Pirate Uzumaki Chapter 15

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Later at that night, Naruto was sitting on a rock near the water of the Mermaid Cove. It had been hours since Tiger past away.

All the Fishmen blamed Naruto for his death because he didn't give Tiger the blood he needed. Of course Jinbei defended him, but the former ninja told him not to. He told to all of them that he didn't want to save Tiger's life. The Sunny Pirates had a big hatred for him.

Naruto heard someone approach him and knew it was the new Captain of the Sunny Pirates.

"Naruto-kun. I didn't see you at Tiger's ceremony."

Naruto didn't say anything.

Knowing Naruto wasn't going to answer him. Jinbe asked another question. "Why didn't you tell them the truth?"

"They all looked up to Tiger. You known him for a long time, but those guys saw him as hero. How would you feel if your hero just gave up on life and didn't want to be saved?" Naruto questioned as he watched the water currents while thought that this scenery was a very beautiful place.

Jinbei understood why Naruto did it now. "You should know that I told King Neptune and Prince Fukaboshi the truth."

Naruto turned and looked at him. "They believed you?" Jinbei told him yes. "Why would they believe you and your crew didn't?"

"Let's just say I'm close with King Neptune and his family. It seems most of the Fishmen don't like you, but King Neptune told me himself that you are welcome here."

"You didn't tell them the entire truth did you?" questioned Naruto.

Jinbei smiled at that. "If I did, I doubt that even they wouldn't believe it. Tiger and I promised that we wouldn't tell anyone the truth about you."

Naruto told him thanks and looked back out to the water.

"What's wrong?" asked Jinbei. He wasn't sure if he should tell Naruto the true reason why Tiger was near death's door. If Naruto found out that those humans betrayed Tiger's kindness, and then there was no doubt that the blond Pirate would kill them all. He was hoping to steer Naruto in another direction.

"To be honest Jinbei, I'm not even sure why I was sent here for. I been yelling for her to give me the answer, but she hasn't even answered my call."

"Maybe she can't reach you."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "I know she can hear him. She saved my life on Ohara without those Marines even knowing. I just want to know what I'm supposed to do."

Naruto was a little hurt that Jinbei was smirking at him. "I have a way that can help you Naruto-kun."

The blond Pirate raised his eyebrow. "How? Please do tell me"

"Her name is Madame Shirley and she is a fortune teller." Said Jinbei like that explained everything.

"How is a fortune teller going to help me?"

"Naruto. She's not just any normal fortune teller. She's the real deal. Shirley-san predicted the Great Age of Pirates as many other things as well."

Naruto still didn't believe it. "So, she guessed one thing. What else had she predicted?"

Jinbei sighed at Naruto. "The truth is Tiger, Shirley, and I was really good childhood friends. She warned Tiger that if he continued freeing slaves, that he would die. It would seem that she was right."

"Has she said anything about your future?"

Jinbei gave a nervous laugh. "To be honest, I don't want to know my future or when my death comes since I believe that death will come for us all. It's just a matter of time"

Naruto agreed with that. After all he was a perfect example for that case. "Alright, you have my Attention. Let's go see her right now. Hope she can ease my pain in my head"

Jinbei told Naruto to follow him.

Inside of the Mermaid Cafe in one of the back rooms, Madame Shirley sat on her chair that resembles a clam. She didn't go to Tiger's funeral, because she already saw his death. What good was it to go see Tiger's body, when the Fishmen was never coming back.

She saw two men walked right in the back room. The Mermaid was about to tell them to leave, but she recognized Jinbei. "What do you want Jinbei? Who's that cute man you have with you?"

"His name is Naruto and he has a favor for you." stated Jinbei as he glanced at Naruto.

"I want to use your foretelling since he declares that you can see my future."

Shirley figured out who Naruto was from his appearance. "Demon Eyes, I've been hearing rumors that you refused to give blood to Tiger. I knew he was going to die, plus you have soft eyes. That idiot refused to accept your blood didn't he?"

Naruto let out a sigh. "I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it." Shirley said. She looked nervous to say what she was about to say. "I don't like looking in to the future. It's really bad news."

Naruto walked over to her and handed her money. "Please. You're the only left that can give me the answers I seek. I'll pay you as a normal customer, not a friend of Jinbei."

