This was originally posted on Live journal community tfanonkink under the title Sore Loser (It is my original work) I decided to post it as one full story as I quite like it as a whole and I totally love Prowl's character in all incarnations.

This is based in G1 and contains rape/non-con so please don't read if you don't like that. No flames or hate please, constructive reviews always welcome. This was done in response to an anon request and I am rather pleased how it turned out so I hope you enjoy it!


The battle had been a long one, the Decepticons for once refusing to retreat. They needed the stockade of energon badly, and they weren't about to let the Autobots keep it for themselves. Things were going from bad to worse, the Autobots were injured the Decepticons weren't fairing much better. Prime managed to get in a direct shot to Megatron, who crumpled. He roared in anger and screamed at his fellow 'cons.

"Decepticons RETREEAATT!!"

Starscream could be heard screeching in frustration over the din of cheers from the 'bots. They could have won; they outnumbered the Autobots... why was the fool retreating again? Starscream hovered in the air taking stock of the gathering 'bots below him, his fellow 'cons already specks in the sky. No... He wasn't finished yet... his frustration was a fiery ball within his chest demanding to be released. He shook with rage, with no outlet. The battle had left him heated and tingling with raw emotion. Then he spotted him. A lone Autobot picking his way across the rocky desert back to his comrades, he swooped in lower to get a closer look. He recognised him instantly and smirked to himself.

Prime's tactician, his second in command, undoubtedly the one who had come up with this particular little battle plan, that once again had Megatron fleeing his tail between his legs. Yes he would do... Starscream would get his release, he would beat the Autobots today, slag it, this one was already beaten; he just didn't know it yet...

Starscream chuckled darkly to himself as he dive bombed towards Prowl. Prime and Ironhide saw him first and yelled for Prowl to get out of the way, Starscream dodged their shots, the adrenalin urging him on, giving him an exciting rush, ooh how he enjoyed a fight, the unfair the better. He part transformed and grabbed Prowl's shoulders, the mech yelped and struggled, Starscream fired his null ray and Prowl went limp in his grasp. He shot off into the air shrieking with mocking laughter at the approaching 'bots, relishing the look of shock and horror on their pathetic faces. Oh yes he would show them.


Prowl awoke on the harsh rocky desert, darkness of night surrounding him. His optics blinked up at the stars deep set in the velvet sky. Had he been shot? He couldn't remember getting badly injured in the battle. He sat up sharply, groaning as he held his head. Where were his fellow Autobots? Where in Primus was he? He made to get up but strong arms were suddenly slamming him in the chest forcing back onto his back, his door wings splaying painfully on the hard ground, scraping enough to make Prowl hiss with the pain.

"Where do you think you're going Autobot?" Starscream spat the words out at him, an amused leer on his lips. Prowl glared at the seeker angrily. Clenching his jaw he remained quiet. Quiet with the hope that his friends would find him... soon...

Starscream chuckled as Prowl squirmed slightly beneath him as he straddled the white and black mech. "If you're hoping to be rescued... I wouldn't count on it... soon anyway." He leaned in closer, his lips close to touching Prowl's who remained deathly still refusing to react. "They're not going to find you until I am finished with you... then I am going to drop you at Prime's feet so he can truly see what a pissed off Decepticon can do."

Prowl frowned and jerked roughly, trying to shake the large seeker from him. Starscream laughed harshly. "If you struggle then this is going to be very unpleasant." He drawled.

Prowl was enraged and pinned to the floor, he couldn't move. "What do you want 'con." He growled quietly.

Starscream's optics brightened and he smiled. "Oh... this and that..." He pressed his chassis against Prowl and grabbed his face firmly. His glossa flicked out across the tactician's grim set mouth. Prowl tried to jerk his head away, Starscream snatched it back and kissed him roughly, forcing his glossa into an unwilling mouth. Prowl thrashed and fought back his hands pushing, grabbing punching anything to try and get the depraved seeker off him. He landed a glancing blow across Starscream's helm, the seeker growled into his mouth before breaking the kiss.

The smirk had faded from Starscream's face, gripping Prowl by the throat he slapped the mech hard across his face, Prowl bit back a cry of pain as his head snapped to the side. He could taste energon running from his split lip. Starscream grabbed his face again and licked away the energon.

"Keep that up Autobot, and I will leave you in pieces at Prime's feet... Which is it to be?"

