Pirate Uzumaki Chapter 10

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A thirteen year old Nico Robin been betrayed again. It was OK because she always been betrayed. A CP9 member with long gray hair and a long goatee was chasing her. He had a lot of World Government agents with him.

" Stop demon! You don't derisive to live. Your existence is a crime!" Yelled the CP9 member.

Robin started to have tears coming out of her eyes. Then the CP9 member appeared in front of her. She widen her eyes and was about to use her powers, but he used Sora to appear behind her and kicked her hard. She went flying ten feet away.

" It's time to die Nico Robin." He stated with a smile on his face. Then he started hear screams of his men. He turn around to look and saw black flames burning all the agents. He wanted to know what was going on. He turned around to look at Robin, but came face to face with the scariest eyes he ever seen.

Suddenly he was tied to a cross. He noticed that the cross was black and he his clothes were black to. The sky was also red. He didn't know what was going on. Then someone appeared in front of him. It looked like the guy was nothing, but a shadow.

" Who the hell are you?"

" Uzumaki Naruto." Answered the shadow.

The last time he saw that Pirate was on Ohara with his chief Spandine.

Naruto smirked at him. "Shishishishi... I never thought I run in to anyone on my hit list so soon."

" A hit list?" He questioned in a scared voice.

" That's right. I'm planing on killing everyone that was involve in Ohara. Is that one arm fool and that other guy still alive that was with you?" Questioned Naruto.

"... I'm not telling you anything Demon Eyes!"

Naruto raised a eyebrow at that. " Loyal huh? Perhaps you can tell me want Admiral gave you guys the Golden Den Den Mushi or was it the Gorousei?"

" I want tell you anything!"

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. " Then I guess we do this the hard away."

The CP9 member was sweating bullets. " What is this place?"

The blond smirked at him. " This is called Tsukuyomi. It's just like Kakashi-sensei describe. This is my world now."

Then to the CP9 member's horror. Naruto stabbed him with a sword. He screamed in pain, but didn't die.

" You still have three days of this." Stated Naruto with hatred.

Then the man started to scream. " I tell you! My partner died in a mission two years ago by a Revolutionary. Chief Spandine is going to retire in a year. He is training his son to take over as Chief of CP9. It was Admiral Sengoku that gave us the Golden Den Den Mushi, but now his the Fleet Admiral! That's all I know."

Naruto had a killer look on his face. " I have so much hate right now. I don't care if your telling me the truth or not. I'm going to torture you for what you did on Ohara."

Then Naruto started to stab him over and over. Back in the real world the CP9 member fell over and Naruto cought him and held his head. He started to read his mind.

" It looks like you were telling the truth about that other CP9 member. Well, you don't have any good information on the Gorousei." Stated Naruto.

He knew that the Pirate was going to kill him. He thought if he told Demon Eyes about his daughter Kalifa, then he would let him live. He did, but it had no effect on the Pirate.

Naruto grinned at that. " Oliva had a daughter and you didn't care about that. Don't worry, there are going to be a lot of people following you to hell."

Then Naruto removed the man's soul and killed him. Then he turned around and saw Robin watching him with a happy expression on her face. He gave her a big smile. " Hey Robin-chan. I glad you made it out of Ohara alive." " She looks just like her mother." He thought.

For the first time in a long time. Robin was really happy. She started to cry as she ran over towards Naruto and hugged him.

He hugged her back. " It's OK Robin. I'm here."

They stayed like that for a long time, until Robin spoke.

" Are you really here Naruto?"

He smiled down at her. " Yes. You grown a lot since I last saw you. How old are you?"

" I'm thirteen now."

" Your going to be a beautiful woman when you grow up. You look so much like your mother." Stated Naruto. Then he knew it was mistake talking about her mother.

" Is my mother alright?"

That was the last thing he wanted to talk about with her.

" Please Naruto. I can handle it." Robin stated. She already knew that her mother was dead. She wanted to know how she died.

" I'm sorry Robin. Your mother didn't make it. She died in my arms and told me that Sakazuki left her to die. She also named me your father."

Robin was shocked that her mother asked Naruto to be her father. " Father?"

He nodded at her. " She sure did. I told her I would be your father if you want me to."

She never had a father before and she didn't hesitate for a second. " I would love that."

He smiled as he stood up. " Your mother also wanted me to tell you that she loved you." He thought it was best to tell her that. After all he knew how happy it felt when his father believed in him. Even though he failed.

Robin was really happy to hear that her mother loved her. " The world said that you were still alive, but I thought they lied about it."

