Jake POV

Set: After BD. It takes place after all of the weddings in "Support Group" except for Embry's. This includes all of the support group's sexcapades during Embry's wedding plans. This chapter is after "sex when we hear about the engagement," and during "sex at the engagement party."

I Hate La Push/Forks Weddings…

Okay maybe not.

Our moans and grunts filled my ears. "Oh god, oh god, oh Leah! Leah!"

I have no idea how we wound up like this, (again): Leah pressed up against me, back against the side of newly engaged couple's house, dress hiked up around her thighs, grinding herself against me, searching for release.

"Fuck! Yes! Jake, Jake, Jake!"

Well, that's not true. I know exactly how we wound up like this.

"Fuck, yes! Oh, god Lee! Lee, I- I-" Leah stifled my moans with a bruising kiss.

It all started with Bella's wedding, and then it grew into something entirely different, something more than just a one night stand. After Bella's wedding came my sister Rachel's. She was getting married to Paul, (Yeah, Paul Woods). So, needless to say, I was a little bit pissed…that's not entirely true. I was severely pissed and took it out on a couple of trees when Leah found me. She told me that there was another way to take out my frustration about Paul "joining the family," which is when she grabbed my face and kissed me. Not having done anything more than grope and make-out at Bella's wedding, this encounter was a whole new experience for me.

It was over before either one of us could stop it.

She knew exactly which buttons to push to fuel my frustration and my desire. I grabbed her by her arms and dragged her into the forest, pushing her up against a tree. Not one to waste time, Leah started to unbutton my shirt and kissed my neck the whole time. I pressed her back into the tree and attacked her mouth with mine. Her arms and legs wrapped around me like a vice.

I crushed my body against hers, and growled as she ran her hands down my chest. Irritated with her ridiculous dress, I hiked it up to the tops of her thighs, nearly ripping it off of her as I ran my hands over her hips to cup her ass. Leah groaned into my mouth as she started to grind herself against me. When her teasing became too much, I broke away from the kiss and looked into her eyes, begging for an answer. Are we really going to do this? The answering look she gave me was filled with lust and want. Needing no more encouragement, I went to remove her underwear while she unbuckled my belt. She gave a triumphant little smirk when she finally freed me and moaned when I ground myself against her. I was in her in one thrust and she bit into my shoulder to muffle her cry.

I didn't want to think about anything—Bella, my dad, the pack, Paul and Rachel, nothing—just Leah. When I did, the animalistic part of me came out. All I could think about was my desire to claim her, to make sure that she, (and everybody else), knew what we did, that she was with me. That she would only be with me.

Just as quickly as it started, it ended. Leah panted into my neck, trying to calm her breathing as I tried to do the same. Once our breathing had settled, she detangled herself from me and tried to right her clothes again. I buckled my pants and tried not to make any eye contact. I just lost my virginity to Leah Clearwater. I just had hot-as-fuck sex with Leah Clearwater. I had no idea why it happened, but I knew I wanted it to happen again. And again. And again.

Which is why I invented this "support group" after Rachel and Paul's wedding. "We're the only two non-imprinted people left in the pack, Lee," I told her, (Seth having imprinted on his ex-girlfriend from high school). "We need to help each other." After an intense and extremely satisfying sex session, she agreed. Ever since then, we've been going at it like rabbits whenever we can. Which is why we're back in this position: Leah and I fucking each other senseless while another wedding is being planned inside the house. You know, just another Wednesday.

"JAKE! YES!" Leah cries before her head falls onto my shoulder.

I bite my tongue before I call out, "Fuck, I love you, Lee," and plant kisses in the crook of her neck instead.

It was supposed to be easy, simple, just sex: a release of frustration and sexual tension. (But when is anything involving Leah ever "simple" or "easy"?) It turned into something more than sex, something more than just wanting to touch her and make her moan my name, (which I love hearing). It turned into something involving feelings, strong feelings, at least on my part. That's the reason why, the week of Nessie and Nahuel's wedding, I held her hand.

I wanted us to act like a couple, hold hands, be able to touch her in public. I wanted to kiss her, hug her, always be with her, and more importantly, make sure people know she's mine. That she's my Beta, my girlfriend, my Leah, and that no one has a right to touch her.

Especially Collin. Fucking little shit needs to learn how to keep his hands to himself. I nearly phased and ripped his tiny little head off his scrawny body at Jared and Kim's wedding. He had asked Leah for a dance and, under the strict orders of Sue to be "sociable," she agreed. She placed her hands on his shoulders, and his went on her waist. It was tolerable. I still felt the hot flames creeping up my spine when I saw his hands on her, but I was able to resist the urge to phase and kill him, until the fucking pup decided to let his hands "accidentally" drop down to her ass. As soon as I saw his filthy paws on her, I lost it. I stormed over there and dragged Leah off the dance floor under the pretense of fetching her for Kim who needed her all of bridesmaids for some floral emergency.

