Chapter 14

You know when you're little and you're terrified of seeing or being seen by something scary, so you stop, panic and close your eyes? Yeah, that reaction gets transferred into adulthood; you close your eyes, curl up into a ball and think; well, if I can't see it then it can't see me, ergo it's not real.

And that is exactly what I'm doing right now.

Well, not exactly.

I mean, I'm not curled up in a ball.

But my eyes are closed and I'm thinking that if Leah can't see me, then she can't see the emotion in my eyes.

If I just keep my eyes closed that I'll be able to convince myself that I'm with Leah. Like really with Leah, not just physically but emotionally as well.

If I keep my eyes closed then I can convince myself that I'm with Leah because she wants to be with me. She wants to be able to hold me, touch me, make love to me.

Alas, my life is worse than episodes of Passions, As the World Turns, and the Young and the Restless combined (yes, this is even worse than that time where Theresa was with the half-man-half-woman, not to mention her drama with Luis and his wife and the whole mystery of trying to figure out just who is the half-man-half-woman!) making this quest impossible.

From the second Leah crushed her lips against mine to the moment I pressed her up against the wall, I could think of nothing but how right this felt. How her arms snake around my neck, tugging me close to her, how she fits in my arms, how her body moves with mine.

It just feels like we should be doing this.

Granted we shouldn't be doing it in Hans and Brigitte's shop, but that's beside the point.

"Please," she pants.

"Please what?" I growl into her neck, wanting to hear her say it.

When nothing comes from Leah's mouth except for gasps and pants, I become frustrated. Why can't she ever just say it? Why can't she say how she feels or what she wants?

Having enough of her silence, I grab Leah by the shoulders, slam her up against the wall, and continue to make my way up her neck. "Please tell you that I'm fine with playing this little game? Please tell you that I don't care if I have to play this game for the rest of our lives? What?"

I press her back harder into the wall, bringing our bodies closer together. Our faces are inches apart. "What Leah? Please what?" I ask fiercely, trying to hide the quiver in my voice. I'm trying to be strong but I'm sure she can feel the anxiety rolling off my body in waves. I'm trying not to care, I'm trying so hard, but I do. So much.

"Fuck me," Leah purrs in my ear.

I reach under her dress and run my fingers quickly over her panties, which are already wet. Leah gasps and I growl. "You're so wet Lee. All for me?"

"Only for you, Jake." Leah presses her hips down onto my hands.

Smug smile in place, I drag my tongue down Leah's throat and graze my teeth in the crook of her neck, having the strongest urge to bite her and mark her as mine. Pressing my erection into her stomach, I lock eyes with her and ask her hoarsely, "Are you sure you want this, Lee?"

"Yes," Leah nods, reaching up and tilting my face so that our eyes are locked. "Yes I'm sure, Jake."

Keeping her eyes locked on mine, Leah leans in and kisses me, softly, slowly, while her hand wanders down my chest to the waistband of my pants. She unzips my pants and dips her hand into them. My eyes close and roll into the back of my head at the feeling of Leah's hand on me. I take a deep breath in an effort to control myself.

When I open my eyes again I'm met with Leah's smirking face. Pulling her close, I kiss her possessively, one of my hands getting lost in her hair as the other slides down to her ass.

Our kisses are hungry and desperate. Flattening Leah against the wall, my hands are free to roam every inch of her body, touching every bit of exposed skin; marking my territory.

Leah removes her hand from my pants and winds both of her arms around my neck, fingers tangled in my hair, tugging me closer. She rotates her hips against the bulge in my pants, her wet heat grinding against my thigh.

Sliding my hands up her lean legs and under her dress, I remove her panties before grabbing her thighs and lifting her up against the wall. Leah wraps her legs tightly around my waist, her center rubbing against my bulge, causing us both the let out a groan of pleasure.

As I start to suck on her neck and collarbone, Leah reaches down into my boxers and wraps her hand around my swollen member, pulling it free. Stroking me slowly and deliberately, she sinks her teeth into my shoulder before soothing the wound with her tongue.

"Are you going to fuck me or you just going to tease me?" Leah purrs in my ear.

Locking eyes with her, I slide a fraction of an inch inside of her, ordering, "Say my name."

"Oh fuck," she moans.

"Say it," I growl, sliding in a little farther before sliding out.

"Jake, please. Fuck!" she whimpers, clawing at my back.

With that, I ram myself into her with as much force as I can.

In and out, in and out; I ram into Leah with wanton abandon, her hips moving forward to meet my every thrust.

Fuck I missed her.

Soon, Leah's legs tighten their hold on my hips and I feel her begin to clench and spasm around me. I smash my mouth over hers to muffle her moans just as I reach my end. My fingers dig into her thighs, pulling her closer to me as my head falls against her shoulder and I release inside of her.

"Lee," I pant into the crook of her neck before placing butterfly kisses along the column.

