Pirate Uzumaki Chapter 16

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Naruto sat on the ship's deck with the other Revolutionaries. They were on their way to the East Blue. Not long after that, Dragon appeared on the deck with his hood down, showing his long black hair. Most of the Revolutionaries thought of him as not being human like Naruto. Entire crew were silence when he speech.

"We are going to place called Goa City. That place has Nobles there that have a shame that they don't want the entire world to know about."

Iva raised an eyebrow. "Oh, what's that?"

"A place called The Gray Terminal. It's has low lives and poor people living there that collecting some useful junks from the nobles. There are probably over a hundred people living there." Explained Dragon

Kuma spoke up. "Why should that even matter to us Dragon?"

Dragon had a small smirk on his face. "Glad you asked that. The King and the Nobles are planning to lit a fire in the Gray Terminal to will kill them all. That's when we will step in and save them."

The other Revolutionaries nodded their heads in understanding.

"Why would they even bother to do that?" Iva asked his leader.

"There's a Government ship inspecting all the kingdoms. The person that's looking at all the kingdoms is a World Noble named Jalmack."

The others widen their eyes and that got Naruto's attentions.

Dragon gave Naruto a hard look. "Our mission is to save the people of Gray Terminal. Do you understand Naruto?"

" Shishishishi. I've got it."

Iva gave him a hard look. "Aren't you going to give us your word that you won't try to anything to the World Noble?"

"Nope." was Naruto simple answer.

Iva just sighed at all that. Then he started to have tears come out of his eyes.


Some of the other Revolutionaries were about to see if he was OK. When Iva had on a grin on his face.

"Not! Hee-Haw!" Yelled Iva.

Dragon rolled his eyes and Naruto sighed at that. Others did the same. The only that showed no emotion was Kuma and Inazuma.

Several days later in the Goa Kingdom, Naruto sat on a roof on a large house that belonged to a Noble. It was starting to get dark outside. He started to see fire and smoke coming from the Gray Terminal.

" I see that guy was right. What was that move you that you did to get the information out of him?" Questioned a quiet voice behind him

Naruto looked at the leader of Revolutionaries; Dragon. Both men had on a cloak with hoods on. "It's called Soul Removal. It allows me to know everything my victim knows and then there soul is removed. That ends up killing them." explain him.

Dragon nodded at this information.

Suddenly, they heard a little girl open the window. They keep quiet so the little girl wouldn't know they were there. She asked her father why the people in the Gray Terminal were not human and why did they have to burn. Her father told her that they were idiots for not being born Nobles. He told her to go to bed because they were going to the park tomorrow.

When the windows were shut, Naruto spoke up, "These people make me sick."

"Try growing up here." was Dragon reply.

Naruto raised a eyebrow at him, but didn't say anything about that. "Well, when will we take action?"

"We need to wait for the others to finish the preparations."


Dragon said nothing, moved his hand in a motion for him to follow. They were walking in silence. It was starting to get windy. When Naruto was about to question Dragon where they were going, they notice a kid ran in to him. It looked like he got beat up.

A black chakra blade came out of the sleeve of Naruto's cloak. He was about to stab the boy, but Dragon grabbed the blade to stop him.

"It's just a boy."

"It could be a CP9 member too." Stated Naruto but still hold by Dragon

"Look at him. If he was one of it, then he's truly a pathetic member. Don't kill unnecessary civvies" Said Dragon.

Naruto looked at the boy and noticed he was crying and he had what look like trash looking clothes. He had a long pipe with him in his mouth and carries a tall hat with goggles in his hand that slumped nearby his legs.

Dragon spoke up. "What's wrong boy?"

He raised his head up with tears in his eyes and grabbed Dragon's cloak.

"Mister...the ones who started this fire, were the Royal Family and the Nobles! It's true!"

When Naruto heard that, he sheathed his chakra blade up. He knew the boy was no threat.

"This town gives off an even worse stench than Trash Mountains! It stinks horribly of rotten humans! As long as I stay here, I'll never be free! I'm ashamed of being born a Noble!"

Naruto widen his eyes when he heard that. He didn't think there was a Noble alive that was ashamed of being born as one.

The boy asked Dragon if he would listen to what he had to say. "Yeah, I won't forget it."

Naruto noticed that Iva was behind them. "There you two are. I've been looking for you Dragon. The Preparations have been made Hee-Haw!"

Dragon kneeled in front of the boy and whispered something to him.

The boy widens his eyes at that.

Dragon stood up. "Let's go."

The people that lived in the Gray Terminal were surrounded by fire, in that panic situation, somehow the fire open a clear path to the ship.

