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Dare To Be

Chapter 5 – Dare To Be Sneaky

Practice Problem #7-

Write a two-column proof for the following:

Given: Segment AB is congruent to segment DE, angle B and E are congruent.

Prove: Triangle ABC is congruent to triangle DEF.

Oh, how I hate math.

But hey, at least it's useful. Because when I'm being poked and prodded by pale, skinny, scientists, and forced onto a lab table to be injected with giant, shiny needles, I will need to know that triangle ABC and DEF are congruent.

I stared longingly at the TV, wishing that I could lose myself in a few hours of mindless cartoons to take my mind off things. Particularly two heavy, itchy, feathery things. But even though the words were all but shooting off the page from the magnitude of my anxiety, the mysterious Ethan still stuck to the back of my head. Who was he? How did he get his wings? Was it like me? Were they just suddenly there? If so, why did he dance around the subject like a fire pit? So many more questions clouded my brain until I had to clench my hands to keep from chucking the textbook into the wall.

I had to keep myself in check though. As if he knew I was about to lose it, my dad turned around to look at me as he tightened some bolts and oiled some hinges on his elaborate cabinet type thing. I could never understand why guys liked to build things when they had stress. Trying, and failing, to build a cabinet would just frustrate me further. He waved suspiciously. I waved curtly.

Okay dad, I'm not sneaking off to watch porn, I'm still studying this pointless math.

I hated that he had to be right there, on our big wooden back porch, like he didn't trust me. Like as soon as he turned away I would be going to meet my secret boyfriend. As if.

"Oh, shit." He cursed angrily, getting up and calling back to me. "I don't have the right size bracket for this door. I'm gonna run down to the hardware store. Keep studying."

The second I heard the car drive away I slammed the book shut and rushed upstairs. Flinging the door open I was disappointed to see no one sitting coyly in my chair, just waiting to insult me. I sighed, thinking I should've known he'd have better things to do than wait for me. I turned around to go back downstairs.


I'm not even kidding. That's my surprised scream.

"Gee, thanks. I feel the same way about you."

The low, smooth, cocky, voice soothed me for some reason. I breathed in deeply to calm down.

"Sorry, you just gave a heart attack. Don't sneak up on me, I get panic attacks."

Ethan shrugged, "Okay, then I should probably warn you not to sneak up on me either."

"You get panic attacks too?"

"No. But I may knock you unconscious."

Okaaaayy. I stepped back a few feet from him. Something jumped into my head he had said earlier.

"While you're still here, can I ask what you meant by 'training'?" I made air quotes around the word training.

His face turned a bit more serious. "I just mean that if you want to feel safe by yourself, you're going to need some help with self-defense. Believe it or not there are things out there much, much worse than my sense of humor."

He grinned at the last part, but I couldn't help but feel like the jokes were hiding just how severe my situation was.


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