Loki brewed in his anger for a while, until well after Sif and Thor had dissapeared from sight, then he turned and headed back towards the walled city. A stones throw from the great doors pf Asgard, Loki heard a noise behind him and turned to see Lady Sif standing there, here gloved hands on her hips as she coolly regarded him. She wore her usual warrior's outfit of iron studded leathers, her sword hanging at her hip. Bright eyes appraised Loki from under a dark mane of long hair pulled into a pony tail that swayed in the wind. ''I could not help but notice that you have been following us, Loki.''

Loki started, his dark eyes startled, ''Yes, well... I just happen to enjoy using this path.''

Sif raised one eyebrow, ''Indeed? I recall seeing you follow us for the last several days. Is that a coincidence?''

Loki dropped his eyes to the ground. He had not realized Sif to be so perceptive. ''Indeed, it must have been a coincidence, I enjoy these woods of late.''

Sif scowled at him, ''You lie as if it were second nature to you, Loki. I can often see that you deliberately follow us, if it were coincidence, I doubt you would find need for attempts at stealth.''

Loki's mouth curled into a snarl, ''You are calling me a liar? I always move silently, I find it useful for avoiding the beasts of these woods.''

A moment passed as Sif glared steadily at him, ''Oh, so I suppose the hatred written on your face when you spy on us is to fend off the beasts as well?''

Loki scowled. She was very perceptive, he would have to be more careful about hiding his emotions in the future. ''You do not know me, Sif, do not pretend to read my thoughts.''

Sif smiled slightly; a hard smile devoid of mirth. ''I know you better than you think. Why, just a few nights ago I spyed you crying as a babe would.''

Loki's heart skipped a beat, his mouth dropping open in surprise. ''W-what?''

Sif's face was inscrutible as she studied him, ''Out by the well, you wept openly upon your hands and knees.''

Loki's eyes widened and his licked his lips nervously. Had she seen Amora spank him? ''You...'' Loki tried his hardest to glare again, ''So you accuse me of spying to admit your hand in it?''

Sif crossed her arms in front of her chest, ''You were in public view, I had not followed you there, I was simply drawn to you by your pathetic whimpering sobs.''

Loki's face flushed and sweat beaded on his forehead, he opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again. He could think of nothing to say that could negate such an open vision of shame.

Sif's small smile returned as she watched him; a humorless smile. ''If your wondering, yes, I saw Amora spank you as if you were a small boy.''

Loki's blush deepened, and he growled at his own embarassment, ''She had no right! An assualt unjustified.''

Sif laughed incredulously, ''Unjustified? I sincerely doubt that. As angry as she looked, I am sure you stabbed her back as hard as you did mine a few moons ago.''

Loki glared, ''I only offered you a possibility, I did not force your hand. Do not make me out the villian.''

Sif's eyes grew angry and her voice grew menacing, ''The difference between us is that I admit my role and seek to set things right.'' Sif's anger seemed to slacken and she took on a thoughtful look. ''Perhaps Amora was on to something?''

Loki jumped, his heart racing as he took a step back, ''W-what do you mean?''

Sif's mouth made a determined line as she unfolded her arms, ''Perhaps spanking you is the only way to force you to confront your guilt.''

Loki took a few more steps back, feeling a drop of sweat trickle down his temple. ''Lady Sif, I do not like the way you are looking at me.'' Could he outrun her? He very much doubted it. Maybe if he kicked sand into her face then ran?

Before Loki could act on the idea Sif lunged forward, grabbing one of his shoulders then spinning him around with one arm, snaking the other around his neck to hold him in a headlock from behind. Loki made a choking sound as she applied pressure to his neck to hold him, and he did his best to convert his fear into outrage. ''What is the meaning of this!? Unhand me!''

Sif leaned forward to whisper into his ear, ''I would watch the volume of your voice were I you. A guard walks the wall on this side and your yells might draw him to investigate the noise, only to find me spanking you.''

Loki's mouth snapped shut as he glanced up nervously. Sure enough, he could see the top of a guardsman's helm as the soldier patrolled the rampart atop the wall closest to them. She really meant to spank him. Loki felt a knot of fear coil in his stomach. He still felt the welts left by a Amora a few nights before. ''Y-you have gone mad. Let me go now or you shall regret it!''

Sif looked about, then dragged a choking Loki a few feet to sit herself upon a large stone, throwing Loki over her legs then switching her grip so one hand held his head down while the other unfastened his belt. ''Regret shall play a part here, yes.''

Loki panicked, thoughts of the awful punishment Amora had given him swarming his mind. He kicked, violently trying to free himself, but Sif merely grabbed a handful of his dark hair and threw her leg over his to secure him in place. ''Y-you awful bitch! Odin shall hear of this!''

Sif laughed lightly, ''Feel free to tell Odin all about how I spanked you, I am sure he would find the news that someone finally diciplined your ungrateful petulant rear refreshing.''

