AN: So this one is old(ish) writing from me. I wrote it mainly so I would get better on writing. I remember writing this sometime on spring, but that's about it. I have No Idea where the idea came from, but, meh, now that it's on the paper and actually sounds sweet, I'll be just leaving it here. I kind of like the style on this one, it's so... exact, I guess I pictured things at least somewhat well? I usually don't write AUs or anything pointless like this, but it has come the time when I get over my bad habit of thinking my writings as crap not worth posting. At least I had fun with this one, and it doesn't sound bad either. (I hope?) BETA NEEDED.

He had once again went to the park. Just to sit down on the wooden bench, breathing in the slightly chilly autumn air. The leafs had turned in to beautiful color of orange, some even fiery red. First ones had started to fall off already, preparing for the Christmas to come. The bench was hard and cold, but he knew by experience that if he'd sit on it long enough, it would warm off from his body heat. He himself had never been a person to like cold. Hell, one could say that he loathed the whole winter in itself. Sometimes he wished that he could just fell in to hibernation for the whole winter, skip the holiday fuzz and and just rest inside the warm house, enjoying the warmth of his comforters, ignoring the snow that was slowly falling from the sky, and forget the experience of cold freeze ravishing his skin that could not hold the cold away from him.

Todd buried his shoes on the grass that looked dry and worn due autumn. His sneakers had worn out almost completely by now, and he would soon need new ones. Besides, those sneakers were little to no good at winter, but he really was not sure if he had the money for that.

Todd crossed his legs over on hopes of saving up some warmth, but the holes on the knee of his jeans gave away too much of his precious warmth.

The mittens and beanie he had found from the lost and found, and because no-one had been pointing at him and yelling "that thief stole my grandma's crochets!" he had never paid second thought on the origin of the cloth. It kept him warm, so he was happy.

The park was quiet at this time of ear, and only person that visited here every now and then was the baldy guy from x-geeks. The man strolled in here, usually alone or with that white haired witch of his and they'd stare at the statue of the fountain for a while, until they'd left, never saying a word. Todd did not know why they did this though. Everything was so bizarre after last fight.

To be honest, Todd didn't remember anything of the fight. He remembered his childhood, his time at brotherhood, attending school... But all his memories of the x-geeks were swiped to oblivion. Even the x-geeks themselves did seem to have the same problem. They did not remember about brotherhood, nor did they remember some parts of what they used to do before the fight. After the fight had calmed down, baldy had collected them all together. He had mentioned that the quarrel of humans and mutants was forgotten for now. He had mentioned something about a new start. Something about a sacrifice for the greater good and all that shit. Tod had not listened about a single thing the man had said at then. Well, maybe the most important announces that concerned him personally, but other than that he had just stood there, minding his own business. He had been interested about the fight though. He knew he had been there, he knew they had won, but he did not remember a single detail.

But baldy said that he had a answer for that. His explanation was concerning a woman he once knew. And also, the bad guy, who was trying to conquer the world or something. But that part he had pretty much skipped. He had seen that all before. Pietro had a game exactly like that. Bad guy taking over, good guys trying to stop that plah plah plah.

But baldy said that there had been a powerful telepathy user, a young woman with blazing red hair and smart but kind nature who had sacrificed herself to swipe the memory of everyone standing on the surface of earth.

There also was a mentioning of a boy sacrificing his own life for the life of his very good friend, a lover even, but even this fact went from one ear to another on Todd, and it was a surprise he remembered it now. Who knew the ground was so interesting to stare at back then?

After that they spent a silent moment for all the people that had lost their life among the war.

Well, now he knew why he felt as if something was missing all the time. The wooden bench was still gold under his butt, and he still felt lonely. He often came here to stare at the very same statue in the middle of the fountain, that the baldy used to come watch too.

The statue soothed him. He could not say what it was that made him feel better around the statue. People around Payville had even rumored about the statue being evil. It had a sorrowful, maybe even scary look imprinted on him, and even the appearance of the statue just screamed demon. People had named the statue as Stratagem. No-one knew where it came from, or what it's supposed to refer. People had found it from the middle of the city at night. It seemed like the statue had just came out of nowhere. Even if it was scary statue, it was beautiful, and first of all, free. So of course the mayor decided to have it put on a special place: in the middle of the most famous park, above the fountain as a decoration, or something.

