Pirate Uzumaki Chapter 8

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5 years later.

In the Calm Belt, there is a island called Amazon Lily. A island full of women. They always go by their laws. Their most important law is that no men are allowed on the island. Although, that island will be changed forever thanks to a new arrival of a certain man.

A young woman name Kikyou, was hunting in the jungle. She was practicing her skills to become the top guards for her country and at the same time getting food. When she arrived at the place where she usually hunts, she saw a figure lying on the ground. The person clothes were damaged big time. It looked like the person was attacked by a beast. The person also had long blond hair.

She ran over to the person who she thought was a woman. She checked for a pulse and was glad to feel one. She picked up the blond hair person and started to run back to the village. Hoping that Belladonna the newest doctor could save this person's life.

In the city of Amazon Lily. Belladonna was looking over this person in the hospital. She couldn't believe was she was seeing this.

" What do you think happen to her?" Questioned Kikyou as she watch the doctor.

" I never seen anything like this before. Nothing happen to her on the outside of her body."

Kikyou raised a eyebrow. " What do you mean.?"

" It's like she was attacked on the inside of her body. I never seen anything like this. What's really amazing is that her wounds are healing on their own." Said Belladonna like she didn't believe it.

Kikyou could not believe it to. " What should we do. Should will tell Hebihime-sama?"

Belladonna shook her head no. " I don't want to waist her time. We should get Elder Nyon. She is knows a lot about the outside world. She could tell how to properly treat this woman."

" I go get her Belladonna." Said Kikyou as she ran out of the room.

A few minutes later Elder Nyon walked in the room.

Belladonna explained what happen.

Nyon looked the blond over and to her horror she screamed.

" What's wrong?" Questioned Belladonna.

" This is a man!" Said a surprised Nyon.

Kikyou and Belladonna was shocked to the core.

As Nyon looked at his face, she knew who he was. Demon Eyes Uzumaki Naruto. " How did he get here? He disappeared five years ago."

Kikyou bowed to the elder. " Forgive me please. I didn't mean to take him to the village. I didn't even know he was a man."

Nyon smiled at her. " It's OK child. Although, we have to tell Hebihime-sama about this. I will tell her myself that I found this man."

" But if you do that, then she might kill you." Said a worried Belladonna.

" Not to worry about that. For now lock this man in a cell." She said as she left the room.

Kikyou and Belladonna carried Naruto to the cells.

Boa Hancock was siting in the throne room on her snake Salome. A couple days ago Hancock and the other Kuja Pirates did a raid . She destroyed anyone in her path and it was her first time raid as a Pirate.

Just then to her annoyance, her sisters came in the room with Nyon.

" We have a problem sister. There is a man on the island and he is in a cell." Marigold told her sister.

Hancock narrowed her eyes at that. " Kill him."

" But sister it's not that simple." Sandersonia told her.

Hancock raised a eyebrow at her. " It is simple. All men are my enemies. They all need to die."

Nyon sighed at that. " That girl has way to much hatred." She thought. She spoke out loud to Hancock. " It's Uzumaki Naruto."

Hancock was really shocked to hear that Naruto was on her island. She stood up and started to walk out the room with Salome following her.

" Where are you going sister?" Questioned Marigold.

" I'm going to speak to the one that saved us." Stated Hancock. Then she turned around. " Alone."

Sandersonia didn't think that was a good idea. " But...

Hancock cut her off. " Do as I say."

Then their older sister was gone.

Sandersonia looked sad that her sister treated her that way. Marigold put a hand on her shoulder.

" Don't worry about it. You know that she has been waiting forever to meet him for a long time."

Sandersonia knew all about that. She still didn't trust Naruto. " They say that man and Nico Robin want to destroy the world."

" That is what the World Government said about him. We can't trust their word." Stated Marigold.

Nyon just sighed at all this. What she really wanted to know is how did Naruto even get on this island? She also wanted to know if Naruto was a threat to Amazon Lily or not. It seem where ever this Pirate was, destruction was soon to follow.

Hancock walked up to the cell that had Naruto in it. She saw him siting in to corner of the room. His clothes were like rags and he had longer hair than the last time she saw him. He also had different eyes. They were four white circles that looked like it had red dots in them. ( Like the Jubi's eye)

What she didn't like the most was the emtion showing in Naruto's eyes. They were empty. Like he gave up on living.

