Metal Gear Solid Resurrection

by Rookie's Eyes (based off of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake)

Disclaimer: the Metal Gear series and their characters are property of Kojima Productions and Konami

Because of the impressive intro. to MGS4, I've chosen to include some intro dialogue similar to that scene following the prologue beggining. (For those who are interested, the first part of the prologue is taken directly from the MG2 game.)


It is the year 1999

The world is embarking on an age of peace and stability.

Relations between the Cold War superpowers have thawed.

Regional conflicts are being resolved. The threat of nuclear war is now thing of the past.

But there are some who do not desire peace...

An atmosphere of tension begins to build in the Middle East.

A military junta comes to power in Zanzibar Land, a small nation bordering Russia, China, and the Middle East.

Zanzibar Land attacks nuclear weapon disposal sites around the world, seizing those weapons that are still intact, and becomes the world's only nuclear power.

It then begins to invade its neighbors at will.

After renouncing nukes forever, the world is once again threatened by the specter for nuclear war.

Meanwhile, the world's oil supply, which was to last another 40 years, suddenly and unexpectedly dries up. Without a safe and alternative source of energy, the world faces a severe energy crisis.

It is in these dire circumstances that Dr. Kio Marv, a Czech biologist develops "OILIX" a microbe that can synthesize high-grade petroleum.

With this discovery, global tensions are once again on the rise. On his way to attend an American scientific conference, Dr. Marv is kidnapped by agents of Zanzibar Land.

With its nuclear weapons and the secret of OILIX, Zanzibar Land plans to achieve global military domination.

A tiny microbe, only a few microns wide, is about to change the world forever.

Voice of Colonel Campbell

"War… the aggressive exchange of words and conflict between two entities openly hostile towards one-another. For 12,000 years, it has existed hand-in-hand with humanity, unchanged. A cancer on the regions that it plagues… A chain reaction, multiplying like wildfire, only breeding pain, hate, disorder, and more war. This cycle continues until the very "body" of society collapses, no longer able to support the malignant tumor and still maintain a semblance of order.

In the past century a catalyst has been introduced into the hellish fires of war. Nuclear warheads… Where wars once took years to settle with fewer casualties now stands countries with the power to end or begin a war in the blink of an eye and kill hundreds of thousands of civilians in the process.

Four years ago in 1995, Metal Gear TX-55, a walking bipedal tank capable of launching nuclear warheads from anywhere in the world to any other point on the globe, was destroyed by High Tech Special Forces agent Solid Snake, a former operative of the CIA. Little did we know that such hell spawn could not be eradicated so easily."

2230 hours December 18, 1999

A man of about sixty years of age is sitting at his office desk in the west wing of the Pentagon. He is dressed in the military uniform of a US Army Colonel. His uniform is covered in honorary medals that clink when he moves. An intricately sewn fox is stitched into Colonel's beret placed on his desk. The colonel's face and hands are rough and wrinkled, from countless years in military service. A knock resounded from the door, startling the colonel and breaking his concentration on his work.

"Yes…what is it?"

"We've apprehended the agent you requested sir," a voice answered from behind the door.

"Very well, bring him in," the Colonel stood, placing the beret atop his head.

Two armed men entered the office, escorting a third man in between. Their captive sat in a chair opposite the Colonel's and the two soldiers saluted. The prisoner's facial features were sharp, with short brown hair. He looked unaccustomed to civilian clothes, and it was evident from his eyes that he was pissed off. The one on the captive's left said, "Will you require us any longer,.. sir?"

"No, that will be all, thank you Lieutenant."

As soon as the door shut, the Colonel's guest began his tirade, "Dammit Roy! I've been in retirement for four years. Can't you see I've given up this life. I don't care if you're the new CO of FOXHOUND, I don't owe you any favors. You've no right to drag me back into this hell hole."

"I'm impressed," Campbell said, ignoring his statement. "The major tells me it took twelve men and three tranq rounds to apprehend you….*sigh* David, believe me when I say I had no choice in the matter. I understand that you intended to stay out of the line of fire, but you're the best agent this organization has, maybe even surpassing your father, And thi…"

"Don't you campare me to that traitorous SOB!...There's always someone else who could've done the fighting, who could've done the killing. And it doesn't matter whether it was you, or some other politician, I'm retired, and I plan to stay that way. You don't know the nightmares I've had since Outer Heaven, the things I was forced to do to survive!"

"Your performance and records in the VR room haven't been beaten since you set them four and a half years ago. No-one else has been able to beat our simulator for Operation N313 either. You are the best agent we've had in twenty-two years, and we can accept only the best for a mission of such a critical issue."

"The situation can't be that bad, can it?!"

"David, You've no-"

"Snake… Call me Snake."

"Snake? Uh, very well.. With people currently shelling out $3.83 for a gallon of petroleum, the world is well on it's way to a crisis economically and an end to the current world order. In response to the issue at hand, a Czech scientist by the name of Dr. Kio Marv invented Oilix, an algae capable of producing a high grade synthetic petroleum. He was on his way to a demonstration in California when agents intercepted him. We have reason to believe that those agents were under hire by Zanzibar Land, a new found country in the Middle-East...The same week that Marv disappeared, we lost contact with Dr. Madnar as well."

"You mean the Metal Gear engineer from Outer Heaven?!"

"The very same. Unfortunately the US was unable to approve his appeal for asylum before it was too late. We believe that, because of the time span and the nature of their occupations, Zanzibar Land had a hand in Dr. Madnar's disappearance as well. On top of that, inside agents confirm that Zanzibar Land has been invading neighboring countries solely for their Nuclear armament, leaving the majority of the rest of said countries' supplies alone. This coupled with Madnar's kidnapping lead us to a single conclusion-"

"Damn!.. They're making a new Metal Gear!"

"The situation was too similar to Outer Heaven to ignore, So I sent my best reconnaissance agent, Holly White, to investigate their plans and map the compound for your infiltration. It would be an understatement to say that what we found out was shocking… We've Id'd their leader Snake… It's Big Boss."

"No..NO! Damn! It can't be! I saw that son of a bitch die with my own eyes! Even assuming I was wrong, the nukes in Outer Heaven should'a finished him off when the self-destruct command was finished."

"Perhaps this man is a poser, or maybe even another clone, but whatever the circumstances of his resurrection, Your mission isn't over Snake…"

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