Pirate Uzumaki Chapter 21

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On a Marine battle ship were eight powerful Pirates known as the Hachibukai. Most of them were in the main room inside the ship. Kuma was sitting in one of the chairs reading his Bible and Hancock sat by a nearby window looking outside with a bored face.

The rest of the Pirates were sitting at a big round table playing poker. Doflamingo offered the others a chance to play poker as he brought some cards with him. Naruto instantly accepted the offer, Crocodile joined wanting to beat Doflamingo at the game, Jinbe freely joined to pass the time while it took a bit of convincing to get Mihawk to join as well. So far they were on their 6 round and Naruto was cleaning house.

"I fold." Jinbe told them dropping his pair of 6.

Doflamingo smirked. "All in."

Crocodile let out a sigh and dropped his pair of 8. "I'm out."

Mihawk put his cards on the table hiding his pair of 4. "I fold as well."

"Kishishishishi! I'm all in." Moria said confidently.

Naruto smiled. "I'm all in."

"Read them and weep" Doflamingo bragged as he revealed his triple pair 10.

The other were impressed with the hand, it was a good one.

"Not so fast there Doflamingo" Moria said with a bigger grin. "Check this out, full house". Moria revealed his hand showing the superior hand as Doflamingo still had his grin not really caring if he lost.

"We'll looks like I win" Moria gloated.

"Not so fast" Naruto suddenly spoke as Moria turned to him with a challenging glance.

"What ya got?"

"Sorry Leek but it seems that your chances of winning have just been flushed down the toilet" Naruto said as he revealed his royal flush to emphasize his statement.

Naruto ended up winning the game.

Crocodile was annoyed that Naruto keep winning. "Are you sure you're not cheating?"

"What can I say? I just have good luck when it comes to gambling." Explain a smiling Naruto.

"Fuffuffuffuffu!" Laughed Doflamingo with a smile on his face.

"How about another rematch?" Mihawk asked.

Naruto stood up out of the chair. "No thanks. I'm going outside to get some fresh air." Then the blond Pirate left the room.

Moria was happy that Naruto left. Maybe he could start winning.

"We need another player." Stated Doflamingo. He looked over a Kuma and Hancock. "Which one wants to take Naruto-kun's place?"

Kuma didn't even look up as he was reading nor did he say anything.

Hancock glared at the smirking Pirate. "No." She said coldly.

Outside at the front of the ship. Naruto was looking out at the ocean. Ever since he came to this world, he started too really like the ocean. He heard someone approach him. He turned around and saw his old Fishmen friend.

"It's been a long time Naruto-kun."

Jinbe noticed Naruto smiled at him with a real smile and not that fox like smile.

"It has been a while." Said the blond Pirate.

Jinbe gave him a serious look. "Why are you even in the Hachibukai? What are you up to?"

Naruto gave him an annoyed look. "Why are you in it?"

"I joined a long time ago. It was about two years before Otohime was killed." Naruto had an angry look when hearing about Otohime's death. "I joined so, humans and Fishmen might have a chance to get along."

Naruto rolled his eyes at him. "If humans can't get along with other humans. Then your dream is very far off."

Jinbe eyed him for a minute. "What's your reason?"

Naruto laughed at his own reason. He deiced to tell Jinbe everything that Lilika told him.

Jinbe was shocked to the core. So, there was more than one Shinigami. The Shinigami that sent Naruto here was named Natsume. It appeared that she was one of the top five Shinigami. They forced Naruto to join the Hachibukai or they would take Hancock away from him. All because of some war that would change the world.

"I'm sorry you have to go through this. I know you have a grudge against the Marines and the Government. It must be hard. There is something that doesn't make sense to me."

Naruto looked at him.

"That Lilika Shinigami told you they don't interfere with humans, but they threaten to take Hancock away from you?"

Naruto turned towards the ocean and had a sad look. "They're powerful Jinbe. I do not want to risk losing Hancock-chan. If they do decide to take her from me, I couldn't do a thing. It would be my fault that she was taken from this world."

Jinbe nodded at this information.

Naruto let out a yawn. "Night Jinbe."

Jinbe watched Naruto vanish. There was something big going on. He decided to help Naruto out as much as possible.

The Marine Battleship arrived close to an island in the Grand Line. From far away, all they could see was a giant castle in the middle of the island. The Marines told them that was as far as they would take them. That Shiki should be on that island.

