Pirate Uzumaki Chapter 13

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3 years later.

Three years seem to pass fast for Naruto. He did a lot of missions with the Revolutionaries. The World Government saw them as a major threat. The day when when he and Hancock became lovers. She had Naruto named the king of Amazon Lily. All the women on the island really liked Naruto and called him Naruto-sama.

Although, no women on the island was aloud to touch Naruto under Hancock's orders. If they did, then the Empress would put them to death. Also Naruto didn't want any power that came with the power of being a king, but Hancock told him that she didn't want to hide him form her people anymore. He was the first man in history that was aloud to stay on the island. Nyon didn't like it, but ever since Hancock fell in love with Naruto. She's become less cold than she used to be. She was a lot nicer to her people.

Also Hancock had Robin join the Kuja Pirates. Robin made a lot of friends in her days staying in Amazon Lily. Most of them we be asking her questions about Naruto. She became close with a little girl name Marguerite. Also like the other of Kuja, she had her own snake. It was purple. She learned Haki like other Kujas.

In fact Hancock herself taught Robin how to use Haki. Although, she had a hard time learning it. Naruto also taught Hancock and Robin about chakra. Robin seemed to master that better than Haki. Both of them mastered tree climbing and water walking faster than Naruto. He still claims they cheated some how.

Amazon Lily

Robin was in the throne room with Hancock. They were both wanting for Naruto to come. He was with the Revolutionaries, doing who knows what?

Hancock was siting on Salome. " Are you sure you want to do this Robin-san? I wish you would stay on my crew."

Robin smiled at Hancock. "Thank you Hancock-san, but I have to do this. I just hope Naruto-san agrees to this."

Hancock wasn't to sure if Naruto would agree. She had to talk to Naruto in to allowing Robin to join her crew. The only thing that Naruto was strict with her about was Robin's safety. She also knows it annoys Robin, when Naruto is really over protected.

Just then Naruto appeared in the throne room. Of course he had a bottle of rum with him and a big smile on his face. "My two favorite women together. Can't help, but to smile."

Robin smiled and Hancock blushed at his words.

" Did you have a good day Naruto-kun?" Asked the Empress.

He shook his head. "Not really. Kuma had to do something else. I got stuck with Iva today. His OK, but really crazy."

Robin grabbed his hand to keep him from drinking anymore. He raised a eyebrow at her. " I need to tell you something Naruto-san."

He could tell she was serious about this. He put away his rum and gave her a smile. "What is it?"

" I want to travel and see the world by myself." She told him.

Naruto was quiet for a minute. " You are aware that the world hates us. It doesn't matter where you go, everyone will betray you. They want to kill you."

" I know."

He gave her a question look. "Are you unhappy here?"

" Of course not. I love it here. I made a lot of friends and it's a wonderful place to live." She stated.

" Then why the hell would you want to leave this place?" Naruto questioned. He didn't understand her at all.

"I need to start looking for the Poneglyphs." Answered Robin.

Naruto gave Robin a hard look and Robin gave one back to him.

" I'm a archaeologist Naruto. It's what I do. Don't even think you not interested in them. You can found out what happen to your friends in your time. Isn't that your goal?" She questioned Naruto.

Naruto shook his head. Robin sure could make her point when she wanted something. "Nice try Robin-chan, but you can't go out to sea."

Robin was surprised Naruto told her no. He never told Hancock or her no on anything. "Why not?"

" Because I forbid it."

She glared at him. " I'm seventeen now."

"You could be thirty and I still won't let you go."

"How do you plan to stop me?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes at her, but it had no effect on Robin. " I lock you in your room, until you get this nonsense out if your head."

"It's not nonsense! You have no right to hold me back!" Yelled Robin.

"I'm your father!"

"No your not!"

"You ungrateful little girl! After all I done for you!" Naruto yelled out.

Hancock step in between them. "Stop, the both of you! Fighting won't solve anything."

Both Robin and Naruto seem to calm down a little bit.

"Isn't there a law you can use against her Hancock-chan?" Questioned Naruto.

Hancock sighed at Naruto. "No there is not. She wasn't born a Kuja. I would like her to stay here, but this is what she wants."

Naruto looked hurt. "You mean your own her side Hancock-chan?"

Robin answered for Hancock. " She tried to talk me out of it."

