Pirate Uzumaki Chapter 9

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Naruto sat on the ground and started to listen to her.

" The next ones to join was team Taka." Stated the Shinigami known as Natsume.

Naruto raised a eyebrow. " What's that?"

" It's a team Sasuke made, to archive his thirst for revenge."

Naruto glared at her with hate. " Don't lie to me! Sasuke would never join the Akatsuki!"

She was annoyed with him. " I don't lie. If you don't blieve me, then I might as well send you back. I'm only telling you this because I promised you. I warn you there would be things you won't like to hear."

" Sorry. I'm just shocked that Sasuke would join the Akatsuki." Stated a hurt Naruto.

Then she told him the truth of Itachi. The true reason he killed the Uchiha Clan.

Naruto was really shocked to hear about Itachi being a hero. He suddenly regretted all the bad things he said about Itachi. He even remembered that time that he meet Itachi in the woods. The Uchiha asked him if he would kill Sasuke if he attacked the Leaf Village. He remembered Itachi had a small smile when he said he would stop Sasuke without killing him.

" So I guess Sasuke picked hatred and wanted to kill everyone in the Leaf Village?" It didn't sound like a question more of a statement.

" Yes. The one the betrayed you and everyone you cared about is one of the kings Uchiha Sasuke. The others in Taka Karin, Jugo, and Hozuki Suigetsu are also some of the kings."

He sighed at all that. " Damn you Sasuke." Although he really can't say that he is shocked that Sasuke joined up with Madara. He remembered his father told him that Madara was controlling Pein through his own hatred. It looked the same thing happen to Sasuke.

" Yakushi Kabuto also join their forces."

The last time he seen him was when he and the others were trying to find Sasuke.

" He implanted the remains of Orochimaru. He gotten better control over his new powers. Madara saw him being useful."

Again Naruto wasn't shocked about that ether. He always thought Kabuto was a bastard that couldn't be trusted. He was right. He said something about wanting to be stronger than Orochimaru and be his own person. He turned out just like Orochimaru.

She sighed at him. " Here comes the tough part to tell you. All the Kages also joined up with Madara. The Third Tsuchikage Onoki, Fourth Raikage E, Fifth Mizukage Terumi Mei, Fifth Kazekage Gaara, and the Sixth Hokage Shimura Danzo."

Naruto was shocked to the core. Especially, hearing about Gaara and Danzo. She held up her hand for him not to talk.

" I know want your going to ask. Why would the great five Kages joined up with Madara? Since Pein captured you, They sent Kisame after the Hachibi's Jinchuriki Killer Bee. During that battle the Hachibi some how discovered what the Akatsuki was up to." She said.

" What were they up to?" Questioned Naruto.

She explained to him about Madara's moon eye plan.

Naruto deflintly liked Pein's idea way better than Madara's plan. A least you won't under control with Pein's goal.

" Both Bee and Hachibi knew there was only a matter of time before they were captured. Kisame did defeat Bee in battle, but Bee made the ultimate sacrifice."

" What did he do?" Questioned Naruto.

" He took his own life to stop Madara's and Pein's plan. He was a great ninja to do that. Humans only care about them selves and never won't to die for anyone. Those only been a few humans that I know of that have done it. Your mother and father were some of them."

" I know. The Kyuubi told me about them. I'm alive because they loved me. I'm guessing since Bee killed himself that put a wench in the Akatsuki's plans?"

" Not for long. They decided to make the Akatsuki rule the world and everyone in it. They needed allies. During Bee and Kisame's fight. They had Zestu frame the Leaf Village in Bee's death. The Fourth Raikage was angry when he heard of the death of his brother. When he found out that it was the Leaf Village that caused his brother death. He wanted a war. Madara offered the Tail Beast to him. The Lighting Country joined the Akatsuki."

Naruto was angry at that. How could they even think that the Leaf Village could do that?

" When Onoki heard about the new war and heard that Madara was alive. He also joined them. He even killed the Earth Daimyo because he didn't agree joining the Akatsuki. I really wanted revenge on your father for what he did in the...