They ran down the path and saw a bunch of people with cloaks that been around for the last couple days.

They saw one walk up closer to the railing of the ship and he started to yell. "All those that want to fight for freedom, hop on this ship!"

When Naruto heard Dargon yell that. He started to do hand signs. The ground came up towards the ship to make a bridge for all of them to get on the ship.

They all got on the ship and Inazuma cut off dirt that Naruto made as a bridge off the ship and they left the island.

[Shimotsuki Village]

The Revolutionary Army decided to stop at this small village to get supplies and to heal the injured.

"You're very kind man. I thank you for letting us stay here for a little while." said Iva with a big smile.

The dojo sensei gave him a kind smile. "Stay as long as you like. Anytime you ever need help in the East Blue, I'll be happy to help."

Dragon nodded his head. "Thank you. I'll be right back."

Dragon went outside the Dojo and saw Naruto sitting in a tree. "You do know that we have rooms on the ship and Koshiro had plenty of rooms to sleep in. Yet, here you are in a tree."

Naruto looked down at Dragon. "Old habits die hard."

"Where is Kuma?" asked Dragon

"He's on the ship." reply him without looking at the leader.

"Listen Naruto, I have a mission for you."

"What is it?"

"I have feeling that boy might be in trouble. I need you to save him if he is in danger." ordered Dragon.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "A boy, which one of it?"

"The one that said he was ashamed for being a Noble."

"Oh Yeah, Why should I have save him?"

"You're the only that can get to him fast and he will prove useful to us in the future."

Naruto eyed him. He knew Dragon had a kid out there somewhere and wondered if the boy was his son. Although, the boy and Dragon's chakra didn't match each other as father and son but he seals that opinion for himself since he always had plan ahead of it.

"You're always planning stuff."

"Of course, if I make one mistake, then the World Government wins."

"Fine, you won."

Dragon smiled at this. "Bring the boy here if he wants to be free."

Naruto nodded before slowly disappeared.

[Goa Kingdom]

Naruto stood in the crowd that was waiting for a World Government ship that had a World Noble on it. Then everyone noticed a fishing boat. They started to yell at the boat to get out of the water.

Naruto noticed it was that boy that Dragon and he meet. He saw the World Government ship heading to that boy's boat. "That fool, He's going to get himself killed."

He saw the World Noble on the ship. The Noble had a rifle-styled bazooka and shot at the fishing boat but missed. Then the Noble fired again, but it was time for Naruto to step in.

In the woods of Shimotsuki Village, Dragon sat on the ground and was leaning against a tree. He heard a cry and someone landed on the ground hard. Then Naruto appeared with the kid that he wanted Naruto to save.

Sabo looked around. He didn't know what happen. One minute that World Government ship fired at him and then his own ship caught on fire. He didn't know what was going on. Suddenly, he already in dry land safely somewhere and noticed that there were those two cloak guys he talked to before.

"Are you alright, boy?" Dragon asked.

Sabo nodded his head. "How did I get here?"

"That would be me." answered Naruto as he took his hood off.

Sabo was nervous when he saw Naruto's eyes. "What are you?"

Naruto was about to answer, but Dragon spoke up first. "My name is Dragon and I'm the leader of the Revolutionary Army. The man that saved your life is Naruto, he's one of my top members."

"Thank you for saving me." said Sabo with a smile and slightly bow.

"Don't thank me, thank him. He was the one that told me to do it."

Sabo looked over at Dragon, who let out a sigh and took off his hood. "Do you have any idea what you did today?"

"I set sail to become a Pirate and to finally be free." stated Sabo confused.

Naruto just laughed at that. "Shishishishi! If you get a bounty on yourself kid. The World Government will stop at nothing to kill you."

Sabo was really confused. Surely there were bigger threats to the Government than a rookie Pirate.

"It's what you just did. You sailed in front of a World Noble. No doubt that Noble would recognize your jolly roger in that tiny ship and would want you dead. So you have three options."

Sabo had no idea a World Noble was on that ship.

"First, you can go back home and your parents will most likely turn you in to the Marines and sealed your freedom; Second, you could try to survive on your own. Although, I doubt you will. The third choice is come with us and helps us change this world for the better. If you do that than you never have to hear a child crying like you did." explained a serious Dragon.

Sabo widen his eyes.

"Make the choice quickly. I have to get going." said Dragon as he got off the rock and started to walk away with Naruto behind him.

"Wait! I join you." said Sabo ran to them.

Dragon smiled at that and takes him to meet koshiro in his dojo.