The Marines told the Hachibukai that they were on their own from here on out. The eight Pirates got together in a small boat. Kuma and Jinbe were the ones rowing the boat.

Hancock sat at the end of the boat. Of course, Naruto sat close to her, because she threatens to turn the others in to stone. She was not a happy camper at all. Having to be in a small boat with men and two big Pirates was not her idea of fun.

Doflamingo sat close to Naruto, who was watching Hancock. "Why the frown Empress? You should be smiling more."

Hancock glared at him. "How many times do I have to tell you pitiful man? Don't talk to me."

Doflamingo just laughed at her response.

"What's so funny?" Demanded Hancock.

"Fuffuffuffuffu! Have you ever thought the eight of us will be in a small boat like this together?"


Doflamingo smiled at her. "That's why."

Naruto looked at his lover. "It's OK Hancock-chan. He just finds many things amusing that's all."

Kuma and Jinbe who were sitting near Doflamingo sweat dropped at Naruto's explanation about Doflamingo.

Moria was annoyed that Crocodile and Mihawk took the front of the boat. Who did they think they were?

Crocodile snorted. "If you ask me Doflamingo is a crazy bastered."

Doflamingo laughed at that.

"So are you Crocodile." Stated a smiling Naruto.

Crocodile glanced at Naruto. "I'm nowhere near as bad as he is though."

While the talking was going on, Mihawk noticed about 50 people on the beach. They had cannons and they looked like they were ready to fire. He looked over at Kuma and Jinbe. "Stop moving the boat."

The two Pirates listen to him and stopped paddling.

Moria glared at the swordsman. "Why are we stopping?"

"Look on the beach." Was all Mihawk said.

The others looked out there and saw many people. They could not see the canons or anything, because it was too far away.

Naruto zoomed in on them. They all looked like Pirates.

"If we go another ten feet, we will be in their canons range." Explained Mihawk.

"Hawkeye is right. It seems these people were waiting for us." Said Naruto.

"So it was a trap?" Questioned Jinbe. Did the Government tip off Shiki or is the Government working with Shiki?

Moria narrowed his eyes at the beach. "It must be. Who set this trap?"

Doflamingo just laughed. "Fuffuffuffuffu! Does it really matter?"

"I agree with Doflamingo. We are on a small boat in the ocean and most of us are devil fruit usurers." Stated Crocodile.

"Perhaps if the boat does sink. Jinbe and Mihawk can save us." Kuma told them.

Jinbe rolled his eyes. "I can't save that many of you." There was only two he would save.

Mihawk didn't say anything.

Crocodile snorted at what Kuma said. "Like I trust my life with those two."

Naruto gave off a fox like grin. "I take care of them."

Then Naruto jumped out of the boat and landed ten feet away. He saw about forty-two people with canons. They had about eight of them. Then they fired because Naruto was within their range. Eight big cannon balls were coming at him. Naruto was about to use Kamui to make them disappear, but through his bond with Hancock. He sensed that she was coming to defend him.

"Slave Arrow!"

Heart shape arrows turned all eight cannon balls to stone and they fell in the sea. Hancock landed right next to Naruto.

The other Hachibukai were shocked that the Pirate Empress could walk on water as Naruto could.

Mihawk eyed the couple. He heard rumors that Uzumaki could walk on water. He thought it had something to do with his devil fruit power, but since Hancock could do it as well. That meant it was some type of technique.

Naruto grinned at his lover. "I was about to show off."

Hancock had a small smile on her face. "You didn't like Slave Arrow technique Naruto-kun?"

"I love everything about you dear." Hancock blushed at his complement. Then blond pirate started to do hand signs. "Water Style Tsunami!"

Then a Tsunami hit the shore of the island destroying the foes on the beach.

"I always wanted to do that." Stated Naruto.

Hancock raised an eyebrow at him.

"They said the Second Hokage was one of the best water users. That kind of made me feel like a Hokage." Explained Naruto.

"You're stronger than the Second Hokage." Stated the Empress.

"I doubt that." Said the blond Pirate.

"You are stronger."

He was very curious now on why his lover thought he was stronger.

"You have my love." She told him with a smile.

Naruto smiled at her with a true smile.

The other Pirates were shocked that Naruto made a Tsunami like that.