She let out a sighed and picked up her crystal ball beside her. Then she closed her eyes and started to mumble words that Naruto didn't understand. Then she looked confused and tried again. This time she looked at Naruto with fear and ran over to Jinbei. She glared at Naruto. "What are you!"

Jinbei and Naruto didn't understand what was going on. After she spells several chant that both of them didn't understand; now she yells to naruto like a mad man. Jinbei has never seen Shirley act like this before.

"What you saw from that foretelling of yours?" It didn't sound like a question, but more of a demand from Naruto.

Shirley hesitated with her answer. "I saw nothing."

Jinbei and Naruto had question looks on their faces before back again to see her.

Naruto glared at her. "Why are you so nervous, if you didn't see anything?"

"It's the fact I can see anyone futures. You're the only one I ever seen that's blank." She stated.

Jinbei looked confused. "Blank?"

"The only time I ever see this is when a person dies." She told them. Then she pointed at Naruto. "You're like a dead man walking. So I ask you one more time, what are you?"

Naruto glared, but not at their direction. *sigh*,"I'm just a guy that keeps getting played by a stupid Shinigami!" before he walked out of the room and slammed the door.

Shirley gave Jinbei a hard look. "Well, are you going to explain this to me? Since this phenomena was really weird and no one had similar case like him"

Jinbe rubbed the back of his head. Anyone could tell he was nervous. "You won't believe what I said."

"Try me." Shirley stated. She wanted to know the reason why she couldn't read Uzumaki.

Thirty minutes later back at Mermaid Cove.

A bunch pretty Mermaids were trying to get Naruto back in a good mood. Although they were not having any luck what so ever.

Jinbei smiled at the sight. It seem like Neptune told a lot of people that it wasn't Naruto's fault that Tiger died. "Ladies, do you mind if I talk to Naruto-kun alone?"

The mermaids all left them alone.

"Don't let it bother you that Sh..."

Naruto cut him off. "That's not what's bugging me. It's the fact that the Shinigami won't give me a damn answer. Even Shirley can't see my future."

Jinbei didn't know what to say to his friend since he really feels same if he was in his position. "Are you going to be OK?"

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. He knew he would feel a lot better if he saw Hancock. "I'll be fine. Take care Jinbei."

"You're too brother."

With that Naruto disappeared

[Three years later]

Time seem to fly by for Naruto. He did a lot of missions with Kuma. He thought of Kuma as a Nakama and even forgives him for what happen at Partia.

During one of the missions for the Revolutionary Army, he went to an island in the New World. It was called Ramay. During the mission Naruto got distracted because that island is famous for making ramen. The restaurant he found had the best Ramen was called Ichiraku Ramen. The owner of the place was name Matsu. When Naruto asked him about his restaurant's history, He didn't know much about it. All he knew was his ancestors started it and it's been in the family for centuries. The Pirate asked him if he knew of the names of Teuchi or Ayame. Matsu didn't know who he was talking about.

After tasting the ramen, there was no doubt in Naruto's mind that this man was the descendant of Teuchi or Ayame.

The problem was that the island belonged to a powerful Pirate name Kaido. It turned out that Kaido didn't like any Pirate or Marine going to Ramay because he wanted the ramen to himself. Of course Kaido was there when Naruto arrived and the two fought a hard battle that shook the New World. Both Naruto and Kaido quickly realized that they might destroy the island if they continued to their fight. Kaido allowed Naruto to come to the island whenever he wanted to. Although if they ever meet up again anywhere else, Kaido told threaten to kill him. Naruto said the same thing to him. Even if they were enemies, they still had respect for each other.

Kuma had to finish that mission by himself. That was one thing that annoyed Kuma about Naruto was the blond Pirate's appetite.

Also Shanks and his crew stop by Jaya again after they got back from the East Blue. Naruto was shocked when Shanks showed up with only one arm. He asked what happen to him, but all Shanks said was he bet his arm on the New Age with a big grin on his face. Naruto shrugged his shoulders since Shanks didn't seem upset about losing his arm. They threw a big party that night.

Robin has been in touch with him if she found Poneglyphs. She contacted him. She found one in the North Blue on island called Lvneel. They agreed to meet up with each other in the morning.

[Present day]

Naruto appeared in a hotel room where Robin was. He saw a single bed with two people in it. To his horror was his daughter laying in the bed naked with some young guy around her age. They both finally noticed Naruto was in the room.

