Pirate Uzumaki Chapter 4

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Crocodile's crew were on the island by the water.

Naruto raised a eyebrow. " Have you ever been here before?"

Crocodile shook his head no. " I heard a lot about it. Were should we start?"

" Don't ask me. Your the one that forced me to come." Complained Naruto.

" Don't blame me. Your the one that likes that noddle crap." Stated Crocodile

" You have no sense of taste Crocodile! Ramen is the best!" Yelled Naruto.

" I told you cigars are the best."

Then they both got in to each others face and yelled at the same time. " You want fight!"

The others sweat drop at that.

" I don't have time for this. We need to think of a plan." Said Crocodile.

" Fuffuffuffuffu. How is it going Sir Crocodile and Demon Eyes Uzumaki Naruto?" Said a voice behind them.

Everyone looked behind them and saw a man in a feather coat siting on a rock near by and had a pair of sunglasses on.

Naruto glared at the man. " What did you just call me? Wait, forget that, Who the hell are you?"

Crocodile glared at the man himself. " Careful Naruto. This man is powerful. His name is Donquixote Doflamingo."

" It's a honor to meet you two. Specially you Naruto-kun." Said Doflamingo.

" What are you doing here? Looking for Roger's ship?" Questioned Crocodile.

" Fuffuffuffuffu. I say the three of us should team up. Want do you think of that?" Questioned a laughing Doflamingo.

Crocodile rolled his eyes at him. " Don't you have a crew?"

" I have lots of men. Only the strong ones have a right to be here." Answered Doflamingo.

Naruto raised a eyebrow at him. " What do you mean by that?"

" Our luck is against us Naruto-kun Fuffuffuffuffu. The Marines and Whitebeard Pirates are also here. So in order for one of us to get Roger's ship we need to team up. We can fight to death over it later." Explained Doflamingo. He knew the truth and didn't tell them that Roger's ship wasn't here. He only come to meet with Naruto and get on his good side.

Crocodile was about to refuse until Naruto spoke up.

" Maybe his right Crocodile. I fought with a Vice Admiral before. They are strong." Said Naruto.

Crocodile didn't like it, but he had no choice right now. " Whitebeard is strong as well. Fine, we are a team for right now."

Doflamingo smirked at that. " I already checked out the island and discovered that there are low level Pirates inside of the mountain. They have no idea that Whitbeard or the Marines are here. Those three ways to get in. One of them is block by Marines. They have their commander with them there."

" Who's that?" Questioned Crocodile.

" The Vice Admiral John Giant. The other has Whitebeard Pirates and the last one has about three hundred Marines." Stated Doflamingo

Naruto looked over at Crocodile. " Witch way you want to go?"

" I guess we fight the three hundred Marines." Answered Crocodile.

Crocodile's crew fell over in surprise. They all were thinking the same thing, those three were crazy.

The Marines were waiting for orders to attack the inside of the cave, when they noticed three figures walking towards them. One of the Marines recognized who the three were.

" Men! Get ready for battle. Show no mercy to those Pirates. They are famous rookies!"

On the left was Naruto, the middle was Crocodile, and on the right was Doflamingo.

" Out of the way weaklings." Ordered Crocodile.

" Our job is to protect the world from scum like you!"

All three of them said at the same time. " Just who are you calling scum!"

Marines got their guns and swords ready to fight them.

" Fuffuffuffuffu! Looks like they are not listening to you Crocodile." Said a grinning Doflamingo.

" Then I guess we kill them." Stated Crocodile.

Naruto nodded. " I take the left, you take the middle, and our friend over there can take the right."

Doflamingo smiled at Naruto called him a friend.

Crocodile glanced at Naruto. " Are you telling me what to do Naruto?"

" Your the one dragged me here. If anyone has the right to tell you what do, it's me. Although if you do get married than it's your wife that's going to boss you around Shishishishi." Said a laughing Naruto.

