Dare To Be Chapter 1- Dare To Be Normal

. I smiled slightly. The familiar purring of my Simon was what woke me up every morning, just the way I liked it. My eyes pried themselves open and focused on a pair of startling sky blue eyes. He was the most beautiful thing on earth to me, with those cerulean irises and smoky coat with dark gray stripes so straight, they looked like a doodle you'd have drawn on your notebook. His ears were comically big with over-exaggerated points. He was slightly small for a full-grown cat, and lean.

He was sitting on my throat.

I frowned at Simon who ignored me, he was now swatting at something in the air. I rolled out of bed causing Simon to let out a meow of surprise as he was lobbed to the other side of my bed. I squinted to get a better look at what he was playing with.

A feather.

What? How in the world did that get in here? I sniffed the air to try and scent any dead bird that Simon might have slaughtered during the night. Nope. Shrugging it off, I walked to the bathroom down the hall, my crimson colored hair swinging and its tips brushing my wrists. When my hand grasped the gold painted doorknob, that was when I felt the difference.

There was something pressing against my back.

I immediately yanked open the door, then rushed through the doorway, closing the door firmly. I was always an easy one to panic. As many times as I told myself to calm down, it was like all my senses went on hyper alert, even with just the tiniest something out of place. Like when the bus was a little late one day, I promptly assumed I had missed it so then called my sister in a panic. Turns out she was about fifty feet away from me and didn't appreciate me interrupting her and her friends scintillating conversation. That was the last time I ever called her in an emergency.

So you can guess just how terrified I was. There could be a bomb strapped to my back. What if someone had snuck into my room and taped a ransom note to my back, saying they had captured my entire family, or my sister had finally given in and stabbed me, then bandaged me over?

Okay, all of those are extremely unlikely.

Unfortunately it turned out to be something much, much worse. And much, much more confusing.

I tugged my tank top off to leave just a black sports bra. My vision was still slightly blurry from sleep, so I couldn't make out what the little points sticking out from behind me were. All I knew was that there was something there. I closed my coffee colored eyes, forcing myself to relax. Well, opening them didn't help one bit.

I screamed. Hollered. Shrieked. Whatever you wanna call it, but it was loud.

You'll never guess.

Not a bomb.

Not a ransom note.

Not even bloody bandages.


Beautiful, pale, golden wings. They touched each wall of my tiny bathroom, but weren't fully outstretched, I could tell.

But how could I tell? All I knew is that even though the sight nearly frightened me to death, I couldn't deny some odd feeling inside me. As much as I tried to blink, or tell myself this was all a dream some part of me knew.

Knew that these wings where a part of me.