Once we catch our breaths, I place Leah back on her feet and lean against her.

"Fuck Jake," she gasps.

I look down at her and smile, bumping our noses together.

Leaning my forehead against hers, I hope that maybe I can send a message to her telepathically; "I love you, Lee. I really do. And I swear I'm never going to leave you. I promise."

For a moment I could have sworn Leah's expression changed, softened even. And then we heard it; a yell.

More specifically, a shriek.

A very loud, girly shriek followed by footsteps.

As soon as it happened, the moment passed and Leah's walls were back up and her eyes were cold once more.

"Jake, get off of me!" she hisses. I try and fail to hide my hurt look. Leah catches my sad look and rolls her eyes. "What? You want to get caught by Bobbsey Twin One and Bobbsey Twin Two?"

Leah disentangles herself from me and starts to fix her dress, trying to make it look like the rumples weren't from having a "group meeting."

Seriously? Why is it that every single time Leah and I are having sex someone has to come in and ruin our meetings.

Honestly, can't we just have sex in peace?

Giving up on the dress, Leah throws on her flats and turns towards me. "Leave. Now." She didn't even sound angry, just annoyed.

No, I guess we can't.

I shuffle outside the dressing room, leaving Leah to fix herself up before she ran out inconspicuously after me to see what's going on.

Following the noise, I walk into the front part of Hans' shop. My view of the mysterious "action" is blocked by Fina, Ana, Maria, Embry, and Jeanine. Instead of looking over their heads, which is a pain and is really gross to when you get to see who has dandruff, (Fina and Ana should really use Head and Shoulders) I listen to Seth and Quil gossip about the "action."

"Oh. My. God," Seth stutters.

"I knew it," Quil nods his head. "I knew it!"

"Oh. My. God," Seth raises his voice.

Quil claps his hands. "I mean, I just knew!" He looks at Seth. "Y'know?"

Seth shakes his head. "No wonder he was Team Ninja. I mean, it just makes sense; the sneak attacks, coming at people from behind, everything." He pauses and thinks about what he said before a look of shock and realization shoots across his face. He rakes his hands through his hair. "Oh my God!"

"What's going on?" I ask, looking from one to the other.

Quil looks at me with an evil grin. "A reunion."

Seth, having gotten over his little shock, giggles.

"With who?" I ask, not getting the joke.

Quil giggles, "Heh, with—"

"Hey, what's going on?" Leah asks.

"Hey, Lee. Nice dress," Quil smirks, looking her up and down. "I didn't know that wrinkles and rumples were in this season."

Leah smacks Quil upside the head. "Jerk. It's not my fault the fabric is all weird and wrinkles easily."

Quil leans in and whispers in her ear, "Yeah, you'd probably be more believable if it weren't for all the hickies on your neck. Let me guess," he smirks at me, "they just came out of no where."

At the mention of hickies, Leah's face turns red with anger and embarrassment before she glares at me and mouths, "Hickies? You're so dead."

Glaring at Quil, I ask him again through gritted teeth, "Who's having this reunion?" I look at Seth, hoping that he'll tell me.

Getting his attention away from the reunion, Seth focuses on our conversation and notices the tension between us as he answers, "Manny's here."

"Manny? Who's Manny? Oh, is he Jeanine's boyfriend?" I ask with a smile on my face at the thought of Jeanine (the girl still has a hangover and the thought of seeing her all preppy and excited about her boyfriend is hilarious).

Leah glares at me before asking Seth, "Who exactly is Manny reuniting with?"

"Manny! Baby! You're here! I'm so happy you're here!" someone, who is not Jeanine, shrieks excitedly.

Craning my neck, I see Dickardo straddling some guy with black hair, tan skin, and blue eyes. Huh, come to think of it, this "Manny" looks an awful lot like Maria.

"Baby, I'm so glad you're here. And in time for our fittings! Yay!" Dickardo claps excitedly, planting kisses all over Manny's face.

Huh, I guess Leah really isn't Dickar—err, Ricardo's type.

Suddenly the guy doesn't seem that bad anymore.

"Really, you really don't know why you don't hate Ricardo anymore?" Jacobina drawls sarcastically.

"Nope." I shake my head. "Must have been the carrot pushing that did me in."

"Carrot pushing? Really?"

"Unless that was a euphemism for something else…" I trail off.

"Oh look, he's having a light bulb moment!" Jacobina drawls with faux pride in her voice. "I'm so proud."

"Oh my god, Ricardo was hitting on me!" I shout in realization.


"What do you mean 'finally'? You knew? You knew that he was hitting on me and not Leah and you just let me let him do it?" I shout at her, "What the hell?"

Jacobina rolls her eyes at me and shakes her head. "I thought it was pretty obvious when you went all, 'Don't touch my girl, I already peed on her!' with Leah."

"I did not!" I protest.

"You did so!" Jacobina smirks. "You got all green eyed with him and Leah and turned into Jerk-Boy extraordinaire!"

