Rising Storm…

Intro: What if another Time Lord had survived the Time-War, an exceedingly familiar Time Lord, an old enemy who hadn't escaped quite as far as the End of The Universe, but a little closer to Earth. As for Harry Potter, well he's is about to discover the truth, what was kept from him, both of what he truly is, and of the universe itself. When he opens the watch, then it will begin…

Pairings: Doctor/Harry!Master (poss), Ianto/Jack, (one-sided) Rose/10th, (one-sided) Martha/10th, Hermione/Harry!Master, Luna/Neville.

A/N: Pairings will be by popular vote.

Disclaimer: Neither Harry Potter nor Doctor Who belong to me…


One would think upon beginning a tale the protagonist would be decidedly heroic. Stiff-upper lippy, noble, brave, modest, and all that wishy-washy nonsense.

Unfortunately, this tale is not so.

Whilst my life has been one of misfortune, fear, unease and equally one of magic, wonder, knowledge and happiness which could inspire some Homer-eqsue Odyssey of epic heroism and valour; it is not so.

I have witnessed and been a part of many things throughout my short time on this world that have shaped the mudball as it is known to this day. My considerably longer life amongst the stars and threads and webs of Time similarly so weaved. Committed deeds that some would find horrific, others applaud. It all depends on your point of view.

And as for the old Time Lord mantra of 'Tradition, Obedience, Honour, Understanding, Loyalty and Respect' that was made by those aged Senators in their dusty white towers, too self involved to see the enemy until it was pounding on their gates (wankers in short)... Well, it's not like their around to police me any more.

I regard myself on one level as a necessity, on the other a luxury, within this narrow-sighted universe. After all, without the villain of the piece there would be no hero.

Without the hero, there is no story.

Life becomes monotonous.

Hence my tale being so important.

Despite what may be said, I'm not insane… well, not all that much, after all everyone interesting is just a tad bonkers. But me?

I'm intriguing. An enigma, wrapped in a mystery and sealed within a deadlock sealed box.

If people could understand me, I wouldn't be seen as nearly so dangerous as I am now. Threat to humanity.

What's he going to do next?

Save the universe?

That's a new one.

Always helps to keep the sheeple guessing.

After all, I've played the hero. Played the Saviour…Granted I'd lost my memories at the time…But nonetheless, Good, Evil... Really... What's the difference?

Is it right to hurt others for the greater good as the Master Manipulator Albus Dumbledore and his order of the crispy-chicken claimed? Is it wrong to help another by stealing from those better off, by killing those who would kill you? After all, Robin Hood's lauded for it. What made him better than thousands of others who stole to aid families, friends… Is it good to betray another, just because their doing the thing they feel is right? No... It's not... But still humans think it is...

At least I'm honest. If I'm going to kill you, I'll tell you.

My view is split. I've seen both sides of the so-called line between 'light' and 'dark', and seen that they can be as ugly as one another. I've played hero and villain; defender and conqueror; saviour and madman. Led the Light brigade and played Caesar. At in the end it's all so tiresome.

And now I believe in the edge, the combination of Good and Evil, being neither, but also being both. The cliff drop between. Everything else seems hollow, filled with the drum beats of war and pain and fire and….

Always those 4 beats drumming…

And anyway, all those people who lost everything in life clearly failed to figure the key point. Middle-ground. Why should anyone (namely me) lose everything I've gained? Lose it all whenever the Doctor decides to take the moral high ground, no matter how inaccessible it is to him right now. Double-genocide and all that to-do.

Besides, as the anti-hero of this little piece I can inform my audience of that joy which can only be found within mind-fuckery, which almost makes acting the 'good-guy' worth it on occasion.

Especially when the Doctor is around.

But in the end…

No. I'm not what you'd call traditional 'evil', more of a self-interested genius with slight megalomaniac tendencies. But really, who in this universe is perfect? Even St. Theta who is worshipped as the Oncoming Storm is similarly feared and loathed by such a name.

In the end, it depends what side of the fence you're on.

After all, toppling Harriet Jones from power because she did something he didn't agree with. Tut tut Doctor, smacks awfully of absolutism and all that rot which I've been told off about for years. 'We're not Gods'

Could have fooled me with the way he acted sometimes…

However, this is not a tale of moronic, charge-into-battle-without-even-thinking-up-a-plan, gryffindorish 'heroism'.

No. That's the Doctor's forte not mine.

This is the tale of the man with so many names but has forgotten his own.

Koschei, of the House of Oakdown.

The Master,

Mr Magister,

Harry James Potter,






Time Lord.

In the end, it's not the name that counts. But what remains when everything else has been stripped away…