Naruto noticed about a hundred more men were running to the shore. "Seems like those guy were waiting for us."

Hancock glanced at Naruto. "It seems like a trap to me."

Naruto grinned at that. "I take care of them." Then the blond Pirate teleported on the beach where his earlier Tsunami did not reach far enough.

Naruto appeared by lots of Pirates. They however didn't notice him yet.

A Pirate with a Mohawk was ordering everyone to set up the canons. "Hurry up! We can't let the Hachibukai reach the island. Shiki-sama, will make us part of his crew when will kill them."

"I don't know. All those Pirates out there are all powerful. Are you sure you can kill them all off?" Naruto asked him.

"They're on a boat in the ocean. I'm sure that all of them have devil fruits. If we can destroy the boat, then they will die."

Naruto had a grin on his face since they haven't noticed he was there yet. "What about Mihawk and Jinbe? I do not think they have devil fruits. Plus don't forget that Hancock-chan and I can walk on water."

The Pirate jaw dropped the floor. How could they forget that Jinbe was a fishman?

Another Pirate was confused that someone said they could walk on water. He turned and screamed like a girl. That caused the others to turn and they were all shocked to see Demon Eyes there with them grinning like a fox.

"Shinra Tensei!"

Half of the Pirates were blown away from Naruto. The rest charged at Naruto. He got in the Gentle Fist Stance. He begin to shut off Chakra points. He took out fifteen in instance. One enemy showed up behind him and he was about to shut off his chakra to, but Kuma appeared with his glove off.

The Giant Pirate sent a shock wave through the enemy Pirate that keep going and took out a lot more people.

Naruto glanced at Kuma. "Nice to see you join the party."

"Do me a favor and try to slice at me. The Marines all are watching this through binoculars . Attack me like you don't trust me."

"Right." The blond Pirate summoned his sword and sliced at Kuma, but the Tyrant dodged the attack.

Both Pirates noticed more men running towards them.

"Don't these people know when to give up?" Questioned Naruto with a fox like grin on his face.

Then they noticed sand floated to the island and landed in front of the enemy Pirates. Crocodile formed and then the Pirates all stabbed him with their weapons. Crocodile summoned sand in his hand.

"Sables!" Yelled Crocodile as he threw the sand on the ground that caused a sand storm. It took out many Pirates.

Naruto let out a sigh. "That's not fair at all. Why can't I be a Logia user? That way I can make attacks go right through me."

Kuma saw a Pirate that was lucky enough to stand back up. He noticed that he was going after Naruto. He knew Naruto long enough to know that it was almost impossible to catch the blond Pirate off guard.

Crocodile widen his eyes when he saw a Pirate behind his Namaka. Then he was shocked that the Pirates weapon went through Naruto as if he was a ghost.

Naruto smirked and grabbed the Pirates head. His hand glowed purple and read he Pirates mind. Then he removed his soul.

Crocodile walked up to Naruto. "What the hell is that? You complain about not being a Logia, but that sword went through you like a Logia."

"Shishishishi! I want to turn in to sand." Said a laughing Naruto.

Crocodile rolled his eyes at that.

Kuma spoke up. "There's still more coming our way. I estimate about forty to fifty people."

Crocodile snorted at that.

Back at the boat with the other Hachibukai.

"Fuffuffuffuffu! This is fun to watch!" Laughed Doflamingo.

Jinbe nodded his head as well. "They are all strong."

"I wish we could get over there faster. I want some fun as well." Doflamingo told them with a smile.

"I can move the boat really fast in the water." Offered Jinbe.

Mora nodded his head. "Do it."

Jinbe glared at him.


They all looked at Hawk Eyes.

Mihawk stood up. Watching them made the best swordsman want to fight as well. He drew his sword from the back.

Doflamingo smirked at Mihawk. "You want to fight?"

Mihawk ignored him. "Pirate Empress Boa Hancock."

Hancock who was watching the fight, turned around to look at the Mihawk.

"I would advise you to step to the far left." Said Mihawk.

Hancock glared at him. "Are you ordering me around man?"

Hawk Eye did not seem very nervous at the Hancock's glare. "You have impressed me with your Haki that you showed at Enies Lobby. I'm just suggesting you move to the far left."

Hancock eyed him for a second and then complied as she walked to the far left like he wanted. She didn't think it was wise to challenge Mihawk.