Robin was a little suprised. She must have slept in for Naruto to already be here.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and he summoned the Kusanagi sword. Then he attacked without warning. The blond Pirate appeared on the bed and was going to stab the young guy through his heart. Lucky, for the young man Robin shielded him from the sword.

The former ninja was surprised that Robin would protect this guy. He was told by his daughter, that every crew or organization that she joined with has betrayed her. If there was one thing about Robin, it was she didn't feel the need to protect anyone besides the Kuja or himself.

The young man looked shocked that the famous Demon Eyes showed up out of nowhere and tried to kill him.

"Why are you protecting him Robin-chan?" questioned Naruto while still hold his anger.

Robin gave him a hard look. "Why are you trying to kill him for?"

Naruto glared at her. "Are you kidding me!"

The guy looked at the sword. "If you don't mind Mr. Demon Eyes, could you not point your sword at me or her?" He still couldn't believe that Robin knew The demon eyes, Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto gave off a lot of killing intent that even made Robin nervous. "You don't get to talk! As soon as Robin moves out of the way, you're a dead man!"

The guy raised his eyebrow at that. "What did I do to you?"

Nartuo clinch his teeth in anger. "You deflowered my daughter!"

The man raised an eyebrow. So this woman was Naruto's daughter. They didn't look a thing alike. "Well, to be honest she deflowered me to." The blond Pirate glared at him. Then the guy looked at Robin. "Mrs. Robin, you never told me you were a virgin? It's hard to think of you as one, since you were really good last night. I mean your..."

He was cut off because of Naruto's killing intent. "Say one more thing and I kill you in instant."

Robin sighs at all this. "I'm not a virgin Naruto-san. Please put the weapon away, I don't want you to kill him. He was a lot of fun."

Naruto didn't like what she said at all but disarm his weapon. "Fine, just put some clothes on." Then his sword disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

The guy smiled at that. "That was pretty cool."

Naruto however just glared at him. He really wanted to kill this guy as he was watching him putting on some clothes. Naruto noticed that he had a lot of tattoos on his arms and fingers. His fingers had little ones on them that what he could tell said death. He had black shoes, light blue pants, and a hoodie on. It had black sleeves and in the chest area was yellow with what looked like a Pirate skull on it. He also had a white hat, but the odd thing was his hat and pants had gray dots on it.

The guy was watching Robin getting dress herself. She was putting on tight black pants, purple shirt, and some sandals.

"What's going on here Robin-chan?"

"To put it simple, this is just one night stand that I had fun with." Explained Robin like there was nothing wrong.

The guy that she was talking about didn't even look upset that she said that.

Naruto was about to say something, but Robin bit him to it. "Naruto-san, can we please not talk about this now?"

Naruto nodded and looked at the guy that his daughter slept with anger.

"And please don't kill him. I want your word on that." His daughter told him.

Naruto sighed at that. Robin knew him well. "I won't kill him Robin-chan, but you know I really want to."

"Well, you aren't the only one that's mad. I was hoping to keep having fun with Robin." said the guy that makes naruto raise his guard again.

"I really want to go back on my word Robin-chan." stated Naruto. Then he noticed that there was a sword leaning against the wall. From the looked at it was a Nodachi. He knew it wasn't Robin's sword because she took no interest fighting with a sword. The only way she would take interest in one is if it was really old history. "What's your name kid?"

The man smirked. "Future Pirate Captain Trafalgar Law."

Naruto sighed at that. "Out of all the guys to sleep with, you pick a no name Pirate? He probably doesn't have enough money to buy a ship."

Law smirked at Naruto. "Well, I was a doctor in my home town."

Naruto raised his eyebrow at him. "Then why do you want to be a Pirate?"

"I'm going after One Piece and I couldn't leave the North Blue still a virgin could I? Besides, I'm glad I meet Mrs. Robin."

Robin smiled at that and Naruto still wanted to kill him.

"We'll be right back Law. I don't plan on leaving this town until tomorrow. So we can another fun night." said the Archaeologist while Naruto cleared his throat.

Robin looked at him with a smile. "Are you coming Naruto-san?" She asked as she walked out of the door.

Naruto quickly followed her. For right now he didn't care about the Poneglyph. He wanted direct answers from her.

