Pirate Uzumaki Chapter 14

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~(Three days later)~.


Naruto sat at the dock on a wooden crate. He was just looking straight ahead out at the ocean.

Today was supposed to be when the Marines attacked Jaya, Amazon Lily, and the other Pirates that Lucci mentioned. He wanted to stay in Amazon Lily, but Hancock made him go to Jaya.

[Flash Back]

"I don't feel comfortable leaving you by yourself to fight the Marines." Naruto told Hancock.

Hancock blushed at Naruto's words. She loved when he cared for her safety.

"I'm not a weak little girl Naruto-kun. Go protect Jaya or else Robin won't have a place to return to."

He sighed at her. He didn't want to leave her alone. "How about I leave a clone here with you?"

"Do you think I'm a weak Pirate?" She asked with a glare.

He looked scared at her glare but quickly cover that. "...Not really dear"

"It seems you do. Those Marines won't touch me and they will forgive me, even if I tear off their ears. Do you want to know why?"

He smiled at her. "It's because you're beautiful." He heard her say that to Nyon lots of times.

"I will kill them off Naruto-kun. Don't worry so much." said the confident Empress.

"Don't push out your luck dear. I don't want you to be hurt more like Robin-chan. I know that you are strong but please call me with Den Den Mushi if you're need help and I'll be right behind you. I don't want my beautiful empress to be hurt by that moron" said Naruto with a big smile that made the beautiful empress blushed hard.

[End of flashback]

He just had to trust Hancock's abilities. The Revolutionaries offer their aid to him, but he refused their help. He told them that if they helped him, the Marines would know that he was with them. Besides, he wanted revenge for Ohara.

Not long after he finished with his thought, a man with blond hair and with a goofy thing on his head comes over to him. Naruto couldn't tell if it was a hat or not but didn't care of it. He's come with what look like two apes that shape like normal human along him. He also noticed all the citizens were behind him, telling him to go talk to Naruto.

"I was wondering if I could have a word with you Naruto-san?" asked the man.

"Make it fast Montblanc Cricket."

Cricket nodded his head. "You told everyone to dock their ships close to the island as soon as possible. Why are we not allowed going out in the water?"

Naruto could tell he wanted to go out to sea really bad but he needs to know what his reason." You did a good job for paying your fee every month. Yet, you and your crew got out in ocean every day. Why do you keep coming back here?"

One of the citizens overheard Naruto's question. He started to laugh. "You guys are morons. The city of gold doesn't...

He was cut off by Naruto's glare. "I didn't ask you so keep your mouth shut or I'm going to shut it up! Now, please continue cricket."

"I'm just trying to solve a mystery." was all that he said that assuring Naruto.

"To answer your question Cricket, There is going to be a Tsunami coming. Everyone will be safe if they stay on the island and your ships will not be destroyed." answered Naruto.

Everyone started to scream.

"What made this Tsunami!" asked a frighten citizen.

Naruto stood up and took off his coat. He laid it on the crate and also took his shirt off that make all the women thought in her head that he is so gorgeous. He sensed a lot of ships coming in to his rain. He jumped in to the ocean and put his hand on top of the water. Cricket and everyone else followed him to the edge of the water.

"What's going on Naruto-sama?"

"There are ten Marine battle ships coming here. They're hoping to kill me off with a Buster Call attack." Said Naruto like there was no danger at all.

Everyone had no clue what he was talking about, but Cricket had heard of the Buster Call.

"Are you serious? Masira, prepare the ships. We are going to help Naruto out.


Naruto cut Cricket off. "I don't need any help."

Cricket was shocked that Naruto was refusing his help. "Look, we stay on this island to. We want to help you.

"Look Cricket, I thank you for your offering to help me but I just don't need It." explained Naruto. Then he started to run on top of the water to meet up with the battle ships.

"I wonder why took his coat and shirt off for?" asked Masira.

Cricket shrugged his shoulders. "Who knows?"

"How bad is this Buster Call thing." questioned Shoujou.

"Let's just say if they Marines make it past Naruto, Then we are getting the hell out of here." stated a serious Cricket.

[Grand Line]

The Red Hair Pirates meet up with the Buster Call that was after them.

"What should we do Captain?" Asked Yasopp

Beckman raised an eyebrow. "Do you even have to ask?"

"Let's hurry up and defeat them." said Lucky Roo as he keep eating meat that he hold.