He waits him to finish his duty of taking care of the wounded people then shook his hands with Koshiro.

"Thank you for all of you and your people here has done to us."

Koshiro smiled. "It was no problem at all. Any time you need help, just let me know."

Then Dragon got flew to his ship using his fruits ability along with sabo while naruto just disappear like he always does.

[Revolutionaries ship's deck]

Iva had a confused look on his face. "What took you so long Dragon? Why did you and Naruto bring a boy for?"

"That boy will be a great help in the future, but do we have enough food?"

"Of course, I took care of that myself." answered Inazuma in his female form.

Naruto notice that some of the Revolutionaries were watching a Visual Den Den Mushi. He saw on the big screen a World Noble was riding a slave to a big castle. All the thousands of people were cheering for the Noble.

The blond Pirate narrowed his eyes at that. He looked over at Dragon. "Are we done with this mission yet?"

The others looked at him.

"Yes." answered Dragon firmly.

Naruto had a big grin on his face as he took off his cloak. "Then it's time for me to kill those Noble."

The others widen their eyes.

Murret walked up to him. "The World won't rest until your dead Naruto-kun."

Naruto just grinned at that. "Good. I feel the same way."

Iva put in his two cents as well. "Demon-boy, everyone in the world is watching that Noble right now thanks to the Visual Den Den Mushi."

"You'll be marked for death Naruto-san." stated Inazuma in his male form.

"I've been maked for death since the day I was born. I'm still alive and well."

"Don't go Naruto. I don't want them knowing that you're with us." stated Dragon.

The blond Pirate smiled at that. "I'm not going there as a Revolutionary member. I'm going there as a Pirate."

Kuma steped in front of Naruto. "I can't allow you to do that Naruto."

Naruto looked up at him. "Why not?"

Kuma didn't say anything for moment. "We have to be careful about this."

Naruto narrowed his eyes at him." What are you hiding from me?"

"Nothing." was all Kuma said.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "Well, whatever. If you want to stop me Kuma, than you have to kill me."

Kuma started to take his gloves off and Naruto summoned his Kusanagi sword.

Dragon walked in between them. "Enough! We fight with among ourselves, and then we might as well surrender to the World Government itself." That make Kuma seem to relax his stance.

Naruto however didn't.

"You're taking this fight with the World Government to personal matters!" Yell Iva as he looked at Naruto.

The former ninja glared at him. "This is personal matters! They started this war before I was even born. In fact I wasn't even a minute old. I'm going to kill them all if it's the last thing I do!" He yelled with hatred in his eyes.

The Revolutionaries didn't know what to do or say. They just want for their leader to stop Naruto since they can't event stands normally with the heavy killing intense spreading on the ship.

"Fine, but we won't back you up." said a serious Dragon.

Naruto grinned at Dragon. "Don't have to. I never said I needed any help to cleave those fools." Reply him before slowly disappeared.

Dragon let out a sigh because he could feel Kuma's eyes on him. "It's alright Kuma."

"How? There is no way he can be one now."

"The Government fears him. I don't think they want to deal with him. After all, he took the three Admirals at the same time."

"They weren't Admirals at the time and they are stronger now."

"So is Naruto. Besides, I have a feeling he's about to do something big. Just wait and see what happens."

"Hey! What are you two talking about over there?" asked Iva curiously.

"It doesn't matter." Was all Dragon said.

Iva shrugged his shoulders.

Sabo walked up to Dragon. "Where did that guy with the blond hair go?"

"Watch the Visual Mushi and see what happens." Was all Revolutonary Leader told him before leave to his compartment.

Sabo and the entire crew hurried looked at the screen to know what going to happen.

[Goa Kingdom]

All the citizens were cheering for the World Nobles. The Royal Guards lead the way. Then the World Noble known as Saint Jalmack followed his guards while riding a slave. He also had two other slaves behind him in chains to. By his side was his wife Saint Menoly and like her husband, she was riding a slave to. Close to them was a Government agent keep watch to make sure no one got in the World Noble's way again.

Jalmack looked over at the agent. "Can the entire world see us?"

"Yes sir."

Then Jalmack looked at his wife. "Did you really have to do that?"

Menoly laughed. "Of course. Everyone should see our greatness."

Then the King of the city came out of his castle and walked up to them and bowed.

"I'm glad you arrived safely Jalmack-sama, Menoly-sama." said the King while slightly bow to them.

"You may stand. Who order this bridge to be to be built?"

Before the King could answer, they heard cries of pain and snapping of bones. Everyone stopped cheering to see what was going on.

"What's going on?" asked Menoly.