" Do you remember me Uzumaki Naruto?"

He looked at her. " Your that girl I saved that night at Mariejois."

Hancock was happy that he remembered her. She looked closer at his eyes. Hoping to see life in them, but they still looked empty. " Your eyes are empty. They were filled with life the last time I saw you."

Naruto didn't respond to that.

" No one has heard from you in a long time. What happen to you?"

He barley even looked at her. " Hurry up and kill me."

" Why would I do that?"

" I heard this is a island full of women. So hurry and kill me. I don't want to live anymore."

Hancock wanted to know why he wanted to die. She knew that this was not the Uzumaki Naruto that saved her. For some reason that's all she could think about was him. " Why do you wish to die?"

Naruto didn't have any thing left. Since Hancock was there, he decided to tell her everything. He told her everything about his life.

Naruto glance at her. " Well, aren't you going call me crazy?"

" No."

He raised a eyebrow at her. " Why not?"

Then that's when he noticed a huge snake near Hancock. It dropped what looked like a key from it's mouth that Hancock caught easily. She then opened the door and walked in. Then to his surprise Hancock sat on the big snake like throne.

" Tell me what happen when that shinigami came for you in Ohara?" Questioned Hancock.

" Hell happen."

Flash Back

Naruto landed on the ground hard. He got up off the ground and was shocked of what he saw. It was Team Seven's training ground. There was even the three post. " Did she take me back to my time?"

" Nope. This is a place between life and death."

Naruto turned around and saw the Shinigami that he was really starting to hate. " This place is Team Seven's training ground and besides, that place I was at before was dark."

" I can make it look like anything I want to. I thought making it in to this we help you in the long run." She explained.

" Whatever. Let's just get this crap over with." He was getting really annoyed with this.

The shinigami sighed. " I'm not going to lie to you Naruto. I really don't want you to go through this, but I'm under orders."

Naruto laughed at that. " Glad you care about my safety, but I can handle it."

" It's not just that. There only been two humans that went through what your about to go through."

He gave her a hard look. " If they could handle it, I can handle it."

" Those two humans couldn't handle it. In fact no one has ever survived." She said.

" So what? I will just die." Said a annoyed Naruto. He couldn't understand why she was trying to slow this down. He wanted to go head and get it over with.

" That's the thing. You won't just die Naruto. It will be like you don't exist. It was like you were never born. I ask you one more time Uzumaki. Are you sure you want to do this?" She questioned. Hoping he say no. Her mission was to bring him here. If he said yes then there was no going back for him. If he said no, than her orders were to bring him to Heaven.

Then to her suprise Naruto started to laugh.

" They both sound like great ideas. It's ether power or my existence is gone. Besides, I gave you my word. So, for the last time let's do this!" He said with no fear.

She gave him a hard look. " I hope you know what are your doing." It was more of a statement than a question.

" Aren't I'm the chosen one or something like that?" He questioned.

" Yes you are."

" Oh I get it. You don't think I can live through this?"

She nodded her head.

" Then I prove you wrong." He stated.

The truth was the Lord thought Naruto could do it. She hoped her Lord was right. Then out of nowhere, she mad a white looking orb. She had to use two hands to hold it " This is called a Sprite Wave Orb."

" What does it do?" Questioned Naruto.

" It will destroy you from the inside out and make you a powerful ninja. Take it from my hands and don't ever give up." Ordered the Shinigami.

Naruto took it from her and then the thing entered Naruto's chest. He blinked and looked at the Shinigami. " That's it? Sakura-chan's punches hurt more then this."

She just smiled at him.

Then he started to see double and coughed up blood. What scared Naruto the most was that he could feel his bones braking on his insides. " Damn you!" He yelled. He fell on the ground and started to scream in pain.

The Shinigami watch Naruto for a while. She knew he wouldn't last much longer. Then out of nowhere another Shinigami appeared. It was a male that had very short red hair.

" Hello litte sister. It's been a long time Natsume." Stated a smiling Shinigami with red hair.

She looked at her superior. " It has been a long time Gabriel. What are you doing here?"

" Our lord sent me. He told me to give Uzumaki a gift in order to survive this." Stated a smiling Gabriel. Then he held up a red orb.