"I'm glad Naruto called me up on the Den Den Mushi to warn me about this." said smiling Shanks.

Beckman let out a small chuckle. "You and he can drink like no tomorrow. He probably doesn't want his drinking buddy to die" The crew laughed at that.

"Well, let's get this over with. We are supposed to be on our vacation. Just two more days before we reach the East Blue, Prepare for battle!" yelled Shanks.

With that Red Hair Pirates fought the Buster Call.

[Kuraigana Island in the Grand Line.]

At the edge of the island was the greatest swordsman in the world, Dracule Mihawk, Better known as Hawk Eyes Mihawk. He received a call from Shanks that a Buster Call was coming to his island. He also thought it was a stupid thing for the Marines to attack all these powerful Pirates at the same time. Shanks told him to be careful because they might be up to something. Either way, it didn't matter to him.

He got on his Coffin Boat and set sail out in the waters. He could see the fleet of battle ships coming. Perhaps this will get him some light training for a while. He wanted to have a good duel, but he would have to wait until Shanks comes back from the East Blue. Perhaps, he can seek several challenges for himself after finished this light training.

[5 mile Outside Jaya coastline]

The Marines got closer to Jaya and they noticed a man standing on the water. They were all confused on how anyone could do that before they noticed his scary eyes.

"It's The Demon Eyes!" yelled one of the new Vice Admirals.

On a different ship, another Vice Admiral raised an eyebrow. "We can't be too sure. This guy has different looking eyes"

Another Vice Admiral put in his two cents. "Blond spiky hairs, demon like eyes, and power that can't be explain. That's him! Open fire!"

All the ships started to shoot canons at Naruto. The blond Pirate wanted to try out this technique that he seen Kakashi use. He focused on the twenty cannon balls. Nine of the cannon balls in the middle disappeared without a trace. The other eleven exploded near him. He was really disappointed. His limit was nine. He tried to make all of them disappear, but it looked like he had some limits.

The other Marines were shocked that some of their cannon balls were sucked up out of thin air like that.

"There is no doubt now. That is Demon Eyes!" shouted a Marine.

"Open fire!" shouted a scared Vice Admiral.

They started to shoot at Naruto like there was no tomorrow. Naruto dodged the cannons with no problem and jumped on one of the ships decks. There were about thirty men that ship shaking in fear. He heard a Vice Admiral say to hold their fire. They didn't want to kill the Marines that were on the ship that Naruto was on.

The blond pirate raised an eyebrow at that. From what he saw on Ohara, the Buster Call was ruthless. These men weren't even trained for this type of stuff. He would ask them what the Marines were planning, but these guys were pawns, nothing more than that.

"I will spare your lives, if you give me all your treasure." promised Naruto with a smile.

"w...WE...are Marines! The best of the best. Our mission is to kill all Pirates scum like you!" Yelled a Marine

For their surprise, Naruto started to laugh. "Shishishishi! I was hoping you say that. You all have been judged."

The blond pirate put his hands together. The Marines saw a small white ball that Naruto made. "Chibaku Tensei." Not long after that, it turned black and floated up in the sky.

"What the hell did you just do?" questioned a Marine.

Naruto didn't answer him and just disappeared. All the Marines and Jaya's people saw the ball Naruto made started to shine gold like the sun. It was very bright light. They started to hear rumbling sound and saw water being sucked up in the air along with some of the earth that was at the bottom of the sea. The ocean started to get really rough, like there was a big storm going on. Naruto stood on the water putting more power in Chibaku Tensei.

A Vice Admiral noticed it and he was holding on to the ship as the other Marines did the same thing. "Demon Eyes is doing this! Fire at him!"

But firing the cannon balls at him didn't do any good. As soon as they fired them, the balls went up in the sky like everything else.


Cricket and the others were scared. They never had seen anything like this before. They wondered if it was the end of the world.

[5 mile Outside Jaya coastline]

The Marines started to scream as their ten battle ships started to be sucked up towards the sky. Naruto put his hands up in the air before he started to scream as a red chakra started to come out of him. The ships finally hit what now look like a small planet with water in it. They were lots of screams.

The blond Pirate smiled. "Thanks for helping me Kyuubi."

He heard the Kyuubi in his mind. 'You need to practice those types of jutsus, before you actually use them in battle like this. The more you use it, the less you need me to help you.'

"I understand. Did you think they drown by now?"