To the King, it sounded like it came from inside his castle. It was too dark to see what was going on. He had all his guards in there were fighting with someone. Then he saw the scariest two eyes glowing in the darkness between the fight.

Out of nowhere, half of his guards flew out of the castle and landed on the ground hard. They were all dead.

Everyone in the crowd was scared and so was the king.

Jalmack was angry. More commoners dare make a fool of him. "Whoever is there come out and die by my gun." He demanded as the agent handed him rifle-styled bazooka.

"Shishishishi...Your sure spoiled aren't you fool." as the man in question step out the castle with a grin on his face.

Eveyone there widen their eyes and started to scream the name Demon Eyes in fear.

"I hope you don't mind that I let myself in." sneered Naruto.

Jalmack got really angry. "It's you! You killed my cousin!"

"Of course I did." said him nonchalantly while clearing his ears with his left hand

The agent decided to speak up. "What are you doing here Demon Eyes?"

"To kill those World Nobles. Why else would I come to lame place like this?" stated Naruto with smiles that show his canines teeth.

Everyone started to get really scared now.

Menoly was really scared, but she decided to put on a brave act. "You fool. You do know that the entire world is watching us. If you attack us, a Marine Admiral would come and kill you!"

Naruto smirked at that. "Really? Well, that's great news. So I had an exercise before killing both of you"

"You're not scared of them?" asked a shocked Menoly. She couldn't believe that no one was scared of an Admiral.

"Nah. I'm just fighting a war, a personal one." stated Naruto.

"A war?"

"The World Government vs Uzumaki Naruto. In order for this world to have true peace, the Government has to die. That's all"

Jalmack had enough of this. "I had enough of this nonsense! Kill him!"

All the Royal Guards charged at Naruto but meet the same fate as the rest of them before.

The Agent charged at Naruto and tried to drop kicked him, but Naruto turned in to a cloud of smoke. He had no clue what was going on and then out nowhere, he felt hands grab his feet and pulled him down. The next thing he knew as that he was trapped from his neck down on the big walking bridge that was built for the World Nobles. He was struggling to get out, but Naruto was in front of him. Naruto used his powers to make a nail come out of the bridge and then he grabbed it. He pointed at the agent and made it fly straight through his head that paint the bridge red with his blood. Satisfy with his work, he throws his cold look to the World Nobles. People started to scream.

Jalmack started to shot his rifle-styled bazooka at Naruto, but the canoon balls disappeared as they got close to Naruto thanks to Kakashi's Kamui abillty.

Jalmack started to panic. "W-What a-are you?"

"Your worst nightmare." answered Naruto.

He desperately unchained the two slaves that were following him. "These two slaves were Pirate Captains! Kill that demon!"

The two slaves didn't want to, but they hoped that Naruto would kill them so they could finally be free. With that thought in mind, they charged at him.

When the first slave got close to Naruto, he tried to punch him in the face but went straight through him like a ghost. Naruto grabbed his collar right off him and threw it in the crowd. It exploded killing some people there. He did the same to the other slave.

The first slave had been around for a while and traveled the world. He had never seen anything like what Naruto did. He made the collar go through his neck and he didn't feel any pain. Did the Pirate eat some type of ghost devil fruit? Then Naruto grabbed both of them and disappeared with them. He dropped them off on the Revolutionaries' ship and then appeared at the same spot he left.

Naruto could tell everyone was frightened of him now. He narrowed his eyes at the World Nobles. "Get your disgusting bodies off of those two men."

"Your here to free these slaves? Here, take them." said Jalmack. After Naruto left, he was going to make Uzumaki public enemy number one.

The two Nobles got off their slaves and shoved those towards Naruto. The slaves looked scared of Naruto, because they don't know what he did to the other two.

"There was a great Fishman name Fisher Tiger. All he wanted to do in his life was free slaves. I just carry on his Legacy. You two have nothing to fear." He stated as he removed their collars and threw them in the crowd. He dropped them in revolutionary's ship with a note before appeared again and started to walk over the World Nobles.

"Wait! We gave you those slaves. You have no reason to come near us." said a frighten Menoly.

Naruto just had blank look on his face.

"Don't you understand? This is live! The whole world can see you...

Naruto cut him off as he appeared and a Chakra Blade came out of his selves. He stabbed Saint Jalmack missing his heart by a couple of inches.

Menoly, the king, and crowd all screamed in horror.

"I missed your heart on purpose. You must be in a lot of pain."

""Please... I... beg... you"

Naruto caught off his begging by moving the Chakra blade to make the Noble be in so much pain. He smiled at the Noble. "Well, It sure amuse me that the World Noble begging me to spare his life after his 'bodyguards'and slaves were gone. Now the whole world knows how pathetic the World Nobles are."