Law decided to get something to eat since Robin told him she was coming back. He went in to the main town and noticed a lot of people waiting for him.

"Where is that woman that was with you last night?" demanded a large man to him.

Law raised an eyebrow. "Why should I tell you?"

Another man that was in the large crowd laughed. "Do you even know who you had with you?"


"It's the Demon Child Nico Robin. She wants to destroy the world." explained the guy calmly.

Then a woman step up. "We are planning on killing her and collecting her bounty. We can split it with you if you want tell us where she is now"

Law had an evil looking grin on his face. "Sounds like fun."

Naruto and Robin entered some giant cave.

"The Poneglyph is deep inside this cave Naruto-san." said Robin as she started to walk inside of it.

Naruto walked beside her and gave her a glance. "Aren't you going to explain what happened this day?"

"Did you want me to find some nice guy? So I can get married and have kids? You should better than anyone that I can't. We're criminals and the world always hated us. So I should be able to get what I can." explained Robin to him. Besides, she couldn't even find Nakama that Saul told her about. She was starting to think that he lied to her.

"Oh really? I found Hancock. If you patient, you get your dream nakama"

"Yours were lucky. Can't we drop this issue?" She asked.

He let out a sigh. "Fine, although I heard your little friend Margureite really misses you since you left."

Robin smiled at that. She got along fine with all the Kujas and Margureite was her very close friend even if she was really young. "After I find the Rio Poneglyph I plan on going back to Amazon Lily."

Naruto was really happy that to hear Robin say that. The two walked in silence and they finally arrived where the Poneglyph was.

The blond Pirate started to read it.

"If we keep fighting the way were doing now. The world will end because of me. I was a fool to create such powerful weapons. I thought it would help us win the war, but instead it's destroying the world. Destruction, chaos, death, and suffering are what this world is now. We could win this war, but I feel that there won't be anything left to enjoy. That's why I'm sealing all the ancient weapons away where no one can find them. However, in case there is someone in the future that might be able to control these weapons. I am leaving clues in other Poneglyphs on how to awake them. I pray that it won't come to that. I know we are going to lose this war, but at least the world would be OK. It's up to the next generation to find the answer to peace" said what he can read at the Poneglyph.

Naruto had a sad look on his face. His daughter glanced at him. "Do you think its Shikamaru who wrote that?" She was glad that Naruto told her that Shikamaru was a friend of his in his time.

"Yeah, its sounds like him. Shikamaru was never the type to want any kind of power."

"It sounds like he made these ancient weapons himself. He might have won the war against the World Government." stated Robin.

"Maybe, but it sounds like he made those weapons too powerful that he couldn't control them." said Naruto. Maybe he should try to awaken them, but if Shikamaru sealed them away it was for a really good reason. If he could control them he could attack the World Government itself. That way he didn't have to wait for Dragon to attack.

He sighed; he needed to give it more thought. "Every time we find one of these things, it just gives us more questions."

Robin smiled at him. "We'll figure everything out. I'll contact you if I found another one"

Naruto smiled at her. "Let's go back to town, so I can kill your boyfriend."


Naruto laughed as well.

When Naruto and Robin returned to the town, they were both shocked on what they found. There were dead people everywhere. What was scary was their bodies were all separated. Naruto thought it was weird that an arm was attached to another guys head. Like someone cut their bodies up and tried to put them back together, even though whoever tried to do it sucked. Another thing that was weird is there was not enough blood on any of the victims what so ever. He could only see the wounds that ended their life, but there were no signs of them being cut.

When they arrived in the middle of the town, they both saw Law reclining his blade on a dead body clothes. The Pirate raised his eyebrow.

"What took you two so long?"

Robin was thinking about that right type of question to ask. "Why did you kill all these people?"

"They were going to betray you. So I decided to kill them all." Law answered with a big grin on his face.

Naruto rubbed his chin in thought. "So this guy ate a Devil Fruit huh?" He thought. That would explain all the questions he had. Naruto was at ease with Law since he killed many people that were going to betray his daughter.

"Thank you." Was all Robin could said to him.

"No problem. Although, I thought you two would give me a lecture or something."

Naruto started to laugh at that. "Shishishishi. A Pirate lecturing another Pirate. Did some get away?"

Law nodded his head yes.

"Let them be. You might get a bounty for this." Said Naruto to Law but the young rookie Pirate shrugged his shoulders.