Others may have cold creeps as they saw the face of the statue, but Todd felt at peace around it. When he was around the statue, he felt as whole. After the war, he had constantly felt slightly off his place, as if something was missing, or as if he had forgotten something really important. He had tried everything to know what it was, but never did he remember, or figure out what that was. But all that was different once he saw the statue. It reminded him of the days when it was either spring or summer, the sun was warm against his skin, and people were laughing. When he was laughing. He was then so carefree. Now he had lost himself in wondering what it was that he had lost. He knew there had to be something, he could sense it on every bone of his existence. Once he fell to sleep he felt lonely, and he felt as if he had left something undone for the day. When he was at school he waited to hear or see something familiar, but he never did. Once he was in the verge of slashing at some-one, he seemed to be looking for a specific someone to open his mind to, to show a peace of his mind to, but even if he looked for that certain some-one, he never found him. Something was missing. He knew that baldy knew what that was, he just did not want to tell. He had asked. He had asked nicely, and he had asked not so nicely. But every time he walked back to his stinking and stuffy room after he had insisted answers, he always came home empty handed. Only answer baldy ever gave him was a sad look, and gold back of the other x-geeks who would love to smash him on the floor before he even made it over the threshold.

So here he sat again. He had formed it in to a habit to visit the statue once his mind got too foggy over wondering what the heck was wrong with him. He usually did not need to sit there for long, usually even 15 minutes were enough and he'd get his mind back together.

Shivering from the cold which was slowly taking it's toll on him, he lifted his knees up to his chin and hugged his shins. He had replaced his usual brown shirt by a almost same design brown woolen sweater to keep him warm, but it did not seem to do it's work all that well. Even if the wind was only strong enough to make the leafs rustle in the trees, and the ones already fallen travel along the street with the wind, the cold breeze seemed to cut it's way through the small holes in his sweater, and every time the wind picked up even the slightest, he would shiver. Everything around him was either brown, yellow, or red, maybe even a dull shade of gray. Todd was slowly giving up on his grasp of humanity. The pain of not remembering was driving him in to depressing madness. He had stopped talking to his friends at one point, only giving out short answers, he just did not feel right with them.

"Statue, why are you not embracing me yet, yo? I have been sitting on here for half an hour, dawg, and I'm freezing my ass off. Little help here please?"

When had he started to talk to statues? Just now it seems. Todd stared at the rhinestone eyes, that were for some reason yellow colored. Yellow was a weird color to have for eyes. Guess that's what they call artist's license.

In Todd's opinion the statue was a true piece of art. It held so much raw emotion with it, it had a mystery element, and that amazing soothing effect Todd had already taken to use as his advance.

He may not say that the statue was a craft of perfection, but it was good one none the less. It was beautiful to him, he did not care if others loathed and despised it, or even had the creeps. What others saw was the statue. What he saw was the emotion and feeling it held. To others it was luring, almost like a trap set for them if they would dare to grasp the hold of the demon so he could then turn it's sorrowful look in to a Cheshire cat smile and drag you to the hell he came from. To Todd it Looked like a desperate plea for help.

The statue was craved from some kind of rock. He did not know what rock though, he was not good at geology. Might be blue quartzite or something. Who knows. Something blue though... Might even be that it's not any kind of gem stone. Otherwise it would not be here. It would be shipped for sweet, oh so sweet cash instead of be put on show for free. And to be honest, the statue did not look expensive.

The blue seemed to suit the statue though. Even if Red color would be more suitable for demon, the blue was a nice tone. It looked good with yellow eyes.

The statue had it's demonic looks from the pointy ears that were pointed down, making the statue look aggressive, or maybe even sad or horrified. The pointy tail was set as if it was ready to leash the character that approached the statue. It was pointed the same direction where the statue's nose was. People said it was so it could attack with it. Todd thought it was only held out to reach. The statue had it's three fingered hand held out in front of him, pleading for a person to take a hold of it. The look on his face was pleading. Maybe even scared, slightly panicked and rushed, it seemed as if the demon was under a lot of distress. It seemed to plead with all his hearth for someone to take a hold of his hand, as if pleading for his own life. But what the others saw was a demon luring you in.

The demon was all reached out, holding his weight on his legs and his free hand. His legs were like one of dogs. Long, and he seemed to stand on the balls of his legs. His legs only had two toes.

Todd also loved all those little details used on the statue. He had not known that some-one could make a statue of stone with such accuracy. The demon was all covered by fur. One could detect that the fur was done with amazing amount of detail. It was as if they were all separate, and one could even expect a smooth feel to it, even if it was made of solid stone.