Then suddenly Mihawk swung his sword and made a green giant slash that moved towards the island.

"If Hancock was standing there, she would have been sliced. Kishishishi!" Laughed Moria.

Hancock glared at Moria and was about to attack him, until Mihawk spoke.

"You're underestimating her. Don't forget she has Haki. If she has Haoshoku, than she has Kenbunshoku Haki as well. She could have dodged it." Mihawk told them.

"Really? Then why warn her?" Questioned Moria.

"Then she would have thought I was trying to kill her. I hate pointless fights." Explained Mihawk

Hancock got in the boat with the others.

Doflamingo just smirked at all this. This was so fun.

Mihawk glanced at Jinbe. "You can take us to the island now."

Jinbe nodded and jumped in the water.

Hancock glared over at Mihawk. "If you hurt Naruto-kun with that attack. I will kill you."

"That attack wasn't powerful enough to harm Naruto, Kuma, or Crocodile." Was all Mihawk said.

Thanks to Jinbe, the boat started moving fast to the shore.

Back on the shore with Naruto, Crocodile, and Kuma.

"Don't they know that their no match for us?" Questioned an annoyed Crocodile.

Naruto was about to comment, but he caught a giant slash coming their way. "Watch out guys!"

Then the giant slash hit the shore. Lucky, Naruto and Kuma were fast to dodge it. However, Crocodile was not fast enough. It hit him head on, and went keep going to the other enemy Pirates. They all were killed.

When Crocodile was hit, his body was turned into sand. His body turned back to normal and he was not happy being attacked like that.

Naruto just laughed at Crocodile. "Good thing you can turn into sand like that Shishishishi!"

Crocodile growled at him. "Shut up Naruto."

The other Hachibukai made to the beach and got out the boat.

Crocodile walked right up to Mihawk. "What the hell was that! Are you trying to kill me?"


"You better give me a good reason why I shouldn't kill you now." Demanded Crocodile.

Mihawk shrugged his shoulders. "That attack was meant to kill those weaklings. I didn't put any Haki in it. Besides you're a logia."

Doflamingo smirked at Crocodile. "Come on Crocodile-man. Let's all be friends here."

Crocodile glared at him. "We are not friends."

"Fuffuffuffuffu! Here I thought we were Nakama."

" Naruto thinks of you as a Nakama. Why, I have no idea. I never thought of you as one." Crocodile coldly explained.

Doflamingo just smirked at him.

Naruto had his fox like grin on. "Since were all together, let's find Shiki already."

"I guess we start with the castle." Moria told them.

They all agreed and walked towards the castle.

Mihawk noticed it was as big as his castle on Kuraigana Island.

Kuma opened the giant doors, and they all walked in. As soon they walked in, the saw a large, sit of stairs leading up to a throne. There was a young person sitting right on the throne. He had skinny arms and legs. He has almost a cleft lip-like mouth and a unique hairstyle, with his hair split into two spikes pointing upwards. He has thick, triangles-like eyebrows. His nose is also colored red, and it is long just like the nose that Red Hair Pirate Yasopp.

He had on yellow-orange pants, held up by suspenders, with large, rotund buckles on the edges, tucked inside black boots, which are white on the front part of the legs and have orange strings. He also had black shoes and a green long sleeve shirt.

"Fehfehfehfeh…..Welcome Hachibukai! I will be your host Foxy!"

The other Pirates sweat dropped at that.

"What do you mean by host you ugly man?" Hancock questioned.

Then Foxy dropped to his knees, and a black cloud appeared over his head. "Ugly man?"

Crocodile was annoyed. "Answer her question before I kill you."

Foxy stood up. "I have been ordered by Shiki-sama to test you in three games….. Fehfehfehfeh!"

Moria raised an eyebrow at Foxy. "Games?"

"That's right pirates. You can't get to Shiki-sama, without completing my challenge!" Yelled Foxy.

Hancock glared at Foxy. "Shut up you ugly man."

Then poor Foxy dropped to his knees and had a rain cloud over him. "…Ugly?"

Jinbe thought that guy had low self-esteem for a Pirate.

Naruto had a big fox like grin on his face. "Now now Hancock-chan. Please don't hurt his feelings. I actually think he's funny."

Foxy stood up very happy. Glad to have a legend like Naruto, praise him. "Thank you."

