Rational Reasoning


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Tulips embraced the early sunlight generator, a mechanical breeze forced the stems to sway back and forth, but not enough to escape Re-l's heeled foot. She squished the plant with an ignorant annoyance in her body.


Sigh. "What, Pino?"

"You squashed the flower!" The little rabbit-suited auto-reiv rushed towards the criminal's feet, shooing her heavy boot away with her little hands and inspecting the half-dead plant. "Awe!" She immediately sent a glare up at Re-l with a pout set on her lips. The woman almost chuckled at her adaptation to man-kind's physical features, she could so easily be mistaken as one with all the time she's spent infected.

"Leave her alone, Pino." Both girls whipped their heads in the same direction with equal shocked expressions on their faces. "I'm sure she didn't mean it." At Vincent's words, Re-l smirked at Pino and Pino growled at Re-l. Like oil and water.

"I think she did it on purpose." The girl turned away and crossed her arms over her chest. Eyes closed and nose in the air.

"Hmph." Re-l's glare would've killed her had she been looking at the woman.

Vincent ran an un-gloved hand through his hair and stumbled closer to the girls, grabbing Re-l's hand upon reaching them and pulling her down to the ground where the crumbled flower lay. She gave him a look that was absolutely obnoxious, but she didn't move with his hands wrapped around her own.

Pino still stood unmoved as Vincent quickly instructed Re-l how to 're-shape' a flower. He coaxed the stem to a bent position then to a standing position with the pale hands that barely moved without his help. "Look Pino, she fixed it." He immediately stood while Re-l remained on the ground, staring at the auto-reiv for some type of approval. Why she had sunken to this level, she did not know. If this had ever happened in the past she would've scoffed and walked away, leaving Vincent with the dead plant and a steaming Pino. But now—now she was actually waiting on the approval of an infected robot?

She almost puked with her discovery.

"Yay!" The girl clapped and launched herself into Re-l's arms, hugging her for three seconds before letting go and taking off to explore. The ex-citizen was immovable, staring wide eyed at something distant to her. Someone, no, Pino hugged her.

"Heh, she likes you now." Re-l's gaze shot to the man that had started this strange behavior. She used to hate the fool and his ridiculous plots or rather, lack of them. She used to crinkle her forehead in unrelenting thoughts about why he did the things he did and what she would do to fix it. Her opinion of him never used to amount to anything more than the sand on the ground.

But now she realized that he was getting to her. Tunneling through her thick head to her heavy heart with every chaste kiss he planted on her cheek and every time he put her comfort first and everything he did to make her feel a part of their group and every moment he spent warming her up at night.

A light blush crawled up her neck to her cheeks at the thought and Vincent couldn't help but notice and didn't stop the smirk from ascending on his lips. He wanted his fun; God knows how long it's been since he's embarrassed the oh-so-emotionless Re-l Mayer.

Slowly, feeling her frantic eyes on him, he leaned in to brush his nose against her throat, nuzzling it slightly before placing his lips next to ear and whispering in the most seductive way possible: "Re-l—"

She tensed up, freezing like water in winter, and lifted a shaking palm to his chest, just about to push him away before another idea overtook her need and her hand rose to his neck where she pulled him away by his hair and, while ignoring his yelping protest, slamming his lips atop her own.

He stumbled to be closer to her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders and pulling her flush against him. She couldn't withhold the moan as he subconsciously bit her bottom lip. He'd done this a million times before but never had he felt so alive while kissing her.

Unfortunately, in their heated game of tonsil hockey, neither would've predicted Re-l stepping to the right slightly and once again crushing that barely stable tulip.

"Ahh!" Pino rushed over to their legs, pushing their boots away from their positions and flailing her arms over the squished flower. The two broke away from each other's mouth with a complaint and looked down to the peeved auto-reiv. "Look what you did!"



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