'Yes. Drop the jutsu and I give you more power.'

Naruto did as he was told. The Giant sphere Chibaku Tensei started to fall apart and it fell in the ocean. It created a giant wave from all sides, heading in different directions. One of that was heading to Jaya as Naruto thought it would. He called the Kyuubi's power and he was covered in red chakra. He had three tails.

"Shinra Tensei!"

The Tsunami was stopped immediately and the sea was calm again.


The people watches Naruto slowly make a step back to the dry land. They were really scared of him. Even Cricket seems scared of Naruto now.

Naruto put his shirt and coat on. "What a pain, I feel like I've got a sea sick." He then glanced at everyone else. He could tell they were really nervous but he sense someone in the crowd of the civilians was heavily shake and try to speak with his den den mushi in his hand. Naruto think that the person was a reporter of newspaper or such so he leaves him(1). Perhaps later he can make use of him for something. The others were to frighten to say anything to him after see what kind of damage that he can do with marine alone. Cricket on the other hand, ask him why he took his shirt and coat off?

"I didn't want them to get wet." explained Naruto. "It's time to start drinking."

Everyone sweat dropped at that. He just destroyed a Marine fleet at ease and at the same time it looked like the world was ending. Now he wanted a drink?

Shoujou watched as Naruto started to walk back in town, no doubt going to a bar. "Well, at least we know he will protect this island."

"That's true brother. Don't want that guy as my enemy." stated Masira. Then he looked at Cricket. "So when are we going out to sea today?"

The leader of the Saruyama Alliance just sighed at them. "After seeing what Uzumaki did out there, I'd say we take the day off."

The Ape brothers agreed with him.

[Hours later in Marine ford]

Sengoku sat in his office. He was having a meeting or he could call it a disagreement with several admirals such as: Garp, Aokiji, Akainu, Kizaru, and Tsuru.

"I really don't understand sir. We should have sent more men to deal with those Pirates. That was reckless to even attack so many Pirates like that." complained Tsuru.

"I agree with you there. We should have sent..." said Sengoku but was cut off as Akainu slammed his hand on the Fleet Admiral's desk. "We should have sent all the Marines to Jaya and kill Demon Eyes!"

"I agree with you Sakazuki, but that's not what the World Government wanted. They wanted to test their strength. You could take it up with the Gorousei." stated Sengoku.

Akainu was quiet for a second and then let out a sigh. "I never question the Gorousei. If they wish to test those scum Pirates strengths, that's fine with me. However, Demon Eyes Uzumaki Naruto has to die. You must tell them that!"

Sengoku let an annoyed sigh. "I tried to reason with them. They didn't listen to me."

"You or the Gorousei weren't there when we fought that Demon Pirate. He did these weird powers I've never seen before. He made a giant spinning ball and it destroyed everything around us." stated Akainu.

"Don't forget about making swords out of thin air, plus, that big ghost thing that blocked all of our attacks. He is really scary" complained Kizaru as he sat on the couch with Tsuru.

Garp was leaning against the wall. He wanted to keep training his grandson, but he was called for this meeting. He looked at Aokiji and he looked like he was in deep thought. "You're pretty quiet over there Kuzan. What's on your mind? Mind to share with us?"

The other admirals were looking at him as well.

"I'll be honest with you all. Uzumaki Naruto scares me." Was all Aokiji said.

Kizaru agreed with him. "His power is really scary."

Aokiji glance at him. "It's not about his power Borsalino."

Whenever Aokiji was serious about something, Sengoku always listen to him.

"Uzumaki was dying on Ohara..." said Aokiji but Akainu cut him off."That bastard should have died from our attack. I don't know how he survives that."

"It's not that. What I'm talking about is before that."

Kizaru and Akainu had question look their faces.

"He was really sick. I believe he had some type of fatal illness. His eyes were bleeding and he was coughing up blood. I could tell just by looking at him that he was dying. Eight years later, he is still alive and well." explained Aokiji.

Tsuru raised an eyebrow. "Maybe Uzumaki found a good doctor?"

Aokiji shook his head. "He looked like he was in the final stage of his illness. Even if he found a cure for it, I truly doubt it would have saved him."

"I think I agree with you. How did he survive?" questioned a confused Akainu.

"It doesn't matter how." stated Sengoku. Not long after that, he heard someone knock on his office door. "Come in."