Naruto looked at Robin. "Are you going to be OK?"

She nodded.

"I see you off tomorrow then." He said as he started to head to the bar of the town.

Both Robin and Law raised their eyebrow. She decided to ask the question. "Where are you going Naruto-san."

He glanced over his shoulder. "Since no one is in this small town, it means free rum!" As he keep walking.

Law glanced at Robin. "Are you OK Miss Robin?"

Robin smiled at him. "Of course, I'm just surprised that he left me alone with you."

Law smiled at that. "Well, I say we go back to that room again."

"Aren't you worried about Naruto?"

"I'm sure you save me from his wrath."

She laughed at his joke. Then she decided to make her own joke. "You must really like my body huh?"

Law just shook his head yes.

"That's too bad since I'm not in the mood." She said as she started to walk away and she grinned at a thought to put a little extra sway in her hips.

"You're kidding me right? You got me so hot and your even walking away sexy." complained Law.

She turned and laughed "Fufufufufu. That was mean of me huh? Well, follow me and I make it up to you."

Law stood up and grabbed his sword. He didn't like taking any orders, but he didn't mind Robin telling him what to do. So he did what any man would do, he followed her.

The next morning Naruto meet up with Robin and Law again, but this time they meet outside.

"I didn't know you were planing on staying here Naruto-san?" said a surprised Robin.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders like it wasn't a big deal. The truth was he went home to Hancock as soon as he left them and just teleported here four minutes ago thanks to his jutsu. He widens his eyes when he thought of Amazon Lily as his home. Then he thought he was right since Hancock was there. To be honest, he felt where ever Hancock was at, that was his home. He was brought out of his thoughts when Robin said she contact him again when she found another Poneglyph.

Naruto nodded with a smile. "Be careful out there."

"Always." She said with a smile.

Law walked closer to them. That caused both Naruto and Robin to look at him. "Miss Robin? As you know I'm going to start my own crew. Join my crew."

Naruto widen his eyes at him.

Meanwhile Robin didn't have any emotion on her face.

"Come on Miss Robin. You can be my first mate, Archaeologist, and my lover. What do you say Miss Robin-chan?"


Law seems surprised that she turned him down. Naruto was pretty sure she would have said yes.

"Why not? We had fun and I think I'm in...

Robin cut Law off. "Don't say that. We are all Pirates and criminals. There is no happy ending for us."

Law was really heart broking when she said that.

Naruto knew the reason why she turned Law down. It was because she was scared that Law would betray her in the future. She was right about that. Everyone that ever befriended Robin has ended up betraying her. Maybe she did like this guy, but didn't won't to be betrayed. Either way it didn't matter. The only one he trusted with Robin's safety was Hancock.

In truth, it hurt Robin to do that. He was the only guy she ever had feeling for. It had to been done for his safety. No one, but Naruto and Hancock could be by her side. The World Government would destroy Law.

Both men watched her leave. Naruto glanced at Law and felt sorry for him. It reminded him when he was young getting turned down by Sakura all the time.

Law frown as he watched the woman that took his heart and left without another word. "It sucks having your heart broking."

"I know how you feel kid."

Law turned to him and smirked at him. "Does that mean you approve of me and her having relationship?"

"Hell no, I still really want to kill you deflowering my daughter. You're just lucky I gave Robin my word that I wouldn't kill you."

"She deflowered me."

Naruto just glared at him.

Law had a sweat drop fall off his forehead. "Well, I guess this is a Pirate's life after all."

"Hn." grunted Naruto as he stated to walk off.

Law shrugged his shoulders and started to walk off, when Naruto called for him. Law turned around and caught a small bag with his hand.

The young Pirate raised his eyebrow. "What's this?"

"Some donation money to help you buy your Pirate ship." answered Naruto.

"Why would you help me out?"

"For killing this town civilian for my daughter, you protected her." explained Naruto.

Law smirked. "I did that because I felt like it." He said as he tossed the bag back to Naruto. "I don't need your money. Besides I never said I'm going to find my crew now."

"Aren't you worried about the other Pirates that are after One Piece?" asked Naruto.

"If it wasn't found by now, than I doubt One Piece isn't going anywhere."

"Well, good luck finding a crew kid." Said Naruto has he disappeared.

Law was shocked that he just disappeared like that. "It sure was an honor to meet Demon Eyes in the flesh."