She widen her eyes at that. " Do you even have permission to use that?"

He just smiled at her. " Of course. Don't worry. He will be helpful for Uzumaki this time."

She nodded her head. " I hope the lord knows what he's doing."

" Of course he knows. The different between Uzumaki and those other two humans is that Naruto doesn't have a choice in this. The other humans choose this path." He said as he toss the red orb at Naruto. It entered him the same way as the Sprite Wave Orb did.

Natsume nodded at Gabriel disappeared. For the Lord to send Gabriel, that meant that Naruto really was the one.

Naruto cried out in pain for what felt like years of pain. He wasn't sure how long he been doing this, but he knew he was going to die. With that Uzumaki Naruto gave up and closed his eyes to escape the pain.

He woke up wet and realized that he was lying in water. He stood up and looked around. He couldn't believe it. He was in his own mid. He started to walk down the tunnel that lead to the cage.

" Maybe I have to stay in here forever." Thought Naruto.

He finally saw the cage, but the weird thing was it was locked and had a different seal on it.

" MY, how you grown since the last time I saw you kit." Said a voice in the darkness of the cage.

Naruto widen his eyes when he saw to big red eyes looking at him. As he got closer he was shocked to see it was the Kyuubi.

The Kyuubi smirked at him. " What's the matter? You look like you seen a ghost."

" What the hell are you doing here? Forgot that, it's impossible that you here." Said a shocked Naruto.

" Your right, I shouldn't be here. I really don't want to be stuck with you again."

" No! There is no stuck! Get the hell out of my mind!" Demanded Naruto.

" You stupid human! How many times did I save you! You can't do anything with out me!"

Naruto glared at the Nine Tails with hate. " You and I know both know that you only care about your self. All those time saved me, you were only helping yourself."

" You may have grown, but you still the same weak little human who has no manners."

" Get the hell out of my body now!" Demanded Naruto. " I don't ever want to see you or hear from you again."

" Even if I wanted to, I can't. I can help you survive this ordeal."

" I don't need your help!"

Now the Kyuubi was getting pissed off. " You were defeated in your battle with Pein, because you didn't use my power! That's why we are in this crap in the first place!"

" I can never trust you! It was because of you that my life was hell!"

" ME? Your Fourth Hokage sealed me in to you. It his fault...

Naruto cut him off. " My father was a great man! If you didn't attack the Leaf Village, than none of this would have happen! I would have had my father and the villagers wouldn't have hated me!"

Naruto was surprised that the Kyuubi didn't yell back at him.

" It would seem that we have to get over the past in order to live."

He didn't understand what the demon was talking about. " What do you mean?"

" You won't leave through this with out my help. If you don't make it through than that damn shinigami will send me back to hell."

He raised a eyebrow. " Hell?"

" Yes hell. A place you get tortured forever. I don't wish to go back there"

Naruto never heard the Kyuubi scared before. He must have really been sent to hell. " So that damn shinigami made a deal with you to huh?"

" It was a different one that talked to me. Yours seems nice compared to the one that talked to me." Stated Kyuubi

Naruto sighed at that. " I still don't know if I can trust you or not."

" If you want to blame anybody, blame Uchiha Madara."

Naruto was having a flashback when Sasuke was in his mind. He remembered Kyuubi telling Sasuke that his eyes were just like Uchiha Madara. " Who the hell is Madara?"

" Someone you should hate the most. The only man besides the First Hokage that can control all of us. He controlled me that night and made me attack the village."

Naruto narrowed his eyes. He remembered his father talked about the mask Akatsuki member name Tobi, that stop his team from getting to Sasuke and Itachi. " This Tobi guy was behind the attack."

" He used the name Tobi to hide in the shadows. I hate a lot of people. Fourth Hokage, First Hokage, Mito, Kushina, and you all the main ones. However, Uchiha Madara I hate the most."

Before Naruto could say more, the Kyuubi told him that he was going to tell his story about his life.

" I just have two questions for you. Why didn't you tell me all this before and why are you going to tell me your life story?"

" I never felt like it. In order for me to get out of hell I need you. Maybe if you hear my story than you might listen."

It was weird to hear the Kyuubi talk like that. He must be desparate. " Shishishishi... I hear you out and I will gave you my answer."