He raised a eyebrow. " What did the world say about Ohara?"

" That we were your Pirate crew. They also said that we all wanted to destroy the world with the Acient Weapons." Explained Robin. " Every one betrays me. No matter what I do. I think it would have been better if I would have died on Ohara."

" Don't say such things Robin. Saul gave his life for you so that you can live. No one has the right to say you should have never been born. Everyone is born in to this world and everyone dies. Don't ever listen to idiot people like that." He stated.

She nodded in understanding. He then asked her how she escaped Ohara. She explained that Kuzan let her go.

Naruto was surprised that Marine spared Robin's life. Then he told Robin about everything that happen to him.

She was sacred that Naruto knew and wanted her to live with Boa Hancock. " What if she doesn't like me? I heard she shows no mercy."

" Shishishishi... Those only two people in this world that I really care for. That's you and Hancock. Besides, she's really nice once you get to know her." He said with a big smile. Then he held out his hand. " Trust me. You will be safe with me."

Robin took his hand with a smile and both of them disappeared.

Naruto reappeared inside of Hancock's throne room. Hancock was siting on Salome. She blushed when she saw Naruto. " Hey... Naruto. I see your found Nico Robin."

Naruto smiled. " Sure did."

Robin gave Hancock a bow. " It's very nice to meet you."

" It's nice to meet the daughter of Naruto. You are welcome to stay here as long as you want." Stated Hancock.

" I don't won't to be in the way...

Hancock dismissed want Robin was about to say. " Nonsense, the daughter of Naruto is welcome here. If anyone has a problem with you, then I take care of it."

That's when Hancock's sisters walked in. They were surprise to see Robin there.

" Robin, these our my sisters. Sandersonia and Marigold. This is Naruto's daughter Nico Robin." Stated the empress.

Both the sisters have heard of Nico Robin.

" Naruto and Robin will be staying with us."

Sandersonia was shocked that her sister said that. " I don't agree sister! Both of them are said to be..."She was cut off as Hancock glared at her using her Haki.

" Don't say anything bad about them. Don't forget what Naruto did for us. You may be my sister, but no one will insult Naruto or Robin in front of me. Do I make myself clear?"

Sandersonia nodded her head. " Forgive me sister."

Hancock looked at her other sister. " I want you two to show Robin around. Get whatever type of food Robin wants and show her to one of the rooms in the palace. Make sure it's a good room."

Marigold nodded her head. " Very well." Then she handed Naruto his new black coat.

Naruto was shocked that he saw the Uzumaki clan mark." Shishishishi... thank you so much Marigold."

" Your welcome Naruto-san." Said Marigold with a smile. Then she looked at Robin. " Please follow me. I give you the tour of the Palace. Then we will have dinner and then I take you to your room."

Robin was about to follow the sisters, but stopped and looked at Naruto. " Are you coming Naruto?"

" I will see you later. There is someone I have to meet up with now. I see you tomorrow morning."

Robin looked sad that Naruto wasn't going to stay with her. What he said next to her made her think that he was a mind reader.

" Don't worry. Hancock gave me permission to live here to. Your safe here and I promise I be here in the morning." He stated with a big smile.

Hancock blushed because Naruto called her by name again. Robin was happy that Naruto promise he be back.

" OK. I see you tommorow morning." Said Robin with a smile.

With that her and the Boa sisters left Naruto and Hancock alone.

He looked at her. " I'm sorry you had to snap at your sister like that. I didn't mean to make problems between you and your sister."

" She should no better than to disagree with me or say anything bad about you." Was all Hancock said on the subject.

" I be back later tonight. Are you going to be up?" Questioned Naruto.

She blushed at that. " Yes, I wait for you to come back."

He rubbed his head in embarrassment. " You don't have to wait for me."

" It's fine." She said. Then she wanted to know who Naruto was going to see. She hoped it was not another woman. She told Nyon about Naruto hugging her and wanting to marry her, that old hag said that it didn't mean marriage at all. It was a friendly jester. She demanded Nyon to tell her how to marry Naruto for real. Then the old hag ran off, without telling her.

Naruto noticing the annoyed expression on Hancock's beautiful face. He surprised himself thinking of Hancock like that. In fact he couldn't help it. " Is there something wrong?"

She shook her head no. " Who are you meeting?" Then she started to blush. " You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

" I'm going to see a man name Dragon."

She widen her eyes. " You mean The Revolutionary Dragon?"

Naruto raised a eyebrow at her. " That's the one. You know him?"

