Hello, welcome to my first fan-fic. Fair warning, this fan-fic will involve:

Sex, Yuri, Incest, masturbation, and sex toys.

Turn back if you don't like that. Or if your not old enough. (like THAT will stop you)

Otherwise, enjoy.

One word of warning, this chapter is ALL EXPOSITION. NO SEX SCENES. YET.

Just laying down the story.

Cream woke up one day and it was like any other day. She got out of bed and picked out her clothes, and saw that her pet chao, Cheese, was still sleeping. She walked into the kitchen and her mom Vanilla was making breakfast, Scrambled Eggs and Bacon.

"Mmmm! Smells yummy!" Said Cream. "I hope you're hungry Cream." Said Vanilla as she placed down three plates. One for each of them, and one for Cheese, who had awaken to the smell of bacon. He flew in and landed on the tabletop. "Chao chao!" He said as he waved hello to the two rabbits and started on his plate.

"Thanks Mom!" Cream said as she brought her and Cheese's plates to the sink. "I'm going to see Tails now!" Cream said, going out the door with Cheese.

"OK dear, be careful in his lab!" Vanilla replied. She walked in to clean the dishes as Cream walked off. She then went to see what was on TV...

----Tail's House And Lab----

Cream walked into the lab drinking a soda she bought on the way there. She set it down and said "Hey Tails!" to her boyfriend. "Oh, hey Cream. How are you?" He said without looking up from his chemicals. He mixed a few together and shook it till it turned a rather beautiful shade of red. "Wow," Cream exclaimed, "What is that?"

"Oh, its just... a um... new fuel attempt for the Tornado." He said hesitantly. Cream thought she detected something in his voice, but thought nothing of it. She had to use the bathroom, so she went. While she was gone, Tails gave Cheese a Chao Treat to keep him occupied for a minute. Then he got a funnel and quickly pored the red chemical inside Cream's drink. He screwed the cap back on and tried to look busy when cream came back out. "So Cream, are you ready to go to the movies?" Tails asked. "Yeah! I hear it's scaaaaaarrrrrry!" Cream replied.

After the movie, Tails and Cream came into the Lab. Cream's hair was on end and she was shivering a little. "It really WAS scary!" She said. "Y-yeah it was..." Tails replied.

"Well, I better get home. Love you!" She said as she kissed him. "Love you too Cream." He replied. She started to leave and Tails said, "Hey, don't forget your drink!"

"Oh yeah, Thanks!" She grabbed it and walked out. She got home and sat down for dinner. "Hi Cream, how was your day?" Vanilla asked. "It was OK. We went to the movies." "Oh, that sounds fun!" She said. After dinner Cream had drained the bottle half way. While washing dishes and gathering clothes, Vanilla got thirsty and drained the rest of it, it had a funny, sweet, taste to it. Maybe the factory was trying something new?