Pirate Uzumaki Chapter 6

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Note= I always thought Hancock's slave past happen before Ohara. When I planned this story chapter 0 was not out at the time. So the time line is a little different, but oh well. On with the story.

Naruto and Oliva arrived on Ohara. They walked through the streets. Naruto noticed how peaceful this place was. Finally they got to the Tree of Knowledge and Oliva walked in first. She finally took off the hat she had been wearing. Her long white hair fell down her back. Naruto noticed how beautiful she was.

Clover looked happy to see Oliva. " I'm glad you safe Oliva."

" Listen I don't have much time. The World Government found out about us. All of you must leave this island right now."

One of the other scholars shook his head. " We can't go anywhere Oliva. Our job is to make sure the past doesn't disappear."

Oliva was shocked that he said that.

Clover looked over at Naruto. " Who is this Oliva?"

Oliva looked over at Naruto. She nodded at him to take off his hat. She suggested that he should wear a hat just in case someone recognise him.

When he took off his hat, everyone was shocked.

Clover looked at Oliva. " Well, if he is here with you. I guess that means that he is not a threat?"

Naruto nodded. " I just want to see this Poneglyph."

Before Clover could say anything. Anthor scholar ran in the place. " This is bad. A World Government ship has just arrived at the dock!"

Oliva had a serious look on her face. " None of you know me. Do you understand?"

She didn't wait for them to answer and she grabbed a shot gun.

Clover raised a eyebrow. " What about Robin?"

Oliva stopped in her tracks and turned to face him with a surprise look.

" She had taken the Archaeologist exam and passed eveyones record. She is a true genus. She wanted to be smart enough to go with you out to sea when you came back." Stated Clover.

Oliva looked like she was about to cry. " I can't let her became a criminal's daughter. I'm glad to hear that she is doing well."

She was about to walk out the door when Naruto spoke up.

" So you have a daughter? The worse thing you can do to her is not to see her. I have been there and if I could meet my mother. I do it." Stated Naruto with a small smile.

Oliva didn't know what to say to that.

" But then again it's really none of my business."

Oliva looked over at Clover. " Please show him the Poneglyph. We can trust him."

Clover nodded. " Follow me then Demon Eyes...We

Naruto cut him off. " Just call me Naruto."

With that Clover lead Naruto to the basement where the Poneglyph was at.

When they got there. Naruto saw the Poneglyph. It was huge. Then he widen his eyes when he saw that language that was written in the stone.

" Is there some thing wrong?" Asked Clover. It looked to him that Naruto was looking at a ghost.

Naruto nodded. " I know that language."

Clover raised a eyebrow. " You do."

Naruto nodded.

" Well, Oliva said you were important. I wish I could know right now, but I must help the others in dealing with the World Government. As soon as your done, you should leave. It will be safer for you." Explained Clover.

Naruto nodded and started to read the Poneglyph as Clover left the room.

There is a big war going on. It seems that we are going to lose against them. They are calling them selves the World Government. It also seems that they have called them selves kings, but they are not really kings. They made dangerous organization that they clam to be fighting for Justice. The world is in chaos and if the World Government wins. There will never be true peace. We call ourselves the Last of the Senjus. We lost everything in this war. I lost too much to care if I die or not. I lost my home, parents, and my lover. I'm counting on the next Generation to end it all. I wrote more of these stones I like to call Poneglyphs. I hope they help you all. Keep going and I hope that anyone can figure out how to read this. They have the Will of Fire. It's a language that I know. I'm the only living person that can understand this. My name is Nara Shikamaru.

Naruto was hororfied of what he just read.

Flash Back

Back when Jiraiya trained him for those three years.

" Man want a long day of training!" Shouted Naruto as he begin to go to sleep.

" What do you think your doing Naruto? You have work to do." Stated a smiling Jiraiya.

Naruto rolled his eyes at his sensei. " Look Pervy Sage. You said not to train at night and besides, you go a peak at women at night anyway."

Jiraiya grinned at him. " That's true. I'm not going to just work on you strength or jutsus. I'm going to work on your mind."

Then he poked him in the head.

" Owe! I might not be all that smart, but I'm not a pervert like you!"

" I'm not a pervert! I'm a supper pervert!" Yelled a happy Jiraiya.

Naruto sighed at that. " Why do I have to get the crazy teachers? I guess the normal one I ever had was Iruka."

Then Jiraiya got seroius. " I want to teach you a secert Lanuage."

" Why? I want to learn...

Jiraiya cut him off. " Do you want to be Hokage? Do you want to protect the Leaf Village? Do you want to protect your precious people?"

Naruto got a real serious face on. " Yes."

