Pirate Uzumaki Chapter 2

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Naruto sighed at all the information he was told by Tiger. Pein talked about bringing peace to the world. It would seem that the opposite happen.

Tiger was sting in front of Naruto. " How come you weren't scared of us? All humans judge us by what we are. How come you didn't."

Naruto smiled at him thinking about Gaara. " Nothing can really surprise me anymore. It's all good. I'm in your debt for telling me about how this world works."

Tiger nodded. " I can't believe the words that are coming out of my mouth, but I like you Naruto."

Naruto started to laugh. " Shishishi." Then he was wondering why he laughed like that. He never did that before

" I will take you where ever you wish to go." Said Tiger.

" Thanks for giving me a left." Said Naruto.

Tiger nodded. " Your welcome. May I ask what you plan to do?"

Jinbe was near by and listening.

" That's simple. I'm going to destroy the World Government." Stated Naruto with a serious look on his face.

Jinbe was shocked that he said that. Tiger however just smiled at him

" The World Government has too many allies." Stated Tiger.

" I'm not afraid of them. I think the Akatsuki created the World Government." Stated Naruto.

Jinbe raised a eyebrow at this. " You said all together there was ten members right?"

" Yes."

" As I said before the World Government was created by twenty Kings. So how could this Akatsuki created them?" Tiger asked.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. " I'm not sure. I'm just saying they could have team up with other people. Who knows?"

" We will take you to a island or a city if you desire, but we are making a pit stop first." Said Tiger.

Naruto raised a eyebrow at that.

" We are going to the Red Line and I'm going to climb it to the top. I'm going to attack Mariejois to free my brothers." Stated Tiger.

Jinbe nodded his head. " Are you sure you don't need help?"

Tiger nodded. " In case I don't make it. I want you to take care of our brothers Jinbe."

" It shouldn't be to much of a problem. The strongest Marines are at Gold Rogers home town. It was yesterday that he was executed. So now would be the perfect time to attack." Explained Jinbe.

Naruto looked at them. " Is it OK if I come with you Tiger?"

Tiger looked confused. " If you help me kid. There is no going back. The World Government will stop at nothing to kill you."

Naruto just grinned at that. " I owe you two a debt for saving my life and telling how the world works. Also I don't believe in slaves. I want to free them and see these World Nobles myself. Maybe one of them might resemble one of the Akatsuki members."

Tiger nodded. " Who am I to stand in your way kid? You can be my back up."

Naruto smiled at that. " No problem."

" Go and tell the cook on our ship to make you something. I'm sure your hungry." Said Tiger.

Naruto nodded and ran off hoping that the cook new how to make ramen.

Jinbe looked over a Tiger. " You really hate humans. Why to you like him so much?"

Tiger laughed a little. " I'm not really sure, but that kid will change the world."

Jinbe was shocked that Tiger said that. He was not the type believe in the humans.

The Sunny Pirates made it to the Red Line. Tiger told his crew when they saw other fishmen to help them.

Tiger glanced at Naruto. " Are you ready kid.?"

Naruto grinned at that. " Of course."

They both started to climb the Red Line to get to the Mariejois.

Finally they got to the top of the Red Line. It was at night. It took them all day to climb it.

Tiger gave Naruto a serious look. " Do you think you can survive on your own?"

" No problem. This is where we go different directions." Stated Naruto.

Tiger had a little smile. " Funny, I was about to say the same thing to you."

" Well, I could tell that your crew didn't like me much Shishishishi." Said a laughing Naruto.

Tiger nodded. " You have Jinbe and I as allies if you ever need anything from us."

" Take care of yourself Tiger and thanks again." Said Naruto.

" You to." Said Tiger.

With that they went different directions in to the night.

Naruto was sneaking around the place and discovered that they were more slaves here than ninjas in the Leaf Village. Naruto broke in a building and saw a man with a very long beard. He had what looked like a fish bowl on his head. He also had a weird looking suit on.

" I guess this guy is a World Noble. That guy is seriously ugly. Could he be a descendant of one of the Akatsuki members?" Thought Naruto.

Then he saw the World Noble walk over to a cage. In that cage was a girl about his age. She had long black hair. He thought she was hot. Who would do that to a woman? The man opened the door and grabbed the girl by her hair and pulled her out hard. She screamed in pain.

" Listen to me slave! Your job is to pleasure me and then I'm going to kill you. After all, I be a laughed at by my older brother if he found out a had sex with a slave." Said the laughing World Noble.

The girl looked terrified that she was about to be rape and killed. That's when Naruto jumped down and push the World Noble down.

Naruto glared at him with his Rinnegan. " Your one sick freak."

" How dare you dare you do this to me! Do you have any idea of who I am?"

Naruto grinned at that. " Sure I do. Your a piece of shit."

The slaves and the girl were shocked to the core that someone would say that to a World Noble.

Naruto then raised a eyebrow. " Have you ever heard of the Akatsuki before?"

