Summary of Prolouge:

Daedalus Tavi, a 14-year-old girl, was taken over by her darker half, and transported to a city without her knowing about it. She then, enters the Dark Hour, which she encounters the Shadows on her first visit. Slightly injured, Minato Arisato and his team find the girl, but before asking any questions, she's fainted.

Now, Daedalus is in the hospital. Will she make it out..?

And so begins the story!

Chapter 1 - Explanation

The hospital was a quiet place. The bright, blinding sun was shining through the windows as if it were hoping to hurt someone's eyesight. There, in the room, was a girl who had been toyed with.

That's what got everyone: her innocence.

She was unconcious, hoping that no one would notice what had happened with her. However, somehow, -even while she was asleep-, she knew that her secret she's kept to herself for so long would be found out one day..

"I wish I was stronger.." said the eleven-year-old girl that was kicking a rock around with her tennis shoes. "I wouldn't have to have people bully me!"

'..Thou Art I... and I art thou,'

"H-Huh?" Daedalus spoke aloud to herself. "Who's saying that? Why do I hear a voice?!"

'Thou shall have the blessing when choosing to wield a Persona...'

"Per..so...na?" She whispered to herself, unknown of what was going to become of her.

Yes, she knew nothing at the time. It was only until last year she knew about her darker half. She had no choice but to accept it, and try to tame it and have an actual friend.

That was her one wish: Friends.

Within a few minutes, she began to stir awake from her sleep. Her eyes softened very quickly, but a smile wasn't on her face. She held her head for a minute, not remembering anything for a second.

She turned to her left: A window.

Though, it didn't bother her much. She was worried that she'd be in a dream, a nice, comfy one.

"Hey!" A cheery female voice called out from the other side of the room. She quickly focused her attention to the female she saw before. "Glad to see you up, how've you been?"

"..." Daedalus stayed silent. She looked down with her hair covering her face. "I... I'm in your debt from saving me."

"Oh, it's okay, really!" The female smiled at her. "I'm Yukari Takeba, what's your name?"

"Yukari, is she awake?" A male walked into the room, but Daedalus' eyes when she looked at him.

'You can see them?'

She knew who this man was. Not just because of saving her, but--

"H-Hiko-kun!" She shouted out with widened eyes, "Hiko-kun, is that really you?!"

"Hey, wait a minute!" His face was stunned, "How do you know my name?! I-I mean my nickname!?"

"So it is you..." She chuckled a bit.

"Why are you calling him 'Hiko-kun,' he's our senpai!" Yukari sounded annoyed, "Don't you know that?"

"I know my honorifics." She put her head down again, "I've knowing Akihiko for a few years, that's all."

"Huh? You know me?" He questioned. "How?"

"Do you remember that girl you used to call Dae-Dae?" She chuckled, "The girl that would try to tackle you?"

"...Daedalus?" He finally got her name. "Wow, how long has it been?"

"Too long, I say." She grinned when looking up at him. "Though, I wanna know what's wrong with me! I saw those-"

"Don't say it here!" Yukari shut her up before she finished the sentence. "Anyways... How're you feeling?"

"Somewhat better." She answered, soon turning to get off the bed. As she lifted herself up, she began to stumble; This reaction caused Akihiko to run to her side and catch her. "S-Sorry..."

"You're weak right now, you need support!" He shouted, placing one of her arms over his shoulder. "Come on, let's get you to the dorm."

"O-Okay.." She nodded, soon being carried along side Akihiko. However, something was bothering her. Many questions were flowing through her head.

What was with the blood on her hand? How did she appear in the city? What where the hideous black things and the coffins? Many questions flowed into her mind, especially her friend's quote.

'So you're the one...'

"Welcome back." A female told the three as they came in. She had ruby red eyes that matched her ruby red hair, and pale skin that showed she was from Japan. Her lipstick was a tinted pink, and she was wearing a white stripped shirt with a large ribbon wrapped by the collar. To add to the long black skirt she was wearing, she was also wearing zip-up black high heel boots that hit her knee. "I see you've brought her here."

"Hello." Daedalus bowed with a little strength, knowing to not push her limit. "Sorry to bother you so much... Er..."

"Kirijo. Mitsuru Kirijo." She answered back, "Welcome to the dorm, and don't worry, you're not bothering us. Actually... We need your help."

"Why mine?" Daedalus asked, "I'm useless, anyways..."
"Don't say that.." Yukari told her, "Why do you think that?"

"..Sorry, I don't like talking about it. Then again, I shouldn't have brought it up." Daedalus looked away, "Why do you need me?"

"Well... Basically, you have the 'potential.'" Mitsuru blurted out. "Have you ever heard of a single day having more than twenty-four hours?"

"H-Huh?!" Daedalus stuttered, "More than... twenty-four hours? How is that even possible?"

"I'm sure you have experienced this. The blood around the city, time feels like it's stopped, coffins in the city?"

"Y-Yes..." Daedalus trembled a bit, "I was scared... I felt like I was just going to die then and there.."

"Have you realized? You're experiencing a 'Different Time.'" Mitsuru explained. "Something that we must keep secret."

"...The Dark Hour."

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