" No. Only by reputation. The World Government calls him the most wanted man in the world. They compared him to you and Roger."

" Really? Why do they compare Roger, Dragon, and me for."

" Because how big of a threat you three are. In fact they call you monsters in human form."

He remembered how the people in the Leaf Village thought that about him. Then he looked at Hancock. " What do you think of me? Do you think of me as a demon? Everyone else seems to think of me as a monster. Doesn't matter if I was in my time or here." He noticed that Hancock had a serious look on her face.

" You could be the son of demons or the devil for all I care. I still lo..." She cut herself off. She didn't think she could tell him that yet.

Of course Naruto saw her face red again and I was worried that she was sick again. " Are you OK Hancock?"

She just nodded.

" Well, I'm glad you still want to be my friend."

That's not what she was going to say to him.

" Even though I am a man"

" All men are my enemies. You are the only exception." Stated Hancock.

Naruto gave her a big smile. " Every time I feel down. You know what to say to make me feel better... Shishishishi. I see you later tonight."

With that he disappeared again. Hancock was going to look for that old hag and demand how to marry Naruto. She started to giggle and day dreaming about marrying Naruto.

Located in the Grand Line is a island called Baltigo. Also home base for the Revolutionary Army.

Naruto appeared on balcony and saw Dragon just looking outside.

Dragon smirked. " I was thinking you were really dead. I thought you said you won't be that long?"

" Been busy. I almost died, but that's history now. Glad you and your group are doing something about the World Government. You must have pissed them off to call you the World's Most Wanted Criminal." Stated a smiling Naruto.

" That's the plan." Stated a smirking Dragon as he turned around to face him. " Your eyes are different, but it doesn't matter. Are you still in?"

Naruto nodded his head. " Of course."

" Good. I like to keep you a secert. I don't want outsiders to know that your one of us."

Naruto shook his head. " I got some Namaka that I won't lie to. Besides I told them already."

Dargon didn't like that one bit. "Have you gone nuts? How can I trust Crocodile or Doflamingo?"

"Calm down. I wasn't talking about them. The ones I was talking about my daughter and the woman that gave me my faith back."

" If were going to trust each other. Then your going to have to tell me their names. Trust works both ways Naruto."

Naruto sighed. " Fine. Nico Robin and Boa Hancock."

Dragon was surprised to hear those names. " Nico Robin is your daughter?"

Naruto nodded. " That's right."

" So the light of the Revolution turns out to be your daughter." Stated Dragon with a smile on his face. How funny fate was. " How in the world did you get Boa Hancock as your namaka?"

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders.

" Can you trust Hancock not to...

Naruto cut him off with a simple yes.

" Very well. Just don't tell anyone else." Dragon told him.

" I understand."

Just then a new voice interrupted them. " Oh if isn't Demon-boy."

Both men turned around and saw Ivankov with Inazuma. Both had Revolutionary cloaks on. Naruto smiled at them and told them it's been a while.

" I'm so glad your safe Naruto-san. I was really worried about you." Stated Inazuna in her female form.

" I'm fine. How have you two been?" He questioned.

" Very well. In fact we had have more members than the last time we meet. Mmmfufufu." Stated a laughing Iva.

" So what's next?" Asked Naruto.

" I like you to meet one of your partners." Said Dragon as he pointed to the entrance.

There was a very tall man that had the same cloak on as the others. "It's been a while Demon Eyes Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto widen his eyes. "You! The Tryant Bartholomew Kuma."

"Sorry about what happen in Partia. We wanted to test your powers. I'm sorry about the Namaka you lost." Kuma apologized.

Naruto seem to relax at that, but still was not happy to see him. "So you sent Kuma after me Dragon?"

"Yes." Was his answer.

Then out of nowhere Naruto appeared in front of Kuma and punched him in the face. With Kuma on the ground, he went after Dragon. He charged at Dragon and tried to punch him as well, but he dodged it. Some of the other Revolutionaries started to come out and pointed guns at Naruto.

" Back off." Odered Dragon.

One of them looked at their leader. " But he attacked Kuma and you."

" Naruto is one of us. Don't point your weapons at him. Don't make me ask again." Said a firm Dragon. Then he looked at Naruto. "Any reason why you attacked me?"

" Simple. If it wasn't for Kuma, I might have save Crocodile's namaka. So I attacked the both of you to get even." Explained Naruto.

Kuma got up, but didn't say anything. He was rubbing his cheek where Naruto hit him.

Iva sighed at all that. " Your really crazy Demon-boy."