Loki strained to move his legs but could not, and he blinked back tears of helpless rage, ''What have I done to you for you to shame me so!?''

Sif glared at him, ''Forget already how you cut off my hair? I am a brunette amoung a fair-haired race. You made me look the outsider to my own people.'' With that Sif pulled down Loki's pants, swatting him squarely with an open hand across his bared ass.

''Yow! You horrible girl! What would Thor think of this action!?'' Loki bit his bottom lip as Sif swatted him rapidly, his legs trying to kick up with each swing but held firmly in place by Sif's slender powerful thighs.

Sif smiled at this, ''You had best hope he does not catch sight of this; surely Thor would realize the necessity of diciplining you and perhaps administer his own brand of justice for the crimes you have commited against him of late.''

Loki gulped as he thought of Thor's strong hands spanking him as well. Loki yelped as Sif increased the power of her slaps upon his rear, the latter growing more sensitive with each swat. ''P-please, stop, I will do a favor for you if you will only cease this!''

Sif shook her head, ''I want nothing from you save your regret.''

Loki craned back to glower at her but could not maintain the glare through the overwhelming pain, ''Ow! Owww!'' She had stated her intent, and clearly she would not stop until he gave her what she wanted, so Loki spoke quickly, hoping to end the pain with haste. ''Very well I feel my regret now, and I apologize for wronging you. I worked to replace your hair after I had cut it, for your sake!''

Sif regarded him without expression, and continued to swat his reddened ass. ''I do not believe you are sincere, Loki. I shall decide when you are sorry enough.''

Loki's eyes widened, ''You shall... no! P-please! I mean it, I am sorry! Just please stop!'' Loki cringed as she continued spanking him, his teeth gritted against the hurt. Sif did not reply, slapping one cheek then the other, noting how they both grew more red with each smack. Loki began to whine miserably. He could not help but notice that even though Sif used her hand, it still hurt more than when Amora had used a belt, testament to Lady Sif's strength. Loki felt he could take no more, ''I-I am truly sorry, I swear!'' Still Sif ignored him, only striking him harder, her hand becoming a blur as it arced through the air to rapidly swat his cheeks. Loki grunted with each slap, and he began to move with the pain, squirming to be free. The hand in his hair tightened, feeling as if she would tear it out by the roots. Loki squinched his eyes and bent his neck back at the sharp pain, then stopped squirming as best he could. His eyes snapped open and his jaw dropped in shock as she actually increased the force of his spanking, and he began to cry out loud to the rythm of her silent dicipline. A sound from above caused him to jerk his head to look, fearing that a guard had heard his cries of pain, but it was just a screech owl settling itself in a tree above them. Loki's heart raced and his body jerked as she slapped him. He started to panic as his hands shook with effort to clutch the stone beneath them. Every fiber in his being told his to reach back and cover his rear, but the fast clip that Sif swatted him at worried him that she would surely injure his hands. The helplessness of his situation became too much, and tears began to make thier way across hs face. ''S-stop, p-please stop, I beg you.''

Sif stopped slapping him, a look of surprise on her face, ''Loki begs? I would not have thought to see the day.'' This punishment seems to suit you well.'' With that she cleared Loki's trembling hands from his backside and swatted him a few more times, Loki bucking with each slap.

Loki flushed crimson with shame at Sif's words, and a part of him whispered fearfully that now that Sif felt this 'lesson' worked, she might be tempted to spank him every time he angered her. ''I-It hurts most severely, please, I cannot hold my hands safely in front any longer, please, please stop.''

Sif stopped swatting him and Loki sighed in relief, ''I am not a cruel person, I would not endanger your hands.'' Loki craned back to look at her as she released her hold on his hair, the relief on his face replaced by surprise and horror as Sif grabbed his wrist with that hand and turned his shoulder, pinning one arm behind his back and the other beneath him upon the stone they sat on. ''There, I would not have struck your hands in any case, but now you shall find your hands suitably secured.'' Loki cried out as she began swatting him anew upon his burning cheeks, and he twisted this way and that in panic, only managing to solidify his helplessness to his own mind. Sif kept up the pace of slaps and Loki wailed, his voice echoeing off the trees. When he had been reduced to hoarse screams and compulsive twitches, Sif stopped suddenly and dumped him upon the ground. ''There, I am satisfied that you regret, and I trust that you now understand my resolve when it comes to punishing your treachery. I am certain you will remember this before you try my patience again. We are even now, fare thee well.'' Sif nodded toward his slumped sobbing form and departed into the woods, dissapearing as if she were a shade.

Loki cried for some minutes, his tears truly flowing now that he was alone, his body jerking with his wracking sobs. He did not cry because of the pain or the shame. He cried because as good as he was at lying to himself, the trickster could not tell himself that he had not deserved that.