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Syed glanced at his watch again, then slammed it down on the bedside cabinet as he realised only two minutes had passed. He was starting to think that time was deliberately slowing, just to frustrate him. It had been seven painfully slow minutes since his parents had gone to bed, and Syed just had to make sure they were asleep before sneaking out for the night. He was lying, fully clothed, on his bed, which he had unmade to look slept-in. It wasn't as if he would actually be sleeping in it tonight, just like he hadn't for the last four nights.

After he was sure his family was sound asleep, he silently slipped on his leather jacket and headed out into the deserted square. Syed hurried to the sanctuary of Christian's flat, never looking back at his own house. That place wasn't home to him anymore. His home was with Christian, just like his heart.

He rushed towards the door, his heart threatening to beat out of his chest in anticipation. Syed knocked unnecessarily hard on Christian's front door, hearing Christian groan from behind it.

"Christian?" Syed was immediately panicked, "Are you ok?"

The door swung open to reveal a rather dishevelled Christian Clarke, his usually neat hair sticking up at odd angles, and a sheepish expression on his face.

Syed grinned "You fell asleep again, didn't you?"
Christian stepped aside to let the younger man enter, smiling guiltily.

"Well, it's quite late Sy" he tried to defend himself.
"And it's not as if I've been getting much sleep recently" he added. Syed laughed and settled on to the sofa, pulling Christian down next to him.

"I didn't hear you complaining" he smirked, "And I can always go if you'd rather"

He began slowly tracing patterns on Christian's thigh, crushing his willpower in seconds. He grabbed Syed and pulled him closer, leaning in so their lips were almost touching.

"Don't even think about leaving" he whispered. Syed smiled, his breathing getting heavier and heavier.

"I never could" he replied, before crushing Christian's lips with his own. Christian smiled against his lips before responding, wrapping his arms around Syed's waist tenderly.

After a few blissful moments, Syed pulled back.

"Shall we...?" he gestured towards the bedroom. Christian gently squeezed his hand.
"Let's just stay here for a while" he looked into Syed's confused eyes, "I miss this, when it's just me and you, when we don't have to hide"
Syed pulled him into a hug, and Christian knew he understood. They lay in each other's arms, knowing this was all they'd ever want, or need. It wasn't just about the sex anymore. It was slowly but surely blossoming into love.

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