[Seven months later on the island of Baltigo]

Dragon called for a big meeting for a lot of top Revolutionaries members. Outside on the deck it was windy. Naruto stood around the others with his hood down like the others.

"Where is Dragon at?"

Iva sighed at that. "Still no patience Demon-boy?" He looked at the tallest out of all the Revolutionaries. "Haven't you taught him in manners?"

Kuma shook his head no. "I have been trying."

"I can hear you two." said annoyed Naruto.

The rest of the members laughed at that.

"Go ahead a laugh it up." said Naruto with a small smile.

Inazuma in her female form walked up to him in a smile. "Don't worry Naruto-kun. Dragon will be coming soon."

Naruto smiled at her." Glad to see your female form. No offense, but I like when you're out Shishishishi!"

She giggled at that. "I know, but you might want him out if you're in a fight."

Naruto couldn't deny that at all.

A woman name Muret with blond hair walked up to them. "My my, Naruto-kun. Have you thought about my offer?"

Naruto sighed at her. "I told you no already. Besides, if you continue to flirt with me you're going to die if she knowing you flirts with me."

"Yes, you talk about your lover a lot. I'm starting to think you're not telling the truth. Did you make her up?" Muret asked with giggle.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at her. "What's that supposed mean?"

"You won't even tell anyone her name. So either you made her up or you just don't lover her like you say you do." explained Muret before she started to get scared because Naruto was giving a lot of killing intent.

"You can say whatever you want, but if you ever say I don't love her again, I'm going to kill you for that. Is that understandable?"

Kuma put a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "Enough Muret, don't tease him more than that. Naruto has told me who his lover is. She is really strong. I don't think I could defeat her at all."

Muret, Iva, Inazuma, and the others were shocked that Naruto's lover was just as strong Kuma, if not even stronger than he was.

"I'm sorry Naruto, didn't mean to make you angry." she apologized to Naruto.

Naruto told her it was OK.

Then Dragon showed up. "Glad you all could make it."

"What's this about Dragon?" Iva questioned with a smile.

"We're about to get over hundred, if not more new members really soon." answered Dragon.

"What's your plan to do that, leader-sama?" Asked another member that had on what looked like a cowboy hat on.

"You will see soon enough. Get the ship ready." Dragon commanded.

"Where are we going?" Kuma asked.

"To the East Blue, A place called Goa Kingdom." answered Dragon. "I'll explain everything on the way there."

The others nodded.

"Naruto, follow me. I need to speak with you alone." ordered Dragon.

Naruto nodded and followed after him.

There were walking down a hall way and Naruto was wondering what Dragon wanted to talk about.

"I heard what was being said before I showed up."

Naruto smiled. "I know you were there."

Dragon nodded. Only Naruto could pick up on his stealth skills. "If you don't want anyone to know about your relationship with Boa Hancock, then you shouldn't talk about it at all."

"I'll keep it in my mind. Although, you don't know when you find another part of your soul."

Dragon grinned at him. "Don't assume that I never fell in love. No matter what kind of man you are, any man will fall in love with a woman."

Naruto smiled. "So, what's her name?"

"You really think I'm going to tell you anything of my past?"

Naruto shrugged his shoulder. "You wanted know about Hancock-chan and Robin-chan and I tell you. Now, you owe me something to return."

"You haven't even told me of your past. Don't think for a moment I believe you were born in Ohara. We both know you never been there until I told you about it. The World Government couldn't find information on you at all. So they decided to lie about all that stuff to the public."

Naruto laughed at that. "Trust is a two way street Dragon. You know enough about me now."

Dragon sighed at him. "I tell you one thing, but don't you dare tell anyone. This is between you and me." He stated he pointed at himself then at Naruto.

Naruto smiled. "Shishishishi! My lips are sealed."

"I have a child." Was all Dragon said.

"It's best if you do not say anything more about it. If the World Government hear that you had a child. Then your kid would be hunted like my daughter." said Naruto with a sad look.

"How can you stand letting the Light of the Revolution run around like she is now?"

Naruto didn't know what to think when Dragon calls Robin that. "Just leave it alone."

Dragon nodded his head. "Let's go to the ship. This will be a very important mission."

Naruto sighed at he followed Dragon. He just hopes this mission wasn't a stupid mission.

End of chapter.