force you to listen?"

Naruto was in so much pain. All he could do was nod his head. Then she let him go.

"You're a smart kid after all. Thanks to the Akatsuki's actions. The world has become evil in the future. I will send you there myself. There will be a fishman there to explain everything to you about the world. Listen to every word he says. That fishman never lies and you can trust him. Save that world anyway you like."

"Are you really serious about this?" He questioned.

She shook her head yes. "I don't joke around. Everyone you knew is dead. You have to make new comrades."

Naruto widen his eyes in horror. "Please don't send me. I want to stay with my friends."

"It's not my decision. I was ordered to send you there. Look on the positive side, I'm not sending you there without a gift."

Then for the first time Narrator had a smile. "What type of gift?"

"There will be a lot of powerful enemies you will have to fight. You still have your chakra and your other techniques. You will also have the Rinnegan, Sharingan, and the Byakugan. I will give you the knowledge how to use them. Although, it would be hard for you to learn them."

Naruto had stars in his eyes. "Are you serious? That's so cool. I'm going to be powerful."

"True, but the only drawback is that you can't swim."

Naruto fell off the log.

"There will be these fruits called the Devil Fruits. You get powers if you eat it, but do not eat one or it will kill you. Devil fruit users can't swim at all. The sink like a rock. You're going to be one of them. So be careful Naruto."

Before Naruto could say or ask anymore. Everything went black.

She smiled at him." The ninja world lives in you."

Naruto woke up coughing. He saw a giant of a man standing over him. That's when he noticed that the guy looked somewhat like Kisame Hoshigaki. He had pink skin and long black hair. He had a white and black stripped shirt. He also had a dark brown captains coat over his shoulders. The Fishman had a long beard as well.

"I see you're awake. Who or what are you?" Questioned the fishman.

Naruto noticed that he was wet. Like he has been in the water. Then he noticed that he was on a ship and there were a lot of fishmen glaring at him.

"I won't ask again boy." Said the same fish man.

Then Naruto remembered talking to that Shinigami. "She lied to me. I don't have any knowledge to use Rinnegan or the others." Then he looked at the big fishman. "What do you mean what am I?"

The fishman raised an eyebrow at him. "What's your name?"

"Uzumaki Naruto."

"I'm Fisher Tiger. Everyone leave us, but Jinbe." Ordered Tiger.

All the fishmen left the deck and went inside the ship.

"We were on our way to the Red Line when a black hole opened up in the sky. I never have seen anything like that, even in the Grand Line." Explained the Captain of the Sun Pirates.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "What makes you think I know anything about it?"

"You fell out of the black hole." Stated Tiger.

Naruto widen his eyes at that information.

"When you fell in the water. We noticed that you sunk like a rock. In other words you ate a Devil Fruit." Said the First Mate Jinbe.

"I jumped in the water to save you." Stated Tiger.

Naruto nodded at them. "You have my thanks, but I really don't know much about that black hole you saw. Even if I tell you what I know, I doubt you believe me."

"Let me decided that boy." Said Tiger.

That's when Naruto remembered what the Shinigami said to trust the Fishman he saw. He guess that the Fishman was Tiger. Then he started to tell them everything.

"Then that Shinigami sent me here." Said Naruto as he finish telling his story.

Jinbe glanced over at his captain. "Is he telling the truth?"

Tiger nodded his head. "I hate to say it, but the boy is telling the truth."

"That was too easy. How do you know I'm telling the truth?" Questioned Naruto.

"Tiger had the ability to read people. He can tell if you're telling the truth or not." Explained Jinbe.

Naruto nodded.

Then Tiger gave him a serious look. "You were telling the truth, but you could be a crazy. A ninja world? Chakra? I want to see one of those eyes that the Shinigami was supposed to give you."

"I don't know how they work." Said a serous Naruto.

Tiger gave him a glare. "Then we will fight."

Naruto fell over in surprise. "What!"

"Fighting for your life always unlocks new powers. I hate humans. So it's a win for me even if you die or not." Explained Tiger.

Naruto glared at him. "I get it. You want to see how strong I am, but I can't fight you. I owe you a debt for saving my life."