"No problem split head." Said Naruto with a grin on his face.

Poor Foxy was back on his knees.

Crocodile glanced over at him. "Split head?"

Naruto nodded and pointed at Foxy. "Look at his head, split head suits him."

Moria was not happy about his nickname that Naruto gave him, but his was better than being called split head.

Crocodile was annoyed with this guy. "Look you no name rookie pirate! I have things to do, so hurry up and take us to Shiki!"

Foxy stood up. "First of all you have to catch me. Then foxy put his fingers together. "Noro Noro Beam!"

Naruto saw a beam coming at them. To him it looked like Hancock's Mero Mero Mellow Beam.

It hit Naruto, Crocodile, Moria, Jinbe, and Kuma. It made them slow. Like they could not move fast if they tried.

Foxy was about to laugh until a big black sword was pointed at his face.

"It seems I won this. Don't move or die." Said a monotone Mihawk.

Doflamingo smirked as he made Fox's finger bind back on its own. Foxy started to scream in pain. "What's the matter split head? Are you in pain?"

Then Doflamingo stopped hurting him.

Then Hancock grabbed Fox's throat. "Turn Naruto-kun back!" She demanded.

"I can't."

Hancock was about to crush his throat, but luckily for Foxy he told her that it only lasted for thirty seconds. Then she kicked Foxy in the head that sent him flying. He hit the wall hard and he was knocked out.

Fifteen minutes later, Foxy woke up and saw all the Hachibukai looking at him.

Naruto grinned at him. "So glad you woke up split head. I thought for sure Hancock-Chan killed you Shishishishi!"

Foxy was freak out by Naruto's laugh. He could not see those crazy eyes, plus the grin never left his face once.

Hancock glanced over at her lover. "I told you I didn't kill him."

Naruto blew her a kiss and she blushed at that.

Mihawk spoke up next. "What's the next test you have for us?"

Foxy looked at them and smiled. "You have to fine me next." The pirate threw down a smoke bomb.

When the smoke cleared, Foxy was gone.

Hancock herself was angry that ugly pirate got away. "Where did he go?"

Naruto smiled at her. "Well, I guess we have to find him."

The others followed Naruto and Hancock down the hall away that was behind the throne. They came to a door and they all walked in it. The room was a big kitchen with a cook, cutting something.

Moria had a big sweat drop on his forehead. The cook was none other than foxy, the worst costume he had even seen in his life.

Naruto smiled and pointed at the cook. "Hey you, have you seen a guy with a huge split head anywhere?"

Foxy fell on his knees and had a rain cloud over him. "Split head?"

"No way! I was tricked by split head!" Shouted Naruto.

The others sweat dropped at that.

Crocodile on the other hand was getting sick of theses foolish games that Foxy was trying to play with them. He walked right over to Foxy and took off his mask. Then he slammed him against the wall.

Foxy grunted in pain, and then got scared when Crocodile's hook was really close to his throat.

"Take us to Shiki or die." Threaten Crocodile.

Nervous, Foxy agreed to take them to the final place. They arrived in room that had four ways to go.

"This is where I take me leave." Stated Foxy.

Kuma raised an eyebrow at him. "What do you mean?"

"After you leave this room, Shiki-sama said that I can leave with a lot of money he gave me to do this." Explained Foxy.

"We are going to miss you split head!" Said a cheerful Naruto.

Foxy feel to his knees.

Doflamingo smirked. "So, what are we supposed to do now?"

"It's simple four doors and eight of you. You must team up in a two man team; go through one of the doors. That's all I been told." Explained Foxy.

Crocodile smirked. "Well, that's simple. Naruto and I will be a team."

"Oh, but his my Namaka to. I think he should go with me." Stated a smirking Doflamingo

Crocodile glared at him.

Jinbe spoke up. "Perhaps, it would be better if Naruto teams with me."

Before Crocodile or Doflamingo could disagree with Jinbe. Hancock spoke up next.

"No. Naruto-kun comes with me." She told them, as if it was the end of the story.

Mihawk, Kuma, and Moria did not really care who they were paired with.

Foxy held about eight dice. "These dice have two of the same numbers on them. I toss them up in the air and you guys can catch them. Whoever has the same number as you, is your partner."

The Pirates agreed to do that. Foxy threw them up in the air and they each caught one.

Mihawk and Naruto got one.