Prowl glared at him hatefully, his air intakes having hitched up distinctly. He pushed against the seeker who in return grabbed his wrists and slammed them to the ground.

"You will give me what I want!" Starscream shrieked. He calmed slightly as the noise of company distracted him. "Oh... help has arrived." He grinned at Prowl, whose optics had widened. With what fear? Loathing? Starscream really couldn't care less.

"What have we got here Starscream?" Thundercracker's voice was tinged with amusement.

"Is this a new toy?" Skywarp drawled as they approached. Starscream stood and dragged Prowl to his feet with a grunt restraining his hands together. He spun him round and held him flush to his frame, facing his trine mates, who eyed the tactician hungrily. Prowl's capacitor stalled as they grew closer, his cortex firing panic across his systems as Starscream leaned his head on his shoulder and nipped at his neck and audios.

"Ready to have some fun Autobot?" He glanced at his trine and grinned. "Isn't he pretty and oh so clean..." he scraped fingers across his chest scratching at the white paint.

Thundercracker and Skywarp growled in unison as Starscream moved his ministrations to Prowl's door wings which were held high with tension and probably fear. He dug his fingers into the joints hard, Prowl yelped in pain and arched his back to try and escape the foreign touch. Starscream pulled him back and bit the seam along one of the door wings causing it to twitch as Prowl hissed at the sharp pain.

"I want to get him dirty..." Skywarp growled as he stroked the now faintly trembling chassis. Prowl couldn't pull away the trine were surrounding him, their hands running all over his frame, stroking, scraping. Heat began building across his systems uncomfortably; Starscream had replaced his painful touches with soft caresses running the full length of his door wings. Hands reached up and stroked his helm, fingers darting to the red chevron. The fire of sparks that shot across his circuits at the combined touches made him gasp out loud.

"Please... stop... this..."

The seekers chuckled. "I think he likes it." Skywarp murmured as his glossa began licking the chevron sliding down to his audios to nip his jaw line.

"Who wouldn't enjoy us?" Starscream growled lustfully, he pulled Thundercracker into a deep kiss over Prowl's shoulder allowing Thundercracker's hands to slide over his wing. He mewed softly his grip tightening on Prowl's door wings as sharp tingles of pleasure rippled through his sensor net.

The heat was becoming too much, it was searing, hot, condensation running from the armour plating. Starscream pressed his hips and groin against Prowl's aft and grated against him slowly, his leg hitching up to wrap around one of Prowl's. The normally stoic tactician was beside himself with tingling arousal. His entire body trembled at the trine's touches they were no longer being gentle with him. His mouth parted slightly in the whisper of a moan as Skywarp dropped to his knees in front of him and ran his glossa up the inside of his leg. He felt Starscream's hand reach round his waist and remove his cod piece, revealing his embarrassingly aroused spike.

Prowl winced as the cold night air bit into his sensitive spike. He shuttered his optics with humiliation, his face plates burning with shame at his desire. He didn't want this but oh Primus they felt good. He never let himself go with any of his fellow Autobots, to him it was time that could be better spent working, he cried out as both Thundercracker's and Starscream's hands began pumping his spike greedily. He writhed and tried desperately to wriggle free.

"No... Please... don't... don't do this..." He gasped with a barely suppressed sob of shame. The trine laughed. "Oh nooo... we haven't even gotten started with you yet." Starscream whispered into his audio. Prowl bit back a moan as Skywarp went to work on his valve. His glossa lapping at the lubricant pushing inside, swirling around. Prowl yelled as fingers joined the twitching glossa and pushed deep inside his valve. He bucked and jerked to no avail...

Thundercracker and Starscream were at either side of the tactician still pumping his spike, enjoying the mech's squeaks of unwilling arousal and his groans of humiliation. Their expert fingers massaged his door wings firmly, roughly, until they pushed into their touches, Prowl's back arched as he tensed overload rushing through him swiftly. Transfluid shot out across Skywarp's frame staining his wings, Prowl whimpered as his legs gave way, he was now solely supported by the trine. Skywarp moved away from his valve and kissed Starscream and Thundercracker tenderly in turn, his mouth still smeared with Prowl's fluid. He turned to the dazed tactician and kissed him hard, making sure he tasted his own fluid as he pushed deep into his mouth.

Prowl made a choking noise caught between a sob and groan. The trine caressed each other over him their bodies writhing around him, not letting him cool down.

