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Buffy Summers could not believe her eyes. She just stared for a few minutes before gesturing to someone behind her.

Hey Spike! Can you look out the window without getting toasted? she asked the blond man. He shrugged at her and stood, moving as close as he dared. Then he felt it. That innate sense that she must have noticed as well. The one that tells them vampires are near. Looking out the window, he reeled back with both shock and burns.

Bloody hell, Slayer! Is that for real?

Buffy nodded, a feral grin coming to her face.

How do you feel about a little hunting tonight? she asked, nearly purring the words.

Spike glanced over at the window, his face adopting the same feral glee hers held.

Id love to, pet.

Sunset came and went. Deep night was their playground. They danced and quipped and chatted and were silent. All this they did as they hunted.

As Spike was swinging a sword at one vamps neck, the victim cried out and asked, Why? Why me?

Just as he turned to dust, the bleached blonds words floated over him. Because, mate. You sparkle.