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One thing was certain, Merlin was aware of Arthur's presence as he leant against an oak tree in the summer sun. "Oh hey, I didn't see you there. Did you want something?" he asked the future king, no respect for his master.

Arthur frowned at him "Yes Merlin, I would like you to clean the stables and bring my horse around. I'm going hunting, don't be long" he replied sternly to his manservant.

Merlin sighed exasperatedly and hauled himself to his feet. He made his way to the stables muttering under his breath about how much he wanted to hit Arthur.

He was soon done by the aid of magic. He mounted one of the horses with some difficulty and grabbed the reins of Arthur's precious mount in one hand. His horse was slow and he found himself kicking the lazy beast repeatedly but it didn't make the slightest bit of difference, it plodded on slower than before.

Arthur was waiting where Merlin had left him; upon his rival Arthur welcomed him with the usual sarcastic thank you for his hard work "So, you finally get around here. You know Merlin I would like to go hunting today not next week"

Merlin ignored the comment and pulled up. Arthur made no move to mount the horse, "Merlin I would like help mounting my horse please" he ordered to his servant. Merlin sighed under his breath and dismounted hurriedly, landing on the floor in a heap. "Today Merlin and try not to scare the horses you bumbling idiot" Arthur spoke impatiently.

"Yes sire" Merlin replied and gave him a leg-up onto the horse, receiving a boot to the face as he pushed his master into the saddle.

When Arthur was securely seated, Merlin made his way back to his horse and tried to mount. "Come along Merlin, do hurry up!" was Arthur's guidance, Merlin rolled his eyes; it was very helpful indeed(!). He eventually dragged himself into the saddle and they were off.

By the time the pair reached the gates, Arthur was a few metres in front; Merlin's horse was plodding along. "Hurry up Merlin, why are you taking so long?" Arthur waited at the gate.

"It's not my fault, it's this horse and it won't go any faster" Merlin complained childishly. Arthur rolled his eyes and doubled back. He drew level with Merlin and slapped the horse's rump with the palm of his hand. It burst into canter and Merlin had trouble in controlling it.

Arthur caught up easily, he laughed loudly at the flustered servant, "And now Merlin, you are going to tell me that the horse is going too fast!" he cantered alongside.

Merlin threw him a dirty look "I'm glad that you're amused, we can't all be perfect like you" he snapped. Arthur stared back and kicked his horse into a flat out gallop, leaving Merlin in his dust.

Merlin soon caught up with his sulking master. The pair stopped and dismounted in the forest. "Pass my bow Merlin" Arthur held out his hand and Merlin handed it to him. There was a rustling in the undergrowth and Arthur took aim. The arrow flew straight and a loud cry rang out.

It was Merlin's duty to find the animal, if was an animal. He knew what lurked in the forest and he hoped that it wasn't one of those foul monsters that Arthur had struck down. He came across a deer that had been hit by the arrow, it wasn't a clean hit and the beast lay in agony with the arrow in its neck. He looked for Arthur, who wasn't there, and used his magic to put the beast out of its misery.

All he had to do now was carry the deer back to Arthur, which wasn't an easy thing to do, he made it eventually. "Ah there you are, for a moment I thought that you had got lost" Arthur took the deer from him and studied it. "I see that my arrow struck its target. Come on get on your horse and we'll be on the way"

Arthur draped the deer over the saddle and mounted in one swift movement. Merlin gritted his teeth angrily. Annoyed thoughts popped into his head 'No thank you's for killing the deer. I never get any respect from him' he mounted his horse.

They soon made their way back to the castle, the deer was sent down to the kitchen and Arthur was highly praised for catching the night's dinner. Once again Merlin's help was ignored.