He waits in the darkness. He is silent.

Like a shadow, he stands in the alley, watching as the people pass.

A brown haired man wanders by; his eyes gleam. This is who he has been waiting for. He moves quickly.


"ARGH!" Spain tried to fling off the excited Frenchman who had just assaulted him, but France's fingers already had their death grip on his shoulders. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?"


Spain's horrified expression only further endeared him to the blonde Frenchman, who stroked the poor Spaniard under the chin and murmured, "Oh, come along, it'll all be alright, I promise. Mon Espagna! Tu es très mignon, aujourd'hui!" he leaned forward and batted his eyelids. "You've been avoiding me, I can tell. Come along and we'll-"

Thwack. A short man with spiky, long blonde hair appeared and brought the stock of his assault rifle down hard on France's head. "FRANCE! I DON'T NEED TO SEE THIS. GET OUT OF HERE." He barked, angrily.

France looked hurt, and he rubbed his head. "You didn't need to hit me so hard, Switzerland," he complained, aggrievedly.

"Yes, I did."

Spain was thanking Switzerland gratefully. England had just walked by and paused for a moment at seeing his fellow nations, but, taking into account that France and Spain and Switzerland were there, and piecing together the probable events that had just taken place, he hurried on. France caught a glimpse of his turning a corner and brightened. "Angleterre! Come back! Mon amor!" he dashed after the fleeing Englishman.

Switzerland rolled his eyes and shouldered his assault rifle. It was going to be a long day.

Psh. that's was short and crappy.

YOUR HANDY DANDY FRENCH VOCAB OF THE DAY!!! *insert big happy face*

edit: French vocab of the day now 100% more accurate! Thank you to Annabelle for helping me out with some mistakes! :D

Mon Espagna! Tu es très mignon, aujourd'hui!=My Spain! You are so cute today! (HA.)


Mon amor=my love %D