Naruto cut her off. " I don't care about him. Tell me about Gaara. There is no way he would join people like that. I know Kankuro or Temari would not agree also."

She sighed at him. " Sabaku no Gaara lost hope after you died Naruto. He also had his village to protect. He knew the Akatsuki were a big threat. He held you in such high regards. He really thought you were the chosen one. He knew if you couldn't defeat the Akatsuki than no one could. He joined Madara to protect his country and it's people."

Naruto had tears coming out of his eyes. It was really hard to believe that Gaara would join up with them.

She gave him a minute before she continued " Mei didn't want to join, but had no choice. It was ether have a war with Akatsuki, Lighting, Wind and Earth countys or join them. It was mostly Gaara that talked her in to it. They become very close."

Then Naruto thought of something. " Wait a minute. If Sasuke and the Fourth Raikage wanted to destroy the Leaf Village. Why is Danzo one of the kings?"

" Danzo made a deal with Madara. Madara also talked Sasuke and the Raikage in to getting along with Danzo. Danzo invited everyone in the Leaf Village to join the Akatsuki with him. Mitokado Homura and Utatane Koharu also went with Danzo. Those two also became the kings thanks to Danzo. As you guess all the Root Members and some Leaf Village ninjas left the village to join Danzo."

" What about Baa-chan? What happen to her that made Danzo the Hokage?" Questioned Naruto.

" She went in to a coma after you arrived to fight Pein. Mifune is another king. He joined Madara to protect his country also. The Fire Daimyo fearing the new Akatsuki also joined them. He was made in to a king also."

Naruto ball his fist in anger. Could he had stopped this if he defeated Pein?

" The only ones that could fight them off was Tsunade. She waken up from her coma and discovered what happen. Some of the ninjas and citizens from different villages didn't agree with what the Akatsuki was doing. They joined with Tsunade in the Leaf Village. Before Tsunade could come up with a plan to attack, she was assassinated. Tsunade wasn't at her full strength and plus it was a sneak attack by the last one to be named a king."

Naruto stood up. The person that was like a mother to him was killed. " Who was it?" He questioned in a angry voice.

Natsume didn't want to tell him, but she was under orders to. " Haruno Sakura."

Naruto widen his eyes. " No! Your lying? You have to be. She would never do that!"

She didn't say anything to him.

Naruto fell to his knees and started to cry like there was no tomorrow. " Why...why...Why did she kill Tsunade!"

" Because she was a fool. She grown to attach to Team Seven like you. She didn't really consider Sai or Yamato as true members of Team Seven. Since Kakashi was killed by Pein and you were killed by the Akatsuki. The only one left was Sasuke. Madara used that to his advantage. He got Sasuke to agree because Sakura had great medic skills could prove useful to him. Sasuke got Itachi's eyes implanted in him and used his new Sharingan to make Sakura fall in love for him all over again. She killed Tsunade and escaped back to Sasuke. Madara was impressed with her and he made her the last king." She explained to Naruto.

" How...did they take it?" Naruto asked in a empity voice.

" Not well. They decided to call them selves that Last of the Senjus in Tsunade's name. They made Nara Shikamaru the leader after Tsunade's death."

Naruto was surprised that Shikamaru was the leader. Then again Jiraiya always told him that Shikamaru was smartest person he had ever seen. He remembered what Shikamaru wrote on that Poneglyph. " Shikamaru said that he lost everything including his lover. Who was she?"

" You know who Shikamaru's lover is." Was all she said.

He nodded his head," Temari. What happen to her?"

" Temari or Kankuro didn't agree with Gaara joing the Akatsuki. Kankuro went to join Shikamaru and the others in the war against the Akatsuki. Temari however gave up on everything. She just gave up on love, hate, power, happiness, and family. She couldn't watch her brothers or lover kill each other. She was a empty shell that didn't want to live. She just up and disappeared. By that time the Akatsuki started to call themselves World Government. They unleashed the Tail Beasts to take control over the world. That's when the Fourth Great war started."