Crocodile and Doflamingo got two.

Jinbe and Moria got three.

Kuma and Hancock got four.

Foxy could not believe it. Hawk eyes and Demon Eyes were on the same team. He hoped Shiki knew what he was doing.

Mihawk didn't care one way or another. Although, he did not mind teaming up with Naruto since Shanks had many good things to say about the blonde-haired Pirate.

Naruto sighed, he wanted to team up with his lover, but a least she was with Kuma. He knew that the Tyrant would protect Hancock. He told him long ago that Hancock and Robin was his treasure. He glanced over at Mihawk. He heard many stories about Mihawk from Shanks. It's hard to believe that they can get along, when they were so different in personality.

Crocodile thought this was crap. He wanted to team up with Naruto, instead he got Doflamingo.

Kuma on the outside look like he didn't care, but on the inside was nervous. Dealing with a woman that hated all men did not make a good teammate. At least he will find out how much Hancock truly knows about the Revolutionaries and him.

Doflamingo had a smirk on his face. He wanted to team with Naruto, but instead he got his old friend Crocodile. At least he won't be bored.

Moria did not really care whom he teamed up with. He glanced at Jinbe, hoped that ugly fishman did not get in his way.

Hancock was angry. She didn't get Naruto as he partner.

Jinbe sighed at all this. He knew from the start that eight of them couldn't get along at all. He was surprise that a battle hasn't broke out yet between them.

Naruto walked over to Hancock and whispered that he would see her soon. She told him to be safe.

Then the Pirates went in to different directions.

-With Hancock and Kuma-

Hancock was walk ahead of Kuma.

The big Pirate thought this was a good time to ask how much the Empress knew about him. "Boa Hancock…..

Hancock was thinking of Naruto. He was calling out her name with that sexy voice of his. It was soon ruined when she heard that beast call out her name. She turned around glared at him.

"I don't like anyone using my name!"

Kuma just stared at her for minute. "How much do you know of Naruto?"

"Everything." Answered Hancock.

"Did Naruto give you any information on me?" Kuma questioned her.

Hancock raised eyebrow. What was he up to? She decided to tell him what she knew about him. "You're a member of the Revolutionaries like Naruto. For some reason you really wanted the Government to trust you. So you're using my lover to gain the trust of the Government."

"You must never tell….

Hancock just glared at him. "I have no inserts in the Revolutionaries or the Government. What you are planning I don't care."

Kuma was glad to hear that from Hancock.

"However, if Naruto-kun dies doing anything for you people. I will tell the Government everything about you." Threaten Hancock.

Kuma was nervous about what she just said.

Hancock turned around and started to walk away. She stops for a second and glanced back. "If your little group betrays Naruto-kun. I will kill you all."

Kuma watched her as she walked away. That snake that followed her just smiled at him. He seen a lot of crazy things before, but those two were the most crazy couple he even seen. Naruto as stated that he would kill anyone that harms Hancock. Now the Empress was doing the same for Naruto.

-With Naruto and Mihawk-

The two Pirates walked down the hallway. They did not talk too much. They had talked little bit about Shanks. To both of their surprise they reached the end of the hallway. It was a dead in.

Mihawk raised an eyebrow at this. "What is this? I figured we'd be fighting Shiki's men."

"I know right? Seems split head sent us down a dead end path." Stated a smiling Naruto.

Mihawk rolled his eyes. If he wasted his time here, then he was going to kill Sengoku. Fleet Admiral or not, no one wastes his time. Before he could think of it anymore. The floor suddenly opened from underneath him and Naruto.

Naruto sweat dropped. A trap, how lovely.

Then both of the Pirates fell and landed hard on the floor. It was like a slide and they started sliding down word. It like a crazy roller coaster.

Then the two Pirates saw a light at the end of the tunnel and went through it. They came shooting out at the North side of the castle and both landed on their feet.

Naruto stood up a grinned. "That was a rush."

Mihawk looked around and notice that there was many Pirates coming from all sides charging at them.

Naruto turned to Mihawk. "I scanned the area around here. Same thing happen to the others. They are also getting attack."

Mihawk looked over at him. "Back to back."

All the Pirates were shocked that Hawk Eyes and Demon Eyes were going to work together.

"How can you see that far?" Questioned Mihawk.

Naruto grinned. "A power called the Byakugan."