"Please... "

He just wants to kill him when suddenly he heard the Kyuubi start talking to him. "Kit!"

"I know Kyuubi. I'm not going to spare his life."

"That's not about it. When you and Hancock mated, I saw all of her past. That piece meat of crap is the Noble that place disgusting marks on Hancock's back along with her sisters."

Naruto shocked with the news and narrowed his eyes at the Noble. "Tsukuyomi."

One second later, the Noble couldn't even talk anymore. Naruto tortured him for three days. The only reason he was alive and awake right now was because the Kyuubi keep healing the Noble. After all they didn't want him to die that easily.

"I think I'm going to cut off your head and hang it on my wall." stated Naruto.

"Please, don't do it." begged the King.

Menoly screamed for the Admirals to come.

Then to everyone's horror. Naruto summoned the Kusanagi sword and cut off the Jalmack's head, Naruto caught the head with his left hand.

"On second thought, I don't want this piss of crap hanging on my wall." Then he tossed it in the crowd.

Everyone got away from it, because they feared what the other Nobles are going to do about this.

Naruto appeared in front of Menoly and grabbed her head. His hand started to glow purple. He read everything in her mind. He was pissed of what he found out.

"So proud of your heritage, but you know nothing of it." Said him before he removed her soul and she fell over near her headless husband.

People started to scream that he was a demon.

Naruto turned around and started to walk away. He was hoping to get information about what happen to the Kings from a world Noble's mind. Well, it wasn't a complete waste of time. He killed the Noble that use to be Hancock's master.

The king spoke up in anger. "How dare you! Do you have any idea what you had done!"

Naruto glanced around and looked at King. "Just delivered absolute Justice for them, now the World Government knows how it feels." Reply him short before turned around and keeps walking.

"You're nothing, but scum! I'm glad the Marines killed off your crew on Ohara! Those demons had to die! You and Nico Robin don't deserve to live! Do you understand how much pain you cause by just being alive!"

Naruto stopped walking and turned around with a hateful look. "You dare say you know what is pain and state my daughter don't deserve to live!" stated him with slit bloody red eyes that make The King step back a little bit.

Naruto thought about all the tremble things that the Akatsuki have done. Stuff he didn't even know about. He thought his father and mother dying because Madara attack them. He thought of the old man, Hinata, Asuma, Ero-sensei, and Baa-chan. There were also the others that he knew that died after him. He also thought about the people he knew in this time that died. Oliva, Saul, Clover, Tiger, Crocodile's men and Otohime. He only meets her twice, but he liked her.

"Since the World Government likes to judge islands, then I declare everyone in the Goa Kingdom is to be executed so maybe the World Government can know some pain."

Sabo's father was about to run with his wife, but he stopped when the Visual Den Den Mushi flew in to Naruto's hand. Then he made a clone and passed it to him. Then the clone started to float high in the sky. Also Naruto started to float high above the city. "Soon you all will understand that I didn't need ancient weapons." When he was high enough he stopped. "I never forget Oliva's pain. Help me Kyuubi."

"I give you a lot of my Chakra kit, obliterate those fools!"

Then there was a big bright light.

Everyone in the city was wondering what he was up to before engulfing with red blaze.

"Shinra Tensei!"

Everything was destroyed. Buldings, homes, the castle, and everyone were dead. It was way worst than what Pein did to the Leaf Village. The shadow clone turned in to smoke and the real Naruto caught Visual Den Den Mushi before he floated down to the ground.

The blond Pirate smiled at it. "If anybody wants some justice, come and get me!" before he turned it off.

The entire world was shocked about what Demon Eyes Naruto Uzumaki did.

[In the New World]

The Whitebeard Pirates had been watching it.

"So that's Demon Eyes huh. His even more powerful now than when Pops fought him." said Thatch.

Jozu put in his two cents. "I can't believe how powerful he is. I mean not even Pops could destroy a whole city like that in instant."

In the back of the crew sat Whitebeard and Marco was by his side.

Marco looked over at his Captain. "I can't believe someone like him would kill all those people. He protected Crocodile and cared about... "

Whitebeard cut him off. "That boy has a lot of hatred. His even stronger than he was back then."

"I don't approve of those civilian casualties. It's just not right." stated Vista.

Marco shrugged his shoulders. "I really think Uzumaki is the only Pirate in the world that constantly picks a fight with the World Government."