" Then shut up and listen to me."

Naruto just nodded. Usually when his sensei talks like that, it's time to pay intention.

" I guess the first thing to teach you is about deception among all the ninja villages." Stated Jiraiya

Naruto raised a eyebrow " Deception."

" That's right. A village will have to sets of groups that have different options to protect the village. Our deception is Root that is lead by a man name Danzo. Let's not forget the two elders ether."

Naruto nodded.

" I just always had a bad feeling about them. They are growing in power. Some times I feel the Hokage has no say in anything anymore."

" I don't get it. We all fight to protect the Leaf Village. Why do we not get along?" Asked a confused Naruto.

" It's because they refuse to trust the next generation. That's why Tsunade and I came up with a idea. Say if something is really important happens and I sent a letter to the Leaf village. The Council will probably get the letter first, but I only wanted the Hokage to see it. So Tsunade and I came up with a good idea to stop that."

" What did you two do?" Questioned Naruto.

" We decided to make a hole new language." Answered Jiraiya.

Naruto was shocked. " Is that even possible?"

Jiraiya nodded." In fact Tsunade ordered Shikamaru to make a new language."

Naruto was surprise to hear that.

" Shikamaru is with a doubt the smartest person to ever be born in the Leaf Village."

" Yeah. Even though he is really lazy. I'm sure he can do it." Said Naruto.

Jiraiya grinned at him. " He has done it already. He was ordered to do it three days before we left the village. It has been only a year and he already finished it. That is one amazing kid. Anyway Tsunade has study it and so have. I'm going to teach it to you."

Naruto raised a eyebrow. " So is Sakura and Kakashi-sensei learning it to?"

Jiraiya shook his head no. " We decided it was only safe if a few of us can read it. Meaning Tsunade and I can only pick one person to teach it to. Including Shikamaru. It's Tsunade, Shizune, you, and me."

Naruto had no clue what he was talking about.

Jiraiya could see the confuse look on his face. " Tsunade picked Shizune and I picked you. We can count on you right?"

Naruto gave him the thumbs up. " I learn it in a day! Believe it!"

" I doubt that. It was hard enough for me. In order for someone to figure it out, they have to be really smart."

Naruto nodded his head.

End of Flash Back

There was no mistaken it. That was the language that Shikamaru created. He said on the Poneglyph that he lost everything and said he was the only one alive that could read them. Did that mean that Tsunade and Shizune died. Did Shikamaru's family died? Who was his lover that he lost? The only person that Naruto could think of was Temari. Was she killed? He thought he could solve a little bit about the past coming here, but instead he just had more questions. He was cut off his thinking as he heard people coming down to where he was at.

The Scholars and Clover were siting in a big circle surrounded by twenty two Government solders. Oliva was captured also. Spandine was waiting for the men to report if they found a Poneglyph. Then to everyone surprise Nico Robin asked Oliva if she was her mother. Oliva denied she was her mother. Until Robin started crying about how she worked so hard to be a Archaeologist and could read Poneglyphs.

This shocked everyone.

" I can't believe a kid like her can read a Poneglyph. I need to call the Gorousei back. Maybe we can use that kid." Thought Spandine as he called them back on the Den Den Mushi.

" This is Cheif Spandine. I'm here to report that the Demons of Ohara have been studying Poneglyphs. They want to destroy the world and it appears that the criminal Nico Oliva had a daughter, she can also read Poneglyphs."

" For the sake of jutice...

" Wait! I tell you the truth about what we were really doing!" Yelled Clover. Hoping to save Robin and Olvia's life.

" Prosessor Clover. You are famous and it saddens us that you will go against the law and read Poneglyphs. However we will hear you out."

Clover begin to talk about everything he knew about the past of the World Government.

" Shoot him!"

Spandine shot Clover with a smile on his face.

Clover started to hold his chest in pain and fell to the ground.

Robin screamed and tried to help Clover, but her mother stopped her.

" Please Robin. Just stay where your at." Whispered Oliva with tears in her eyes as she saw her friend get shot.

" Activate the Buster Call. Destroy everything on that island. Kill all the scholars and that child that can read Poneglyphs. Send Nico Oliva to Impel Down. She might know where Jaguar D Saul is."

" Wait! Please spare my daughter! I do anything you ask of me!" Pleaded Oliva.

" We take no pity for criminals. Does anyone have a problem killing a child?"

Spandine pointed the his pistol at Robin. " I don't have a problem with that. Sorry kid. Blame your mother for giving birth to you!"

Robin closed her eyes waiting to killed. The others look horfield that he was going to kill Robin. Oliva hugged Robin tight and hoped to take the hit for her daughter.

