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Chapter 1

Christmas Gift


I was in my truck, glancing at my watch ever so often.

Great Bella! This is what happens when you wait till last minute to buy Christmas present for your boyfriend! I thought as I honked my horn in a desperate attempt to get my truck pass the unnerving crowd and make my way to the most popular jewelry shop a few miles away. With a heavy sigh I realized that my effort was fruitless. There was just no escaping the maddening traffic jam. I laid my head back at the uncomfortable yet familiar head rest of my truck. I thought about the first time I visited that shop a few weeks ago with my boyfriend – Jacob Black.


"Where are we going Jacob?" I asked exasperated. Man, didn't I hate surprises.

"Jeez Bella! Your vocabulary certainly isn't aware of the word patience. Fine! We're going to Port Angeles." Jacob answered.

Port Angeles was at a good distance from Forks where we originally lived. Forks was a small town devoid of any fancy malls and markets or reputed restaurants. So we usually visited Port Angeles for selected reasons like shopping, going on romantic dates or just hanging out with a bunch of friends. Although I was a little confused by the fact that Jake wanted to keep our visit to Port Angeles a secret. I didn't want to pester him about telling me the reason seeing he was already a little put off for revealing a part of the secret. The rest of the ride was spent in comfortable silence except for Jacob reciting the lyrics of all his favorite songs along with the radio.

"Here we are!" Jacob exclaimed, stopping the car at an empty spot near a Jewelry shop. My eyes went wide in shock. It was one of the most expensive jewelry shops. Why in the world will he bring me here? Is he insane? Just a little ring would cost more than his monthly salary!

"Jake, what in the world are we doing here?" I asked him, my eyes still glued to the glittering letters 'WEISFIELD'S JEWELERS' inscribed on the huge white board above the shop, making it stand out among a cluster of other shops surrounding it.

Jacob turned to look at me with a smug grin plastered on his handsome features.

"Well, I wanted to buy you a Christmas present. Although, I would have liked it to be a surprise but then again, I didn't want to gift you something you wouldn't like, seeing that I'm not always the best judge when it comes to gifts and all. So I thought I should bring you here so you could select a gift of your choice." He finished.

"But Jake this is a really expensive shop" I retorted. He just rolled his eyes at me.

"Bella, I've been saving for this from a long time just to get you a perfect gift for Christmas. I've worked extra hard for this Bella, so please don't spoil it. Just select what you like the best. I have collected enough amount to buy the most expensive ornament in this shop. If you retort or select something cheap purposefully...then it will break my heart. So please humor me. Now let's go."

There he goes...way to go Jake. Guilt me into this. Great strategy! But no matter what, I was truly touched by his thoughtfulness and decided to comply with his decision. The jewelry shop was utterly astonishing. I saw some of the most eye catching objects there. A particular necklace caught my attention, but before I could avert my gaze from it...Jake noticed me admiring it. After a lot of argument Jake finally convinced me to buy it. He prevented me from having a look at the bill and took the gift-wrapped necklace and we started to head out. I was almost to the exit door when I noticed that Jake was absent. I turned around only to see his eyes locked at a beautiful diamond entrenched, most expensive looking pen. An involuntary smile lit up on my face and I made a mental note to save enough money over the next few weeks to buy him this present. Ofcourse I will have to sell some of my things if I wanted to afford that pen in such a short span time but Jake was worth it.


A loud sound of horn brought me back to the present from my reverie and I glanced around to see the traffic had been cleared and people were waiting for me to drive. I drove as fast as I could to the jewelry shop. Not much time was left. In just a few hours the party will begin and I'll have to give him that gift then. Today was Christmas Eve party. My best friend, Angela and her boyfriend Ben had organized it at their place with help of certain other students from our class. Angela was also a major in the English department like me in the University of Washington. I had come back to forks to spend my Christmas holidays with my dad, Charlie and Jacob. Jacob was my age old friend but we have started dating only a year ago. Things were perfect between us. I couldn't have asked for better. Angela, Ben and a girl, Alice from junior section, who was Ben's best friend's sister, had arranged this party together. From what I've listened...this is going to be one of the best parties people of Forks have ever witnessed. Apparently Alice had willingly contributed a lot of amount for this party to be perfect. I didn't personally know her but can tell that she was a spendthrift. (A/N: don't worry people, they'll be best friends in future. They just don't know each other for now)

Finally I reached the shop and parked my car. I was late. The party was supposed to begin in an hour. I made my way to the jewelry shop in a haste and Ofcourse, being me, I tripped. I steadied myself before I could fall on my face and make a fool out of myself in front of everyone. I opened the door and noticed the diamond embedded pen displayed on the counter with the owner of the shop standing behind the counter. I practically ran over their and grabbed it claiming it mine.