He let out a sigh. "I'm sorry Hancock-chan for thinking you turn against me." Then he looked at Robin. "I'm sorry Robin-chan for being a jerk."

Robin hugged Naruto." I'm sorry I said you weren't my father. You will always be my father."

" Can you tell me the reason why you want to see the world?" Asked Naruto.

Robin decided to tell them the real reason. "My dream."

Both Naruto and Hancock had question looks on their faces. "Dream?" They both questioned.

Robin shook her head yes. "My dream is to find the Rio Poneglyph. It tells the true history. I was looking for it before you found me. My mother spent all her life looking for it and she didn't find it. I have to find it."

Naruto was having flashbacks about Oliva. There was no way he could keep her from her dream. It was like someone keeping him from being Hokage.

Since Naruto or Hancock didn't speak up. Robin was afraid that they still wouldn't let her go. "Have you two ever had a dream?"

Hancock blushed at that. She had two dreams. One was to marry Naruto and the other was to become the strongest Kuja there ever was. She made one of her dreams come true.

Naruto had flashbacks of him stating that he would become Hokage. "I did have a dream. However, it can never come true since there is no more Hokages in this world. Is there anyway I can talk you out of this Robin-chan?"

Robin shook her head no.

" Very well. I agree with you, but I still don't like it. However, you can't go unless you agree with two of my terms." Stated Naruto with a smile.

Hancock put in her two cents. " Three terms. I have one myself."

Naruto smiled at that. " Fine. Three terms then. It make me feel a lot better if you agree with this Robin-chan. Besides, my blood pressure is sky high."

Robin smiled at Naruto acting like a old father. " Very well. Want are your demands...

Naruto cut her off. " Terms."

" Of course, my mistake. I mean want are your terms?" Questioned a happy Robin with a smile on her face.

Naruto glanced at Hancock.

" You are still a Kuji and my daughter. You must bring you snake weapon with you." Said a serious Hancock.

"I will. I worked hard for her." Said Robin as the snake was on her shoulder.

Then Naruto spoke up. " I be making a town for you to stop at and get supplies if you need them. You have to try to report there every year."

Both of his favorite women raised a eyebrow at this.

" It's going to a big Pirate town. No Marines at all and only Pirates are welcome." Explained Naruto.

"You want to own your own island?" Robin asked.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "It could be fun and I see a lot of islands where Pirates are not aloud to stop foot on the island. I like to make one so the Marines can't take a step on it."

Hancock smiled at Naruto. "Your name alone is fearsome. We need a lot of money first. I could get some for you Naruto-kun."

Naruto shook his head. "Thanks Hancock-chan, but I know a Nakama that can really help me out. After all he called himself a business Pirate."

Hancock knew who he was talking about. It was another disgusting man name Donquixote Doflamingo. She couldn't understand why Naruto calls that man his Nakama.

" I'm fine with that. What's the other condition?" Robin asked.

" I'm going to teach you to be a assassin. I'm going to train you for two months. Is that OK with you Robin-chan?" Questioned Naruto.

Robin thought it was a honor that Naruto was going to train her. Since in his time there were top ninja assassins. "That would be great Naruto-san."

" Then in two months, you can start your journey." Stated Naruto.

Hancock knew he was leaving again. Some how she could just tell. "Where are you going Naruto-kun? You just got back."

Naruto smiled at her. " I'm going to visit a Namaka I haven't seen in a long time. I hope his not mad at me for not visiting him sooner. Shishishishi!"

" Please becareful Naruto-kun. Doflamingo is a dangerours man." Said a concern Empress.

Naruto kissed her on the lips. "Don't worry Hancock-chan. His a good...Well, he is my Nakama."

Robin then hugged him before he could leave. "I'm sorry about that way I acted."

He smiled at his daughter and hugged her back. "Don't worry about it. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me about what I said to you?"

Robin told him that she did and let him go.

" I see you two later tonight." With that he disappeared.

Naruto appeared on a island in the Grand Line. It had a big mansion on it. It wasn't as big as the Kuja Palace, but it was still big. There was a pool outside with a lot of tables around. There was a man siting at one of the tables, that had a good view of the ocean.

He walked over to the man siting at the table."It's been a while Doflamingo...Shishishishi."

