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I always knew that he was where my life was headed- Jasper Hale. So why then, had I been seeing myself in glimpsing visions with her?



Why on earth had Alice dragged me out here? It was the middle of the night and we were standing in the middle of the woods.

I followed her out here closely, tripping and slipping over anything possible and scraping up my hands. My pajama pants were soaked through and an inch deep in mud. Couldn't we have just talked about this in the warm, dry comfort of my bedroom?

"Alice," I whined. "Why are you dragging me out here in the rain and mud in the middle of the night?"

Alice stopped abruptly and I found myself mesmerized with her golden eyes. "That's a very good question, Bella." Her voice was not it's usual happy trill, it had a darker edge to it. I stumbled to a stop, the rain soaking through my thin shirt and making me shiver.

My heart began to pound in my chest. My mind raced with all of the things she could have to tell me. Suddenly, instinctively, my mind flashed back to my fateful eighteenth birthday.... I shuddered. The setting wasn't much different, only it was nighttime and this was Alice. Alice would never hurt me like Edward had; she had proven that when she was the first to return.... and yet, something didn't feel right. In an old habit, I wrapped my arms around my torso, trying to hold myself together in anticipation of the worst.

"Deep breaths, Bella. And try to lower your heart rate." Alice said quietly, her voice barely audible above the rain. Quicker than I could see, she stepped forward fluidly and brushed the rain-soaked hair away that clung to my face. She rested her petite, icy hand on my cheek.

I shuddered. Were they leaving again? Or was she just leaving? Was something wrong with Edward? Or maybe Jasper? I shook my head, trying to stop the swirling what-if and could-be thoughts.

Alice cringed, quite literally cringed, as her eyes looked me up and down, settling on my arms wrapped firmly around my middle section. "Bella," Her voice was steady and calm. "This is nothing like that."

I relaxed my grip and sighed. Okay, so they weren't leaving again, then what...? "Alice?" I asked. Her icy hand slid down my arm and encircled my wrist, slowly entwining her fingers in mine. She squeezed my hand gently.


Her brown eyes were filled with concern. "Alice? What's wrong?" I could see that she was afraid something awful had happened.

Bella's warm hand felt so wonderful in mine, so reassuring. This was true friendship, and I loved her like my own sister.

"I've been having visions about you." She sighed in relief and I could see the confusion in her eyes. I realized this might not be the easiest way to tell her. She probably thought something awful happened to Edward. I should have planned this better. It was too bad I hadn't seen it.

"But, don't you always see my future? I mean, if you're looking. What's so bad about that? Alice what's going on?" She slid her hand out of mine slowly.

"I've been having visions that are sort of ... off. They're upsetting Jasper and Edward." Her eyes sought out mine, such caring brown eyes.

"Off how? Do you see something bad happening? Are the wolves impeding your sight?"

I shook my head; Bella was visibly shivering. If I wasn't going to tell her now then I had to get her inside. "I've been seeing this..." I said out loud, much too quietly for her ears to hear, and placed a chaste kiss on her lips. Just from that instant, my vision came rushing back of our lips on one another and my... confession- the one I wasn't quite sure I could accept yet. Bella took the kiss as if it was nothing. I had always been affectionate towards her. To her it was just sisterly love, but in truth I was testing the waters and so far they were filled with sharks.

"Come on, let's get you inside. You're going to catch your death out here." I scooped her up in my arms and ran her back to her house.



My breath was taken away as Alice's sped through the forest in the cold rain. She sprang up the tree and leapt through my open window, setting me gently on the floor. My head spun from the run and I shivered.

Alice shut my window and walked up to me slowly. "I think you should change before you get sick."

I nodded and suddenly felt Alice's icy hands tugging down my soaked pants. Her slender fingers grazed the inside of my thigh as she moved her hands up to take off my shirt. I couldn't help but gasp at her icy touch. I avoided Alice's gaze and was baffled by her strange behavior. The chaste kiss she had given me was surely not an answer to my question. "So, your visions are about what exactly?" I asked as Alice tugged my shirt over my head. It was easy to be conversational. Since Alice loved 'helping' my wardrobe, she had dressed me many times, insisting I got ready too slow and she just had to see how the outfit she chose for me looked. But this was different. Alice's eyes stayed glued to me. "You... and me."

She turned to my dresser before I could name the emotion that flickered across her face. It seemed... pained.

"The visions are about us? What about us?" I asked, shivering. She returned with dry pajamas, my favorites but certainly not hers. She didn't seem to care however, and unfolded them with a flourish.

"Us." Alice said the word carefully, as if tasting it on her tongue. She paused and her eyes swept over me as if she was studying me. I blushed and tried to ignore the urge to cover up. She tugged the shirt over my head without saying anything else. Her fingers brushed against my sides the whole way down. I shivered from her touch. Her eyes were filled with that emotion again as she tugged my pants up, the back of her hands brushing along my thighs. Once I was dressed she rested her hands on my hips, tilting her head up to look me directly in the eyes.

"A-Alice?" I couldn't even form the words I was trying to get at. I would expect strange behavior more if she had been hungry... but her eyes were perfectly amber, two calm golden pools.

"I will always tell you the truth, Bella."

I was stunned by her sudden honest statement. "And what is the truth?"

"You're tired and cold. You should go lay down." She brushed off my question, but her hands were still securely resting on my hips, almost like she was holding me in place.



Dressing her as always, this shouldn't be so different. But her skin is so smooth and warm. I'd never noticed before and her scent... She blushed and it was lovely.

'Let's behave ourselves, shall we?' I reprimanded myself mentally. Testing the waters with Bella, here and now, would be an awfully bad idea, considering that I hadn't decided.... But how on earth could I decide? There was no solution to this problem unless I saw the future drastically change. Bella had to make an opposing decision; the problem was I didn't see it yet.

I stood up on tiptoe and pressed my lips against hers in more than a chaste way. She stood completely still at first, then slowly raised her hands to tangle in my hair. Did she know how easy it would be to fling her back on the bed, to seduce her in this unknowing and vulnerable state? But who knew if that's what would happen. I shook my head, no matter what this wasn't right. No matter that she tasted as good as she smelled. No matter that I could see myself getting used to this...

"Alice, what the hell?" She asked, finally coming to her senses and pulling back.

I kept the smile from my face, and let the truth out. "I've seen that I love you."

Bella sighed, obviously relieved. "I thought you were going to bite me or something. I know that you love me. Like your sister. That's not an issue at all, Alice." Her relaxing smile and warm brown eyes nearly halted my confession then and there.

"I've never loved you Bella, not like this."

And I saw the words click in her mind, match up to my actions. And I knew that she finally understood.


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