Love Hearts

'Kay, I know I've just started one story, and I'm mid-story for another, but I was given this idea today, something they're doing at college to raise money; A story competition for Children in Need, using Love heart sweets, where you have to include the message within the short story somewhere. So I figured, "Hey, this could be a good idea for a fanfic!" and so here it is. A bunch of mini one-shots.
Many different pairings will be used. ExB, JxB, EmxB, EsxB, RxB, AxB, JacobxB, JxA, etc. I think we get the picture. :)

Disclaimer; I own nothing Twilight, and the messages are example messages, from Wikipedia.

Be My Love

Bella's POV

Monday morning, I got out of my truck at school and walked through the main doors as fast as I could, to avoid the rain. Typical Forks weather, but I wasn't quite used to it yet. So onwards, to leave my things in my locker. There was a note stuck to the front, "Look underneath your Biology book. X"
I looked around the hall, but nobody was in yet, then opened my locker. I moved my Biology book to the side, and saw a little pink sweet. On it was written, "Be My Love" inside of a love heart. I looked at it confused, who would have given me this? I thought, Oh, I hope it isn't Mike... How many times do I have to tell him no? I put my books in my locker, and closed it. Stood next to my locker was Edward Cullen. Oh God, I hope he didn't see that, he might laugh at me, everyone will know, and nobody will talk to me, because I'm such a geek, and I'll only have Mike Newton for a friend..

Then a velvety voice interrupted my thoughts.
"Um, hello. I'm Edward Cullen." He said, seemingly shy, Don't I know it I thought, knowing I was blushing like crazy, "Did you, go in your locker already?"
I looked at him confused, he was stood there when I closed it, he knows I went in there. Wait, he might just be building you up to laugh at you about Mike. "Yes, I have been in my locker." I replied, trying to sound as calm as possible.
"So you found it?" he asked, giving me a small smile.
"...Excuse me?" I replied, looking at him with an even more confused expression.
"Be mine, Bella Swan?" he said, so fast it was barely legible, but I knew what he had said, and a huge grin spread across my face.
DUH. I thought, but thought that wouldn't be the most, appropriate, answer. "Um, okay." I stuttered, trying to make my words understandable.

He took my hand and walked to Biology with me, his fingers intertwined with mine. Walking through the door into Biology, everyone stared at us with their jaws on the floor. I looked at the clock, and saw we were just on time. Boy, we must have gotten distracted, nobody was here when I parked up, and now the class is full. I didn't even notice them coming into school!

That, was the day Edward Cullen took me for his own, and I didn't object one bit.

A/N I know this is short, but that's the point. I'm not used to writing such short chapters! I'll update soon, I promise :) Review please ^___^ 3