Mihawk had a question look at first, and then shrugged his shoulders. "You have strange powers. To bad you can't fight with a sword like a real Pirate."

"Is that a challenge Hawk Eye?" A grinning Naruto asked him.

Mihawk drew his sword from his back. "Take it any way you like." He answered.

Naruto still had his fox like grinned on. "Alright." Then he summoned Samehada.

Mihawk glanced at Naruto's sword and had a smirk on his face. "Nice sword Demon Eyes."

Naruto grinned right back at him. "Thanks." The he look at Mihawk's Black yoru. "You have a nice sword to."

"Let's do this." Said Mihawk.

Then both Naruto and Mihawk attacked.

-West Side of the island-

"Mero Mero Mellow!" Shouted the Pirate Empress.

Half the Pirates were all turn to stone.

A big fat Pirate was scared to death. So it was true that Boa Hancock could turn people to stone like that. Hancock then charged at the rest of them.

"Perfume Femur!" Yelled the Empress as she kicked everyone around her, killing the ones that were turned to stone.

Kuma just stood back and watched. He was not going to get in Hancock's way. He noticed a Pirate behind him, and appeared behind that said Pirate.

"Where would you like to go on a trip?" The Tyrant asked.

The Pirate didn't have any idea what the Hachibukai was talking about.

Then Kuma teleported him off the island to Whiskey Peak.

-South side where the Marine ship can see the best-

"Kishishishi!" Laughed Moria as he was killing Pirates. "Black Bat!" Then his shadow turned into bats and started attacking his enemies.

"Water Shot!" Shouted Jinbe bullets of water hit the other Pirates.

Moria noticed that a lot more were still coming and smirked at that. This was his chance try out a new techquie that was going to make him the Pirate King. Moria summoned Zombies and placed some of the Pirates shadows in them.

Before Moria could see how well the Zombies were in battle. Out of nowhere, a large body of water hit the enemies and his zombies. The sea salt in the water made the shadows leave the bodies of the zombies.

Moria looked over and saw Jinbe was in the water. "Dammit Jinbe! Stay out of my way!"

Jinbe sweat dropped that. "So the zombies was his. I see, salt is their weakness." The Fishmen mumbled.

-East of the island-

"Desert Spada!" Crocodile unleashed his attack that killed a lot of Pirates. He was really annoyed. "Why doesn't Shiki just come out and fight us?"

Doflamingo was making some of the Pirates attack the others. "Fuffuffuffuffuffuffu…. I would figure a legend like Shiki would have strong Subordinates."

"If he does have some, then he needs to send them out now! I'm getting bored." Complain Crocodile.

Doflamingo was about to say something, but stopped and smirk. "It seems we don't have to wait long. Something is coming."

As soon as the Pirate said that. They felt the ground shake.

-North side-

Naruto noticed that Mihawk was watching him fight. He wondered why the swordsman was watching him. "Why are you watching me?"

Mihawk was about to answer until they felt the ground shake from under them. Then the ground lifted up and started to float in the sky.

Naruto thought it was crazy that someone could take part of the ground that they stood on and make it float in the air like that. "Does this guy have the power to move earth?"

"I heard he has to touch things to make them fly. Why do you think they call him the flying Pirate?" Mihawk told him.

Naruto nodded and noticed that the same thing happen to Hancock and the others. They were on a piece of the ground to that apparently Shiki made fly in the air.

"Seems Shiki did the same thing to the others. Look up to your right." Mihawk pointed to the right.

Naruto noticed that another small island was floating close to them. He noticed something else that was higher in the sky. "Look higher, there is a Pirate ship floating."

Mihawk nodded. "That's Shiki's Jolly Roger. Looks like we have been looking in the wrong place."

Naruto saw that Shiki floated the other Pirates really close to the floating island. Then the ground Mihawk and Naruto were on split in two.

Mihawk seems surprise by this and his side started floating over to the other Hachibukai. Naruto's side started floating towards Shiki's ship. When he floated close to the ship and jumped on the deck of the ship.

He noticed a door that lead inside the ship. There was also a banner above the door that said "WELCOME DEMON EYES UZUMAKI NARUTO!"

Naruto smirked at that. "Well, that conforms his been expecting us." Then the blond Pirate walked through the door. He wanted to see just how strong Shiki was.

End of chapter.