WOWZ A DEATHNOTE FIC. It's been ages since I uploaded a Deathnote fic...

If Deathnote belonged to me, what happens in this fic wouldn't have happened at all. D:

"The body is a young man yet to be identified."

A chill ran through me. Please no, please…I glanced up at the tiny screen. It was like a physical blow. Silver car, red blood splashed across, like some macabre modern art piece, clashing awfully with the red hair of the body crumpled across the bullet racked hood…


Part of me withered and died right there. My best friend, my only friend…maybe even the only person I had ever really loved.

Mindlessly, I drove the truck to the abandoned church where Matt had meant to meet me. I stopped inside. A shuffling sound reminded me that I was still carting around Kioyme Takada; the reason for this dammed escapade. I glanced in the rearview mirror. I found her…just finishing scratching something on a piece of paper.

It didn't take a genius (though I met that qualification) to figure out what was going on.

She looked up, meeting my gaze in the mirror.

"Bitch," I hissed."

"It's too late, Mello," she said, "or rather, Mihael Keehl."

I guess she thought she was safe. That I couldn't do anything.

40 seconds. I had 40 seconds.

Amazing what a long time 40 seconds can be. And I intended to advantage of every last one.

An enormous strength fueled by rage and grief and hatred filled my. I smashed my elbow throught the plastic between me and the cargo area where Takada was. I shot my arm through, lunging at her, She recoiled, squeaking in shock.

But she was out of reach.

Matt Matt Matt. This woman's bastard underlings had killed Matt.

I drooped. What was the point? Matt was dead and, in about 25 seconds, I would be, too. I slid my arm back and sank into my seat. "Alright, you win." I shrugged, trying to calm my beating heart that was about to stop. "Just tell me; Kira is Light Yagami, right?"

She said nothing, but her features slipped.

I grinned. "Knew it. And if I did, Near does too." I yawned, trying to disguise my distress. 10 seconds.

I concentrated on picturing Matt. His hair, his eyes, the smell of smoke and nicotine that hung about him…his constantly beeping video games…I nearly cried. All the things we had never done or said…God, I was getting all mushy like a romantic movie. I-


Something ripped inside of me; a wave of white hot agony spread from my chest, which was splitting, tearing…

Heart attack, I vaguely thought, as I tried to cling to my sanity, so this is what it's like.


MELLS! He was my favorite character by far. *sighs* I wrote this because I thought it was pathetic that Mello got killed by a lame old Deathnote heart attack, and not even by Light, either. So I decided to make his last forty seconds on earth good ones. Like, Matt orientated ones. Ha. Take that, Takada you whore.

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