"I was so not jealous." I shake my head.

I wasn't, he just creeped me out, that's all.

"Ha, was to," she counters.

"Was not."

"Was to!"

"Was not times infinity!" I shout, refusing to listen to anything else Jacobina says.

"Men," Jacobina rolls her eyes, "always in denial. 'No I'm not jealous. Why would I be jealous!' God, he's worse than Leah sometimes."

My fight with Jacobina is cut short by Leah's giggle. "Man, he told me he was wild in the sack, but wow. I didn't think he'd jump his boyfriend."

Seth groans, "Thanks Lee, I know have unwanted images in my head."

"C'mon, let's go meet him," Quil sing-songs.

Moaning and groaning we all go over to meet Ricky's "Manny."

All the guys shake hands and man-hug Manny while Ricardo flits over and talks to the girls.

"Hey," Manny sticks out his hand. "I'm Manuel; Maria's brother."

I stare at Manny for a sec and just take in all of the similarities between him and Maria. They have the same eyes, nose, lips, ears… they look exactly alike, only Maria looks like a girl and Manny… doesn't.

Shaking his hand, I nod my head, "I'm Jake."

Manny's eyebrows shoot up as soon as he hears my name. "Jacob? As in Jacob Black?"

"Yeah," I draw out slowly, kind of wanting to take back my hand.

"Oh, good. I really wanted to talk to you," Manny nods.

Trying to get rid of the awkward air between us, I try to smile and ask, "What's up, man?"

"I just wanted to ask you to leave my boyfriend alone," he warns in a tone as if telling me that it's going to be cold tomorrow and I should wear a jacket unless I wanted to catch a cold.

Unable to understand where this is coming from, I stutter, "What?"

What? It's not like I flirted with him.

Or even talked to him.

Except at the dinner party with the carrots.

OH you have got to be kidding me.

He thought that was flirting! Dickardo thought that we were flirting and then gossiped about me to his boyfriend.

That jerk!

I mean, yeah, I'm flattered, but still. That jerk! Now I'm being threatened by his boyfriend to "stay away".

It's no big deal because I can take him if it comes down to a fight, but I don't like being threatened.

It makes me feel all icky inside.

"Understand?" he questions. "Good." He nods before giving me a chance to respond and leaves to go see Ricardo.

Ugh, like I'd go for Dickardo.

Offended, I walk over to Leah and whisper, "I think I was just threatened that if I didn't stay away from Ricardo that Manny would strangle me with his feather boa."

"Seriously?" she laughs.

"Well, no, he never mentioned the boa but it was implied."

"Do you think you can protect yourself for five minutes while I go give Brigitte my dress so that we can get the hell out of here?" Leah teases.

"I don't know," I start, faux scared as I glance at Manny. "Look at him. He looks so strong. Like he could choke me with his boa with only a single flex of his biceps!" I squeal. "Please don't leave me! I'll die!"

Fighting a smirk, Leah rolls her eyes. "Shut up." She walks over to the other shop while the guys and I return our suits to Hans.

"Thanks Hans." I hand him the suits. "Sorry about the scene." I gesture over my shoulder to Manny and Ricardo.

Hans shrugs, "Es ist nichts."

Brigitte walks by and takes the suits from Hans, ready to put them away with the girls' dresses. "Besides," she winks, "it's not like you and Leah haven't done it before in our shop."

And with that, Brigitte and Hans leave for the backroom with the suits and dresses, leaving me scared and wondering if Leah and I are really loud or just extremely bad at being stealthy.

Following the guys out to the car, I get into the back seat, ready to go home. Quil gets in the back with me, with Seth and Embry in the front.

"Where's Jeanine?" I ask.

Quil smirks. "Do you have a thing for Jeanine now, Jake?"

If I could kill Quil and get away with it, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

"I'm not even going to dignify that with a response," I sniff.

"Aww," Quil coos, "did I hurt the Big Alpha's feelings?"

Rolling my eyes, Embry answers; "Ricardo, Fina, and Ana all went in Manny's rental car; Manny and Ricardo wanted to 'catch up' this afternoon," he comments. "And Maria, Lee, and Jeanine all went back together."

"Mhm," I nod. "Well," I grin, "now I have more room in the back, here." I stretch out across the back seat, my legs pushing Quil's.

"Ugh, no!" Quil tries to shove my feet off of his legs.

"My territory," I smirk while extending my limbs as far as they can go.

Quil pouts as he tries, and fails, to get my limbs off of him. "Ugh, Embry!" he whines, "make him sto-op!"

"Jake," Embry sighs while pinching the bridge of his nose, "please. This is a very small car and we have a long drive."

"Fine." I pull my feet back.

"Thank you," Embry nods.

When his focus is entirely on the road I stretch back out again, taking up even more room.

"Em-bry!" Quil whines.

That's for the snarky comments Quil.

Ah, revenge is so sweet.

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