But what Todd laid his eyes on for ages was the face. On the midnight cold stone one could easily see the golden rhinestone eyes, a nice nose, and mouth open to shout, baring the sharp canines, and worry wrinkles were all over his face. His eyes hold so much emotion, that the one that was able to immortalize this picture had to be a genius. The hair was a real turn on in the statue. It seemed to flow freely. It was as if the character had leaned in suddenly, and the hair was all over his face, separate strings were crossing the the face, and the hair was pillowing on the air like some one had taken a photo shoot right in the middle of a jump. The hair seemed to almost flow. It was an amazing setting which pigeons tried to destroy the best they could by shitting on the statue no matter how hard Todd tried to shoo them off.

But Todd let his eyes wonder. The statue was staring at him. Pleading him to grasp him. To follow him to safety, what ever that safety was. The statue was right in front of him, staring at Todd precisely, trying to reach his hand to him, begging for him. Every time Todd looked at the statue, he felt the same. He felt as if the statue was calling for him.

But soon the breeze seemed to turn from sharp and stingy to just cold, and even slightly damp. And not much later it started raining.

The first rain drops fell silently, hitting the ground, making leafs make patter sounds, and Todd could feel how his sweater sucked the water in, became damp, heavy and freezing cold. Even the statue was not saved from the sudden rain, and the rain drops landed everywhere. On the pointed ears, on the shoulders and on the back of the statue, and even on his eyes, making the water stream down, making it look as if the statue was crying.

They both stood in the silence of the evening, and it was already starting to get late. But still Todd did not seem to muster the strength to go back home under the warmth of his room. Right now he would have wanted to stay there forever, look at the statue, and just let it purify him from his shattered feelings that had started to keep him up at night.

They stared at one another. Neither speaking anything, one because he couldn't, one because he had no words, nor did he feel like destroying the mood. Todd was so mesmerized by the statue, he almost fell in to the lure. He felt as if the statue was devouring him. Calling for him. Pleading him. The statue looked so impatient it almost gave off a feeling that at any moment it could just jolt from it's place, launch forward, and wrap the smaller boy on a embrace from where he could never get himself unleashed. And the worst part was that Todd was not so sure if he even wanted to be released.

Finally Todd rose to his feet, regaining feeling to his legs that had gone slightly stiff from being bend for so long. But he ignored the fact as he did always. He could be crouched for as long as he wanted, but the cold was almost freezing the blood in his veins. Or that's how it felt.

Once he took his first steps he felt the soggy clothes move against his body, causing him to shiver and sneeze. He really did not want to move much. It felt as if the more he moved, the more cold and wet he became. It was not fun. The rain was freezing.

Todd laid his eyes back on the statue, and he was sure that the statue had leaned down slightly to still keep his eyes and hand set on him, waiting for him to come over. But that was not possible. Statues could not move.

But that did not stop him from imagining it.

He could see that tail swinging aggressively behind him, slashing from side to side in impatience, hand reached out, fingers stretching out to get closer, legs pushing forward, ears twitching and looks and voices were pleading for Todd to come closer, and to grasp his hand.

And after long enough, he did.

Todd stepped over the edge of the fountain, paddling his way on water that reached to his knees, making his jeans go completely soaked, and the fallen leafs that floated on the surface had now stuck on his jeans. Toad could see the quarter coins at the bottom of the fountain, but resisted the urge to pick up any of them.

The timer had went off on the fountain, and luckily it was no more spraying water.

The fountain was at least 5 meters or more in diameter, so it did not took long for Todd to reach the statue.

Todd ran his fingers over the imprint of "stratagem" that had been written on a plate on the rock that was supporting the sculpture itself.

Todd thought that Stratagem was in no ways the name that this statue deserved. But to be honest, no-one did care what one slimy git thought.

Frowning Todd prepared to jump on the standstill of the statue, which would be a easy task for him. The Statue was only one or two meters over him.

As he jumped the water splashed and formed small dribbles on the air, but they soon were mixed in with the rain.

As Todd stood crouched next to the statue on the small platform that was usually reserved for only one occupant, the statue, he let his eyes wonder. The fur seemed even more realistic up close, and he couldn't resist the urge of petting the demon, running his hands on the rough feeling rock, touching the face of the demon, running his hands on his hair, and finally sweeping the rain tears off from the statues eyes.

Which was weird, because rain usually did not taste salty.

Finally raising to stand on Todd's full length, he had a good view of the face of the demon. It seemed to be crying, but one could not tell if it was only the driblets of rain or what.