" Naruto is one of a kind." Thought a smiling Crocodile.

" Hurry and attack the Pirates!" Yelled one of the Marines.

The Marines couldn't even touch Naruto as he dodged their attacks and fought back with powerful blows.

A lot of the Marines stabbed Crocodile's body with swords, but to their surprise he was nothing, but sand.

Crocodile looked bored. " What are you guys doing? Barchan!"

Marines fell over dead.

Doflamingo smirked at he watched Naruto fight. " I'm loving this!"

A big Marine charged at him with a big axe. " Die Doflamingo!"

Doflamingo had a sick smile on his face as he moved his fingers. " I'm trying to watch Naruto-kun fight. Go play with the others."

Then the Marine started to attack the other Marines. Thy demanded to know why he was doing it and the Marine just screamed in pain. He said he couldn't control himself.

Ten minutes later Crocodile's crew were shocked that three guys just took out three hundred Marines.

Crocodile lit his cigar. " Well, I was hoping they put up a fight."

Doflamingo started to laugh. " Fuffuffuffuffu. Still was fun."

Crocodile raised a eyebrow. " What is he after? He was watching Naruto fight more then he was my fight or even his own fight. He's up to something."

Naruto walked to the entrance to the cave. " Let's go."

With that the others followed after him.

When they walked in. They were a lot of levels. There were a lot of Pirates siting around drinking rum.

" This place is awesome. It's like a secret pirate place or some thing like that." Stated Naruto as he was looking around.

" That's because it is." Stated Doflamingo.

Naruto nodded and then looked at Crocodile. " Well, where would you hide a ship in this place."

Crocodile shrugged his shoulders.

Then Doflamingo started to walk in the middle of the place where everyone could see him. " Fuffuffuffuffu!Where is the Pirate King's ship!"

Everyone looked at Doflamingo like he was crazy.

Naruto sighed at all that. " That's one way to get people to notice you."

Before any of the Pirates spoke up their was a big explosion. It left a giant hole in the wall. Everyone saw the Vice Admiral John Giant with a lot of Marines. At the same time another explosion was heard on the opposite side where the Marines were at. Everyone was shocked to the core when they saw Whitebeard and his crew there.

John was shocked that Whitebeard was here.

" Well, what do we have here? Some Marines." Said Whitebeard.

John looked over at the three rookies. " You are under a arrest for the sake of justice! We won't allow you to get the Pirate King's ship!"

Whitebeard smirked at that. " I think that ship is ours. What do you think Tatch?"

" I think you right pops." Answered Thatch.

" Hold on! That ship belongs to me!" Yelled Crocodile.

" What makes you think that brat?" Questioned Whitebeard.

Crocodile smirked at him. " I'm going to defeat you Whitebeard."

" Gurararara. Your a funny brat." Said a laughing Whitebeard.

Crocodile glared at him.

Then Marco appeared beside Whitbeard. " Pops, it would seem that his ship isn't anywhere to be found."

Whitebeard glanced at him. " Are you sure?"

" Trust me. That's not a ship I can forget." Stated Marco.

Whitebeard then had a big grin on his face. " I thought as much. Why would the Marines lie about Roger's ship being here? I only came here to know why."

" To kill rookie Pirates, but to be honest I'm after you Demon Eyes Uzumaki Naruto." Answered John.

" Who's that?" Thought a confused Whitebeard.

Naruto raised a eyebrow. " Hold on guys. Why is everyone calling me Demon Eyes?"

Crocodile remembered that Doflamingo called Naruto that when they meet on the beach.

" Fuffuffuffuffu. You really don't know Naruto-kun? You have a bounty. When you get one, you have a nick name." Explained a laughing Doflamingo.

John glared at Doflamingo. " How did you know that?"

Doflamingo smirked." I have my ways Fuffuffuffuffu."

Whitebeard widen his eyes. " Your the famous rookie? Are you in Fisher Tiger's crew?"