"I want him to taste me." Thundercracker growled as he shoved the others out of the way, his hands planted on the mech's shoulders and pushed him to his knees. Unsheathing his spike he snarled down at the trembling 'bot. "Suck it Autobot." Prowl's optics shot up to the blue seeker who leered at him coldly. He shook his head, firm defiance written on his face.

Starscream and Skywarp watched with unbridled arousal, fluid seeping down their legs as they embraced each other, rubbing their wings. Starscream slid around to the rear of Skywarp and licked Prowl's fluid from the sensitive frame. Skywarp moaned with delight.

"Unngghh...." Prowl grunted and landed on all fours at Thundercracker's feet having been punched in the head for his defiance. More energon trickled over his face. He stared at the ground gasping, willing his cortex to think of a way out, his CPU struggling to function properly. Thundercracker grabbed his helm holding him close to his spike.

"I said SUCK IT Autobot..." Prowl could not jerk his head away as Thundercracker thrust his spike into his mouth, he choked on it as he thrust hard. Muffled moans coming from the tactician caused Thundercracker to overload quickly. Incredibly turned on by the whole affair. Prowl gagged as the transfluid filled his mouth, Thundercracker remained where he was forcing him to swallow it all. He was released and fell back on his aft gasping.

"My turn." Starscream purred. He approached Prowl who was now being pinned to the ground Thundercracker perched at his head forcing his arms above him. His legs kicked out and he thrashed trying to fend the seeker off.

Starscream spread his legs anyway. "I would much rather you enjoy this Autobot... you're only punishing yourself..." He pressed into Prowl who whimpered as Starscream's spike entered him, he was slow, steady, he whimpered with each grinding thrust, still trying to struggle against Thundercracker's strong grasp. Skywarp approached Starscream from behind and draped himself over the trine leader's wings. Starscream moaned loudly as he felt Skywarp's spike push into his clenching valve. Skywarp's thrusts were harder more frantic than Starscream's and he set a hard, fast pace, forcing Starscream to push deeper into Prowl who let out a wanton growl as the full length of the seeker's shaft was pounded into him.

His vision grew fuzzy as Thundercracker kissed him, his glossa working his own with desperate need, moaning into his mouth. Prowl's arms relaxed and he stopped struggling as Skywarp overloaded into Starscream. The trine leader shrieked at a pitch louder and higher than Prowl thought possible. Skywarp grinned with satisfaction as he pulled away from Starscream only to be embraced by Thundercracker.

Prowl groaned as Starscream shifted on his frame, his spike still resting inside his now desperate valve. Starscream stirred and smirked up at him, slowly gyrating his hips into the now frustrated tactician. Prowl's helm snapped back and he moaned seductively as Starscream thrust into him building into more gradual movement. Prowl was lost to himself as the seeker had his way with him. Arousal washing away his shame and humiliation, all he wanted, he NEEDED now was to overload badly. The sensation was almost too painful to bear as Starscream moved faster and harder, his air intakes hitching as his cooling systems finally came on line. Prowl was overheating alarms flashing across his cortex. He could do nothing but claw at the seeker, his hands gripping, sliding across his wings, his legs wrapping around him pulling him closer, deeper inside him.

Prowl screamed with release as Starscream's transfluid burst into him. The seeker moaned and whimpered, chuckling as the mech fell off line beneath him. Shrieks of overload from his trine sounded above him as both Skywarp and Thundercracker overloaded, their transfluid coating Starscream's wings, dripping onto Prowl's frame.

The three seekers dropped and set about arousing the tactician from his forced recharge.

"Do you think he can handle another one?" Thundercracker breathed deeply. Starscream laughed shortly.

"We going to give him a choice?"

All three went to work on Prowl's frame as he began to move and groan trapped between them, with Starscream pinning him to the ground.

Prowl came groggily online, his memory allowing the guilt and the humiliation to clutch at his spark. He cried out as he felt still eager hands gripping his spike, pumping his over sensitive valve. He bucked and clawed desperately trying to escape their clutches again. They laughed around him. Two of them pinned his arms out to each side. Starscream and Thundercracker, they nibbled at his chevron, and lapped up the energon that seeped from the bites in his neck.

Skywarp loomed over him his leer was one of lust. He grabbed Prowl's legs, ignoring him kick out frantically. With surprising strength he lifted his legs at the knees lifting his aft clean off the floor. Prowl cried out as the seeker caressed around his valve. He wasn't ready, he couldn't do this again.