Lieutenant Commander Branshew walks in the office. "Sir, I have the results of the Pirates."

Sengoku nodded his head. "Well, who had the fastest time?"

"Time? Oh I see now. The Gorousei wanted to see which Pirates had the fastest time. That's funny. Bwahahahaha!" laughed Garp.

Akainu didn't see anything funny what about this.

Sengoku sighed. "Garp, be quiet. Tell me the information Branshew."

Branshew looked at his clip board. "Red-Hair was number one sir."

The Fleet Admiral wasn't that surprise to hear that Shanks was the fastest. He was one of Roger's brats after all. "Keep telling me about the others."

Branshew showed everyone what was on the list.

1. Red-Hair

2. Kaido

3. Big Mam

4. Hawk Eyes

5. Demon Eyes

6. The Adventurer and Knight of the sea

7. Pirate Empress

8. Gekko Moria

Sengoku raised an eyebrow. "I know Whitebeard wasn't a target, but what about the others?"

"Well, the place we thought we were going to fine Donquixote Donflamingo failed. Turn out it looked like he left that island months ago." explained Branshew.

If there was one Pirate that Sengoku hated, it was Donflamingo. "What of the others?"

"Well, we couldn't find the Tyrant Bartholomew Kuma or The Revolutionary Dragon. We found Sir Crocodile, but he started to live in Arabasta. The people there see him as a hero and he claimed that it was his territory. We couldn't attack a major country like that."

"You made the right call." said Sengoku. "That bastard Crocodile was smart enough to do that. Tell me the details about the others."

"Moria has a giant ship. It's like an island. He and his new crew defeated the forces. They stole everything and kidnapped some of the strong Marines. He just entered the Grand Line to."

Aokiji let out a small sigh. He didn't like the fact that a Pirate had a big island for a ship.

"The Pirate Empress Boa Hancock is something else sir. She fought the Buster call by herself."

The others widen their eyes.

Sengoku looked confused. "That woman took them all out by herself?"

"Yes. She demanded the crew members give her all their supplies from their ships. They did as she said. Then she turned them all in to stone sir. I really think that she would have been in the top four if she didn't take the time to steal from our fleet."

"What happen to them? Did she kill them?" Sengoku asked.

"Yes." Was all Brandnew said.

Tsuru was very mad right now. All the Marine's lost of life didn't have to happen. She wondered what the Gorousei were thinking.

"What about the fishmen?" Hoping that he would get some good news, but ever since he took this job. It's been nothing, but bad news.

"As you know we had a lot of Marines go undercover at Fishmen island. We had a big battle there and a lot of things happened sir. The Fishmen killed all Marines we had there.

Sengoku widen his eyes. They sent more men there than anywhere else since they were dealing with two Fishmen Pirates.

"Turns out that Fisher Tiger hailed as a hero of that island. There is a report though that Tiger has been heavy wounded, but I'm not sure of the whole details."

Akainu smirk at the news. "Is that news right? Looks like justice had been served."

Aokiji eyed him. He thought that Akainu must have done something, but didn't know what.

Sengoku nodded at the news. "That's good news. That is one crazy Pirate we don't have to deal with."

Branshew was quiet for a moment. "That's not all. Whitebeard went to Fishmen Island and made it one of his own islands."

"What! This is not good. Doesn't Neptune understand that?"

Tiger, Jinbei, and Whitebeard are Pirates!" yelled an angry Sengoku. "I hate to ask this, but what about Demon Eyes?"

All the Admirals thought Naruto should have been number one on the list.

"We had an undercover agent in Jaya. He reported that it was like watching the end of the world." stated Branshew. He explained what the agent saw to the admiral in detail.

All of them were white pale as ghost, even Garp after absorbing the shaking news.

"Whatever Demon Eyes did, it took some time. That's why he was number five." noted Aokiji.

"Hawk Eyes easily won. Since he is the strongest swordsman there is. Well, only Red-Hair might be able to take his title."

Kizaru put in his two cents. "I'm sure if the scary man had crew; he would be number two or one."

"I do agree with you on that." said Sengoku.

"Well, Big Mam and Kaido almost tied for second place. They both destroyed the Buster Call ships like they were nothing at all."

"How was Kaido faster than Big Mam?" asked Garp.

"Well, Big Mam asked our fleet if they had any candy. When they told her that they didn't have any, she killed them all with her crew. As for Kaido, he didn't ask anything. He just killed." explained Branshew.

