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Chapter 10: Before the love fades




Let's say goodbye to tomorrow

Let's stop this charade and get a move on

Nobody said we have to stick to this

Because there'll come a time we'll be sick of this

So just step on something else tomorrow

And maybe we'll forget today had even happened





"Haha! I can't believe you hooked her up when she's sleeping around with Sota - senpai!" grinning at the tanned Kotaro, Azuma smirked.

"So, have the two of you met up already?" Kotaro munched on a cookie.

"Maybe tomorrow?" Azuma poured another shot of wine.

"Why not today?" Kotaro scratched his head.

"Because she's out with Sota, that's why!" Azuma toasted, shaking his head as images of Sota's long slim legs wrapped around a female.

"You, are SLOW!" Kotaro threw a towel at Azuma's face.




Sota Aoyama looked around his surroundings.

He was in Canada, on a business trip, and this one was not like the rest of his out-of-town trips.

He left Japan with a heavy heart and a lover broken into pieces.

Crumpling a piece of paper full of his schedules (a/n: he'll regret it later on), Sota sighed and plopped back unto his bed.

As he closed his eyes, visions of a beautiful naked statue with flaming red hair danced in his imagination.

She was underneath him, gasping in delight, moaning with pleasure and intoxicating him.

But as soon as he remembered that red siren, he vanquished her all the same.

She was the source of his misery.

The source of his insanity.

The source of his impure thoughts.

Impure thoughts.

That word made him chuckle deeply.

As far as 'impure' would go, SHE was the most innocent looking devil he had encountered.

Sure, he slept around a lot and dated even more.

But that gold eyed, red-haired temptress surpassed all the others.

The very first time he heard her voice, he was more than enthralled.

Up til now, he can still feel her presence...her captivating voice summoning him to the depths of hell.

Everything had been fast between them.

. . . .

"Hello, Takashi - san..." her soft voice greeted the dj at the other end of the line.

"Hello to you to! What's your name?" the funny and upbeat dj greeted back.

"You can call me Rie." abandoning his drink, Sota immediately flipped his phone open, ready for the chance to get her number down.

"So, I guess you're here to pimp out your number, eh? By the way, you know, you sound very sexy and smooth. Haha!"

"Thanks, Takashi - san!"

"So, tell me more about yourself. What do you like to do? Do you enjoy hanging out? What are your hobbies?"

"Hmm... Well.. I'm a bookworm. I rarely go out since I'm not used to the night life. Also, I'm an architecture student. I love to draw. But I do enjoy eating out with friends.."

"Well... since you seem to be such a nice and lovely girl, what kind of guy do you like?"

"Hmm... I like the fair-skinned type. The kind who's easy to hang out with and loves cracking up jokes."

. . . .

Sota pushed his hair away and reminisced how sweet she was on the phone.

How caring and honest she was.

Her innocence and simplicity overwhelmed him.

But it was in bed that totally shook him.

She was every man's fantasy.

Her body was like a haven for man's sweetest dreams.. escapades and toxic moments.


Everything he had come to love about her was all a lie.

She wasn't really all that innocent and sweet things.

The more he had gotten closer to her, the more he realized she was two things at one.

Underneath all those nice things was someone else waiting to cut his heart into pieces.

She had, without preamble, dropped him from his life and moved on to her next target.

"Hey, Sota - senpai!" Kotaro's happy voice boomed at the other end of the line.

"I said stop calling me, 'senpai', right? We're cousins dammit!" Sota retorted irritatingly.

"Haha! Whatever! Kahoko and Azuma are dating..."

And with that, the truth hit him hard.

So, he left Japan and sought that out-of-town trip he had intentions of postponing and immediately departed.

Grimacing, he remembered the last thing Kahoko told him before he left.

"Sota. I'm pregnant, its not yours but you know whose it is."


. . .


Azuma glanced absentmindedly at the scores of magazines laid in front of him.

Flipping his long lavender locks away from his face, he cast an amused smile at the dazzled saleslady attending to his soon-to-be wife.

His engagement was a fast one since Ayano had been a friend for a long time.

But he had a deep-seated guilt inside of him.

A daughter he never acknowledged... and a lover he had abandoned out of fear of responsibility.


Kahoko had been such a mystery to him.

She had asked for his number from Kotaro and agreed to go on a date with him.

But she... she was two-timing him all that time.

She was sleeping around with Sota all those time he was going out on a date with her.

What bad luck and shit.

Thinking about her gives him shivers.


It had been almost 2 years already. What was she up to now?

The last he heard about her was she was romancing one of his cousins, Takashi Nagayama.

Sighing, Azuma threw the magazine down and leaned back.

"Kusho..." he hissed under his breath.

Do you have a thing for pitting relative against each other, you wile bitch! He murderously bit out, remembering what a smiling type of a person she was.

First it was Sota. Then it was him. Now it was Takashi.

"Azuma - kun.." a soft voice called to him.

Looking up, he smiled as he saw his fiance, smiling down at him, wearing the most revealing gown he could possibly imagine. There were tons of slits here and there.

She should just go naked if she prefers such a flaunting dress. He wryly thought to himself as his unaware fiance twirled on the spot.

"So, what do you think?" Ayano smiled sheepishly at the blank-faced Azuma.

Casting a surreptitious glance at the attendants, he saw them slowly back away at the dark glance he bestowed them.

"Ayano - san..." he started.