" What happen to all the kings?"

" I told you want I was told to tell you. You have fine the rest of the answers yourself."

Naruto shook his head," I don't want to go back. Tell your boss that I rather be dead."

She sighed at him. " I knew it was a bad idea to tell you who the kings were. Good luck Naruto. I won't be seeing you for a while."

With thath everything went black.

End of Flash Back.

Hancock was amazed that Naruto went through all that. It must have been really hard. The question she had was why would that shinigami send him here?

" I saved you that night, so you owe me. Kill me please." Stated Naruto in a empty voice. He was mad to fine out that Sasuke and Gaara joined the Akatsuki or what it's called now the World Government. He just couldn't deal with Sakura betraying him. How could she do that and how could Sasuke just go along with that? He just wanted to die.

Hancock stood up and walked closer to him. " Is that what you want man?"

" Yes." There was no hesitation or emotion in his voice and Hancock didn't like that one bit.

Then out of nowhere Hancock kicked him in the face hard and was sent flying over to the other side of the cell. He hit the wall hard.

All Naruto felt at the moment was pain. He spite put some blood and looked at her. " I said kill me, not kick me in the face. That hurt."

Hancock pointed a finger at him and looked down on him that she was facing the ceiling. Naruto thought that was really weird. " Quiet you pitiful man! Do you think you can fool me!"

Naruto raised a eyebrow at her. What was she talking about?

She glared at him still looking down on him. " I'm a the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock! You can't fool me! Your not the Naruto that saved me. The real Naruto is the only man that is not my enemy! I want him back now!"

Naruto glared at her. " I am the real Naruto! I lost everything. You just don't understand! I should have never been born and I shouldn't even be in this time!"

Hancock looked straight at him. " The real Naruto promised he wouldn't die."

Naruto glared disappeared. He remembered that night.

Flash back

The girl that was a slave spoke up. " Please don't die."

Naruto turned and looked at her. " Don't worry. I'm not going to die. Believe it!"

The girl was surprise by his words.

Naruto glanced at the other slaves. " Your free now. Run away and never get caught again."

Then all the slaves started to run away. The girl didn't want to leave Naruto, but her sister grabbed her and told her to run. With that they all ran away.

End of Flash Back

This time Hancock had no glare, just a sad look on her face. " You may not be happy that you were born or that you were sent here, but I'm glad you were born and also I'm glad you are in this time. If you didn't come to this time my sisters and I would to be slaves. I would love to thank the real Naruto for saving me. When you decide to be the real you, come to my castle and find me."

With that Hancock left with her snake.

Naruto watched as she left. He remembered all the really good times he had with all his friends. He remembered the enemies that turned in to his friends like Haku, Neji, Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, and others he meet. He remembered Ikura, Third Hokage, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kakashi, Shizune, Teuchi, and Ayame. That brought hope back in him. His friends fought to stop the World Government. Some of them made mistakes like Gaara and Pein. He understood a little bit about what Pein was taking about during their battle. There were some that he could never forget like Madara, Sasuke, or Sakura. He had a big crush on her and hoped that they could get together.

Now he didn't want anything to do with her. He thought she was stronger, but it would seem he was wrong about her. That's what his purpose will be. He was sent here to destroy the World Government, than that's what he was going to do. He will get his revenge. He also had to find Robin to.

He stood up and rubbed his face. It still hurt from when Hancock kicked him. If it wasn't for her, he would not have found a reason to live. He really needed to thank Hancock for that.

" But Hebihime-sama! I know you owe him a great debt, but he is a man. He can't stay here. Our laws is what keeped us alive all these years." Stated Nyon. She was trying to talk Hancock in to getting Naruto off the island as fast as they could.

Hancock looked at her like she was nothing. " I'm the one that's keeping this country alive. If the Marines show up I crush them."