"What about Red-Hair?" Sengoku asked as he grabbed his cup of coffee and drink some of it.

"That's one powerful crew those Red-Hair Pirates are. I mean Red-Hair was fast to become a big name Pirate. Only he, Hawk Eyes, and Demon Eyes have done that."

"Roger done it as well." said Grap.

Only high level Government people and Top Brash Marines knew about Shanks being an apprentice to Roger. It was not so shocking for Shanks to rise up in to being a powerful Pirate.

"I'm going to turn in the result to the Gorousei." said Sengoku.

"And then what?" questioned Akainu.

"What do you mean?"

"We have to kill Uzumaki off now. Send us and Garp to deal with him."

Garp started to laugh. "Bwahahahaha! I'm not trying to get killed."

Akainu glared at him. Before he could say anything, Sengoku spoke up.

"We already loss a lot of Marines already..."

Akainu sneered at that. "They were weak anyways. You weren't there when I fought Uzumaki. He is a big..."

Before Akainu finished his speak, Sengoku glared at him. "Stop it right now Sakazuki! I know he is a big threat, but we've been ordered not to go after any of those Pirates. That includes Uzumaki Naruto."

"What!" yelled an enraged Admiral.

"The Gorousei ordered it. It's out of my hands and even Kong-san couldn't do anything about it." stated Sengoku.

"Oh? What about the World Nobles? They had been demanding Demon Eyes's death. Are we going to ignore them?" questioned Akainu, hoping that it would be a good reason to kill Naruto right away before everything was too late.

"The Gorousei themselves talked to the Nobles. They're not very happy with the Gorousei right now. There is nothing we can do and we are not to question them. Just follow orders." Was all Sengoku said.

"There will be a time when they are going to regret this." said Akainu as he left the room. Not long after that, Tsuru and Kizaru left as well.

Sengoku noticed that Akoiji was still there. "What's wrong?"

"I didn't want to say this in front of Sakazuki, but Uzumaki said something that makes no sense to me." said Aokiji. "I know this is going to sound crazy for you, but when I gave him the option to surrender. He said no. I told him that he would die but he said that he's been there and done that. He said that he was going to kick her ass if he died."

Sengoku had no clue what to say or think about this information. "Why are you telling me this now?

"Would you have believed me?" said Aokiji.

"I really shouldn't. He probably had been to death's door before. Just like I have many times in the past." explained Garp.

Sengoku nodded in agreement. "Garp is right Kuzan. Just take it easy. I'm sure we will get him in the future."

As Aokiji left the Fleet Admiral's office, He felt it wouldn't be that simple. He knew something was different with that man and he was determining to find out what it was.

[Amazon Lily's dock, near Kuja island main gate]

The Kuja's were unloading supplies of their ship that they stolen from the Marines.

Hancock was about to take a ride in her transport that giant monkey were going to carry, when a voice spoke up.

"It's good to see all you OK." said Naruto while sitting on top of the fence.

Hancock blush. "Of course I'm fine Naruto-kun. I told you there was nothing to worry about it."

The blond smiled. "That's good news. Steal anything good?"

"No. I fought with the Marines. What could I steal that's good?" Hancock asked him.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

"Actually, we came a across something I haven't seen yet." said Marigold as she held up a Visual Den Den Mushi.

Elder Nyon was shocked of what she saw. "That's a Visual Den Den Mushi. Did you get the screens for it?"

"Of course, we took everything they had in their Ship." Marigold told them.

"We should set it up in the palace. In the throne roo..."

Said Elder nyon but was cut off by Hancock. "No. Throw that thing away."

They all looked surprise at her.

"Do you know how rare those things are?" questioned Elder Nyon.

"They allow us to see live events from far away when the Government wants the world to see. Isn't that right?" Hancock asked in monotone voice that being reply by nodded from Elder Nyon.

"Then why would I want to watch any pitiful man or what the Government wants everyone to watch? Like I said throw it away." ordered Hancock.

"Wait Hancock-chan, maybe you should keep it just in case. You never know when it will come in handy." explained Naruto.

Hancock blush at Naruto words. In the future, did he want the entire world to see their wedding?

Everyone was waiting for Hancock to make a decision on the Den Den Mushi. Elder nyon sigh as she knew Hancock went in her dream world, no doubt imagining her and Naruto doing who knows what.

