Pirate Uzumaki Chapter 3

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" Summoning Jutsu!" Naruto yelled as he slammed his hand on the ground.

To his surprise a little cloud of smoke appeared above him. Then he widen his eyes as sword came flying down at him. He dodged and and the sword fell in between his legs. He turned white as a ghost. Naruto fell over in surprise.

Borsalino raised a eyebrow at him. " That guy just made a sword appear out of nowhere? What is he?"

Naruto got up and glared at the Marine. " What the hell was that!"

"... What do you mean by that?" Questioned Borsalino. That kid was getting confusing by the second.

" What's going on? Why didn't Gamabunta come? Instead a sword came out." Naruto thought. As he looked at the sword. He recognize it. He was really shocked that it was Orochimaru's Kusanagi Sword. Then he looked over at the Vice Admiral. " Do you know anyone by the name Orochimaru?"

Borsalino started to rub his chin. " Can't say I have."

" So it wasn't really that Marine. Then how in the hell did I summon Orochimaru's sword then?" Thought a very confused Naruto.

Then out of nowhere. Borsalino appeared beside him and kicked him with a light kick on the side that sent Naruto flying in to another building. Then there was a big explosion.

" Mmmmm...I used to much power. I didn't mean to blow up that building." Said Borsalino.

" Maybe you should have used more power."

Borsalino turned around and saw that Naruto was alive. He was bleeding on his forehead and his shirt was tore up.

" Your very scary. Now both of us have blood."

" You shouldn't underestimated me."

" And you shouldn't drop you guard like that. What's your name again?" Questioned the Vice Admiral.

" Uzumaki Naruto."

" I won't forget that name. That's if you leave this island alive." Stated the Vice Admiral as he made a sword of light.

Naruto had Kusanagi Sword. Then they both charged at each other and their swords clashed. After about five minutes of dueling with swords. They both jumped back from each other breathing hard.

Then a giant fist made of magma came flying at him. Naruto dodged it just in time. Then someone appeared by Borsalino.

" Mmmm...Sakazuki. Did you get the other one?" Questioned Borsalino.

Sakazuki glanced at him. " No. He got away with all the Fishmen slaves and a lot of other slaves got away thanks to Tiger and this kid."

Borsalino saw that Sakazuki was wounded. " Seems Tiger gave you a hard time."

" That's why I was waiting for you to back me up, but you never showed up. This kid can't be that strong." Stated Sakazuki glaring at Borsalino.

" But that kid is a monster. He is scary." Complained the Vice Admiral.

" Then we will kill him together!" Yelled Sakazuki.

Naruto was breathing hard. " My sage chakra is almost out. Not to mention all this weird stuff going on with my ability's. I guess my best bet is to use that justu."

Then to the surprise of both the Vice Admirals. Naruto flown high above Mariejois. " Shrinra Tensei!"

With that there was a big explosion to shook the land of Mariejois. Naruto landed on the ground and saw he had half the land destroyed. " Just like Pein did to the Leaf Village."

He looked over and saw that he did some major damage to the castle to. Then he ran and jumped off the cliff and falling down the Red Line.

Seven days later. Naruto was walking on the water thinks to chakra. He was being very careful not to fall in the water. He didn't see the Sunny Pirates since he and Tiger attacked Mariejois. Naruto had no clue where he was going or what to do now. Then he heard people yell at him. He looked towards the East and saw a ship that had a Pirate Flag on it. He guess that they were Pirates.

They were a shocked that Naruto was walking on the water.

" Step aside guys." Ordered the Captain.

Naruto looked at the man. He was a very tall man. He had long hair that was slick back. He also had a dark black and gray fur coat over his shoulders. He had rings on his fingers.

" How in the world can you walk on water?" Questioned the Captain.

Naruto sighed at that. " I can't talk right now. I be walking for who knows long. Trying to find island so I can get new clothes, food, and rest."

" Sorry about that. My manners are bad Kuahahahaha." Laughed the Captain.

Naruto was already starting to like him as he laughed long with him.

The Pirates sweat drop at their Captain and Naruto, because they were both laughing and smiling at each other.

" I like you. My name is Sir Crocodile, but you can call me Crocodile." He said.

" I'm Uzumaki Naruto." He said as he jumped on board the ship.

" I got of that stuff your looking for on this ship." Said a smiling Crocodile.

At the same time in Marineford. Admiral Sengoku sighed at all the things that happen this path month. Gold Roger turn himself in. Not to mention Shiki had attacked them. He had killed the Fleet Admiral Kong. The Gorousei still haven't picked a replacement. Then Roger started the Pirate Age a couple days ago. Then not even a day later thousands of new Pirates started to come out of the shadows. Then Fisher Tiger and a kid name Uzumaki Naruto attacked Mariejois. No one had never done that ever. Tiger burn some of the land and freed all the Fishmen slaves.