Nyon sighed at her. " Yes, You caught their attention when you did that raid and sunk a lot of Marine and Government ships that have cross through here. Now you have a bounty of 80,000,000. A empress shouldn't even have a bounty." She scolded the woman that was like a daughter to her. Even though that said woman was acting like a brat. She cursed that Marine scientist Vegapunk for putting Kairoseki under their ships. They could be attacked at any time.

" You worry to much." Was all Hancock said on the subject.

Nyon glared at her for her arrogance. " Tell me this then. What happens if the Marines send a Buster Call or if they send the Admirals here?"

" I crush them." was the answer Nyon got.

" You all the strongest Kuja this island has ever seen, but not even you could take on the Marines like that."

" They will forgive me because I'm beautiful." Stated a sexy Hancock

Nyon sighed that. " That girl is as cold as ice."

Sandersonia and Marigold just stood by watching. They knew better than to get involve with Nyon and their older sister's arguments.

" I doubt that would work on them. That's besides the point. I don't want Uzumaki staying on this island. Look what he did to Partia and Ohara." Stated Nyon.

Hancock gave her a very bored look. " I care not for those places. In fact this talk bores me."

Nyon was about to demand respect from her, when someone spoke behind her by the entrance of thrown room.

" Sorry to bother you, but I was told to come here." Said Naruto.

Marigold was finally face to face with her hero.

Sandersonia was worried about having him here. He did save her and her sisters, but he wanted to destroy the world.

Nyon was shocked that she didn't sense him. Did he hear the hole conversation?

Hancock looked im his eyes and saw life in them. Although they were still sad, it was better than nothing. " Well, I see your finally better."

Naruto walked closer to her. He got on his hand and knees to bow to her. " Thank you so much for giving back my will to live." He thank her with tears in his eyes.

Hancock then started to cry. " No. You don't need to bow or thank me. I owe you a great debt for saving me and my sisters."

Naruto then smiled at her," Your welcome, but you don't owe me anything. How about we call it even and just be friends."

She knew he meant well, but for some reason when it came to him. She didn't like the word friends, but nodded her head anyway. " Of course."

It came to no surprise to Nyon that Hancock agreed to that. Since it was Naruto that saved the sisters.

" I know it must have been hard for you and your sisters, but that part of your life is over. I won't tell anyone about it."

" I know you don't want to be here, but I'm glad you here. You can always find other people to care about. I will not tell a soul about it." Stated the Empress.

Both the sisters and Nyon were wondering what they were talking about. They figured it out Naruto was talking about Hancock's past and he wouldn't tell a soul about it. They didn't know what Hancock was talking about. Was Hancock talking about Naruto's past?

" Thank you... Hebihime-sama." Said Naruto hoping it was OK to call her that. He heard other women call her that.

" Call me Hancock."

Nyon and the sisters almost fell over in surprise.

Naruto blinked his eyes confused and stood up. " Sure Hanmmock."

" It's Hancock!" They all yelled, but Hancock herself.

Usually, She would kill anyone that got her name wrong. She wasn't sure what was wrong with her. She would not kill Naruto, but she didn't even won't to yell at him. Before she could think anymore on it, Naruto started to talk again.

" I heard all of you talking about me." Said Naruto. I didn't sound like he was mad at them." Those islands had a big battle going on, but you have your laws. So I understand. If it's OK with all of you I just stay the night in the jungle on this island and I leave tomorrow." He stated with a smile.

Nyon thought that was a great idea. " I'm sure the Hebihime-sama wouldn't mind taking you where ever it is you want to go on the Kuja Pirate ship."

Hancock just nodded her head and started to walk to her room. Naruto watched as she walked away. He thought Sakura and the other women he knew had nothing on Hancock. She was really beautiful. He really liked the was she walked. Her hips and ass moved... " Bad Naruto! Stop thinking like Ero-sensei. I think I was around him to much."

Then Naruto smiled. " That's great. I can leave tomorrow." He really wasn't sure what he was going to do. His first thing he would do was get Robin. He just didn't know where to keep her to make sure she was safe. He might try to find Dragon or something like that.

Hancock stopped dead in her tracks. She didn't look at him. " Do you scorn me for being a slave?"