Doflamingo looked behind him and had a big grin on his face. "Fuffuffuffuffu! If isn't my Nakama Naruto-kun." He got back up out of his chair and gave Naruto a high five. " Have a sit Naruto-kun."

Naruto nodded as both of them sat down at the table. Doflamingo snap his fingers and a woman appeared. She looked like waitress.

The black skin woman bowed. " Doflamingo-sama?"

"Fuffuffuffuffu! This is a cause for celebration! Bring food, ramen, and rum." The blond Pirate ordered.

She bowed and left to get food for both the Pirates.

Doflamingo smiled at Naruto. " You grown up Fuffuffuffuffu! What's up with those eyes of yours? They look even more scary than the last time I saw you."

"Been training alot. Glad you decided to loose your goggles, ear rings, and you have short hair Shishishishi." Stated a laughing Naruto.

Doflamingo laughed at that. " I did have the same hair style as you. I'm sorry hear about your lover Naruto-kun."

Naruto raised a eyebrow at that. Did something happen to Hancock? No, nothing could have happen to her. He just left her and Robin. "What do you mean?"

" I meant about Nico Oliva and Ohara. I never knew you had a wife, kid and a crew from Ohara." Doflamingo told him.

Naruto was confused. A wife, kid and crew? He will marry Hancock in the future, Robin was his kid, and he join up with Crocodile's crew. "What are you talking about?"

Doflamingo was interested that Naruto didn't know. "I have you read newspaper after Ohara?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes. " What did it say?"

" The World Government did a back ground check on you. Funny, thing is they couldn't fine any information on you. They say you were born on Ohara. Then at some point time you recruited the Oharan Clan of scholars in your pirate crew. They also said you fell in love with Nico Oliva and the both of you had Nico Robin. For reasons unknown, you left Ohara and meet up with Fisher Tiger. Tiger wanted to free the slaves and you wanted to cause destruction. There you destroyed half of Mariejois and killed a World Noble. Then you heard about the Marines discovering the truth about Ohara and headed over there. Then you fought three of the Vice Admirals that are now Admirals. You failed and they thought you died. Yet, somehow you lived. Now you and Nico Robin still want to destroy the world with Ancient Weapons." Explained a smiling Doflamingo.

Naruto was not happy. " Why the hell are you smiling about?"

"I'm smiling because they couldn't kill you off. So, how much of it is true?" Doflamingo asked.

" Robin is my daughter." Was all Naruto answered.

Doflamingo could tell that he wasn't telling the hole truth.

" As for destroying the world with Ancient Weapons, their wrong. I'm going to cause them hell with my own powers." Stated a very serious Naruto.

" Sounds like fun Naruto-kun." Said a smirking Doflamingo.

Just then the waitress came back with food and drinks. Then she left really fast like she was scared of Doflamingo.

" Oh yeah, how did you find me?" Questioned Doflamingo.

" I have this new power to teleport. Once I sense your chakra only once. I can just teleport where ever you are. Once I been to a place, I can also teleport there." Explained Naruto.

" Fuffuffuffuffu! Good thing you my Nakama or I couldn't escape from you." Said a laughing Doflamingo. He didn't have a clue what chakra was.

"Shishishishi. That's a funny joke. Listen, I need a favor from you. You are called the Business Pirate right?"

Doflamingo smirked at that. "Of course. Other Pirates went through the front door. I on the other hand, went through the back door."

" I need to own a town." When he saw the other Pirate had a question look on his face, he kept talking. "I hide my daughter Robin from the world. Now she wants in it. I like her to have a safe haven. I pay you back...

Doflamingo interrupted him with a smile." Don't worry about money. Your the only Nakama I have."

Naruto smiled at him. " Thanks Doflamingo. I knew I could count on you."

Doflamingo snapped his fingers and told the waitress appeared again. She handed him a map and left. Then the blond man laid the map on the table. "There is a island you can have. It's called Jaya. I was going to build a Pirate town in it, but you can take it over when it's finish. I give it a week tops."

" Where is it located?" Questioned Naruto.

" The Grand Line."

Naruto agreed with this. "I would like you to build a tower."

"Why a tower?"

" So Robin will have place to stay where it is safe." Said Naruto.

Doflamingo raised a eyebrow." Why don't you just stop her from going out to sea?"

" I wish I could."

"But your so strong?"

Naruto laughed at that. "Shishishishi. When you become a father, you will understand."