Then a voice spoke up from out of nowhere. " I mind!"

Then Spandine cried in pain as his arm that had his gun had been cut off. The other two Cp9 members were shocked.

Naruto appeared in front of Oliva and Robin.

" Naruto!" Yelled a shocked Oliva.

Naruto glared at the CP9 members. " Never take a child from her mother!"

Spandine glared at him and hit the Golden Den Den Mushi. " You will pay for doing that to a great man like me Demon Eyes! The Buster Call will kill you all!"

" Wait. Demon Eyes Naruto Uzumaki. We have been wanting to talk to you."

Naruto eyed the the Den Den Mushi. " Who the hell are you? I don't like talking to people that I don't know."

" We are the Gorousei."

Naruto nodded. " So these people are in control of the world that Tiger told me about. I wish I could see what they look like."

" Do you have something against us? You attacked the holy land and now your in Ohara trying to team up with the demons to...

" Shut up freaking bastards. What did you guys do to the last of the Senjus?" Questioned Naruto as he cut them off.

The other in of the line was dead silent.

Spandine and the other government agents had no clue what he was talking about.

The other scholars are shocked as well because a Pirate could read the Poneglyph.

Oliva was not shocked. She was happy that she was right about him. " He really is the one that can unlock the past."

" How do you know that name?"

" What have you done to them. Answer me now!" Demanded Naruto with a lot of killing intent.

Everyone was scared of him. Even Oliva was. She never saw Naruto angry at all when she meet him.

The Gorousei just hug up. Then everyone started to see canon balls flying everywhere causing a lot of explosions. One of them came at them and Naruto used a fire justu to block it.

" That could of hit me! Are they trying to kill me!" Yelled a scared Spandine. Then he turned a looked at Naruto. " You will pay for this Uzumaki."

Then he started to run away. On of the CP9 members asked about Oliva, but Spandine said his life was more important.

Naruto sweat dropped at that. " There supposed to be the good guys?"

Then Naruto was hearing big foot steps. To his surprise I giant showed up out of nowhere. He had a orange beard and a gray shirt on. He also had pants that look like there were damaged and had a cow boy hat on.

It looked like that giant was about to say something to Oliva, but he saw Naruto standing near by. Then he narrowed his eyes at him. " Demon Eyes!"

Then he attacked Naruto.

" Despite being so big. He sure can move, but his not as fast as that guy Kuma." Thought Naruto as he dodged all of the giant's attacks.

Oliva screamed for both of them to stop. Oliva explained everything to the both of them.

" Forgive me Uzumaki Naruto. I thought you were trying to kill Oliva and Robin. My name is Jaguar D Saul."

Naruto nooded at him. " That's fine."

" We all have to get out of here. This is called a Buster Call. Meaning everything on this island has to die." Explained Saul.

Oliva hugged Robin. " I'm so proud of you Robin."

" I wanted to do this for a long time with you." Said Robin as she hugged her mother.

Clover stood up and watch all the other Archaeologist run to the Tree of Knowledge trying to save all the books. " Oliva, take Robin and head to the evacuation ship before it's not late."

Oliva shook her head. " Robin has no Bounty like I do. It's best if she gets on it."

Robin shook her head no. " I just found you!"

" Robin, I love you. I have something to do, but I promise we will be together again. Take Robin Saul and make sure she gets on that ship." Said Oliva as she started to have tears coming out of her eyes.

Saul took Robin and started to run awawy with her.

" Live Robin!" She screamed.

Naruto glance at her. " Are you sure you want to die for some books?"

She couldn't look at him." It's my job to protect history."

" You left her when she was a little girl. Now your leaving her again for some books."

She narrowed her eyes at him. " You just don't understand."

" I don't understand you, but I know how she feels. I had no parents to and I was alone for a long time. All I'm saying is try to live for her."

She nodded. " You can get off this island without a ship right?"

" Yeah."

" Very well. I will help with the books and then we will escape and find Robin after that."

He smiled at her. " Sounds good to me."

Then they heard some walking out of the smoke of where a canon ball hit. Then they saw a Marine. He had a Marine coat and hat. He was a big guy with blond hair.

" Demon Eyes Uzumaki Naruto. My name is Vice Admiral Komir. One of the five Marines leading this Buster Call or I should say four since Saul betrayed us." He said as he stood in front of Naruto.

" What do you want with me?" Asked Naruto with a blank look.

Komir smiled at him. " Your head."

He smiled back at him. " I like my head on my shoulders. You can't have it."

" The others told me not to attack you without back up, but I couldn't pass my moment. By Killing you I will get promoted to Admiral!" Yelled Komir.