Naruto raised a eyebrow. " No way. I hate the World Nobles, World Government, and the Marines."

Hancock was surprise he said that, but realized that he had a good reason for it after he told her about his past. Three of his friends started the World Government itself. She felt some thing wrong with her chest but thought nothing of it and left.

" Shishishishi... Thanks for letting me stay the night." Said Naruto.

Marigold nodded her head. " Your welcome. I also like to thank you for what you did for us."

" No problem, but can I ask for a favor? Can I get some new clothes and a hair cut?" Questioned Naruto as his clothes had a lot of holes in them and his hair was really long.

For the first time Marigold smiled at him. " Your in luck. I can cut hair and I make clothes in my spare time. I'm sure I can find you some."

Naruto gave her a smile. " Thank you...Shishishishi."

Then Marigold told him to follow her.

Sadersonia watched as they left and turned to Nyon. " Do you think we can trust that man?"

Nyon shrugged her shoulders. " I'm not sure, but we just have to deal with him just for tonight. He will be gone in the morning."

She was glad to hear that. Then when he left, she hoped her sisters will be back to normal.

Naruto looked at his new clothes. He had on a white button up shirt that was half button up. It was long sleeve shirt. His pants were black and he still had his sandals on.

" Sorry, but that's the best I got for a man. The rest I have are only for women." Apologized Marigold.

" Shishishishi... I like them. I just wish you had a Pirate's coat or something." Stated a smiling Naruto. His old coat was left on Ohara.

" Well, I could make one for you by morning before you leave." Said Mariglod.

He looked at her with a smile on his face. " You can! Are you sure it's no trouble."

" It's the least I could do. What color do you want it?" She questioned.

" Black please." He answered with a smile.

She nodded and then she noticed that he was holding what looked like a headband with a strange symbol on it. " What's that?"

Naruto looked at his Leaf Village head band. After Hancock made him want to live again. He found it in his pocket. There was no mistaken that it was his head band. He recognize all the scratches on it. His only guess was that the shinigami must have gave it to him. He really couldn't figure out anything anymore.

" This is a precious memento that was given to me by someone that cared at me." Stated a sad Naruto as he was having flash backs of Ikura.

She could tell it made him sad, so she didn't say anything more about it. " I hope you like your hair cut."

Naruto looked at his new hair cut. It was very spiky. ( like the Deva Path). " I like it...Shishishishi."

" I better start on you coat." Said Marigold.

Naruto nodded. " I be out in the jungle if you need me. I be on the west side."

With that he disappeared.

A few hours later Naruto had been in jungle practicing his new powers.

" I'm sure everyone in your village will be jealous of your new power." Said the Kyuubi talking in his head.

Naruto laughed at that. " If only I had these powers in the Chunin Exmas."

Naruto threw some chakra rods and used Bansho Tenin to bring them back to him. They flew back right at him and they went though him like a ghost. " So, that's how Madara pass through Shino, Kiba, and my attacks."

The more he used his power. The more he learned. He could find anyone he ever meet as long as he remembers their chakra signature. He got close to the shore and saw a lot of Sea Kings. He wondered how anyone could live on a island when they were so many of those monsters in the water.

He walked away from the coast and decided to see what he could summon. Since that shinigami told him that if he summon Gamabunta he would only get the Kusanagi. He decided to to summon Fukasaku. After he did his hand signs a cloud of smoke appeared. He wasn't that surprise when he saw Samehada on the ground.

Naruto walked over to it. " Hey Samehada. How would you like to join up with me and kick some ass!"

He heard it growl in approval. He smirked in picked it up. " Let's keep testing out my powers...Shishishishi!"

A few hours later.

Elder Nyon ran in to the jungle to find Naruto. She couldn't believe that this had to happen now. The old woman finally found the man siting on the ground meditating.

" We need to talk Uzumaki." She stated behind him, hoping not to scare him.

He didn't even look at her," Don't worry. I'm going to leave this island tomorrow. You made it pretty clear that you want me off this island."

