Black and White

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to DC or Marvel. I own Farrah/Persiana and Leon/Crisis.

Chapter 18: A Dark Reign Begins!

"You guys have to see this!"
Spiderman, along with Echo, Dr. Strange, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, were watching TV in of Fury's hiding places. On it, Norman Osborn, dressed as the Iron Patriot, an armored suit similar to Iron Man's, but painted like the American Flag, was addressing the crowd,

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…THE AVENGERS!! Captain Marvel, Spider-man, Wolverine, Miss Marvel, Hawkeye, and…Persiana!"

There was a resounding cheer from the audience on camera, and ribbons and confetti rained down on them. The arachnid hero could not believe it,

"Farrah's sided with Osborn? What the hell?"

Norman Osborn then motioned for Farrah to take the microphone. The lioness stood for a moment, gazing out at the audience. She closed her eyes, and then opened them. She said,

"I'm sure many of you know me as a wise cracking, hormonal were-cat heroine…"

Moonstone whispered to Bullseye,

"That's an understatement."

Farrah heard the comment, but ignored it,

"However, many of you don't know this about me; I am Tony Stark's daughter."

At this, there was a chorus of gasps. The Avengers watching could not believe it. Luke Cage exclaimed,

"Sweet Christmas! She's Tony's daughter?"

Echo read the brawler's lips and was stunned,

"Amazing, although the chin does match Stark's."

Farrah continued,

"It has come to my attention that my…father…left me the sole shareholder of Stark Industries. As such, I pledge to you, I will be absolutely nothing like the tyrant my father is. I pledge to bring Stark Industries to greatness, greatness that it rightfully deserves, not the pawn of a madman. And that is why I am here to also announce, Stark Industries will work in conjunction with Oscorp and HAMMER to promote world peace and security of the United States, and its people."

There was another resounding cheer. The sound was hurting the lioness' sensitive ears, but she ignored it as best she could.

Spider-man and the Secret Avengers were stunned as to the announcement. The acrobatic hero said,

"Guys, that's the sound of hell freezing over."

Dr. Strange shook his head,

"I am just as surprised as you are, Spider-man."
Echo groaned,

"This is not going to be fun."


A man with an eye patch was watching the broadcast. His name is Nick Fury, former head of SHIELD, until Stark took over. He was in a safe house only he knew the location of. The master spy said,

"Thanks for the intel."

He hung up and, not even looking behind him, smirked,

"You're good at sneaking up on someone, Wolverine."

The adamantium-clawed mutant hissed,

"What's this about, Fury? It ain't about my technique."

Fury turned and said,

"I just hacked the SHIELD archives and deleted all the registered heroes from the data base when I found this. Wolverine, a few days ago, Viper disappeared. She built some sorta dimensional gateway. To where, I don't know. But, you need to get to that base and find out where."
Logan smirked,

"Take Hydra on? I like it."

"You won't be alone."
The red-headed former Russian, and SHIELD, spy Black Widow appeared, with Falcon. Fury said,

"You three have to find this portal and close it, and disrupt any operations they have there. You're final guy is showing up now."

Out through the shadows, a man stepped forward. He was dressed like Captain America, including the shield, but he also had a gun on his side. Fury smirked,

"Nice look, Barnes."

Wolverine was stunned,

"Bucky's our Cap now?"

Fury looked at him,

"That a problem?"
The claw user grunted as a response.

Bucky said,

"Let's move out."

On DC Earth 100.6…

Wonder Woman was the last survivor, holding her own. All her other teammates were dead and had turned into Black Lanterns. Now, they were all gunning for her.

Having lost her armor, the Amazon warrior clutched her sword tightly, trying to hack and slash as many of the ebony-ringed users as she could. However, even an Amazon's strength and constitution have limits, and she was getting tired. Huffing another breath, she shouted,

"Hera, give me strength!"
It was around this time she disappeared in a bright flash.

The next thing she knew, Donna was aboard the Monitor station. She looked around, studying her new surroundings,

"What is this?"

"Don't be afraid."

The Amazon warrior turned to the voice. She gasped,

"It cannot be…"

A red-eyed blonde young man with a light saber on his side shook his head,

"No, I'm not who you think I am. My name is Leon. My codename is Crisis."

Donna took a moment before nodding,

"Farrah spoke highly of you. You are her first."

Leon blushed at that,

"That's flattering of you, but, you must understand; the Farrah you know is not the same as the Farrah I do. I already met my Farrah, and she is safe. This new one, however…"
He said,

"Wonder Woman, I had the Monitor teleport you here because of a vision I had. Your Farrah is going down a dark path, one that promises to bring death and destruction. She is going to relish in that now that she is working with a man named Norman Osborn."
Wonder Woman nodded,

"Farrah told me of that man. He is evil. Farrah would not work with such a man."

Leon sighed,

"Donna, I know how much you care about her, so it's not going to be easy for you to hear this."
With that, he punched up a play back.

During the play back, Donna was horrified as she watched Farrah, a woman she had loved and cherished, engage in gratuitous sex and acts of lust with Wolverine's son. It was after the sex, though, that the princess found even more shocking.

Daken had Farrah in his arms and asked,

"Tell me, what was it like to be with a woman?"
Farrah purred back,

"Look, Donna'a a nice person and everything, but the relationship was going nowhere. I mean, I can't believe I wasted ten years with her, listening on and on about that backwater sewer she calls a home."
Dona was horrified at what she was hearing. She fell to her knees, dropping her sword.

She shook her head,

"No, it's not true. She loves me. She really does love me!"

She began sobbing, and Leon went and held her. The red-eyed powerhouse looked at the former Titans Tomorrow heroine and sat next to her, holding her. Leon said,

"Donna, I need your help. I brought you here because the Monitor needs our help."

Wonder Woman looked up at him. Farrah said Leon could always be trusted. Then again, Farrah said a lot of things that she may or may not have meant. Donna stood up,

"I want some time to think."

Leon nodded,

"The Monitor has some quarters you can use. I'll show you."

The two left.

Had the two been paying attention to the screen showing Farrah's world, one would notice the lioness heroine slinking in and staring at the mirror. Wolverine had already gone to take a shower. Farrah had an unusually smug look on her face as she seemed to be talking to the mirror,

"Oh, things are so going well for me. I mean, with Tony behind bars and me working with Osborn…"

What little of her costume she had on began moving and changing, as if it were alive. It soon enveloped her whole body, swirling black and red. Her voice became inhuman as Farrah said,

"The Carnage can begin."

She began laughing inhumanly and evilly. Daken called out,

"Is everything all right, Farrah?"

Farrah shape-shifted back into her normal outfit, talking in a cheerful voice,

"Fine, Daken, dear. Keep the water warm; I'll join you in a minute."

The lioness then licked her lips lustfully,

"Oh, the fun I'm going to have, making everyone scream."

End of Black and White