Author's Note: This story is purely fictional. All characters here are not of my own making. And also, I hope you enjoy my story Its all based on my own life, I hope you don't find it boring. Thanks so much!


Peering out of the window in their rented house, a girl with shoulder-length red hair sighed as she stared unseeingly at the full moon. I can't seem to sleep... Not just that, I can't forget about HIM! Its been what, 3 weeks already and all I can think about is his face, how he felt next to me... It sounds really silly but I can't help it....

Giving a last moment glance outside, she crept back to bed with a heavy heart. Covering her whole body with the blanket, she listened in as her older brother Kai snored peacefully in the bed next to her. Not long after, she felt hot tears stinging her eyes and dropping in her pink pillow heedlessly as she painfully recalled everything that happened 3 weeks ago.


"I'm sorry but we can't see each other anymore. I'm going back to my ex-girlfriend tomorrow night." a handsome man spoke softly, unable to look at the young girl beside him. Too young for me... 10 years is too much of an age gap between us..

"When will I get to see you again?" the girl fought back her tears as she stared at the setting sun. It seemed ages ago when she felt the man beside her make love to her with all the passion and tenderness he felt for her. Now, she has to accept the fact that she has to let go of him.

"Dunno... But we can still be friends, right?" the man looked smilingly on at the girl, noticing tears forming in the corner of her eyes. I love you... I wish I can say that to you...

"Maybe... " the girl sighed back. She can't stand it when men just assume that they can be 'friends' again after a dumping.

"I'm sure you'll do fine without me Kaho... You would do well without me, you'll see... I'm glad I met someone like you.. Please take good care of yourself when I leave..." the man hugged Hino to him, he hoped that she hadn't heard the pain in his voice. Hoping against hope that they'll cross paths again, and that in that next time, they'll have the love he wanted to give her.

"I don't know if I can be fine without you... I don't know if I ever will be... Please don't forget about me.." Kaho pleaded in her tiniest voice, biting back the pain as she gave him a stolen kiss in the cheek, savoring the feel of his skin against her's. I love you so much Ryou!!! she wanted to shout it out.

But who am I to shout it out? I'm just a naive 18 year old college student whereas he's a 28 year old man who wants to have kids with his ex-girlfriend.... Who am I?


"Ryou...." Hino painfully whispered, praying that he heard her call out to him. Checking her phone to see if Tsuchiura returned and decided to text her, No message.