Doflamingo shrugged his shoulders. He still didn't know what Naruto was talking about.

The two pirates started talking about the good old days.

Later that night in Hancock's bedroom. Naurto laid his head his lovers lap. She was feeding him grapes.

He really didn't like grapes, but Hancock for some reason loved to feed him like this. He just went with it.

"I can't believe I yelled at Robin like that." Complained Naruto.

" It happens Naruto-kun." She said thinking about her fights with Nyon.

He gave her a question look. "How? You and Robin are my world now. A father shouldn't yell at their child."

"You both wanted different things. You want her to stay here and be safe. She wants to see the world. There was no stopping you two from having a disagreement." She explained with a small smile

Naruto nodded his head. Nyon did say that Hancock, Marigold, and Sandersonia were like daughters to her. He always saw Hancock and Nyon fighting all the time. He made a silent vow that he would never again yell at Robin like he did today.

A week later Jaya become known as Demon Eyes territory . Doflamingo's men were allowed on the island and other Pirates as well. Marines were forbidden to be on the island. His tower was sat up in Mock Town. He sat up a rain to fall thirty miles around the island. He could sense anyone coming to the island, even if he was gone. At first the people that lived on Jaya were scared of him, but as time went by. They started to like him.

Jaya-Mock town

Two months later, close to the docks.

" Did you get plenty of food, drinks, clothes,...

Robin sighed at that, but still smiled anyway. " I have everything I need. There is no need to delay me anymore. I passed your training."

Naruto blushed at that. " Sorry. I can't help it. You gotten a lot stronger and your a better assassin than I am. Shishishishi!"

Robin could see the tears in Naruto's eyes. "Are you crying Naruto-san?"

He gave her a little smile. "Yes."

Robin didn't know what to really say to him. "To be honest I'm scared...

Naruto grabbed her shoulder. "I'm so proud of you. I know you can fine the Rio Poneglyph. It's your dream and you will be fine."

"How can you be so sure?"

He smiled as he put his hand on her head, like his father did to him. " Because your my daughter. A parent always believes in their child."

That left up Robin's spirit. " Thank you Naruto-san for taking care of me."

"It was my pleasure. Remember you always have a place with me and Hancock-chan."

She nodded and turned around. She started to walking away, when Naruto called her name. She looked at him.

"You look so much like your mother. She would be very proud of you." He stated with a big smile.

She nodded and left. She went to sneak on a Pirate ship.

Three hours later. Naruto sat in a bar drinking rum. It was free since he owned the town. He did one of the hardest things he ever done. He let Robin go off on her own. It took all his will power not to stop her. He wanted to go see Hancock, but knew that she was on one of her campaigns. Her and Robin said their goodbyes early in the day. So, here was drinking in the bar waiting for Hancock to be done. Thanks to the mark that Kyuubi put on Hancock. Naruto could tell if she was done or not.

Naruto also sense two powerful Pirate crews that come on his island thanks to the rain. He could tell one of them was about to walk in the bar. He hoped it wasn't someone that wanted to pick a fight with him.

"Demon Eyes Uzumaki Naruto. I was hoping...

Naruto cut the Pirate off. "I'm not in the mood to fight you. Leave me alone."

The other Pirates sweat drop at Naruto. The guy didn't even let their captain finish his sentence.

The captain sat down next to Naruto by the bar. His crew sat at the tables.

" I didn't come here to cause trouble. In fact I was hoping to get on your good side so my crew and I can stop by anytime we wanted to." Said the Pirate.

Naruto just wanted to drink alone. It seem this idiot Pirate didn't have a clue. He looked at him and noticed that the man had straw hat on the top of his head. He had read hair, three scars on his left eye, and what look like a black cape or cloak.

Then the straw hat Pirate smiled at him. " How rude of me. My name is Shanks." As he held out his hand.

Naruto took his hand. " Naruto."

He pointed at each of his crew mates. " This is Benn Beckman, Lucky Roo, Yasopp..."

Naruto glared at him. " I don't care about your crew Red Hair."

Shanks raised a eyebrow at him. "Oh, so you heard of me?"

" Kind of hard not to."

Shanks grinned at him. " Same for you. You can call me Shanks. So, why are you in a bad mood. A Pirate drinking rum should always happy!" His crew let out a loud cheer. "It must be something bad."