" I can deal with that punishment. If you want to hit me, than do it now." Stated Dragon with no fear at all.

Naruto really didn't feel like it anymore. Dragon didn't know that he and Crocodile would be in a fight with Whitebeard. It was really Whitebeard's fault that they died. He was a little surprise that Dragon dodged his attack like that. It meant that the Revolutionary Leader was strong.

" We are good. Besides, I can't kill the World Government by myself...Shishishishi."

Iva raised a eyebrow in curiosity. " Why do you hate the World Government?"

Before Naruto spoke up, Dragon spoke first.

" We all have reasons why we hate the Government. Some may be different then others, but we all have one thing in common. We want to destroy the Government."

Naruto grinned at that. " I wouldn't mind making them suffer first Shishishishi."

Dragon grinned right back. " I think we could do that to."

The others were nervous at the way their boss and Naruto were smiling at each other.

Iva sweat dropped at that. Those two are scary.

Kuma just keep a straight face.

Inazuma had rum bottles and looked at Naruto. " You seem tense. Perhaps if you have some rum."

Naruto's eyes lit up at that. " I like rum." He took the bottle and started drinking it.

" Do you have a place to stay?" Questioned Dragon as he to grabbed a bottle of rum.

" Yea, Don't worry about me. So what's the plan?"

" There are about thirty CP9 training camps. They take kids that don't have any family at all and trained them to be weapons. We are going to destroy all of those camps." Explained Dragon.

" What about the kids?" Questioned Iva.

" Kill them all." Was all Dragon said.

Iva looked worried. " Killing kids Dragon? Have we falling that low?"

" You shouldn't question Dragon's orders. This is a war. They are training those kids to be weapons for the World Government. Right now they are guns, but in a few years they will be loaded with bullets. It's best that we kill them now." Stated Kuma.

Iva looked at Kuma. " Can you really kill little kids like that?"

" They don't call me the Tryant for nothing" Was all Kuma said.

Iva gave him a look. " Your letting your hatred for the Government get in the way."

" He's right Iva." Naruto spoke up

" Not you to. Can you kill kids?" Questioned Iva.

" My mercy for fools died on Ohara." Stated Naruto with hatred.

" Fine. We will kill the children." Said Iva. He still didn't agree with them, but Dragon didn't even look like he was going to change his man. Not to mention Kuma and Naruto were monsters when it came to the Government.

" We will start tomorrow. Naruto and Kuma will go to the South Blue. There is three camps over in that ocean. Iva and Inazuma will handle the West Blue. Good luck with your missions." Said Dragon. Then he turned to look at Naruto. " What type of Devil Fruit did you eat?"

" Let's just say I have a lot of abilities. I really don't feel like explaining my powers right now. You wouldn't understand even if I told you." Stated Naruto.

Dragon sighed at him. " I can respect that. You just have to tell me how you found this place?"

" One if my abilities is to teleport. It's awesome. When I sense someones chakra. I can find them no matter where they are. That's how I found you." Explained Naruto.

They were all impressed. They wanted to now what chakra was. He told them it was in all living things, but to be honest he wasn't sure about that. After all he skipped so many classes, he wish he didn't skip those classes.

" It seems your teleporting is better than mine." Stated Kuma.

The blond raised a eyebrow. " You can do it to huh?"

" Not as good as yours though."

" You don't mind if I have a look around the base do you?" He asked Dragon.

" Your one of us. Do want you want to." Stated Dragon as he went inside during who knows what.

Naruto smiled at Inazuma. " Care to show me around?" Then he noticed Inazuma was a man again. He sweat dropped at that. " Dammit, I wanted the nice Inazuma."

" Sure Naruto-san. Follow me." Said a monotone Inazuma.

Iva watched as they left the room and looked at the taller man. " Do you think you can work with Naruto?"

" We will work fine as a team together." Answered Kuma.

" The Tryant and Demon Eyes as a team. Everything will be destroyed in their path. Mmmfufufu!" Iva laughed at his own joke.

" The good thing is Naruto won't be as loud as you." Stated Kuma as he started to walk away.

Iva did a goofy face," Me loud?" Then his head got bigger. " Hee Haw!"

With that the base shook. Poor Kuma was death for a couple of hours.

Amazon Lily.

Naruto appeared in the thrown room. It took longer than Naruto thought. It was big base that Inazuma showed him. He ate with all the other Revolutionaries. He got back about 5am. He saw that Hancock had fell asleep siting on her Salome. He wondered why she keep using the snake as a throne.