"Are you there Hancock-chan?" The former ninja asked with a smile.

Hancock came back to reality. "If you wish to have it, that's fine. Would you like a ride back to the palace?"

Naruto of course was about to say yes, but his den den Mushi started to ring. He answered it.

"Is this Naruto?"

Naruto recognized his voice. "Terry from the Mock Town bar, what's up?"

"A Fishman Pirate came to town looking for you. He said he needed to talk to you." said Terry.

"A Fishmen? What's his name?" asked naruto.

"It's that famous Pirate Jinbei. He climbed to the top of your tower and entered from the balcony."

Naruto sighed. You would think Fishmen would suck at climbing, but not Tiger or Jinbei it would seem. He told Terry that he would be there soon and hung up soon.

Hancock looked at him. "You're leaving?"

Naruto nodded his head. "I'm sorry dear. I'll make it up to you when I get back. We can do anything you want to do later"

"I rather do what you want to do." Said Hancock with smile

Naruto smiled. "Well, I'm sure we can think of something Hancock-chan. I'll be back."

With that Naruto disappeared in instant.

Elder nyon could tell from her empress face that Hancock was worried about something. It could only be about Naruto. "What's the matter Hebihime-sama?"

Hancock turned to her. "I'm worried about Naruto-kun."

"Why you worried about him?" asked Elder Nyon.

Hancock didn't say anything. It happen yesterday.

[Flash Back]

Hancock woke early in the morning. It was around three in the morning. Naruto was not in the bed and so, she got out of bed to look for him. She found him on the balcony of the castle looking out in the stars. He also had watery eyes, like he had been crying for long time.


Naruto jumped in suprise and gave her a sad smile. "What are you doing up here Hancock-chan?"

She raised an eyebrow at him. "I should be asking you that."

Naruto sighed at her. "I don't know what I had to do anymore. I promise you that I wouldn't attack Mariejois"

"That's right. You gave me your word that you won't do it. You don't know what's over there now since Tiger and you attacked that place. You could die."

He nodded. "You and Dragon both said that to me. I've been screaming for that Shinigami to come down here and tell me what to do, but she hasn't come at all. I've been screaming until I start losing my voice."

"You just have to find the answer another way" said Hancock reassuring him.

"Dragon is taking too long. I don't understand..." said Naruto but she cut him off "Dragon can't rush his plan and make a mistake. You just had to have patience Naruto-kun".

"Be honest Hancock-chan, what should I do?" said Naruto

"I'm not sure, but I'll be by your side as always and keep supporting you no matter what. Please don't do anything stupid that will make Robin cry" Stated Hancock.

Naruto hug her. "You always make me feel better. Whenever I'm far away from you, I need to drink rum to replace the emptiness feeling that I had. When I'm around you, I don't need any other"

Hancock felt the same as him.

[End of Flashback]

She wishes that the Shinigami would just tell Naruto what to do. Yet, at the same time, The Empress was scared that the Shinigami would take her lover away from her.


Naruto appeared in his tower where his living room and kitchen were located. He saw Jinbei sitting on a chair that he had. The Fishman wear a black gi with fish designs on either side of the chest, and a red sash with a tanto tied to it. He also had sandals on his webbed feet.

"You know Jinbei, you just can't come in a man's place and make yourself at home. I stay here after all." stated Naruto.

The fishman gave him a small smile. "Perhaps, but you don't have to lie to me Naruto-kun."

The blond Pirate raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean by that?"

Jinbei looked around the place. "It doesn't look like anyone lives here. It's too dusty, the fridge has only rum in it, and the beds look like it never had been slept in".

Naruto sighed at that. "This place is just temporary living for my daughter. I will stay here if she shows up here."

Jinbei wanted to know where he stayed at, but more importantly, he had to know what was up with both of Naruto's eyes? "What happen to your eyes? You grew really tall compared to the last time I saw you."

"Still I'm not taller than you Jinbei...Shishishishi!"

Jinbei smiled at that.

"You know that Shinigami I told you before?" Jinbei nodded at him. "Well, make a long story short. She saved me again in ohara and made me stronger. That's why I'm different looking now."

Jinbei then got on his knees and bowed to the other Pirate. "I know you have your own stuff to worry about, but I need your help Naruto-kun."

"You don't have to bow to me Jinbei. What is it you want my help with?" said naruto while grab jinbei shoulder attempting to hold his bow furthermore.