Jinbe gave him a small smile. "That boy has honor. It's hard these days to find a human with honor."

"Are you sure about that boy?" Questioned Tiger.

Naruto gave him grin. "I never go back on my word! Believe it!"

Tiger grinned at him. "For a human you're not half bad."

All the other Fishmen came up on the deck when they heard that Tiger was going to fight the kid and they were surprise that Tiger complemented a human. He never did that.

"Have it your way boy. If you won't fight me than you can fight Jinbe then." Offered Tiger.

Jinbe nodded. "Prepare yourself."

Naruto nodded and got in his fighting stance.

Jinbei punched the air four times. Naruto thought it was warm up punches, but he felt pain in his stomach and was sent flying back. Jinbe charged at him and to everyone surprise Naruto jumped high in the air. Then Naruto eyes rolled back as he came crashing down on the deck.

" Jinbei is a master of Fishman Karate. The first punch Naruto felt was a low level. The last three punches were delayed." Thought Tiger as he was not impressed so far.

Jinbe was waiting for Naruto to get up. "Is this it? I thought you were strong?"

Naruto got up. "I'm not done yet!" Then there were about fifteen shadow clones.

Jinbe raised eyebrow. "This is impressive. Is this the ninja power you were talking about?"

Naruto nodded. Then they charged at Jinbe, but the Fishmen sent a shock wave at them taking out most of them, but two. One of them tried to punch Jinbe in the face, but he blocked it and punched the clone in the face.

Jinbe looked at the last Naruto. "Looks like you're the only one left."

"Bring it on!" Yelled Naruto.

Jinbe appeared in front of him and brought his fist down on his head. Then to Jinbe's surprise Naruto turn into a cloud smoke. The real Naruto appeared out of nowhere and slammed a Rasengan in Jinbe's chest that sent him flying through the door on the ship's deck.

Arlong glared at Naruto. "What is that kid? No sticking human can do that to a fishman."

Naruto was a little surprise that Jinbe walked back out. "I didn't hit him with a full Rasengan, but still he shouldn't have gotten up from that. This guy is strong."

"You caught me off guard. It won't happen again." Promised Jinbe.

"You're very strong and fast for your size. I guess it's time for Sage mode." Stated Naruto with a smile. Unknown to everyone else Naruto had three clones on the back of ship to gather natural energy. The first clone disappeared making Naruto a Sage.

Jinbe and Tiger widen their eyes.

"Is this one of the eye powers?" Questioned Jinbe as he saw yellow rings around the kid's eyes.

"No it's not. This is my most powerful form." Stated Naruto.

Then Naruto appeared in front of him. Jinbe saw him. Both of their first connected to each other that sent shock waves through the air and blew all the fishmen off the boat, but Tiger.

Naruto widen his eyes. "This guy is able to keep up with me in Sage mode!"

"That punch hurt my fist. It's my job to make him awaken those powers of his." Thought Jinbe. "You are strong Naruto-san. I have been holding back to."

Naruto had a surprise look on his face.

"I could tell you held back on that last attack. I have an idea. I will do one last attack and I want you to take it head on. If you fail you will die." Said Jinbe.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "We gone this far. Let's go all the way."

Jinbe nodded his head. "I'm a lot more powerful in the water." Then he jumped in the ocean.

Naruto made giant sage Rasengan. "Let's do this Jinbe."

Tiger let out a sigh. "Those two are going to destroy my ship."

Meanwhile, underwater Jinbe was gathering water and then he shot it out straight at Naruto.

Naruto meet it head on and slammed his Rasengan in it. Naruto widen his eyes as he was being pushed back and was close to the edge of the ship. If he didn't do something soon, he was going to fall in the water. "I can't die here. I was sent here to help the world and that's want I'm going to do!"

Then Naruto knew how to call upon his new powers and he activated the Rinnegan. " Shinra Tensei!"

The water like canon was destroyed like it was nothing.

Jinbe's head was out of the water. "That was amazing Naruto-san."

Tiger started to clap his hands. "I never had seen such scary eyes before. I guess those are one of the eyes you were talking about?"

Naruto nodded. "Please Tiger. Tell me everything about this world."

Tiger nodded and begin to explain everything to him.

End of chapter.