" Shishishishi... Your a funny guy." He siad with a big smile.

Komir glared at Naruto. " I will be a Admiral!"

With that Komir started to trun in to a beast that looked like a Rhino. " I'm going to crush you with my Zone Dievil Fruit power!"

Naruto looked over at Oliva. " New plan. Go save those books and meet back up with me so we can leave together."

Oliva nodded and got up. " Be careful Naruto." She said as she and Clover ran off.

Komir glanced at them as they ran away. " Our mission in to kill every archaeologist on is island, but the others can do that."

Then to Naruto's surprise, Komir appeared in front of him and rammed him in the chest. Naruto was sent flying.

" Well, I didn't think he was that strong." Thought Naruto as he got up. He notice he was sent flying far away. Then he heard Spadine telling the evacuation not to pick up Robin, but to eveyone's horror ( Including Spandine) the evacuation ship was blown up.

Naruto saw it all from the cliff he was standing on.

Komir appeared behind Naruto. " That was Sakazuki-san. He is the best Marine that I know."

Naruto turn and gave him a glare. " Even when he kills innocent people!"

" This for justice!" Said Komir with a smile on his face.

With that they both charged at each other.

Robin never been so scared in all her life. Saul was frozen right before her eyes. He said that her Namaka will be waiting for her in the sea. Then to her surprise he laughed as he was killed by Vice Admiral Kuzan. For some reason she could not move at all. Her legs would not move. She saw Kuzan looking right at her.

Kuzan had tears coming out of his eyes, but you couldn't see them because he had sunglasses on. " Why did you give up your life for her Saul?" He thought. He just couldn't understand it.

Then to his annoyance, Sakazuki showed up with Borsalino.

" I see you killed that traitor. That's good. Are you going to kill that child?" Questioned Sakazuki as he pointed at Robin.

Kuzan didn't even say a word to him. He looked Saul's dead body.

Sakazuki rolled his eyes. " Your to soft Kazan. Kill her Borsalino."

" Mmmmm... I really don't think I can do that to a little girl. Maybe you should handle it." Suggested Borsalino. as he rubbed his head.

" You call yourselves Marines? Fine, I will kill her." Stated Sakazuki as he sarted to walk over to Robin. His hand turned in to magma.

Robin was to scared to move.

" Die Demon!" Yelled Sakazuki as he dove his fist at her.

Then out of know where, He got kicked in the face and flew a couple feet away.

Nartuo was by Robin's side.

Kuzan widen his eyes. " First Saul and now Uzumaki Naruto is protecting that girl. Does fate want her to live?"

" Oh... I never thought we meet again so soon Demon Eyes Uzumaki Naruto." Said a surprise Borsalino, but to Naruto it looked like he was smiling.

Sakazuki got up off the ground and gave Naruto a glare. " You Pirate scum."

That's when they noticed Komir still in his rhino form came running up to them. " Dammit Uzumaki. It's me destiny to take your head."

Naruto rolled his eyes and pointed at Kuzan. " Great. Well, being that I already know three of you. What might be your name."

" Kuzan." Was all he said.

" It would seem that your piloting with the demons to take over the...

Naruto cut off Sakazuki. " Shut the hell up. You guys know the truth. I can you take pride in this?"

" It's for justice Uzumaki! Someone like you can never understand." Answered Sakazuki.

Borsalino and Komir nodded their heads agreeing with him. Kuzan didn't say anything at all.

For some reason they reminded him of Sasuke. He only cared about his revenge. They didn't care about anything other than the World Government. Then he looked at Robin. " Get out of here Robin."

Robin widen her eyes at him. " But I be all alone. Saul said that I will find Namaka, but what if he was wrong?"

Naruto smiled at her. " You shouldn't doubt him. It's in possible to be in this world alone. I've been then before. Remember what your mother said."

( Live Robin!")

Then Robin run away.

" How touching, but that girl will die." Said a smirking Sakazuki.

Then Borsalino formed light between his hands and it shot out at a cliff and bounced off hit the ground near where Robin was running. Naruto activated Sage Mode and summoned the Kusanagi sword. Then he cut the path of light in half stopping Borsalino from getting to Robin. Borsalino jumped back away from Naruto.

Sakazuki glared at Naruto. " I thought we got you."

Naruto smiled.

Borsalino had a small smile on his face. " Your even scary than before."

Naruto ignored him. " Well, it's four to one! Let's do this. If you want Robin than you have to get through me! There is no way I'm letting that happen!"

" Fine by me. Your very dangerous. We can't let a man like you live anyway!"

Then the four Vice Admirals charged at him.

End of chapter.