(At the same time)



I heard two voices claiming the pen at the same time. One was mine which got muffled up with a velvety silk-soft voice from beside me. I looked down at my right palm which rested on the splendid glass case inside which the pen was kept and noticed that my hand wasn't the only one holding it. Another pale hand was placed on it as well. I looked up and my eyes met a pair of startling green eyes. He had bronze colored hair with pale white skin. He was breathtakingly gorgeous. The guy also seemed out of breath, no doubt he came running in from the other entrance door, opposite to the one from which I came. He looked back at me trying to catch his breath just like I was. The depth of his unfathomable eyes had no limit. I shook my head to end my trance and averted my gaze from him before I could get lost in those eyes along with all my coherent thoughts. I looked at the owner who was looking at the two of us with amusement.

"I'm sorry, but this is the last piece. One of you can always go for something else. We have lots of other startling items." The shopkeeper said.



We both said simultaneously. God! This was getting annoying. I heard the shopkeeper's light chuckle. Irritated, I looked back at the green eyed stranger only to find him frowning at me.

"Haven't you ever heard? 'Ladies first' " I said to him looking straight in his eyes.

"Well you heard him" he said in his velvet-soft voice, nodding towards the owner "there is only one piece. If I let you first then I wont be getting any chance at all" he replied with an amused crooked grin. Almost involuntarily my breath caught up in my throat and my heart thumped unevenly. His crooked smile was mesmerizing. God, he is too handsome for his own good. But I'm not letting him win this argument! Not at any rate!

I worked on keeping my breathing even and managed to put up a stern expression on my face. I don't think I was doing my job well. His amusement grew as he saw my expression and now he was trying to stifle his smile.

Argh! He'll pay for this!

"Please let me take this. My girlfriend selected it and she likes it too much. I promised to buy it for her" He pleaded using full force of his dazzling eyes on me.

Na-uh. I'm not going to surrender to you Mister!

"Well so does my boyfriend. I've been saving for this from a long time and I'm not going to let you go away with this." I stated stubbornly.

He let out a frustrated sigh. Apparently his dazzling power worked very well on other women. But not me! And this Ofcourse frustrated him. Good.

"Fine!" he retorted in a stern and frustrated yet surprisingly velvet voice "I'll pay twice the amount for this!"

"WHAT?" the shopkeeper and I said at the same time. My eyes wide with astonishment.


My anger had no limit. How dare he?

"I'll pay thrice the amount!" I found myself claiming aloud. And there goes my tuition fee. I couldn't believe I just did that. I would never do it. I was the one instructing Jake and Renee, my mom, to save money and not to spend it mindlessly. And here I was, paying thrice the amount of the original prize for an already expensive gift. But I guess my stubbornness got the best of me and I couldn't stop myself.

The shopkeeper and green eyed stranger turned to me. I could see a wide grin plastered on the shopkeeper's face while the green eyed man – I should seriously consider an easier name to refer him – glared at me.

"Alright, I'll pay four times the original amount" he said with finality in his voice. I could feel my mouth open in astonishment. Either he's crazy and needs to be admitted to a mental hospital immediately or excessively rich and spoilt who is wretchedly in love with his girlfriend.

After recovering from the temporary shock, the shopkeeper turned to me expectantly. A sly expression on his face. "I bet you can't beat that" he said in a challenging tone. I rolled my eyes at him - Did he honestly think I'll be willing to pay more than that? – and shook my head, defeated. A smug, victorious grin lit up on the stranger's face and he took out his credit card. That's it. I couldn't stand a second longer in this room. I was about to exit when a piercing, high pitched voice stopped me in my tracks.

"EDDIE...." the voice sang as a girl with strawberry blond hair entered the door. She was stunning and looked like a model that just came from shooting. She wrapped her arms around the green eyed stranger's neck; whose name I assume is Eddie.

Huh. Weird name. Even 'green eyed stranger' sounded better than this.

I watched him look at me from the corner of his eyes, his face flushed and his expression embarrassed. I bit my lower lip to stop myself from laughing.

"Tanya. Sweetheart. I told you not to call me by that name. My name is EDWARD!" He stressed "not...not...E-EDDIE!" he stuttered in a disgusted tone.

"Aw c'mon Eddie, I know you secretly love this nick name I gave you." She countered kissing his cheeks. He gave out a heavy sigh and once again I found him peeking at me from the corner of his eyes, his eyes troubled and embarrassed. This time I couldn't restrain the light chuckle that escaped my lips. Man, wasn't I enjoying this show!

I heard the beautiful blond, Tanya I guess, gasp. Her eyes were wide as she looked down at the diamond rooted pen in Edward's hands.


Poor Edward. His face was jet red and he looked as if he's never been this embarrassed before. I decided to give the poor man a little peace of mind and turned away to exit the door. But Ofcourse, I couldn't help laughing the entire way and made sure he noticed it too. He so deserved it!


Oh God! What else would I have to go through to keep my Boss's daughter impressed!!

I'll never be able to forget this embarrassing day in my life!




Nor will I able to forget the beautiful brunette who just exited the shop....

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