Then he noticed how beatiful she looked when sleeping. The way her hair shined in the dark. He got closer hoping that Salome won't attack him.

" I'm just going to pick her up and carry her to her room. So don't bit my head off." Whispered Naruto.

Salome just looked him with a smile. Naruto took that as permission to take Hancock to her room. He picked her up and carried her to her room. Luckily her private room was near the thrown room. He sat her down on her bed gently. Salome followed them and layed the floor. Naruto then kissed her forehead.

After that he went to Robin's room.

He saw her sleeping, but didn't have any covers on. She was shivering from the cold. Naruto walked over to the bed and covered her with blankets. " Sweet dreams Robin."

He took off his coat and sat in a chair near by. Then he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Then he found himself in his mind looking at the Kyuubi. He rolled his eyes at the beast. " I'm trying to sleep."

" Relax, your geting your sleep. I thought we needed to talk."

" What is it?"

" I first like to say is I'm happy that your going to kill some kids tomorrow. Perhaps we are more alike than I thought."

Naruto glared at him. " We are nothing alike."

" I disagree kit. You and I are monsters. We are going to cause this world chaos. Don't say you don't want to. I can read you like a open book."

" I gave up on being the hero Kyuubi. I tried to be a hero, but I was defeated by Pein. I tried to be a hero in this world and if is was not for that shinigami I would have died again. It won't happen again." Stated Naruto as he decided just to tell the Kyuubi the truth.

" As long as we are both on the same page."

In the real world it was morning time. Poor Naruto was woken up by Robin jumping on top of him and started crying. Then she started hugging him really hard witched caused the chair to tip over. He landed on the floor hard with her on top of him. He was glad she was not hurt.

Naruto could say he never woke up like this before. He was worried about Robin. " What's wrong Robin?"

" I...thought that I dreamed that you were alive. I so happy that it wasn't a dream." Said a crying Robin.

Naruto started to rub her back. " It's OK Robin. I'm not a dream and I'm not leaving."

After about five minutes, she stopped crying. " I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...

He cut her off with a happy smile. " It's fine. I got about four hours to spend time with you. What would you like to do?"

" Where are you going?"

" To help Dragon. The World Government is going to pay for what they did to you and Ohara. That I promise you."

Robin was glad someone in this world cared about her."Can we go fishing?"

He raised a eyebrow at her. To him Robin didn't look like she would like fishing. "If that's what you want."

A hour later, Robin and Naruto got two fishing poles thanks to Hancock. They cast their hooks in the water. They were also far from the village since Naruto didn't want to cause Hancock any more problems then he already had. She had done so much for him since he arrived on the island.

" So tell me Robin-chan. Why do you want to fish?"

She smiled at him. " I seen kids do this all the time with their fathers." Then to her surprise something was starting to pull on her fishing pole.

She wasn't strong enough to pull it on land, so Naruto took over for her. Then to his surprise a gaint fish flew at him and it landed on top of him. Robin started to giggle at him.

Hearing he giggle like that made Naruto really happy. Naruto shoved the fish off of him. " Well, I'm glad that made you happy. That has to be the biggest fish I ever seen."

Robin then looked behind him and smiled. " That boar is bigger."

Naruto widen his eyes as a giant boar came charging at him. He pointed his hand out and did Shinra Tensei that made the boar fly half way in the jungle destroying some trees. " Why in the hell is all the animals so big around here?"

" It's not just here. It's all over the world." Stated a giggling Robin. Then she explained about the Calm Belt and the Grand Line.

Naruto nodded at this information. " So pretty much all these beast are every where?"

Robin nodded her head. " If you want a normal life. Then go to the East Blue. Although you might find one or two there if you Lucky."

He raised a eyebrow at her. " I think your enjoying this way to much Robin-chan...Shishishishi."

" Fufufufufu... It's just funny how a famous Pirate like you, doesn't know any of this."

Naruto started to laugh also. " Shishishishi! I skipped a couple pirate classes."

Meanwhile Hancock was hiding behind a tree listen to what they were saying. She mad up her mind to tell Naruto how she felt, but got cold feet when she saw him. She was just happy seeing Naruto talking to Robin. She started day dreaming about them being a family. The Empress started to blush thinking of Naruto being her husband and Robin as her daughter.

" Naruto-san?"

" Yea?"

" Hancock-sama has been watching us for a while."

Naruto had a question look on his face and then he smiled. " Your right. How did you know?"

