By: InsanityHime

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Gundam Wing/AC

Summary: A blind Harry is taken by the Preventors at the end of his sixth year. At the Preventors he finds out, he isn't as alone as he had thought.


Pairings: Duo/Heero Quatre/Trowa Wufei/Harry


A young male of about sixteen years carefully made his way through the bustling crowds of Kings Cross Station, despite his semi-obvious handicap. If it weren't for the fact that his gaze was far off and not focused, people would mistake that he could actually see. However, that was not the case, he was blind. His messy hair hid the fact, but when he tilted his head, or the wind blew, it would reveal the sad fact, and the strange lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

With expert ease, the man continued his way through the crowd and out into the open. Before he could continue his way, a voice asked, "Are you Harry Potter?"

The young man turned to face the person who had spoken, "That I am, and you are?" Harry's bangs hid his eyes, so the man in front of him could not see his handicap.

"I am an agent from the Preventors. I have been asked to lead you back to headquarters, where Lady Une is waiting."

Harry tilted his head slightly, but not enough to reveal his eyes. With as much politeness as one can ask with this question he asked, "May I touch your badge?"

The confusion in the supposed agent's voice was evident, "Touch my badge? Why would you--" He didn't finish when the wind blew and revealed that Harry was blind. "Oh, yes, you may touch my badge." The young agent gently took the younger's hand and placed it on the badge positioned on his own chest. The slim, nimble fingers brushed and traced every line and crevice stating the agent was in fact one.

The sixteen year old let his hand fall back to his side and he nodded, "I will allow you to take me to the Preventors headquarters." The agent placed a hand on the teen's arm and lead him to the black SUV parked nearby. Harry allowed the male to pack his trunk in the back, but kept the simple book bag with him as he climbed into the passenger seat of the car. With actions that could be called dainty Harry cautiously took the seatbelt and buckled it. The ride was made in silence.

When they arrived at the designated destination, Harry unbuckled himself and allowed the agent to help him out of the car and lead him to the building. Having never been to the building the boy-who-lived had to let the man to lead him. This trip was also made in silence. When the two stopped Harry just listened intently. "Lady Une and five of her agents are inside waiting, I will lead you in, but after that I have to leave." Feeling a tug on his arm, Harry expanded his senses to allow him to make sure that the agent was not lying and leading him somewhere else. When they stopped again, he realized that an inanimate object was in front of him and a living thing was behind it.

He bowed, "Lady Une." He could feel the surprise oozing from the agent who had graciously picked him up. When he straightened, he brushed his bangs away from his eyes, letting the people in the room see his blind eyes. He felt the agent leave. As soon as said agent left a soft but calloused hand slipped into his and lead him to a chair.

Lady Une spoke, "Am I correct to assume you are Harry James Potter?"

Harry tilted his head as if listening to something, "Yes and no."

Curiosity slipped into Une's voice, "Yes and no?"

"Correct, I recently came into my godfather's inheritance, as well as my mothers. I am now Harry James Evans Potter Black."

"Black?" a new voice chimed, shock evident.

"Yes," was Harry's soft reply.

"How is that possible? There hasn't been a heir since Sirius Black was sent to prison!" the voice exclaimed.

Harry's previous soft voice hardened, "It would do you well to keep your mouth shut about him, seeing as he recently died."

"Oh," was the only reply he got.

Harry ignored the slight hurt in the voice and turned his attention to Une, "May I ask why I am here?"

Une cleared her throat and started to speak, "You know of the Family Restoration Act, correct?" At Harry's nod she continued, "Well, we have found two matches to your DNA. You have two older brothers."

Harry froze, his shock thickening the atmosphere around the group. "Brothers?" his soft reply was filled with such hope that it made all in the room flinch slightly. "Who?"

Une cleared her throat again, "Two of my top agents, Heero Yuy and Trowa Barton."

Harry's hands were out streached as if searching for something. "I...Can...May I touch their faces...please?" Harry questioned hesitantly, unsure if his brothers would want him because of his disability. The clear sound of feet moving forward and somone grasping his hands, made him stiffen slightly. He relaxed, however when the warm hands guided his own cold ones to touch a face. "Which one?"

His pale and nimble fingers danced across the older male's face, a pure look of awe gracing his own face. His thumb traced the lips that moved as his brother spoke, "Heero." The blunt and somewhat cold reply, made his hands pause, but didn't deter him. Every inch of Heero's face was touched, traced, memorized. Curious hands also ran through the tall male's hair, trying to figure out what it was like.

Harry's breathy voice spoke as his fingers ran through hair, "What are the color of your eyes, and what's the color of your hair?"

Heero replied, curious despite himself, "My eyes are prussian blue and my hair is dark brown, border line black."

The small teen's reply and luminous smile, surprised him, "You have dad's hair color and the Potter male hair, but you have a mix of mum and dad's eyes. You have dad's cheekbone's, dad's nose, but your own lips. What about Trowa, let me feel Trowa!" Trowa quickly took Heero's place, unwilling to upset his new found brother. Harry's hands were immeadiately tracing his face, "What are your colors?"

"My hair is a reddish brown, almost red, but my eyes are a deep green with a little brown," Trowa replied in a blank voice. Despite the outward appearance inside he was curious as to what his little brother's reply would be.

Harry's face lit up with another smile, "You have mum's hair color and style, and her eyes but dad's eye color is also in there. You also have dad's cheekbones, but also his nose and lips. It seems I inheriated most of mum's physic. I have mum's eyes, nose, and lips, but I have dad's hair, style and color. Brothers, who would have thought?" Harry's tone of voice was a bitter wistfullness, as if he expected them not to take him in.

Heero growled and Trowa frowned a bit. Heero was the one who spoke, "You are our little brother and therefore family, that means we stick together. End of story."


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