" No I'm not." Answered Naruto.

Crocodile glanced at him. " What the hell did you do with Fisher Tiger? I heard he hates humans."

John glared at Naruto. " He did something not even Whitebeard or the Gold Roger has done. He attacked Mariejois with Tiger. He helped free a lot of slaves."

Whitebeard raised a eyebrow. " How did that brat get to Mariejois?"

Crocodile and his crew were shocked to hear that.

The other Pirates around were shocked to hear that to.

Naruto grinned at that. " You sound like it's a bad thing Marine. You guys had thousands of slaves there and it makes me sick to my stomach."

" Don't you dare lecture me on what's right and wrong! You killed a World Noble!" Yelled John.

Crocodile cigar fell out of his mouth.

Whitebeard had a smile on his face and so did Doflamingo. Everyone else was shocked that Naruto killed a World Noble.

" Not only did you do that, but you destroyed half of Mariejois. We don't even know what type of power you use. We put a 500,000,000 beli bounty on your head." Stated John.

Whitebeard smirked at that. " That brat broke all the records. That's the highest bounty that anyone ever got on their first try."

Naruto had questioned look on his face and looked over at Crocodile. " Is that big?"

" That's big Naruto. Your the first person to get their bounty so high like that for your first try." Said a shocked Crocodile.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. " Whatever." " I guess it's like being in the bingo book." He thought.

" That is why we Marines must kill you Demon Eyes." Yelled John as he drew his sword.

" Target found." Said a voice above them.

They looked up on one of the balconies and saw big man.

Naruto sweat drop. " Why is everyone so big and tall?"

" Fuffuffuffuffu. If it isn't the Tyrant Bartholomew Kuma!" Said a laughing Doflamingo.

" Tyrant?" Questioned Naruto.

" His been known to crush anything in front of him and never to spare anyone's life." Explained a smirking Doflamingo.

" I'm a little mad right now. I came for a new ship and that's what I'm going to do. I think I take one of your ships Whitebeard." Stated Crocodile.

Whitebeard smirked at that. " Looks like we are going to fight some Marines and brats."

Crocodile ordered his men to get ready and fight the Whitebeard's crew. Then he glanced over at Naruto. " Your going to help us?"

Naruto was looking at the Vice Admiral. " It looks like he wants to kill me. I might have to fight...

Naruto was cut off.

" Above you!" Yelled Crocodile.

Naruto looked up and saw Kuma flying towards him like a cannon ball. He saw the Kuma had taken off his gloves and there was some thing on his hands. He then dodged as Kuma landed and on the ground was a big hole that looked like a paw print.

Naruto notice that he looked a lot taller up close. " Why are you attacking me?"

Kuma stayed quiet.

" Looks like he wants to kill you Naruto-kun Fuffuffuffuffu." Said a laughing Doflamingo.

Naruto glared at him. " Your not helping much. You remind me of a enemy I know. Please tell me you don't have a power that can take over another person's body, so that you can live forever."

Doflamingo looked amused. " Living forever you say? Not my cup of tea Naruto-kun. Are you saying that were not Nakama?"

" I really don't know you, your very crazy, and not mention your not really helping us." Stated Naruto as he eyed him.

Then Kuma sent shock waves that look like paws at Naruto. Then Naruto started to dodged them.

John saw this as a moment to kill Naruto and he tried to slash at Naruto, but his body just stopped. " What's going on?"

" Fuffuffuffuffu. I can't allow you to kill Naruto-kun from behind. He is fighting the Tryant after all, so his a little busy." Said a laughing Doflamingo.

John glared at him. " Stay out of this."

Doflamingo smirked at that. " Can't do that. Naruto-kun is my nakama!"

Naruto looked over at him. He still didn't know if he could trust this guy or not. He reminded him to much of Orochimaru.