" Centuries ago, there was a monster called the Jubi and it had ten tails. That demon was a the menace to the world. Then a lone priest showed up and saved the world from Jubi. He was known as Sage of the Six paths."

Naruto had a question look on his face. " Sage of the Six Paths? That sounds like Pein and his Six Paths."

" Yes, I agree. He even had Sage's Rinnegan. Anyway, the Sage of Six Paths sealed the Ten Tails in his own body. Becoming the first Jinchuriki. He was also the founder of Ninjutsu."

Naruto was really shocked. " Well, I never thought there be a demon with Ten Tails."

" Knowing that the seal will fail on his death bed. He divided it's chakra. That made me and the others."

Naruto pointed a finger at him. " I know what your plan is! You trying...

The Kyuubi cut him off. " Do you really think I would want to be in that Monster? Thanks to the Sage, I'm free. The Jubi is scum. It killed every thing. "

Naruto was really confused. " But you kill everything to."

Kyuubi looked at him annoyed. " The Ten Tails was a brainless monster. Don't ever compare me with it again." Kyuubi really hated Naruto.

" OK...OK... So you were born what happen next?" He questioned as he saw the Kyuubi grin.

" I was free. In fact I enjoyed those times. If anyone dared attack me, I would crush them. Back then I dare say I was happy until that damn human showed up. It was the first time I meet him. He wanted to pick a fight with the first Hokage. He controlled me and soon a fight broke out at the Vally of the End. We were both defeated..."

" Shishishishi... Even with you. Madara still got his ass kicked. You guys suck!" Said a laughing Naruto.

Kyuubi growled at that. " I want to eat you."

" Shishishishi... Sorry keep going."

" In that battle, the First Hokage's wife showed up and sealed me in her. Then the First Hokage defeated Madara. I lost my freedom that day. Forced to be sealed in a human name Mito Uzumaki ."

Naruto widen his eyes. " Uzumaki?"

The Kyuubi explained to him about how great the Uzumaki clan was at seals.

" So I wasn't your first Jinchuriki? Wait a second, I heard you attacked the village...

" Shut up and let me finish. As Mito grew closer to the end of her life, she picked another to take her place as my Jinchuriki. Her name was Uzumaki Kushina, your mother."

Naruto widen his eyes and stood up. " My mother? How did she fall in love with dad, why was she chosen...Shishishishi I so glad I have a mother." He remembered some kids making fun of him because he didn't have a mother.

" How the hell I'm a supposed to know how they fall in love? I don't give a damn about that and they were already dating when I was sealed in her. She was chosen because she could truly control me. I hated her."

Naruto was just happy to find out he had a mother.

" To make matters worse for me. Uchiha Madara showed up again and controlled me again." Stated Kyuubi with hate.

Then the Kyuubi told him every thing that happen that night. After the Nine Tails told me every thing. Naruto was beyond pissed. He really couldn't blame the Kyuubi for that night. It was because of Madara that childhood was destroyed.

" Since I told you my story, what is your answer?" Questioned the Kyuubi.

Naruto gave him a hard look. " You still didn't finish your story."

The Kyuubi had no clue what he was talking about. " I told you every thing kit."

" Wrong!" Yelled Naruto. " Tell what happen after I died. I can't believe some thing as powerful as you would be dead like me."

Kyuubi glowed at him. " Fine you stupid human. After Pein defeated you, he took us to some cave. I tried to give your body power, but thanks to Pein's Chakra blades in you. It block my chakra."

" Who else was there?" Questioned Naruto.

" Pein, a woman with blue hair, the fish man, Madara, and the one that Madara called Zestu. Before they sealed me in a statue I heard them talk about the Hachibi."

" What about the eight Tails?"

" They said it was dead."

" How? I thought Akatsuki wanted all the Tail Beasts alive?"

" Don't know. I was sealed. for how long I can't say. Then Madara controlled me and the others to attack other country's. He sent us to finish off the Leaf Village. That was supposed to be our final target and after that was supposed to be sealed again."

Naruto raised a eyebrow. " Pein destroyed the Leaf Village."

" He did, however a group of ninjas that Madara called the last of the Senjus. They must of tricked Madara and to thinking there were hiding there. When we showed up it was a trap. I was the last one that was killed."

" Wow. Who killed you and how did they do it? Who was at the battle?"

