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Dr. Isaacs walked towards the meeting room where holographic executives were gloomily reporting on the situation, and it only got worse every day, Isaacs knew that his work also increased in importance every day and that with the Human race staring death in the face it was little wonder the board of directors was agitating for results, and immediate results.

"Paris facility food supplies down to sixty three percent, Biohazard numbers increasing, another death." Said a very gloomy Emile Berthier. Well at least the Paris facility had underground greenhouses, and meat farms, and the food supplies he referred to were the foodstuffs Umbrella had stuffed into facilities immediately after the San Francisco outbreak, so Paris would be fine, Isaacs suspected.

As he entered Rupert Blanning said "London facility, food supplies down to fifty percent, biohazard numbers increasing, no further casualties."

"Gentlemen, good day to you all, except you chairman Wesker." It was currently night time in Tokyo, thus Isaacs knew it would be pointless to wish anyone a good day when it was night.

The blond, thin, and handsome man that was Chairman Wesker smiled at the joke, and with mischievous criticism said "Dr. Isaacs, how good of the Science Division to join us."

Smarting from the reminder Isaacs grimaced and said "I have been busy." Slater smirked, and Isaacs felt an impulse to murder the opportunist.

Rupert Blanning spoke first "On the subject of the Biohazard what does the science division have to report?" he said calmly but with impatience threatening to break out of a careful containment.

Isaacs began to pace around the table as would be awkward if he walked into one of the holograms. "Well we now know conclusively that they derive no actual need for sustenance. They hunger for flesh, but do not require it. My research indicates they could remain active for decades in temperate conditions."

This news was not pleasing to them as they had hoped somehow to starve the dead to death, that made no sense. There was discussion amongst them all, and exasperation."We could be trapped underground for decades?" said John McDougall, head of the Edinburgh facility.

Chairman Wesker held up a hand, his face impassive the sunglasses making it impossible to see the eyes. Only Isaacs knew why Wesker wore the sunglasses, and he knew that Wesker did not know that Isaacs knew what was going on underneath those glasses. The only other person who knew was top Umbrella assassin Ada Wong. "What news of Project Alice?"

He put his fists on the table near Chairman Wesker, causing Berthier to move back to avoid what in Paris would be the holographic Isaacs. "Using anti-bodies from her blood, I will develop a serum that will not only combat the effects of the T-virus, but potentially reverse it, giving back these creatures a measure of their intelligence, their memories, thus curbing their hunger for flesh." He spoke quietly, calmly, and ghoulishly drawing out the 'sh' sound of the word flesh to scare the executives whom he grew more impatient with every meeting.

"And you are confident that you can domesticate them?" asked Wesker, an American affecting an English accent to seem more intelligent. Something that Americans never seemed to get, the English were really quite stupid and unsophisticated, he would have been better off with his natural voice.

Isaacs did not mean to but he smirked as he spoke, laughing inwardly as Wesker's insecurities, and the knowledge he possessed. "They're animals essentially, we can train them. They'll never be human again, but would provide the basis for a docile workforce, we could return to the surface, and try and build a new and better world."

"After months of experiments you have nothing to show and we are left to rot underground!" said Julian Harper, head of the Washington facility, slamming his fist on the table, causing everybody but Wesker to recoil, and Isaacs merely sighed. They were not anxious for results to save humanity but because they wanted something done when they wanted it, and that was always yesterday. Their laughable sense of precaution was one of the things which got them into this mess in the first place.

"Without the original Alice Abernathy progress has been difficult. I've been forced to replicate her using clones, its laborious, boring, and entirely unpredictable" said Isaacs firmly to the impatient man.

"Project Alice," said Wesker his handsome features not showing any emotion "and subjecting the Biohazard to domestication, is now the top priority, you are to focus on this to the exclusion of all other research, I will expect an updated report within a week." He looked as they he were about to continue but Isaacs interrupted him, placidly repeating his motto when faced with impatient money men.

"Simply demanding results will not guarantee them."

Unexpectedly Wesker became nasty and threatening, but Isaacs was not hurt and did not feel threatened, but surprised at this volte face. "Well then perhaps we should place someone else in charge" Isaacs turned to look at a smirking Slater and swore he would end the life of him, for the last thing the new world needed was people just looking out for number one "someone who can give us the reassurances we require. Continue with your research Doctor while it still is, your research, this meeting is adjourned."

As he faded out Isaacs muttered so quietly it was nearly inaudible to himself "I know why you wear sunglasses." Nobody noticed, and not Slater. As he walked out he noticed the young man was smirking with total and utter confidence. So the committee wanted to hear what they wanted to hear, not see results, and the cold truth. Well there was nothing he could do about that, and if he was replaced, however that would come about, Slater would find that reassurances, were never enough, there had to be something tangible behind them.

Isaacs also had a very bitter smile on his face as he realized that of the non-biohazard affected humans left most were in North Korea because of its closed state, how very bitterly amusing.