Jinbei stood up again and gave Naruto a serious look. "I need you to save Tiger's life."

Naruto was surprised to hear about Tiger. "What's wrong with him? He's strong enough to stand on his own"

"We had bunch of Marines come to Fishmen Island. Tiger went off to fight them on his own. He was out number Naruto-kun and he saved several infant mermaids from marines but got wounded in process. He needs a blood of a human to replace his blood loss" explained a worried Jinbei.

Naruto nods. "I give him no matter how much blood he needs."

Jinbei was happy that he agreed. "Do you have a ship or could you do that appearing thing you just did to Fishmen Island?"

"Is that where Tiger is?" said naruto and got nodded from the fishman.

The blond Pirate extended his hand to Jinbei. The fishman took it and they both disappeared in instant.

[Ryugu palace, Fishmen Island]

Naruto and Jinbei appeared in a small room. There were a lot of Sunny Pirates' crews in there with tiger. The captain was lying on a bed and he looked in bad shape. Shocking that someone appearing in the room, the sunny pirates pointed their weapons at Naruto.

"It's ok. Uzumaki naruto is with us" said Jinbei assuring them.

Arlong disagreed with him "He's a disgusting human!"

Jinbei narrowed his eyes "He's going to give tiger his blood"

All of sunny pirates were surprised that the famous demon eyes are going to give him blood.

"No, it must be a trick …" said Arlong but Naruto cut him off "my friend is dying, move!"

"What are you going to do about it" asked a cocky Arlong.

Out of nowhere, Naruto grabbed the long nose fishman by his throat hanging him and make Arlong hard to breath.

"I told you stupid fish face, my friend is dying." Said Naruto with glare

Jinbei grab Naruto's arm. "Please let him go Naruto-kun."

Naruto glance at him. "If he angers me again, He's dead." With that he let go of Arlong, causing the fishman to fall to the ground and breathing heavily.

Then a weak voice spoke up. "It's...OK guys. Everyone leave us except Jinbei and Naruto"

Arlong was upset that Tiger wanted to talk to Naruto and Jinbei, but he could never go against Tiger's orders. The Sunny Pirates left the room immediately.

"You shouldn't have let the doctor leave Tiger. Naruto-kun is going to give you some of his blood." stated Jinbei.

Tiger looked over at Naruto. "It's good to see you boy, although I shouldn't be calling you boy anymore. You have grown a lot."

"Good to see you also. We can talk when you get back on your feet." said Naruto.

Tiger had a sad smile on his face. "I... don't want... your blood Naruto"

Both Naruto and Jinbei widen their eyes at him.

"You can't be serious Tiger! You're not thinking straight!" yelled a worried Jinbei.

Naruto gave Tiger a glare. "You're taking my blood rather you like or not. Even if I have to force it down to your throat"

"You owe me a debt right?" asked a weakened Tiger. Naruto said yes to that. "Then I want to collect my debt. Don't give me your blood"

Naruto couldn't believe Tiger of all people was giving up on living.

"Why won't you take Naruto's blood?" Jinbei questioned.

"It's because his blood is old. Remember, he comes from the past. Who knows what it would do to me? It could make me better, stronger, drive me insane or it will make me suffer. I do thank you both for trying though" Answered Tiger.

Naruto and Jinbei didn't have a clue what to say to that or how to talk Tiger out of his decision.

Tiger started to look really pale. "My time is up old friends. I can't think of anyone better to die besides you two."

Jinbei's eyes started to water.

Naruto looked really sad. He didn't want Tiger to die. If it wasn't for him, he would have never meet Hancock.

"I was always proud of having a First Mate like you Jinbei. The Sunny Pirates is now your crew. Also please protect Fishmen Island for me"

"I will Tiger" said Jinbei.

The dying fishman gave Naruto a smile. "You're the only human I ever really liked. Continue my legacy Naruto and keep freeing slaves from the World Nobles."

"Don't worry, I'll keep kick their ass no matter what" said Naruto assuring tiger.

Tiger smiled as he closed his eyes for the last time. He could tell the first day they meet that, Naruto was the messiah. He hopes that naruto could free this world from the hatred itself. With that last though, the founder of sunny pirates, the man that teamed up with Demon Eyes Uzumaki Naruto to challenge the world, and the one who fought to free slaves, the Hero of fishman name Fisher Tiger past away.

End of chapter