Crocodile raised a eyebrow. " It seems Doflamingo is backing Naruto up." Then he looked at his men. " Get ready. We are going to attack Whitbeard!"

With that Crocodile and his crew charged at Whitebeard.

John then ordered the Marines to go kill Doflamingo first since he wouldn't step aside. Then the Marines started to fight each other and the Vice Admiral had no choice, but to fight Doflamingo.

That left a one on one fight for Naruto and Kuma.

" I don't like to fight with out a reason. Why are you attacking me?" Questioned a serious Naruto.

" Your question shall remain unanswered." Stated Kuma as he started to shoot out shock waves.

Naruto widen his eyes as he got hit with them, but he turn in a cloud of smoke. Then Naruto came from behind him with a Rasengan. Lucky Kuma blocked it with his hand and it sent Naruto flying to the wall. When the dust cleared up. Kuma say how dangerous that technique really was. There was a giant how in the wall and it looked it keep going for about ten feet.

" So he can shot out shock waves and block any attack with his hands." Thought Naruto as he turned on his Sage Mode.

Then Kuma appeared in front of Naruto and Naruto appeared behind him a second later. Then he punched Kuma in the back of the head and sent him flying in to the wall.

Kuma then got up from Naruto's punch and held his head. " What is that power? Did you ate a devil fruit?"

" Like you said before. Your question shall remain unanswered."

Kuma raised a eyebrow at that. " Very well. I was sent to test your power."

That caught Naruto's intention. " Who?"

" He will come and find you later." Was Kuma said on the subject.

" I guess you can call my power a devil fruit power." Said Naruto as he got ready to attack.

Kuma then put his gloves on. " Our fight has come to a end."

Naruto raised a eyebrow. " Oh really?"

Kuma just nodded his head.

Before Naruto could say anything. He heard a scream and saw that Crocodile was on the ground defeated. His left hand was missing and he had a cut going across his face. Even Crocodile's crew were all killed. Whitebeard look like he was going to finish Crocodile off.

Naruto summoned the Kusanagi sword and appeared in front of Whitebeard to block his bisento. Then there was big explosion. When the smoke cleared Naruto was standing over Crocodile. He was breathing really hard and his eyes were bleeding. There was a phantom like thing above Naruto.

Whitebeard and the others were shocked that Naruto's eyes had changed. They were red now. " I never seen anything like this before. That kid is not normal."

The Kusanagi sword was strong enough to stand up to Whitebeard's bisento, but Naruto saw a lot of power coming form that attacked and then unlocked the Sharingan.

" What the hell is that!" Questioned one of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Naruto glared at them all. " It's called Susanoo. I won't let you kill my Namaka!"

" Fuffuffuffuffu. Looks like the Marines retreated and now you got me and Naruto-kun to deal with." Said a laughing Doflamingo as he stood by Naruto.

Whitebeard glanced over at Marco. " Do you see a reason to keep on fighting."

" Sure don't pops." Answered Marco.

" Very well. We are going to pull back. Hey brat, how would you like to join my crew?" Questioned a smiling Whitebeard.

Marco was shocked that he even said that.

Naruto's eyes were bleeding." Screw you."

Doflamingo smirked at Naruto's answer.

" Gurararara. If you ever change your mind look me up." Said smiling Whitebeard as he left with his crew.

Then Sasanoo disappeared and Naruto started to cough up blood. He didn't what was going on with his powers. First he couldn't summon toads, then he get's weak really fast, and he Sage punches should stop some of these guys, but they get up like it was nothing. He failed to save the Leaf Village from Pein and he couldn't even help his only friend in this world defeat a old man. Then he fell on the ground and passed out.

Doflamingo started to laugh. " Your power is amazing Naruto-kun. Your a guy that I want to be friends with than having you as my enemy. Fuffuffuffuffu."

Then he picked up Naruto and Crocodile. He noticed that all the Pirates and Kuma have all disappeared. Then he carried them to his ship.

End of chapter.