Whitebeard was silently thinking about what Roger said to him when they last spoke.

|Flash Back |

Two of the biggest Pirates in the world were having a meeting with each other. One was Gol D Roger also known as the Pirate King. The other was Edward Newgate also known as Whitebeard. Both men were drinking rum.

"You're really going to die Roger?"

Roger smiled as always. "Yep. You sound sad Edward."

Whitebeard just sighed at him. "You may be my rival, but I always respected you."

"I feel the very same way. Do you want me to tell you how to get to Raftel from here?" asked the Pirate King.

"You can if you want, but I have no interest in that place."

"By the way, did you hear what the Government has being calling me recently?"

Whitebeard nodded his head. "Yeah, Gold Roger."

Then Roger started to hit the ground his hand and started to complain. "My name is Gol D Roger!"

"That letter D appears from time to time. What does it mean?"

Roger grinned at that. "Do you want to know?"

"Well, one of my sons has the little D. His name is Teach."

"I guess the first thing I can tell you is that I been looking for two men."

"Two men." Questioned Whitebeard.

"Yeah, one with the name D and the other with powers that this world hasn't seen in ages. It was so long ago...

|End of Flash Back |

Whitebeard wondered if Naruto was one of the men that Roger talked about.

Kaido was on one of his favorite islands. He saw what Naruto did. The Yonko decided Demon Eyes was too dangerous to live. He had to figure out a way kill him.

Charlotte Linlin was sitting on an unknown island. The villages of the island were feeding her candy, since they didn't want to anger her. Like everyone, she's been watching the World Nobles on the screen and was about to tell them to cut that crap off but she didn't because she saw the man she wanted to marry for a while now.

One of her crew mates came up to her. "Captain! Did you see what Demon Eyes did?"

"Yep." She said with a grin on her face.

"I think it would be wise to stay away from him."

She slammed her fist on the table. "Are you telling to give up on Naruto-kun?"

The crew mate was sweating nervously. "Yes mam. He destroyed that city like it was nothing. The only person that could have done that is Whitebeard, not even that man could destroy it that fast like Demon Eyes just did."

"Of course not. Naruto-kin is stronger than Whitebeard." She stated.

All her crew and the village was shocked that she said that.

Then she smiled at them. "Right now I was Big Mam, but soon, my name is going to be Mrs. Uzumaki!"

On a jungle remote island, there was the Red- Hair Pirates. They saw the whole thing too.

Benn Beckman was the first to say anything. "Well, Maybe Naruto is a demon after all. I give up trying to find out what fruit he ate."

The others nodded.

"Maybe there is a real demon fruit." said Yasoop.

"I can't believe this is the same Naruto that parties with us. It's like his a different person." stated Lucky Roo.

Beckman looked over at his Captain. "Don't tell me you feel bad for those World Nobles?"

"He killed a lot of peoples. His eyes were full with hatred and wanting to start chaos. I don't like the look. It reminded me of Shiki the Golden Lion." explained Shanks.

"It seems Demon Eyes is starting a personal war." said a cold voice behind them.

Some of Shank's weak crew members were scared when they saw him. The rest were not.

"Hawk Eyes, Come for another duel?" asked Shanks.

Mihawk snorted at that. "Like waste my time to fighting a one arm man."

Shanks just smiled at him. Ever since he lost his arm, Mihawk had stop trying to get duels out of him. "So, tell me what you really think of Naruto?"

"You meet with him before right?"

"Yeah, that guy is a lot of fun, but I never seen him like that."

"He does have hatred is eyes, but it runs deeper than that." stated the strongest Swordsman in the world.

"Why did you come here then?"

Mihawk handed him a letter. "I got that a couple weeks ago."

Shanks were surprise that it was a letter from the Government. "So they actually sent you one huh?"

"The Government can't control the world with all these Pirates running around."

Shanks nodded at that. "I've heard about it. You actually were going to join?" He asked as he handed the paper back to him.

Mihawk shrugged. "Since I have no rivals for my title, I might was well try something new."

Shanks laughed at that. "You do get bored pretty quickly."

Mihawk did not deny that.

[Grandline, somewhere in the sky]

There were twenty islands just floating in the sky. In the biggest island was a Pirate fleet known as Golden Lion Pirates. In a Palace sat the Flying Pirate himself Shiki. He saw the whole thing that happened in Goa Kingdom.

"Shihahahaha! Demon Eyes Uzumaki Naruto is better than I heard." laughed Shiki.

Dr. Indigo looked at his captain," Should we head to Goa Kingdom?"

Shiki shook his head no. "No. It would take five days even with my power to get there. By that time he will be long gone. I have another plan to meet up with Uzumaki Naruto."