Todd let his hands hold the demon's face from each side of his face, feeling the cold stone on his skin, letting his hands wonder, letting them smoothly run over the neck, the shoulders, arms... And then he remembers that the statue has his hand held out.

Todd reaches his left hand to grasp the extended hand of the demon, entangling their fingers, but never letting their eye contact fall.

The statue looks so sad, and Todd can't help but feel bad for that. With his other free hand he reaches in to hug the character, pressing his head between the shoulder and the chin of the demon. He could even bet that the demon must feel at least as lonely as he feels. Stone or not.

They stay like that for a while, one minute at max, maybe not even that long because neither one of them has their sense of time keeping track anymore.

And as Todd finally let's his grip loosen, he takes a hold of the demon's cheeks again, and just out of spite gives a kiss on it's wet and hard lips, tasting sand and rock. The kiss is hasted, and Todd parts almost immediately as he realizes that he's kissing a statue, and the first thing he sees as he pulls back are rhinestone eyes.

He sees how the statue blinks and soon he sees a teen the same age as him smiling at him. He has blue soft fur, pointy eyes, and the stunning eyes the color of gold, and he's instantly mesmerized by the smile. He sees the character so vividly. He seems happy, but soon the smile fells from his face, and he looks serious again, handing Todd a small piece of paper, and then the feeling is over.

The next thing He notes is that Todd is still kissing the statue, and now pulls back for real. He had just imagined the whole ordeal. The statue had not blinked. It was still as solid as ever. But damn the demon looked nice when he was all flesh and bones.

Smiling wistfully Todd lays down to sit on the platform, leaning his back against the statues chest and stomach, which was an really uncomfortable position, but it reminded him of the act of the statue hugging him, so that's why he did not search for more comfortable position.

It really was a killer for his back.

As he finally gave in to the groans of his back he decided to reposition himself, and from the corner of his eye he sees that the statue holds a small piece of paper on his hand which the statue uses for support..

Curiosity takes the best of him, and carefully he nibbles the note from under the statue, being extra careful for not ripping it. It might as well be a old shopping list that has been stuffed on the statue when in lack of better trash bin, but somehow Todd couldn't bring himself to care.

Hastily, but still as carefully as he could, he folded open the note, hoping that the rain had not smeared the text, even if it had managed to stay dry under the statue for all this time. He tried to cover the note from rain so if possible, he could save it up as a memorial. Even if was just a trash.

But instead it was a hand written note.

The text was written with a nice handwriting, slightly scruffy one, and it looked like it was done in a hurry, but something brought a smile on his lips as he saw that shabby handwriting, and he couldn't help but feel as if he had seen it before.

Hello Todd.

I'm sorry that I had to leave you alone.

I really am.

I tried to save you at the war, but there was nothing to be done.

I was too late.

When Jean came by and told me that she would erase

the memory from everyone, once again setting peace

between the mutants and humans, that being her last deed.

She said we did not have much time.

The phoenix had made it's mind.

I was still mourning over your lifeless body that I failed

to protect even if I vowed otherwise.

I'm really sorry for that.

The phoenix in her was almost free from it's prison.

And then it made a suggestion to me.

It would cure you from you state, and in turn

it would turn me in to stone. My spirit would be chained

withing this statue.

But don't worry liebchen, I promise I'll come back to you.

I promised I'd never let you go, and I'm intending on

keeping that promise.

I'll come back to you if you can wait for me.

I still love you.

With love, Kurt Wagner.

I hope you'll remember me.

The rain had stopped then, almost as suddenly as it had started, and Todd had read that small note at least for the tenth time already.

He did not know what to make out of it. At the same time he was happy, at the same time sad. He had finally found all the answers he needed. He finally found the missing piece if him. He had found the answers.

But what saddened him was the fact that he had a lover. And one as devoted as to give his own life for his. And he was no longer here with him.

Also he was slightly mad for forgetting him. How could he have forgotten his love? But hings were not in his own hands. And why did Xavier not tell him?

With these thoughts in mind he vowed to find out more about Kurt, and he vowed to cherish this memory until Kurt would come back.

Todd stared at the note with stoned expression, until a rain drop fell on the middle of the note, but it did not smear the text. Once Todd looked above him, he saw that there were once again tears on the statue's eyes, and they trickled down the cheeks of Kurt's statue, forming small trails on his cheeks and forming droplets on the tip of his nose, from where they would slowly fall down on the letter.

Silently Todd folded the note on his pocket, and rose up to stand. He swiped off the tears from the statue, and looked in deeply at the yellow rhinestone eyes.

"I'll wait for you, and I'll always remember you."