" You asked way to many questions. It's hard to focus when your being controlled by a man you hate. There must have been thousands on both sides. The thing I remembered the most was giant ship that was bigger than me. There was also another weapon that killed Ichibi, Nibi, and the Sanbi in a blink of a eye. The ship killed the rest and left me wounded. The man that killed me was on that ship. He was your friend." Stated the Kyuubi.

Naruto narrowed his eyes. " It was Sasuke right?"

" HAHA... Don't make me laugh. The only thing good about my death was I wasn't killed by a Uchiha."

Naruto started to scratch his head. " I really have no clue."

" It was Nara Shikamaru." Stated Kyuubi.

Naruto fell over in surprise. " No way! Shikamaru is the most lazy guy I ever saw. There is no way he could kill you."

" Well, he did. He finished me off with that ships help. I'm not sure how he got such a powerful weapon"

Flash Back.

The Kyuubi was wounded and finally free from Madara's control. He looked over at the huge ship and saw someone he recognize on top of the ship.

Shikamaru looked down at at the Kyuubi. " Even though this place is destroyed, I'm glad Madara fell for my trap. The Will of Fire still lives on."

" I will eat you!"

Shikamaru sighed at that. " I came out here to say one thing to you. I always thought of Naruto as my friend. You made Naruto's life a living hell. I'm going to kill you for Naruto. I just wanted you to know that."

Then the cannon from the ship fired and it destroyed the Kyuubi.

End of Flash Back

" I hate him as well. Next thing I know I'm in hell. Then I was made a offer and here I am. My choice was to help you and stay with you or go back to hell. I rather be with you, than hell. So what's your answer?"

Naruto couldn't believe all this information he was just told. He really wanted to know what happen now. He remembered what Shikamaru said on that Poneglyph. Then he walked closer to the cage. " All my life I ran away from the fact that you were sealed in me. I want to know the truth about what happen in the past. Are you aware that they sent me to the future?"

Kyuubi just nodded. " I want to see this new world myself."

" Let's make a truce. We hated each other from day one. I'm not sure what these Shinigami want with us, but we should work together like we should have done from the start." Stated a very serious Nartuo.

" I may not like it, but your right. As long as I don't go back to hell." Stated the Kyuubi.

" Is that a yes?" Questioned Naruto. When he heard the fox say yes, he asked him what he needed to do to survive through this.

" Look above that new seal."

Naruto did and saw the seal his father made.

" Rip it off and my powers will help you survive. Just don't die." Warned the Kyuubi.

Naruto nodded and jumped up high. He ripped the seal off.

Naruto was covered with red chakra and white chakra. His eyes were glowing white. He was also screaming in pain and finally there was a big explosion.

Naruto opened his eyes and saw the Shinigami standing over him.

She smiled at him. " I must say Naruto. You were amazing. Your the first human to live through this. Go to that river over there and look at your eyes."

Naruto stood up and walk to the river near by. He looked at his reflection and saw his eyes. " What do they do?"

" You have to figure that out yourself. I'm sending you back. This time I send you some where you can rest." Shinigami as she was about to touch him.

Naruto held up a hand for her to stop. " Nice try. We had a deal. Tell me what happen in the past."

She sighed at that. " I only said I was going to tell who the twenty kings were. However, you won't like it."

Naruto gave her a death glare. " I with through the most pain I ever had. Tell me who they are."

" Don't say I didn't warn you. The World Government was created by twenty kings. However, that's not really true. Most of them were leaders of other villages. Some took over other villages and made themselves the leader. It was all started by Uchiha Madara." She stated in a serious voice.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at that. " So that son bitch is behind everything?"

" The remaining Akatsuki members are also the kings. Nagato was one of them, but you know him better as Pein."

" The man that defeated me." Thought Naruto.

" The others were Konan, Hoshigaki Kisame, and Zestu."

Naruto knew Kisame and Zestu, but didn't have a clue of who Konan was. " Who's this Konan."

" The only female member in the Akatsuki. She was Pein's partner and she also like you, was taught by Jiraiya." She watch has he was shocked that Konan was also Jiraiya's student. " Perhaps it's best if we stop. I'm not sure you can handle the rest of it."

He shook his head. " I have to know."

" Very well. You might want to sent down for this."

Naruto sat on the ground and started to listen to her.

End of chapter.