" I would have been happy to hear that, but now it's different. The Marines have what is called Kairoseki. When they put it under their ships, they can come through the Calm Belt and avoid the Sea Kings." She Explained.

Naruto took in the information. It made sense now, when he saw all those Sea Kings. He was in the Calm Belt. " How do you people travel in the waters?"

" It's because our pirate ship has Yudas on it. They are very poisonous that even Sea Kings won't attack them."

" Shishishishi... That's good to know, but does the stuff your telling me have a point?"

She nodded her head," Since the World Government can come over here now. Our only protector is Boa Hancock. The bad thing is she might be dieing."

Naruto opened his eyes and looked at the elder in surprise," Are you kidding with me! What do you mean she is dieing!"

" I found out she has a disease. She may not live long, unless you do something about it." Stated Nyon.

Naruto got up from the ground. " I do anything I can to help her. I can't let her die."

Nyon smiled at him. " That's good to hear. All you have to do is stay here."

He raised a eyebrow at that. " And?"

She shrugged her shoulders. " All you have to do is ask her to stay here and that should save her life."

Naruto thought that was the most dumbest idea of a cure, unless there was something that the old woman was not telling him. He then gave her a hard look. " What type of disease does she have?"

" You know as well as I do I can't tell you that."

Naruto sighed. He hated following rules like that," I see. I will help her out. I have a plan."

Hancock was lying in her bed really sick. Her chest hurt and she felt like she was going to die. The doctor had told her she had no idea what was wrong with her. Her sisters called Nyon. When Nyon showed up, she said she new something that would help her.

Her sisters and Belladona were at her bedside worried about her.

Nyon walked in the room and walked up to the bed." Hebihime-sama. Uzumaki is here to see you. He has a favor to ask you."

" Elder Nyon! this is not the time...

Sandersonia was cut off as Hancock stood up. " I will go see him."

Marigold was concern for her sister's safety. " Maybe you should rest sister."

" No. I'm fine." Was all Hancock said as she left the room to go talk to Naruto.

Nyon thought it was Love Sicknes. Now she knew it was Love Sickness that she had.

Hancock walked outside and saw Naruto siting on the deck of her castle looking up at the stars.

" Do you need something Naruto?"

Naruto turned to her. " I do, but are you going to be OK. I heard you were really sick."

" No sickness can stop me. I'm the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock." Stated Hancock.

He guess Nyon was right about her being fine as long as he was around. " To be honest even though I'm a Pirate, I never had a crew."

She nodded her head. " You told me that. Remember you told me everything about you."

He smiled at her, witch caused her to blush. " Are you OK. You look flushed."

She turned her head away. " I'm fine."

He nodded. " Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I have no where to go. The only plan I have is to find Nico Robin. I was hoping we both could stay here, but if you won't let me. I was hoping that Robin could stay since she's not a man."

Hancock knew that Naruto fought on Ohara for Nico Oliva and Nico Robin. Oliva named Naruto Robin's father. She was really jealous of Oliva for wanting to marry Naruto. Since Naruto seem to care for Robin, than she would allow Robin to live here." You want to bring Robin here and live with us?"

Naruto nodded his head. He hoped that she would least to take Robin in.

Hancock gave him a beautiful smile. " If that is your wish, than of course you two can live here."

" Shishishishi...Thank you very much Hancock!" Said a very happy Naruto.

She almost fainted. " He called me Hancock."

Then to her surprise he started to hug her. " Your the best!"

" No...problem." She couldn't hardly talk.

Naruto let her go." I be right back. I'm going to get Robin." He stated as he disappeared. It was air sucked him up. ( Like Madara's teleporting)

Hancock had heard about this before. Was this marriage?

End of chapter.

The kings are Madara, Pein, Konan, Kisame, Zestu, Sasuke, Suigetsu, Karin, Jugo, Kabuto, E, Gaara, Onoki, Mei, Danzo, Homura, Koharu, Mifune, Fire Daimyo, and Sakura.