Then Robin made two hands appear on Naruto's body and then a couple of eyes appeared on both his arms. " I can see far away with out anyone knowing."

Naruto was impress as the hands that appeared on his chest disappeared like flowers. Robin caught Hancock with out the Empress even knowing about it.

" You told me about some of your powers. You said that you can see through walls and far away. How come you didn't notice at all?" Asked Robin

" My eyes are always look like this, but I have the ability to turn off certain features. It's true I can see through walls, but I can't see what everyone else see's unless I turn it off." Naruto Explained. He could tell that she was still confused.

" Right now you look gray to me. I can see your chakra flow. Your heart is biting very nicely. That means your in good health. In oder to see you in the normal way I have to turn it off. That's why I couldn't tell Hancock was watching us. Although, I need to be more aware of things going on around me. I guess I need to train more."

Robin knew about Hancock's crush on Naruto. She wanted to know if Naruto knew that as well. " Why do you think she's watching us for?"

" Probably to make sure we won't brake any laws."

That confirmed it. Naruto didn't have a clue about Hancock's feeling even though it was easy to see.

Naruto turned to the tree Hancock was hiding behind. " Hey Hancock! Why don't you come and hang out with us?"

Hancock blushed as she got caught and Naruto said her name again. She walked up to them. " I don't won't to get in the way of your father and daughter time."

Naruto smiled at her. " I don't mind."

" I don't mid." Also said Robin.

A few hours later Naruto left to do a mission with the Revolutionary Army.

" I over heard you talking to Naruto about liking books." Stated Hancock.

" I love books. All books have knowledge in them that one could learn from."

" My Pirate crew is going on another raid today. If you want I can get some books form a town."

Robin was happy and sad at the same time. The only ones she really trusted was Naruto, Hancock, and Marigold. " I would love that."

Hancock could tell she was sad. " What's wrong?"

" Please don't tell Naruto, but everybody besides the archaeologists hated me. They thought of me as a monster. Even my mother's family hated me."

" Why don't you want me to tell Naruto that?"

" He fought for me on Ohara. I'm scared that he may hate me because he almost died for a monster like me." Explained a teary Robin.

Hancock looked up at the sky. " I don't think it would matter to him if you were the daughter of a demon. When I found him, he was a broken man. It was like he was dead, but still walking the earth. After I helped him find a reason to live again. The first thing he wanted to do was find you. He really cares for you."

That made Robin simle. " Thank you Hancock-sama. He seems to care for you also."

Hancock blushed at that. Then turned to look at her. " Do you really think so?"

" Yes. He said you gave him his life and his will to live back."

" Yes, but he doesn't seem to be attractive to me."

" He does. It's just he really respects you." Stated Robin.

Hancock raised a eyebrow at that." How do you know all this?"

" I have habit of watching other people. It's what I did on Ohara since I had no to body play with me."

Hancock stood up. " Let's go back to the village. I'm sure you can make friends here. I would like to be around you more, but I have duty's as the Empress of this island and Naruto seems to be busy taking down the World Government."

Robin stood up as well.

" By the way Robin, you can just call me Hancock."

Robin smiled at her. Naruto was right all along about the Pirate Empress being nice, once you get to know her. "I can do that Hancock."

Then they left the jungle and headed to the village. Both of them happy that they got closer and made a bond with each other.

In the skys over the Grand Line. There was a giant bubble that looked like a paw print. There were two people in it.

" This is a pain. This is taking to long. Is this really how you travel by yourself?" Questioned Naruto. He looked down and saw nothing, but a ocean. He hoped bubble didn't pop.

Naruto was siting down and Kuma was standing up looking at his bible.

" Yes. Your teleporting is much faster, but since you never been to this place. It was up to me to send us there." Explained Kuma.

" Just as long as we get to kill Government people. I don't care." Stated Naruto.

After about two hours they finally made it in the South Blue.

Kuma closed his book and put his hood on. " Remember, to always have your hood on. The world can't know that we are Revolutionaries."

" I know. Are we close?" Questioned Naruto as he put his hood on also.

Both men had on black cloaks. You couldn't see their faces because of the hoods.

" Yes. We will arrive in ten minutes. I guess I'm about to see how much of a demon you are." Stated Kuma.

Naruto smirked at him. " I get to see how much of a Tyrant you are."

Then both men stopped talking as they waited.

Naruto couldn't wait until he started to attack the Government. He was going to destroy this CP9 place.

End of chapter.

The people that know about Naruto's true past-




Olvia (Deceased)

Hancock ( She knows everything about his past)