"I keep telling you to call me, darling..." she pouted and crossed her arms on her chest.

You shouldn't be doing that... he sighed as Ayano's womanly figure became even more womanly.

Staring at the pouting girl in front of him, a sudden image of Kahoko flashed in his eyes.

Her flaming red hair trailing into curls down her back, her face devoid of any makeup and her eyes smiling like warm amber at him.

"How do I look now, Azu - kun?" it felt so real as he recalled how she would fondly tease him by shortening his name.

But in his vision, Kahoko was not wearing something so revealing and sexy.

Her body was hugged rather warmly by a dress hand embroidered, glittering with sequins, making her look like a nymph and angel.

Her cascading red hair decorated the dress like a flowers thrown down from heaven.

"Kahoko..." he softly uttered to himself.

Sighing, Ayano returned to her dressing room.

Her again... why can't you just forget about her?


. . .


Twiddling around with a pen and paper, Kahoko let hair red hair fan down her back as she bit the end of the pen, deep in thought.

She was in deep mess!

Owing Kazuki so much, she agreed to Mio and Nao's plan to have her as his...


Was it girlfriend, fiance or wife?

Kahoko sighed a huge one and banged her head repeated on her wooden table.

Phase one of their plan was to have Kahoko call Kazuki at the office, knowing that Aya ("the bitch! She's really a bitch! Pushing poor Kazuki at the corner like a whipped dog! like Mio and Nao fondly calls her) would be around, tailing Kazuki.

But she didn't expect to be IMMEDIATELY in contact with the said girl!

And now, she was to be expected at Kazuki's office after work.

How in the world would she be able to LEAVE the house without worrying her family?

But then, she remembered how sweet and nice Kazuki had been to her for such a long time... plus the fact she still likes him... okay.. I'm really in a HUGE mess..

"What you got there?" Tooya piped up behind Kahoko, brushing her long hair away for him to see.

"None of your business!" Kahoko retorted, crumpling the paper full of her thoughts about Aya-the-bitch and Kazuki-his-crush.

Shrugging, Tooya sat down on her bed and looked down at the sleeping Sakura, her mouth wide open.

"She sleeps a lot like you..." Tooya giggled, making Kahoko hit him in the head.

Laughing, Tooya held Kahoko by the wrist, to stop the next attack.

"Mom and Dad are going to Kaiba today. They'll be home tomorrow." he looked at her straight in the eyes.

"Why are you telling me that?" huffing, Kahoko stood up and pretending to fix something, hiding her face.

"Well... I heard your phone conversation with Kazuki..." Tooya fanned himself as he watched Kahoko's body stiffen.

"You were prying AGAIN?" Kahoko did not move, her voice like icy shards of glass.

"Not really... I was about to call a friend.. When I heard it..." now inspecting his nails, Tooya smirked.

"What are you gonna do? Still gonna see him?" he taunted.

Keeping her silence, Kahoko nodded and looked away.

"You better be home before 8 p.m and bring home something nice, okay?" Tooya stood up and left.

As he left, Tooya watched Kahoko lay down beside Sakura, worry still etched on her face.

"That's why... I made that promise with you... That's how much I love you..."

No, Kahoko didn't know Kazuki was in love with her. She had hanged up the other phone and Kazuki had intentionally said that when she hanged up.

He wasn't really agreeable with Kazuki... but if he was more better than the Azuma bastard, he'd like to meet him someday.


. . .


"WHAT THE H-!" gasping, Kazuki clutched his chest.

Eyes wide like saucers, he stared and stared and stared some more as the picture in front of him on Facebook seemed to enlarge itself and hit him on the face with a loud THWACK!

Shaking his head, Kazuki held the computer on both sides and pressed his face on the computers screen, hardly believing what he was seeing.


Inwardly, he reviled himself and kicked his ego.

HOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS DID THIS UNHOLY PHOTO GET OUT! he screamed inwardly some more before sinking back unto his chair with a face full of sweat.

As he stared with a ghastly face at the picture, he knew who was the culprit.

Eira Chiu.

She was their old half-Chinese classmate in college. A close friend of Kahoko.

Or so it would seem... He shook his head as he stared some more.

He knew that within minutes, Kahoko would see that photo and HE would be left with a..a...a... a no-show girl he had been trying to swat Aya away with.

The aircon made Kazuki sweat even more as a message popped out of nowhere from Rai, another friend.

...Nice photo with Eira - chan. Kahoko said you two look perfect...

And with that, Kazuki clutched his chest, wheezing heavily as if he ran a mile with lead weights on his body.


...Yeah. She said you look like a couple...

...I know...

...So, are you and Eira dating?...

The unholy question!

Kazuki's hands started sweating and his brain started freezing.


He didn't know HOW to tell the truth to Rai without making him suspicious of his feelings towards Kahoko. comment...

...really? And I thought you like Kahoko a lot. maybe I got my sources wrong. hmm... hell with your sources!...

Logging out his Facebook, Kazuki banged his head repeatedly with his palm.

Checking his phone, his face turned pale at the thought that in less than 2 hours, Kahoko would either appear or not and look at him with a face looking like she would love to hit him with an umbrella.

Ring! ! ! ! ! Ring! ! ! ! ! Ring! ! ! ! ! !

Pick up! Pick up! Pick up!

Tapping his table nervously, Kazuki looked around him.

Pick up Kahoko! he muttered under his breath.





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