What worried him the most was Naruto. That kid killed a World Noble and had a unknown power that he never seen before. He destroyed all most all the land. Lucky the Vice Adimarls that saw him lived through Naruto's power. Lucky the Gorousei were at Roger's execution. They had ordered him to do two things. One was to kill Uzumaki Naruto and Fisher Tiger. The other one was to send CP9 and if need be a Buster Call to Ohara. He was going to do that mission first and do a little bit of lying all the Pirates out there.

Then he grabbed a Den Den Mushi that was on his desk.

" This is Vice Admiral John Giant."

" I have a important mission for you." Stated Sengoku.

Two months later. Naruto and Crocodile became Nakama. They were at Water Seven. They were in a bar waiting for their ship to be repaired. Both Naruto and Crocodile were drinking rum.

" I really wish you will become my frist mate Naruto." Said Crocodile.

" I like I told you before. I'm here to save the world." Said Naruto.

Crocodile rolled his eyes at that. " Then let me ask you some thing Naruto. Do you really think you can go up against the world?"

" Maybe, but I can't right now." Answered a sad Naruto.

Naruto told Crocodile everything about him about a month ago.

" Listen Naruto. You shouldn't go tell other people that your from another world." Stated Crocodile.

Naruto nodded.

" The hell with it. If you ever need help or when the day comes that you want to take them down. I will help you." Said Crocodile with a big smile.

" Shishishishi. Thanks man. If you ever need my help just ask."

Crocodile started to smoke his cigar. " You are strong."

" Who is the most strongest you ever fought with Crocodile?" Naruto asked.

Crocodile narrowed his eyes at that question. " That damn freak, Emporio Ivankov!"

Naruto raised a eyebrow. " Who's that?"

" A freak. That's all you need to know." Was all he said.

Then one of Crocodile's crew man ran in the bar.

" Captain!"

Crocodile looked over at him. " What is it?"

" I got amazing news. There is this big rumor going around that the Pirate King left his ship the Oro Jackson in Partia."

Crocodile widen his eyes. " Are you for real?"

" Of course Captain. I hear it with my on ears."

" Is the ship ready?"

" Yes sir."

Crocodile had a grin on his face. " Then get ready to set sail. We are leaving for Partia."

The crewmember nodded his head and left the bar.

Naruto raised a eyebrow. " What's so special about a ship?"

Crocodile rolled his eyes at him. " That ship was the only ship to sail around the world. I'm going to get that ship."

" Well, good luck with that Shishishishi." Laughed Naruto.

" What are you laughing at? Your coming with me." Stated a smirking Crocodile.

" What! I'm not fighting for a stupid ship." Said Naruto as he crossed his arms.

" We are Nakama. We always agree to have each others back. Are you going to break you promise to me? I thought you never go back on your word?" Questioned Crocodile.

Naruto eyed him.

" Besides, If I get in a fight. It's your fight to. I have ramen." Said Crocodile with a smile.

" You are a jerk. I just want you to know that." Stated Naruto as he stood up from his chair.

" Kuahahahaha. You need to learn to go with the flow Naruto." Said a laughing Crocodile.

A few days later. The crew arrived at Partia.

Crocodile was looking at the island through some binoculars.

Naruto was siting in a chair near by.

" What's so great about this island that the Pirate King would leave his ship here?" Questioned a bored Naruto.

" This island holds the Dead End Race. It's a Pirate race. Who ever wins, gets the grand price." Answered Crocodile.

" So this time it's going to be a Pirate King's ship?" Naruto asked.

" The race is held every two years. The funny thing is it happen a year ago." Stated Crocodile.

Naruto sighed at that. " Maybe we should just leave. I have a bad feeling about this."

" As do I, but I rather have the ship. Unless you want the World Government to have it." Said a smiling Crocoile.

Naruto laughed at that. "Shishishishi. You sure know how to get me moving."

Crocodile smirked at that and looked at his other crew members. " Let's go to the island men."

Meanwhile close by. There was the first ever underwater ship. The Captain was sting in his chair in the middle of the room. He was very bored.

" Well? Have you gather information yet? I'm getting bored over here."

A woman bowed to him. " Forgive us Doflamingo-sama. There are some low level Pirates on the island and some Marines. Even Whitebeard is here with his crew sir."

Doflamingo looked disappointed. " Why does every thing seem boring?"

" Doflamingo-sama?"

" I can tell you right now that Roger didn't leave his ship here. The Marines lied. For what purpose? Who cares? Maybe they looking to kill off a lot of Pirates. After all it is a trap. Then we have Whitebeard. He is here to try to get Roger's ship. In other words, how boring." He complained.

Then a man came in the room. " We have some crazy news Doflamingo-sama. The rookie Crocodile is here with his crew sir."

Doflamingo smirked at that. " Really?"

" Yes sir."

" That big news, but not enough to keep me happy."

" Please wait. You won't believe who Crocodile has with him. It's Demon Eyes Uzumaki Naruto!"

That was all he took to get Doflamingo happy. "Finally! Things are going to get fun! Fuffuffuffuffu!"

End of chapter.