Naruto was two drunk to care. " My daughter lived with me for a while. She left out to sea three hours ago."

" I'm sorry to hear that. She wouldn't have gone far. Maybe we can still catch her and she can join my crew. Dahahahahaha!" Joked shanks.

Naruto started to laugh at Shanks's joke.

Shanks sat a big bottle of rum on the table. " Drink up Naruto. The more rum you have the better you will feel."

Naruto and Red Hair Pirates had a party.

A few hours later. A big Pirate came to town. From the bar, the Red Hair Pirates and Naruto heard someone yell Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto sighed and got up from stool. " I only had this island for a couple of days and already a bunch of rookies tried to fight me."

When they walked out side. Shanks was a little surprise of who he saw.

Naruto saw a big female Pirate that had a big grin on her face. It looked like she had her Pirate Crew with her.

" I was looking for one crazy legend, but didn't think I meet another one."

Shanks gave the woman a hard look. "Your pretty famous to Big Mam."

Beckmen raised a eyebrow. He wondered why she was here? He hoped it didn't turn in to a fight. He was half drunk and plus, he came here to drink. Not to fight with a powerful pirate.

"What do you want Big Mam?" Asked Shanks.

"It's been a while Red-Hair Shanks. Although, I didn't come to talk to you."Linlin told Shanks. Then she looked over at Naruto and smirked at him.

Naruto sighed at that. "I'm not going to fight you Big Mam."

" Oh this is a first. I get to introduce my real name. My name is Charlotte Linlin. You can call me Linlin if I get to call you Naruto."

The blond Pirate shrugged his shoulders. "Why not, but I'm still not fighting you."

Shanks laughed to himself. Naruto was sure going to be wishing that was the reason she came here. She did the same thing to him and his crew. He guess he shouldn't be that surprise that she came here for Naruto.

"I'm not going to fight you Naruto! I come here looking for a husband." Declared Linlin.

Her crew sighed at this. They wondered why she even trys.

" Be my husband!"

Naruto jaw hit the floor." Hell no!"

Linlin's crew was not surprise that Naruto said no to her. She was turn down 532 times. Now it was 533 times.

" I'm a powerful Pirate. I make a good wife for you."

Naruto still told her no.

" When I saw you hot wanted poster. I knew I had to get you as my husband."Explained Linlin. Then she a a big grin on her face. " I'm Big Mam, will not give up. Come over here and give me a kiss!"

With that she charged at Naruto. The blond Pirate widen his eyes and screamed in horror. He promised himself that he would never run away from a fight again. However, he did what any normal person would do if they were in his place. He started to run away. Linlin was right behind him.

"Your not getting away!"

Naruto turn to look at her in fear, as he was running away. " Get away from me!"

Four hours later, Naruto was siting at the bar glaring at Shanks. "That was not funny at all."

Shanks started to laugh. "Depends on who you were at the time. I thought it was funny. Dahahahahaha!"

Naruto really wanted to kill him. " Oh, thanks for not helping me."

Shanks keep laughing at that.

Naruto sighed. Big Mam was really fast and wasn't that tired after chasing him for two hours around Jaya. Then he remembered about his space time justu. For twenty minutes, Big Mam tried to grab him. She couldn't touch him because it was like trying to get a Illusion or a ghost.

" Good thing she decided to go to the New World again since you told her you already have a lover."

Naruto nodded. "I'm glad she understood."

" It was the way you said it. Like this woman is your world." Stated Shanks with a smile on his face.

Naruto said nothing.

"So what's with that ghost thing you pulled on Big Mam?" Shanks asked.

"I call it my no fighting mode."

Shanks had a question look on his face.

Naruto sighed at him. " Are you going to tell me about your abilities?"

" I'm a swordsman." Said a cheerful Shanks.

Naruto raised a eyebrow," Are you any good?"

Shanks just laughed.

Then a thought came to Naruto. " Your a powerful Pirate right? Why are you in the Grand Line for?"

" My crew and I did go to the New World, but we decided to take a vacation for a while." Explained Shanks.

" Vacation huh? Where are you headed?"

Shanks took a sip of his drink. " I always wanted to see all of the East Blue."

" East Blue? Why would you want to go there for? It's been called the weakest ocean out there." Stated Naruto.

Shanks smiled at that. "That's true, but a great man was born there."