"No…!" His cries went ignored as Skywarp braced himself against the Autobot's strong thighs and used them to push himself forward. His spike pierced its way into Prowl's valve. The tactician shrieked as hot pain burst through him, his valve stung from over stimulation and Skywarp was not gentle. The jet moaned loudly as he pounded the valve mercilessly. Starscream and Thundercracker moaned wantonly as they watched their trine mate overload hard into the Autobot. Prowl shuddered violently, his cries fading as his vocal processor became strained.

Transfluid burned his valve, mixing with his own fluids as he overloaded in a mix of pleasure, pain signals that threatened to off line him once more. Prowl wished for his CPU to crash, to pass out anything so he didn't have to endure this anymore.

His air intakes were shallow as the trine shifted around him, stroking each other, licking each other. Hands kept grabbing his door wings scratching, nipping.

One grabbed his spike, Prowl winced as Thundercracker straddled him. He was too drained to fight back as Starscream seated himself behind Prowl lifting him up. He stroked the door wings gently, Prowl whimpered softly at the gentle touch. Thundercracker pumped his spike slowly as he watched. Prowl tried to off line his optics, turn away anything so this sight wasn't burned into his processor. Thundercracker slapped him hard, gasping as Skywarp resumed massaging his wings.

"You will watch while I fuck your spike Autobot…" He leered forward and bit Prowl's lower lip, sucking away the energon that leaked out.

Prowl's body shivered as Thundercracker lowered his wet valve over his spike, Prowl couldn't help but buck his hips into the warm valve and cry out with need as Thundercracker rode his spike slowly, up then down then backwards and forwards. The irregular rhythm wreaked havoc with Prowl's systems as his spike throbbed inside the seeker.

"Oh Primus…!" He whispered as Thundercracker increased his pace. His hands clawed at the air grabbing Starscream behind him, and he clamped down on the wings as hard as he could. The pain sent shivers racing through Starscream's sensor net and he squealed with delight. Panting he sat Prowl on his knees Thundercracker wrapped his legs around the tactician's waist and his arms around his neck, his hips continued to thrust hard as Prowl's hands had no where to grab but the seeker's hips and he held on tightly.

Starscream, his spike ready once again took Prowl's valve again from behind. The tactician screamed with agony his voice hoarse. The seekers thrust into him fast, hard all three groaning.

"OoooOOHHH… FraaaG… aaagg… GaaAAAHHH!!!" Prowl roared as he overloaded so hard his body locked painfully, his spine shooting straight upright jarring Starscream who screamed in turn, matching Thundercracker's deep rumbles of satisfaction as Skywarp collapsed over his wings having self stimulated, sliding to the floor coated in his own fluid.

Transfluid leaked onto the ground. The tactician was shaking violently as the trine embraced him their own overload carrying all three into blissful darkness.


Prime and the other Autobots were frantic Prowl had been missing for an entire day, with no word from either Megatron or Starscream. Where on Earth could he be? Prime had no doubt he was still on Earth. He was about to call it another day, his search party were tired and running low on energon.

Someone yelled and pointed to the sky. They glanced up as Starscream hovered above Prime's head carrying the limp form of his SIC in his arms, his trine mates flanked him and all three were grinning like Cheshire cats.

Starscream dropped Prowl to the ground much more gently than Prime anticipated. He cackled as he soared into the air. His distinct shriek could be heard as he sped away.

"Thanks for lending him to us!" Prime frowned as all three seekers burst into laughter as they disappeared into the clouds. They raced over to Prowl, who was trying to stand unsteadily, his legs wobbled and he fell back to the ground.

"Prowl are you hurt?" Ratchet bellowed reaching him at the same time as Prime did. Their optics widened as they drew closer. Prowl's frame was stained with silvery, blue fluid, his lip had been split and energon had dried onto his face and chin. Fluid dripped onto the ground where he knelt.

He gave the medic the iciest glare as he tensed. His voice thick with a faint tremor to his vocals.

"What the slag does it look like to you?" He swore loudly stopping them in their tracks. "I am absolutely… fragged…" He let out a faint chuckle of disbelief, groaned and collapsed off line into Prime's arms as he caught him.

Prime carried his officer gently, glancing optics at the stains on his chassis, his arm feeling moist where he had hold of his legs. He turned to Ratchet.

"So when he said… fragged…?"

Ratchet answered. "He meant literally…"