"Fuck, I really needed that," Leah breathed with a smile.

I nuzzled her neck and smiled, placing kisses along the column of her neck.

"Mmm, Jake," she sighs contentedly.

I love her like this: content, happy, care-free, like the old Leah. The Leah that would watch Power Rangers with her brother, who would rip off the heads of her Barbie's heads because "No one can be that happy all the time!" The real Leah, the happy Leah.

She runs her fingers through my hair and I lean in towards her. It feels so good having her warm, slim fingers combing through my hair.

After a couple minutes of just holding on to one another, Leah gently tugs on my hair and mutters in a reluctant voice, "We should get back inside."

I sigh, not wanting to go back inside and celebrate the engagement of Embry and Maria. (Another imprint couple. I know; I was shocked that Maria decided to get married to the love of her life too!). I plant one long, hard kiss on her lips before I slide out of her and pull up my pants, buttoning them and fixing my shirt.

Leah works on trying to smooth the wrinkles in her summer dress and continues to fix her straps, her hair, and anything else that would give our little "group therapy session" away.

"After you." I motion for her to make her way inside first with a cheeky smile and a grand sweep of my arm.

Leah rolls her eyes and fights down a small smile before she walks towards the front door. I linger behind, (so as not to arouse suspicion of both Leah and I coming back in at the same time, and to watch her lovely backside), and rake my hands through my hair.

I have feelings for her, strong feelings, that just won't go away.

"Fuck." I love the annoying girl, and she won't let anyone close to her heart. Goddamn Sam Uley had to royally fuck up Leah Clearwater, making any man who finds out that he has any time of romantic feelings for the girl stuck up shit's creek without a paddle.

I let out a breath and make my way inside for another "blissfully happy" imprint couple engagement party. For the next couple of hours, I'm going to be stuck in a house with the two packs and their mothers, all celebrating the love and devotion that will always stay with an imprint. Meanwhile, I'll be there smiling, laughing, and being happy for Embry and his other half, while on the inside, I'm dying to find a way to be with Leah like that. To be with her everyday, be able to look at her, hold her, call her mine without anyone telling me that it's "not right" because we didn't imprint, or that "it would never work between us" because she's Leah and I'm me.

I plaster on a smile as I head inside, which turns genuine when I catch Leah's eye. She rolls her eyes, nodding toward the "arm wrestling" match between Claire and Quil. I walk around the crowded living room. The sexcapade with Leah left me famished, so I head to the food table and pile food onto a plate. I eat, watching and chatting with everyone, always keeping tabs on Leah, who is currently chatting with a very pregnant Emily.

An hour later, people start to shuffle out the door, including Leah. After saying a quick goodbye to Embry and Maria, I start to walk home. Usually I would just phase and run home, but tonight, after almost professing my love for Leah during one of our many sessions, I just want to think.

Slowly going inside, I see my dad sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper. "Jacob, can you come here for a sec," he beckons.

"Yeah, dad?" I sit in the chair opposite him.

"I wanted to talk to you about something," he starts off.

I slide down in my seat, getting comfortable, and gesture for him to continue. "Shoot."

"Well, you're a man now, a man who can make his own decisions and lead his own pack," he says with pride in his voice, "but you still need a father's advice for certain things. Like with women," he tells me with a pointed look.

I don't allow any emotion to show on my face, but oh my fucking god my dad knows! He knows about me and Leah! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck this isn't good.

Faking ignorance, I shrug my shoulders and tell him, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

He gives me a knowing look before shaking his head and muttering, "Just like his mother, can't admit anything."

Clearing his throat he plays along, "Sure, sure. Okay, well I'm beat. I'll see you in the morning."

I relax in my seat, glad that he wasn't going to bring up my "relationship" with Leah.

"Oh, and Jake," he calls as he's wheeling himself into his room.

"Yeah, Dad?"

"You should tell Leah how you feel," he grins before shutting his bedroom door.

Fuck, I spoke too soon; he's never going to let it go now.

I bang my head on the table a couple of times before I spot a beige envelope underneath all of yesterday's mail. I pull it out and curse.

"Save the Date!

On August 12,

Maria Chetko and Embry Call

Are getting married

First Beach, La Push

Formal invitation to follow."

Looks like I'll be seeing Leah tomorrow, the happy couple just set a date.

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