Dr. Indigo smiled at that.

[Unknown Island]

Doflamingo watched the whole thing and was smirking the whole time seeing his actions.

[Alabasta-Rain Base]

Crocodile also saw everything that Naruto did. He leaned back in his chair and smriked at that. It would seem Naruto gotten even stronger and more merciless.

He noticed someone else in the room.

"Naruto is strong; of course you would know Nico Robin."

Robin had been there for a while. "Yes."

"You come right on time." said Crocodile as he turned his chair around to face her. "I heard you can red Poneglyphs?" She nodded to that. "In that case I like to borrow your power."

"I also have a desire to see the Poneglyph for myself."

"In return, I can protect you from the Government. I joined that Organization. Did Naruto ever tell you the truth about him?"

She widens her eyes at that. "You know?"

Crocodile smirked at that. "That he been brought here from the past by a Shinigami? Yeah, he told me. You may not know this, but Naruto and I are Nakama. We even traveled the world back in the day together."

"So you know all about that?"

"Looks like Naruto are starting the war. I have a plan to make me the ruler of the Ocean and to bring down the Government. Only Naruto can be by my side and of course you. I'm looking for an ancient weapon called Pluton."

"I heard of it."

"Good, that saves me the trouble to explain it to you."

Robin nodded. She couldn't shack off the feeling that Naruto had changed. Although, she was glad he did it. She hated the Government. When they first meet on Ohara, she could tell that her father had happy eyes. Ever since he found her again, he seem darker to her. He was all always happy around Hancock or herself. Whenever, he was alone he looked angry. Was it because he was sent here to the past, was it because he went through so much pain when he failed to protect her, or was it the Kyuubi that was making him do this?

[Amazon Lily Island]

Hancock, Sandersonia, Marigold, and Elder Nyon watched the devastating attack of him on the Goa Kingdom.

Elder Nyon was sweating bullets. She had no idea Naruto was that powerful, in fact she never heard of any man that can destroy a whole city like that. She looked the three sisters and saw them smirking and smiling.

"Did Naruto-san know who that was?" asked Marigold.

Hancock just smiled. "Of course Naruto-kun knew."

"What are you two talking about?" questioned Nyon. Then she pointed at Sandersonia." You always feared Naruto."

She shrugged at her. "I was wrong about Naruto." Then she looked at Hancock. "I'm sorry that I never trusted Naruto and I gave the both of you a hard time. I approve of your relationship with him sister."

"It's fine. Just make sure you apologize to Naruto-kun." Said Hancock as her sister agreed but make elder nyon more confuse

"That Noble that Naruto-san killed was the man that put that marks on our backs." explained Marigold to her.

Now Elder Nyon understood why Naruto tortured that Noble.


Like everyone else in the world, Sengoku was shocked that Naruto had killed a World Noble in front of the world and destroys the Goa Kingdom. It would seem Akainu was right about Uzumaki being the biggest threat out there. He ordered half the Marine force to go to Goa Kingdom and to kill Demon Eyes.

He now knew why the World Government was testing the big name Pirates. They were starting the organization called the Shichibukai. They wanted Demon Eyes to be a member, but since he declared war on them. There was no way he could be one now.

He got a call from his Den Den Mushi. It was World Government Commander-in-Chief Kong. The Fleet Admiral was really angry of what he was ordered to do.

Outside, the Marines were getting ready to go the East Blue.

Akainu was making a big speech about justice, demanding that they show no mercy to Naruto. "Remember this, Demon Eyes wants to destroy the world and... "

He was cut off as the Fleet Admiral's voice was on the loud speaker. "All solders return to your stations. The soldiers in East Blue were already in control. Vice Admiral Monkey D Garp will take his crew there and over see the damage control."

All the Marines widen their eyes when they heard that.

Garp was glad that Sengoku was letting him go to Gao Kingdom. He hoped Luffy, Ace, Dadan, and the others were ok.

"Admiral Aokiji will also go with Garp to the East Blue and I do what you were ordered to do if you see Demon Eyes Uzumaki Naruto."

Aokiji was suprise that the Government still wanted Naruto as a Shichibukai. Then again he couldn't blame them at all after what he just did to the Goa Kingdom.

All the high ranking Marines were told to offer Naruto a place in the Shichibukai if they see him.

Akainu was very angry. He left the others and started to walk inside the head quarters. He was going to talk to the Fleet Admiral.

Tsuru sighed at all this. "So, I guess the Gorosei still wants Uzumaki on their side?"

Kizaru let out a sigh. "hmmm...Well, I'm glad I don't have to go and fight with Uzumaki. He's really scary."