" Like I know what a dead commoner is talking about." Said the man.

" Your going to die for what you were trying to do to her." Stated Naruto.

The World Noble laughed at that. " You don't have the...

He was cut off as Naruto appeared in front of him and hit him in the chest with a Rasengan. Witch caused the World Noble to fly through the wall and land outside. Then Naruto freed all the slaves in the building. Then they all walked out of the hole Naruto made. They saw the land on fire.

" I guess Tiger did that." Thought Naruto as he looked around. Then he saw another World Noble and Marine standing over the dead World Noble that he had killed.

" How dare you kill my brother! We created the world. You will pay for this!" Shouted the World Noble as he pointed a cane at him.

" Please wait Roswald-sama. This boy... is not normal. Allow me to take care of him." Said the Marine.

Roswald looked over at him. " What about that fishman?"

" Sakazuki-san is fighting him right now. Allow me to handle this boy." Said the Marine.

" Fine. You better kill him." Ordered Roswald.

Naruto was face to face with the Marine. " What's your name?"

The Marine pointed to himself. " Me? I'm a Vice Admiral. My name is Borsalino. What's your name?"

" Uzumaki Naruto is my name and don't forget my name."

Borsalino had a weird look on his face. " Are you part of Tiger's crew?"

" No, but I guess you can call me a Pirate."

" It really doesn't matter what you are. I can't allow you to live." Said Borsalino.

The girl that was a slave spoke up. " Please don't die."

Naruto turned and looked at her. " Don't worry. I'm not going to die. Believe it!"

The girl was surprise by his words.

Naruto glanced at the other slaves. " Your free now. Run away and never get caught again."

Then all the slaves started to run away. The girl didn't want to leave Naruto, but her sister grabbed her and told her to run. With that they all ran away.

Naruto then chagred at Borsalino and went to punch him in the face, but his fist went right through him. It was like the guy was made out of light.

" It's like that time I attacked that guy with the mask." Thought a shocked Naruto

Borsalino could tell he was confused. " I'm a Logia user. I have the power of the Pika Pika no Mi fruit. Meaning I'm a light man."

Naruto then understood what he had to do. Thanks to his Rinnegan he could go in to Sage Mode with out a problem.

" I must say you have some weird eyes. First your eyes have rings in them and now their yellow." Said a surprised Borsalino.

Although it didn't look like he was that surprise.

" I heard from Tiger about Logia powers. If you don't know their weakness then you have to use Haki, but I have no clue what Haki really is. My eyes are telling me that you have to use a different energy to get around the power of Logia users." Explained Naruto as he disappeared.

Borsalino raised a eyebrow. Then Naruto appeared in front of him and hit him in the face. Witch sent him crashing through a building.

Roswald widen his eyes. He didn't see that kid move at all.

Naruto dodged just in time as a beam of light went by him.

Borsalino walked out of the destroyed building. Half of his face was bloody. " That attack was supposed to catch you off guard and pierce through your back."

Naruto didn't say anything to him.

" Roswald-sama. Please go to the castle of the Mariejois. It's to dangerous for you to be near this fight."

" I guess this Marine is about to fight seriously now." Thought Naruto.

" I was surprise that you found another way to hit me with out using Haki. What is that power?" Questioned Borsalino.

Naruto grinned at him. " This is Sage power."

Borsalino raised a eyebrow. " I never hear heard of such a thing before."

Naruto remembered something. That Shinigami told him as he blacked out.

Flash Back

" The ninja world lives in you Naruto." She said just as he passed out.

End Of Flash Back

Naruto grinned at the Marine. " I'm going to test my powers out on you."

Then he started to do hand signs. " Great Fireball Technique!"

Then a giant fire ball came from Naruto's mouth and he was heading to Borsalino. The Marine didn't know if it had that Sage power or not, so he kicked at the fire ball with one of his light attacks. That caused a big explosion.

Naruto smirked at that. " I never could do fire attacks like that. I guess it's thanks to the Rinnegan that I can do that."

" You are very dangerous. I thought about capturing you, but it looks like your two scary." Stated Borsalino.

Then Borsalino started to let out a lot of kicks that sent beams of light at Naruto. He was fast enough to doge them. Borsalino thought that he had to trap him to win. Then he started to gather light in his hands and sent beam of light in the sky. Thanks to Naruto's Rinnegan he didn't blind him.

Borsalino was up in mid air. "Yasakani no Magatama!" and started to shot out little energy beams at Naruto. To his surprise Naruto held his hand up and made the beam of lights went in other directions. " That guy is making me destroy half of this place. How did he do that?" He thought as he landed on his feet.

Naruto smiled. It was time to summon Gamabunta. He knew he would be mad at him, but Naruto wanted answers to what happen in his time.

Borsalino saw Naruto during those weird moves with his hands.

" Summoning Jutsu!" Yelled Naruto as he slammed his hand down on the ground.

End of chapter.