"Who are you talking about?"

"My old Captain, the Pirate King Gol D Roger." Announced Shanks.

Naruto was surprise to hear that. "He was your old captain?"

Shanks smile with pride. "Yep. He taught me a lot of things when I was younger. I wanted to be a great Pirate like him. He also gave me this Straw Hat." He said as he took it off. "It was like he approved of me when he gave me this."

Naruto nodded in understanding. It made him have flashbacks of Jiraiya. "How strong was Roger?"

" Really strong."

" Since you were Roger's apprentice. You must know what this One Piece is and where to find it."

To this Shanks didn't say anything for a minute. "You want to know where it is?"

Naruto shook his head. That surprised Shanks and the rest of his crew. "I have no interest in One Piece or being the Pirate King. I have another goal I'm working on."

"What's that?" Asked Red-Hair.

" Destroy the World Government."

Shanks wish he would say he was surprise, but he was talking to Demon Eyes after all.

"My question is why don't you go for One Piece?"

Shanks smiled. "I just to live where the waves take me." Was all he said on the subject.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

"After I'm done with my vacation. Is it alright if I stop by here again?" Asked Shanks.

"Sure. I can always use a drinking buddy."

That night Red-Hair Shanks and Demon Eyes Uzumaki Naruto became drinking buddies.

Amazon Lily, two days later.

Naruto was hearing a annoying ringing sound. He noticed he was in Hancock's bed or he should call it their bed. The blond Pirate also notice Hancock was lying next to him and both of them were naked. He had a awesome night. He was mad that this ringing woke him up. He got up out of bed and put his pants on. He really didn't won't to leave Hancock's side. He saw his Den Den Mushi on top of his dresser ringing. Hancock got it for him a year ago and made him a closet in her room.

He answered it. "This better be good."

" You should be thankful that I'm even warning you Demon Eyes."

Naruto recognize that voice. "Lucci? Look, I'm in no mood to fight...

He was cut off. " I know where I can fine you. I be coming to Jaya soon, but that's not why I called. The World Government has ordered the Marines to start operation test."

Naruto raised a eyebrow at this.

" The Marines are going use a Buster Call on Jaya. There found out that's where your at."

Naruto was having flashbacks of Ohara and narrowed his eyes. "Then I kill them all."

" It's not just you. They are attacking a lot of famous Pirates with a Buster Call all at the same time."

" It seems they are calling for war."

"Perhaps. I think there something else going on."

" Some thing else huh? What makes you think that?"

" I would have thought they send the Admirals after you or any other powerful Marine. Really , they sending Marines that were Rear Admirals. They haven't even been promoted a month ago. They not even sending anyone that strong."

"Doesn't make much sense to me. Who are they after besides me?"

" A lot of Pirates. Red-Hair Shanks, The Adventurer Fisher Tiger, Knight of the Sea Jinbe, Big Mam, Pirate Empress Boa Hancock, Sir Crocodile, Kaido, Gekko Moria, Hawk Eyes Mihawk, and you. They couldn't find your leader Dragon, the Tyrant Bartholomew Kuma, or Donquixote Doflamingo. For someone reason they decided to leave Whitebeard alone."

Naruto narrowed his eyes when he heard that they were after Hancock. " Why are you even telling me this?"

" You have three days before the Marines attack you and the rest of the Pirates. I don't won't you to die. I becoming to fight you soon, so don't die." With that Lucci hung up.

He felt someone grabbed his shoulder. He almost jumped out of his skin. Hancock was the only that could do that to him. He turned around and sure enough it was Hancock. She most of woke up when he was talking to Lucci. She even had on that amazing sexy red nightgown he really liked. He wondered how she got dress with him not being aware that she was up.

"The Marines dare to attack us." It wasn't a question, it was more like a statement,

He nodded. "I'm going to kill everyone one of them. I'm going to enjoy killing their Buster Calls. It's pay back time for Ohara."

" I agree. I get my forces ready."

Naruto watched her get dress and put some of her tight clothes on. Then She left the room to prepare for battle. He wondered why the Government was doing this? For once he was glad that Robin was not here. If Robin found out that a Buster Call was coming here, she would have a panic attack. He was determine this wouldn't be another Ohara. He won't loose this time. He hoped that the Admirals decided to show up. He would kill them to.

End of chapter.