"You're one to talk. You complain about other people's powers, but you're really powerful." thought Tsuru.

"I guess I can go read that book I wanted to finish." stated Kizaru with a carefree smile.

"Admiral Kizaru. The World Noble is on line 1, I need you to deal with them."

"...That's not good. Why do I have to do it?" whined the Admiral.

The Marines nearby sweat dropped at that. "It's because you're an Admiral Sir"

Kizaru put his finger on his forehead. It looked like he was trying to figure something out. "Wow, that's too much thinking."

The Marines just had blank looks on their faces.

"Oh since I'm an Admiral, can't I order you guys to do it?" Kizaru asked in a carefree voice.

Tsuru gave him an angry look.

Kizaru then smiled. "Maybe I should talk to the World Noble now."

All the Marines fell over in surprise.


Thirty minutes before Sengoku received his orders from Kong.

The Gorosei saw everything that Naruto did.

One of them had white dread locks and a scar on the left side of his face. "This is not good. It would have been great to have Demon Eyes in the Shichibukai, but he goes and pulls this crap."

Another was standing up and had a long beard. He was the one that talked to Naruto on Ohara. "It was bad enough attacking Mariejois with Fisher Tiger and killing a Noble that night. It looks like his plan to make Demon Eyes one won't happen."

The bold elder with a scar on his forehead sighed at all this. "I'm not sure. We don't know anything about Demon Eyes's past at all."

The youngest elder with blond hair spoke up next. "Well, by what three Admirals said. It sounds like to me that Nico Oliva was Uzumaki's lover and they had Nico Robin. Why else would a Pirate fight for a woman and a child?"

The oldest looking one that was cleaning his sword sighed as well. "I don't wish to go against his wishes, but we have no choice. Demon Eyes has declared war on us and him. We need to kill off that demon Pirate for good."

"No doubt Sengoku has started to send the best of the best to Goa Kingdom. We should have Rob Lucci be sent there as well." stated the elder with dread locks.

Then a scary voice interrupted them. "It sounds like you five are going against my orders. When I said Demon Eyes Uzumaki Naruto will join the Shichibukai. It wasn't a request, it was a demand."

They all widen their eyes and saw a man in the shadows.

The long beard elder spoke up first. "Sir, the Demon..."

He was cut off. "I saw what he did. To be honest it didn't surprise me at all. After all Uzumaki Naruto has always been reckless. Although, I'm a bit surprised that he shows no mercy now."

"I really think you should tell us what you know of Uzumaki Naruto." said the bold elder.

The others were shocked that he was demanding this from their leader.

The man laughed and came out of the shadows. He had an orange mask on with shoulder length hair. He had cloak with red clouds on them. "I allow you five to run this world and make the World Government supreme. You guys failed after the Pirate King died. Now we are forced to make the Shichibukai." Then he looked at the bold one and glared at him. "Don't demand anything from me boy or I kill you."

The bold elder saw a red looking eye in his leader's one eye whole mask. "Forgive me sir."

"I don't care if Naruto declared war on us. I want him as a Shichibukai. I don't care if it's going to be over seven members."

"Of course sir, but are you sure Demon Eyes will join?" asked the blond hair elder.

"He will because I'm sure his looking for me. Besides, he will be dealt with later."

The oldest out of the elders nodded their heads. "Then we will continue with your plan sir."

"Good. When the time comes, I deal with Naruto. I will have a few questions of my own for him. After all he can't defeat me."

"Forgive us sir. Your plans has never failed us Madara-sama." stated the elder with the white dread locks.

"Of course, I am Uchiha Madara." Reply Madara before walked in the door he came out of. He wanted to know how Naruto came back to life.

[Goa Kingdom.]

Naruto looked at all the dust everywhere. He was about to go back to Dragon, when he saw someone walking in through the dust towards him. He could tell that person was wearing a red cloak. What looked like a white snake following the figure.

The figure started to clap. "You remind me of Pein. You even destroyed the city the same way Pein destroyed the Leaf Village. Regardless of all that, I'm happy that I finally found you Naruto-kun."

Naruto got a serious expression on his face and the figure stop walking towards him. "Who the hell are you?"

The figure took off his hood. He had long silver hair with scales on his face and neck. He also had snake like eyes.

Naruto narrowed his eyes. "Orochimaru."

The snake like man grinned at him. "Close, but I supposed it's been a while since you last saw me Naruto-kin." He then put on a pair of glasses. "Do you recognize me now?"

Naruto widen his eyes. "Kabuto!"

Kabuto gave him a big smile.

End of chapter.